An Overview for Managers

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Few Changes to Jobs, Benefits in Near Term. What stays the same? Benefits Medical plans, retirement benefits and other benefits employees learned about and signed ...
Title: An Overview for Managers 1 Moving Forward as One
  • An Overview for Managers
  • January 2012
  • 2 What Well Cover in this Presentation
  • Merger facts
  • What you need to know and do as a leader
  • Information, resources and where to get answers
  • Integration 2 3 We Are KentuckyOne Health
  • Jewish Hospital St. Marys HealthCare Saint Joseph Health System,
  • the states largest health system.
  • Integration 3 4
  • Our Vision
  • TOGETHER we will create an integrated, comprehensive health system known for
  • Efficiently providing the highest quality care and services
  • Reducing the incidence of disease
  • Eliminating inequities in access in the communities it serves
  • 5 Introducing Ruth Brinkley
  • KentuckyOne Health CEO President
  • Previously CEO of CHIs Memorial Health Care System, Chattanooga, and VP for CHIs Louisville Group
  • Most recently CEO of Ascensions Carondelet Health Network, Arizona
  • Registered nurse
  • RUTH BRINKLEY, CEO KentuckyOne Health 6 KentuckyOne Health isNonprofit, Governed by Local Board
  • Board
  • 10 appointed by Catholic Health Initiatives
  • 5 appointed by Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services
  • Sponsors
  • Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services (13)
  • Catholic Health Initiatives (87)
  • 6 7 Few Changes to Jobs, Benefits in Near Term
  • What stays the same?
  • Benefits Medical plans, retirement benefits and other benefits employees learned about and signed up for during open enrollment in the Fall will remain the same in 2012.
  • Base pay There will be no immediate effect on the base pay for each job description and pay category.
  • Earned paid time off Employees will not lose any accrued paid time off.
  • Years of service Employees years of service before the KentuckyOne effective date will count toward eligibility and accrual level of certain benefits (for example, paid time off accrual and benefits/retirement plans eligibility).
  • Job duties For nearly all employees, there will be no immediate changes in jobs as a result of the merger. There will be some changes for some employees over time. Its too early to tell what impact the merger will have on specific jobs, departments or services.
  • Employer Employees continue as employees of their current organizations.
  • 7 8 Few Changes to Jobs, Benefits in Near Term
  • What changes?
  • Position postings will include opportunities throughout KentuckyOne Health.
  • There will be some changes and new policies for transfers and dual employment.
  • Please contact your Local HR representative with questions. 8 9 Team Approach to Planning for the Merger 9 10 Givens Guide the Planning
  • Follow national CHI models for Revenue Cycle, IT, Supply Chain, Finance, Risk Insurance and HR
  • Implement IT Infrastructure to support clinical quality, business needs and earn federal incentive dollars
  • 10 11 Major Milestones
  • January 1, 2012
  • Effective date of the formation of KentuckyOne Health
  • July 1, 2012
  • New fiscal year begins
  • 11 12 Goal is advancing patient care through information OneCare Across Kentucky Common Electronic Health Record System
  • Electronic health record system using the Cerner and AllScripts platforms
  • Implementation planned to beginin late 2012
  • 12 13 Major IT Projects Will Meet Business Needs of Integrated System
  • HR, Payroll, Finance, Accounts Payable and Supply Chain functions will be integrated using CHI Connect platform
  • CHI Connect planned to go live in January 2013
  • Revenue Cycle will be integrated across KentuckyOne on McKesson and Cerner platforms
  • McKesson planned to go live beginning in the fall of 2012
  • Cerner planned to go live beginning in mid-2013
  • 13 14 Transition by Area 15 IT Immediate Transition
  • Employees from the two partners organizations will be provided access to applications, as required by their job
  • Access requests will be directed to existing help desks
  • Normal help desk procedures
  • Seamless transfer process for help desk questions
  • Consolidated financial reporting will be provided to CHI through mapping of extracted financial data from the JHSMH system
  • A system wide communication protocol for business continuity and disaster recovery will be developed
