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 EVENTS 2015 JANUARY 2015 15 au 18 Holiday Fair Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.65 5 days to see numerous tourist villages, hotels, camp sites, bed and breakfasts, travel agencies... spread over 20000m², which will help you to plan your next holiday in Belgium or abroad! 18 et 19 Charleroi Wedding Fai
    EVENTS 2015  JANUARY 2015  5 au 8Holiday Fair Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.65  5 days to see numerous tourist villages, hotels, camp sites,bed and breakfasts, travel agencies... spread over 20000m,!hich !ill help you to plan your ne t holiday in #elgium or abroad$ 8 et %&harleroi 'edding Fair Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.61 (n gathering )5 e hibitors from a multitude of sectors, the&harleroi 'edding Fair at &harleroi * po helps you toefficiently organise the big day, from the caterer to the +e!eller, from the dress, to the s!eets$ 2-0 au -02&raftsmen fair Hôtel de Ville de Châtelet - Tel.: 071/24.49.26  Forty craftsmen sho! you the disciplines as diverse as lace,mosaics, +e!elry, !ood turning, !eaving, maruetry, bargelloand many more ... / glass blo!er !ill also be present tointroduce you to this ancient art. FEBRUARY 2015  )&arnival of &harleroi  Cit !e ter - Tel.: 071/#6.22.29 &arnival has been celebrated +oyfully in &harleroi for over acentury no!. /nimated carnival !ith its o!n characteristicstyle giants mingle !ith illes and ma+orettes. Family funand ideal for kids. 2 #ig masked #all of the &limbias $a %&!he 'erri(re i $odeli )art - Tel.: 071/#6.46.1#  3his masked ball !as held for the first time in 18%4 at the timeof the glorious glass industry period. (t is a masked ball !ith acostume contest. MARCH 2015  au 86aint 7incent 'ine and &heese Fair Hall *a+,rexpo i i)ea&  Tel.: 0477/#0.46.41 .)alo d&'i loree.,e 6ome 100 !ine makers from France and else!here, food andalcohol producers, Free tastings and direct selling from theproducers to the customers.  au  *lles tissent la toile du nord au 6ud 9 Ci  $e ar!  r&e de 3o ti   Charleroi. 002 71/1.71.47  'omen movie festival.:ore informations on !!!  4 au 22;< confirmer=Festival /nima Ci  $e ar!  r&e de 3o ti  i Charleroi - Tel.: 071/1.71.47  Festival of the cartoon and the animated film. /nimations,cartoons, 2>, 4>, everything can be discovered at /nima on alarge screen, for young and old.  , 5 et 22, 24?es printemps de 6aint@?aurent Ch&r!h *ai t $a&re t i Co&illet at 7.0 p+  tel. 0477/41.96.54 &lassical music festival in 6aint ?aurent church in &ouillet. 2 , 24 et 2), 2%House, arden and ?eisure Fair Charleroi Expo - Tel.: 071/20.99.5#  250 professionals invite you to this 40000m space. % days of deals to bring to life your construction, renovation, decoration,interior and e terior design plans to life. 24 au 2%3he 6pring of 6ciences &entre de &ulture 6cientifiue, rue de 7illers, 22) < &ouillet A 3el. 0)1-00.400  activities !hich purpose is to discover, identify, spread,encourage and share attracting pro+ects and good practice of 6ciences education. 3he programme !ill be available on the!ebsite !!! 2%&avalcade of &hBtelet &hBtelet @ 3el. 0)1-2.42.   /ge old procession !ith a diverse and colourful stream of parades. APRIL 2015  4 au 53urkish Festival &inCma ?e Darc A 3el. 0)1-41.)1.) &ome to discover srcinal 3urkish films !ith French subtitles. 5&avalcade of Fleurus  le&r&) - Tel.: 071/#2.0.15   /dmire this folkloric tradition !ith some t!enty groups andabout 00 illes in an incessant rain of oranges.  au 2)*aster fair Charleroi la!e d& 3a (e/ar8i  Expo Ferris !heel, shooting galleries, sensational attractions andcandy flossE  0 au 2:edieval Festival   Châtea& de Trae ie) la!e l,ert ;  er   i Trae ie)  Tel.: 071/45.10.46  *n+oy a medieval atmosphere in the beautiful castle of 3raegnies. 24 et 2Gption Focus ?atino &inCma ?e Darc A 3el. 0)1-41.)1.)  / uniue insight into ?atin /merica through the medium o cinema. 25Dacock Festival I Dont@<@&elles @ 3Cl. 0)5-.5.05Dacock !ill let you discover a broad range of musical styles,from pop to rock via metal, electronic and ska, !ith the aim of revitalising rock in the centre of the region. 