An Overview of HS&E Issues for CCS

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An Overview of HS&E Issues for CCS. Tim Hill Vice-chair CCSA Group Head Environmental Modelling Power Technology E.ON UK. Content. Overview CCSA Context: CCS in the UK What are the issues for HS&E? Existing experience Areas for development. Officers of the CCSA.
An Overview of HS&E Issues for CCS Tim Hill Vice-chair CCSA Group Head Environmental Modelling Power Technology E.ON UK Content Overview CCSA Context: CCS in the UK What are the issues for HS&E? Existing experience Areas for development Officers of the CCSA President: Lord Ron Oxburgh Chairman: Gardiner Hill, BP Vice Chairs:Tim Hill, E.ON – UK Peter Whitton, Progressive Energy CEO:Jeff Chapman Co. Secretary:David Green OBE Head of Marketing:Emma Penney Air Products Alstom Power AMEC BP ConocoPhillips E-ON Mitsui Babcock Progressive Energy Schlumberger Scottish & Southern Energy Shell Founder Members BG Group BGS BOC Chevron Climate Change Capital Coal Authority Denton Wilde Sapte DNV Drax Power ERM Herbert Smith Independent Resources Linklaters Nexen Exploration Norton Rose PWC Renew Tees Valley Rio Tinto RWE Scottish Ctre for Carbon Storage Statoil Watson Farley & Williams New Members It is: A Business Association formed in the UK to represent the interests of its members in the development of business in geo-CCS wherever opportunities may exist. It is not: A technical forum, a professional institute or an environmental or climate campaign group. What is the CCSA? Work Streams Public Perception Regulatory Incentives Project & Technical Summary of activities Recognise CCS in EU ETS Establish M&V protocol Establish licensing procedures Ensure capacity in New Entrant Reserve Meanwhile establish CDM position & methodology Bridging incentives for early projects Health, Safety & Environment CO2 Capture, Transportation and Storage CAPTURE Transportation Well Injection Storage Pipeline Ship Lorry Power Plant H2 plant HC streams Chemical Industry I&S, cement Offshore Onshore HC reservoirs Saline Aquifers CO2 Capture, Transportation and Storage CAPTURE Transportation Well Injection Storage CO2 100 bar in pipe SC phase Rail/Road/Ship CO2 liquid Some impurities Physical Chemical Impurities 1-50 bar Chemicals 100 bar Injection Offshore Onshore Proposed UK Projects Pre-combustion capture from gas in a 450MWe project at Peterhead by SSE/BP and others Pre-combustion capture from coal in an 800MWe IGCC by Progressive Energy at Teesside 450MWe precombustion capture project by E.ON at Killingholme, Humberside. Post-combustion or oxyfuel capture from coal by RWE in a 1000Mwe project at Tilbury A 500MWe supercritical capture ready retrofit by Scottish & Southern Energy at Ferrybridge CO2 v Nat Gas in NTS
  • NG pressure up to 86 bar, CO2 70 -140 bar
  • Density CO2 ~ 700 kg/m3
  • In 2004 - 81 Mt NG transported, 334k t/day
  • 8600 km NTS pipework
  • 500 MW power plant – 1-2 CO2 Mt pa
  • 50 – 500 km pipelines ( few to 200 km onshore )
  • Current NTS transports a mass ~ roughly same as that that could be captured from all power plant
  • What’s new about CCS? Big volumes CO2 produced on land and transported long distances Integrating chemical & power plant Large volumes of some chemicals Handling high pressure supercritical CO2 Permanent storage of large volumes of CO2 Requires a new infrastructure What experience is there already? Capture of CO2 from flue gas / nat gas Large scale CO2 pipeline transportation – US 3000 km Injection CO2 > 1Mt pa , Sleipner, In Salah, US > 40 Mt pa CO2 in nat gas, considerable operating experience - well control, blowouts, corrosion issues Handling of amines and other capture chemicals Standards UK – no standards specific to CO2 pipes – standards for other gases applied Standards exist for sub-critical tank storage CO2 US – DOT code Pt 195 Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline: Specifically covers safety standards, reporting, high pressure CO2, includes specs for pipeline material, laying, valves, venting, handling and pumping etc. Health & Environment I CO2 health effects well understood Chemicals covered by COSHH regs Dispersion of CO2 from high pressure pipelines or tanks less information for risk analysis Solid and gas phases on decompression high energy release Cold dense gas Materials failure due to CO2 corrosion Health & Environment II Safety of controlled releases e.g pipeline purge Impurities with CO2 e.g. H2S CO2 migration to potable ground water Deep injection into saline aquifers ( onshore ) Risks low of upwards migration Onshore geo-injection legislation not specific to CO2 Leakage risk assessment methodology Incident Stats in US 1986 - 2001 U.S DOT Statistics R&D EU Framework 6&7 programmes - HSE issues covered in many projects Zero Emissions Technology Platform –HSE issues identified for FP7 CCP oil company led consortium CCSA members R&D programmes US EPRI, DoE IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D programme UK Research Councils Gaps Summary Regulatory & legal framework Safety standards for pipelines, facilities H&S of sc CO2 releases Environmental effects – CO2 geological migration Risk assessment methodology for leakage from storage site Way Forward Regulators work with Industry Look for, learn from or use existing best practice Adapt to the UK situation Build on existing UK practices and guidance Learn by doing - ‘first of a kind’ projects give a focus for HS&E work Dr Jeff Chapman Chief Executive The Carbon Capture & Storage Association Suites 142-152 Grosvenor Gardens House 35/37 Grosvenor Gardens London, SW1W 0BS United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7821 0528 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7828 0310 Mob: +44 (0) 7747 761 065 Email:
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