  • 16 Clinical Services Immediate Transition
  • Elective abortions, sterilizations and euthanasia are not performed at any facility within KentuckyOne
  • 16 17 Supply Chain Immediate Transition
  • Current vendor contracts will be honored
  • No change to supplies and deliveries
  • Vendor contracts will be reviewed and tracked on Meditract to ensure cross-entity collaboration for synergies
  • Capital purchases will follow existing approval processes but KentuckyOne level coordination will provide integrated review of purchases
  • We will follow CHI national standards for purchasing contracts
  • 17 18 Revenue Cycle Immediate Transition
  • Revenue cycle includes Patient Access, Health Information Management and Patient Financial Services
  • Revenue Cycle procedures will remain unchanged for the immediate future
  • 18 19 Clinical Support Immediate Transition
  • Little change in near term
  • 20 Finance Immediate Transition
  • Purchasing Approvals and Contract Signing Authority
  • General purchasing approval process will remain the same spending gt500K to be reviewed at KentuckyOne level
  • Current signing authority policies unchanged for contract lt500K
  • Subsidiary level contracts gt500K to be reviewed by CFOs prior to signing by authorized person at the subsidiary
  • KentuckyOne level contracts to be signed by a named KentuckyOne designee
  • Budget
  • KentuckyOne level committee (consisting of CFOs) to review capital spend of gt100K in any partner organization
  • 20 21 Payroll Immediate Transition
  • Employee pay dates will not change
  • You will continue to clock in the same way that you do now
  • As a leader, you will process payroll as you do today
  • Contact your HR representative with questions on any of the following
  • Employees who work for more than one partner organization
  • Employee transfers between partner organizations
  • 21 22 Information, Resources 23 KentuckyOne HealthCommon Messages
  • We are one organization made up of
  • Jewish Hospital St. Marys HealthCare
  • Saint Joseph Health System
  • We are working together to improve the health of individuals and communities across Kentucky and beyond
  • We are committed to
  • Enhancing access to health care
  • Expanding services
  • Preparing health care providers for our future
  • 23 24 Scripts to Help Employees Serve Patients, Public How do I Answer the telephone? Continue to answer the telephone and identify your facility name as you always have for now. If you have not been using a facility name, say (Department name). How may I help you? Identify myself when calling patients? Continue to identify yourself as you always have. Handle a call from a reporter? Direct media calls to your public relations department. Also let them know there is media information available at KentuckyOneHealth.o rg. 24 25 Communication Materials Keep Leaders, Physicians Employees Up to Date Integration Update for Employees Emailed regularly to employees Integration Update for Medical Staff Emailed regularly to physicians Physician Forums Face-to-face discussions on topics of interest to physicians Employee QA Updated with benefits decisions also covers job impacts, job postings, leader Employee/Physician/Volunteer Emails Email memos with announcement sent to all CEO Welcome Video Posted on intranets 25 is discontinued 26 Leaders Will Be Supported with Information and Resources
  • Communication Tool Kit posted on intranet to help you answer employee questions and provide support
  • General QA
  • Scripts for front-line employees
  • Fact sheets by functional areas
  • Electronic letterhead
  • Watch for resources emailed to managers
  • Contact list
  • Talking points
  • Use all existing branded materials. The new logo will be introduced as existing supplies are used up. 26 27 Leader Enthusiasm Sets the Tone for Success
  • Managers communicate with employees in what they say and what they do
  • You will soon receive KentuckyOne badge holders with the new logo
  • Wear your badge holder
  • Give a badge holder to each employee (use is required)
  • 27 28 More Answers to Come
  • What will be decided in the months ahead
  • The organization structure
  • Changes to individual departments or jobs
  • Changes to other services lines and functions
  • We will share updates as decisions are made.
  • 28 29 Together, we can provide the highest quality care, improve health and reduce inequitiesfor a healthier Kentucky and beyond.
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