2#ook and Daper market Châtea& de Trae ie) ro+ 9a+ to 6p+  Tl.: 071/45.10.46  #ookshop keepers, sellers, book lovers and comic bookcollectors gather at 3raegnies castle. MAY 2015 J&oncert de Ka Châtea& de Trae ie) at # p+  002 71/45.10.46  Ka concert in the &astle of 3raegnies. 4>imanche des 6ciences Ce tre de C&lt&re *!ie tii<&e =$>  Tel.: 071/600.00  3he &entre for scientific culture organies every year ascientific e hibition open to the public, kno!n as thedimanche des sciences ;6unday of 6cience= in its park@museum of Darentville in &ouillet. &ome !iht your family todiscover the science in a funny !ay. % et 01>+ango1 Festival in ?iberchies    Ce ter o $i,er!hie) - Tel.: 071/#4.02.5 >iscover the native village of >+ango einhardt, !hich !illcelebrate the memory of this mythical +a artist. &ity parade  Charleroi !it !e ter  .!itparade.,e Gver a 4.2 km circuit, the 6ambrienne area !ill dance to therhythm of todayLs hippest >+s. 6hort Film Festival  &lap dLor 9 &inCma ?e Darc A 3el. 0)1-41.)1.). eports, intervie!s, animations, fictions ... all kinds oachievements are possible during this short film festival. 256ainte@olende :arch  ?erpi e) - Tel.: 071/50.14.#5  3his march is one of the most important as !ell as one of thelongest and most popular of all the processions of *ntre@6ambre@et@:euse  it starts very early in the morning at 2 amto the sound of fifes and drums and continues until dusk.From  am to  pm this folkloric parade !hich is made up of some t!o thousand marchers dressed in Mapoleoniccostumes and representing a considerable number odifferent military companies, makes its !ay through a total of seven villages. 3he grand finale is !hen the processionenters the streets of the centre of erpinnes at around  pm. 24 au 403ennis tournament /strid #o!l Ce tre de @la))e+e t de 3ar!i elle - Tel.: 071/6.59.71 *ach year in :ay, the /strid #o!l &harleroi for #elgianKuniors 3ennis tournament is being organised on the courts othe &entre of ela ation at :arcinelle. (n the past !e couldalready admire there such great talents of the court as Nim  &li+sters, Kustine Henin@Hardenne, ?leyton He!itt, Oavier :alisse and many othersE 40 et 4  3errils 9 6port for everybody >oi) d& !aier r&e d& Caier  3ar!i elle Tl.: 071/##.0#.56. &ome to climb the trees, play golf and take part to severalsport activities. JUNE 2015  6aint@och :arch    Châtelet - Tel.: 071/24.2.66  3he folklore march of 6aint@och is very old. (ts srcin can befound in a 1)th century pilgrimage during !hich the image of Motre@>ame of ome !as carried to the monastery o6oleilmont. 3he march came back into being in 1%1 andno!adays some 800 !alkers in costumes of the 1st *mpire,divided over nine associations participate in it, one !hichconsists only of children from 4 to 1 years.  et )Gpen &hurches >ay Ch&r!he) i Charleroi  .eli)e)o&'erte).,e 2015 is the international year of light. For the 8th edition of Gpen &hurches >ay, let us shine our pro+ectors onto our religious heritage $ ?et us light up our hidden treasures, let usbring forth forgotten tales out of the shado!s.  et )&raftsmen !eek@end Châtea& de Trae ie) pla!e l,ert ;  er   2  Trae ie)  Tl.: 071/45.10.46  Fire, iron and yesterday methodsr   4 au )Mapoleon celebration @ &ommemorations Kune 8 5 inFleurus le&r&)  Tel.: 071/##.50.72  7isits, e hibitions, concerts, animations...  % au 2 :usic festival in 'allonia  @iere t pla!e) i Charleroi - Tel.: 071/20.29.95   / reno!ned event, perfect to celebrate the summer solstice!ith hundreds of free concerts in #russels and 'allonia 20 et 2 ;< confirmer= #rocante des uaisrocante des uais 9  A&ai de >ra,a t i Charleroi  Tel.: 071/#6.14.14 Gne of the most beautiful and impressive second@handmarkets in the country. 3he #rocante des Puais spans for km along the iver 6ambre and offers doens of stalls. 20 et 2 6aint@Kean   3our    ?o))elie) - Tel.: 071/#6.