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  ©AKP Gjuhë Angleze (B2) 19 Qershor, 2015 AGJENCIA KOMBËTARE E PROVIMEVE PROVIMI ME ZGJEDHJE I MATURËS SHTETËRORE 2015 SESIONI I Skema e Vlerësimit V ARIANTI A   Lënda: Gjuhë Angleze (Niveli B2) READING SECTION For the open-ended questions, answers may be brief or may be written in full sentences. Accept either provided the information in the key is included. Do not take marks off for incorrect grammar or spelling in a longer answer. Do not accept answers which are too long and contain irrelevant information. Questions Answers Points 1 C 1 2a The ring finger 1 2b To find out (to determine) whether the ancient artists were male or female. 1 3a Men 1 3b To act as a form of magic to improve success in hunting prey. 1 4a Because they would have been just as involved in the productivity of the hunt (by transporting and cooking the meat).   1 4b He thinks most (handprints) had been made by adolescent boys. 1  ©AKP Gjuhë Angleze (B2) 19 Qershor, 2015 5 C 1 6 D 1 7a IHL 14 1 7b It’s a children’s video game that features a female hero.  1 8a Storm Chasers. 1 8b Girls and boys (must have both). 1 9a Because they are randomly generated. 1 9b Storm Chasers. 1 10 B 1 USE OF LANGUAGE SECTION Questions Answers Points 11 B 1 12 A 1 13 D 1 14 B 1 15 D 1 16 A 1 17a particularly 1 17b reconsider 1 17c requirements 1 18a looking forward to going 1 18b you had better check 1 18c made an impression on 1 19a are 1 19b have 1 19c to 1 19d while/when/as 1  ©AKP Gjuhë Angleze (B2) 19 Qershor, 2015 WRITING SECTION The writing section is scored out of a total of eight points. There are four criteria, each of which receives two points. Candidates whose writing ability for a criterion is considered to be below the minimum acceptable standard    for B2 Leve l receive 0 points  for that criterion. Candidates whose writing ability is judged to be at the minimum standard    for B2   Level receive 1 point  for that criterion. Candidates whose ability for a criterion is considered to be above the minimum level for B2   receive 2 points  for that criterion. The number of points for each criterion is added together to give a total score out of eight.  A successful studen at minimum B2 level: -   Can write an essay or report which develops an argument, giving reasons in support of or against a particular point of view and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of various options. -   Can write clear, detailed descriptions on a variety of subjects related to his/her field of interest. -   Can write a review of a film, book or play. Writing Descriptors Points Description Topic Development Organization Range Accuracy 0 Below  minimum B2 level Text is often irrelevant to the task Text is much too short The topic is not sufficiently developed and little or no supporting detail is provided Ideas are inadequately organized, which may cause confusion for the reader Only very simple connectors are used, e.g. and, but   There is no introduction and conclusion or they are  A limited range of grammar and vocabulary is usually used in attempting to fulfill the task Frequent errors occur in both simple and complex structures, and often impede communication Vocabulary is sometimes used inappropriately  ©AKP Gjuhë Angleze (B2) 19 Qershor, 2015 not relevant 1 At  minimum B2 level Text is mostly relevant to the task The topic is sufficiently developed, but without much supporting detail Ideas are usually adequately organized Linking devices are used, often appropriately There is an introduction and conclusion, but they may not be completely relevant  A sufficient range of grammar and vocabulary is used in order to fulfill the task Errors only occasionally occur in basic structures, but may sometimes occur in more complex structures Vocabulary resources are often used appropriately 2 Above  minimum B2 level Text is fully relevant to the task The topic is fully developed and has appropriate supporting details Ideas are clearly organized Linking devices are mostly used appropriately and effectively The introduction and conclusion are relevant and effective  A broad range of grammatical structures and vocabulary is mostly used Errors mostly do not occur in basic structures Errors in more complex structures do not usually impede communication Vocabulary resources are usually used appropriately
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