##.56  3housand@year@old city osselies is doing its best to keepintact its traditions by reviving an ago@old rite the e it of the6aint@Kean 3our. Qou !ill see the impressive sho! of the6aint@Kean@#aptisteLs procession and the cortRge of knights,sappers, infantrymen, grenadiers, musicians and youngshepherdesses, cheered on by the cro!d. 2 0 :iles of &harleroi  Cit !e ter - Tel.: 071/#6.45.47   /nnual +ogging in the main roads of &harleroi. 2)Festival :at Moir 3ar!i elle i ro t o ;*3  r&e de la >r&(re http://.+at oire)ti'al.,e 3he musical event of the early summer$ Gnce again, the plainof :atMoir !ill come alive !ith thousands of lights and therhythm of regional and national bands. JULY 2015 4 au 5Dottery festival  Châtelet a d >o&io&lx - Tel.: 071/#.19.27  6treet activities, visits to the master pottersL !orkshops ;free of charge= , demonstrations, e hibition of uniue pieces, local beers and products, local dance, folk procession !ith giants. (n the frame!ork of Dotters from *urope, this event !ill honour a country or a region. 5&horal festival >oi) d& Caier i 3ar!i elle  071/##.0#.56  From 2pm to )pm, in four places, attend the performance of ten choirs from different countries.  %:adeleine 3our    B&+et - Tel.: 071/4.24.17  Gne of the most interesting and colourful folk !alks. (t differsitself from the other !alks because of the e traordinarydifferent uniforms !orn by appro imately 2000 parade  soldiers. AUGUST2015  au 2/ugust Fairugust Fair Charleroi la!e d& 3a (e/ar8i  Expo Ferris !heel, shooting galleries, sensational attractions andcandy flossE  6aint@och and 6aint@FrCgo Drocession   (n the streets of /co and ?ausprelle A 3Cl. 0)1-50.1.85 3hese processions are classified as an (ntangible 'orld&ultural Heritage by the SM*6&G %Gpenair theatre in the castlepenair theatre in the castle Trae ie) Ca)tle  9 p+  Tel. 071/45.10.46  #y  ?a compagnie des aleries 9. 2% et 406panish Feria *<&are @e)tre i ?ill  ro+ 11a+ >ances, horse sho!s, flamenco, tasting local products,paella, sangria ... SEPTEMBER 2015 J&ourse au &hBteau Châtea& de 3o !ea&  Tel. 071/0.92.06     / race of 10km or 5 km in the magnificent &hateau de:onceau.  au 6moke on the !ater    Charleroi !it !e ter  Tel.: 071/1.40.79 >iscover &harleroi as you have never seen it$ 6pectacles,digital art, cinema, electro evening, family entertainment...3he uays of 6ambre !ill become !hirlpool of activities. Gver a !eekend, time discovering &harleroi, land of talent and cityin complete revival.  Grgan Festival Ch&r!h *ai t-ierre-et-a&l i Châtelet. Tel.: 0#1/61.45.5 3he aim of these concerts is to promote the music of thismagical and slightly mysterious instrument reigning supremein the shado!s of our churches. 2 et 4Heritage >ays  Charleroi - Tel.: 071/#6.14.14 3hese Heritage >ays are the perfect opportunity to discover different places usually closed to the public. au 4'allonia Festival    Charleroi !e tre-'ille - Tel.: 071/#6.62.27  3hree days of fun and spectacular events that !ill culminatein a magnificent fire!orks. 2 MK in the park 9 concert Darking &harleroi@* po A 3el. 0)1-8.2.2)  reat artists !ill take place to this concert@event during the 'allonia Festival. 2 and 2) Dardon de la #atellerie 9    3ar!hie e-a&-o t - Tel.: 071/51.60.01 3his uniue event in #elgium brings together more than )0boats from Flanders, #russels and 'allonia but also fromneighbouring countries such as France, 3he Snited Ningdomand 3he Metherlands. /ctivities !ill be organised on the docksof 6ambre et 6ud as !ell as boat parades from different clubsand the reat Darade of the friendship flame. OCTOBER 2015  au #iennial *vent 20 5 $e) E!&rie) ,d 3ae !e 65C i Charleroi  Tel.: 071/20.56.40  3his biennial is an international level event dedicated tcontemporary dance. Gver a three@!eek period, at th*curies, the refinery and in other various partner locationsyou !ill discover, through outstanding sho!s, the multiplfacets of choreographic creation from #elgian and othecountries. J&ourse au &aier >oi) d& Caier - Tel.: 071/##.0#.56. 3!o races of 5 and 11 km are proposed. 6trating from le #oidu &aier in :arcinelle.
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