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AN OVERVIEW BY Dr Mohammed Ali, OBE FOUNDER & CHIEF EXECUTIVE INTRODUCTION When I was made redundant from my role as regional manager for the national charity Fullemploy I saw an opportunity. This leading
AN OVERVIEW BY Dr Mohammed Ali, OBE FOUNDER & CHIEF EXECUTIVE INTRODUCTION When I was made redundant from my role as regional manager for the national charity Fullemploy I saw an opportunity. This leading charity had worked hard to improve the economic position of minority ethnic communities. I had led projects in Bradford, Leeds and Manchester. Cuts in funding led to its demise, but the need was still there. So, in December 1990 I founded a new organisation - QED-UK - to continue this quest for economic development for the disadvantaged. Over the next 21 years, as the well wishes in this booklet testify, QED-UK became a very significant organisation in its field. Many quoted here have had first-hand experience of working or supporting us, and know us personally. In the last two decades, minority ethnic communities faced many challenges and barriers to progress. We have worked to turn these challenges into opportunities for individuals, their families, and society at large. Our approach is unique thanks to our positive thinking and ability to come up with innovative ways of addressing the persistent barriers these communities face: poor educational achievements, disproportionably high levels of unemployment, and a general feeling of alienation and not being wanted. We have kept to our original vision for QED-UK to remain a small organisation, but increased our networks and influence to achieve our aims. This strategy has worked well. Our direct delivery of public services is a means to an end which is to get mainstream institutions to recognise and address the barriers these communities face. These significant achievements were possible because we were financially supported by over a hundred public, private and charitable organisations, including the European Union. Over the past five years - and increasingly today - this support is through competitive tendering presenting a new challenge to Third Sector organisations. As we move into our third decade many new challenges have surfaced. The ones we see as critical are the widening economic gap within the BME communities, the impact of the economic downturn, and the position of Muslim communities in the UK and Europe. We have always said to policy makers that there is a huge social and economic diversity within and between the BME groups which has now been widely recognised. This diversity has increased in the past 20 years; some groups are doing very well whilst others are three times more likely to be living in a household where the income is less than half the national average. 2 There has been a huge progress of ethnic minority communities since 1990 in all spheres of life thanks to legislation and the leadership of many committed individuals. We need to celebrate these success stories but also ensure that those falling behind are supported with targeted approaches to improve their social and economic positions. Furthermore, the current world economic climate has a danger of having a disproportional impact on those not doing well with dire consequences for all. In the past decade the Muslim community worldwide, and particularly in Europe, has come under the spotlight and incorrect perceptions are being reinforced. There needs to be a concerted effort by all interfaith and non-faith organisations to ensure that these communities become and feel that they are an integral part of the mainstream society. These challenges, amongst others, are now the backdrop of our work as we enter our third decade. We are planning to set up an organisation model that s fit for purpose to address these new challenges. We want to use our experience to make a contribution to this agenda with the support of many people from all sections of society who we know feel the same way as we do. Numerous individuals and organisations have given me their moral and financial support which has kept us going through some testing times in our 21 years: our current and past trustees, staff and associates, our funders and community people from all sections of society. I want to thank them all. There are too many for me to name here but one person I must thank for her loyal and steadfast support is Adeeba Malik MBE who is my deputy. She is extremely dedicated to these causes and has been with QED-UK almost all her working life. To celebrate our work to date, QED-UK commissioned photojournalist Tim Smith to help mark this very special 21st anniversary. His work, Making Britain, features some of the most accomplished British Asians at work today. It celebrates the power of education, inspiration and ambition. We hope their images and messages of hope will inspire the next generation. We look forward to the continued support of our past, current and new supporters. DR MOHAMMED ALI, OBE FOUNDER & CHIEF EXECUTIVE 3 Developing and running a major national campaign to promote senior civil service jobs amongst the South Asian communities with permanent secretaries. Two British Asians featured in our campaign went on to become a permanent secretary and a British High Commissioner. AN OVERVIEW OF PROJECTS WE HAVE DEVELOPED AND SHARED THE EXPERIENCE OF MANY PROJECTS OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS INCLUDING: Training and developing the employability and language skills of over 9000 unemployed people from West Yorkshire helping them to find work, go onto further training or set up their own businesses. Making a successful ten-part Yorkshire Television short series to promote job choices amongst South Asian communities who were unaware of the wide range of career opportunities in various sectors. Developing and running ESOL language labs with a vocational context in the Bradford district. Developing and running business growth training courses for people wanting to diversify and grow their businesses; these were mainly targeted at Asian businesses in West Yorkshire. Running a major campaign in England and Wales to educate the grant givers from the private and charitable trust sector about the non-faith work of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh organisations to encourage support for their social work with the local communities. Developing and running a programme specifically targeting new arrivals from the sub-continent to help them find jobs, further training, or set up in businesses. Producing a DVD and running a community campaign in the Bradford district to promote career opportunities in the health sector. 4 Leading on a successful campaign to develop partnerships with madrassahs and mainstream schools in Bradford, Manchester, Oldham, Bury and Leicester to solve educational issues facing the Muslim communities. Piloting a major Yorkshire wide programme in partnership with five local community groups from Keighley, Leeds, Sheffield and Rotherham to train 2000 unemployed people from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds. Managing a funding programme on behalf of the Government Office for Yorkshire and Humber and Yorkshire Water which helped over 500 small community groups to run local initiatives of benefit to the communities. Carrying out an ethnic work force audit of 350 businesses of all sizes in England and Wales and helping them to develop recruitment strategies to reflect a diverse workforce. Advising Barclays, Bradford & Bingley, several Business Links, British Waterways, the Environment Agency and others, to communicate more effectively with minority ethnic communities. Training 800 senior managers of public and private sector companies to do business more effectively with minority ethnic communities as employees or as customers. Developing and running a five-year pathways to employment project funded by the private sector. The project brought together each year 100 young people from five local schools with ten local employers to discuss what skills and qualities employers need. Running a campaign to get more ethnic minorities on policymaking bodies in West Yorkshire. Developing Asian Virsa project to promote South Asian art, music and culture as a way of improving dialogue and communication between generations and various communities. Improving communication and dialogue between new arrivals from Eastern European countries and settled minority ethnic communities in Bradford through Unity in Diversity events. 5 Carrying out a major two-year project with 13 Pakistani and British Vice-Chancellors of universities to share experiences of campus radicalisation and ways of addressing them. Serving on many various public, private and third sector organisations including those from the Home Office, Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Department of Trade and Industry, Community Foundations Network, Autism Plus, and ACEVO, amongst others. Developing a regional campaign to involve Asian parents in the education of their children. Identifying the development needs of British Asian-led voluntary organisations and running a capacity building programme for them. Contributing to the government s Gateways to Professions initiative by carrying out a focus group led survey and discussion with ethnic minority professionals in Bradford, Sheffield, Leicester, Newcastle, Manchester, London and Cardiff. The report with recommendations was sent to all the professional bodies. Developing a major community campaign to promote pension awareness and encourage saving for the future in response to future demographic changes. Developing and running a first of its kind pre-departure project to teach English and Life in the UK skills to 700 women in Pakistan married to British nationals. First year experience of the project was shared in Brussels with integration experts from 27 European Union member states. Founder-partner of one of ten national charities that set up London-based 3SC as a Management Company to bid for large public sector contracts to be delivered mainly by the third sector. The first contact was the 21m Futures Jobs Fund. Sharing best practice of QED-UK work with people addressing similar issues in Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Syria, Pakistan, Canada and the USA. Won numerous accolades for our work from UK Charity Awards, Finance Charity Awards, Professor Charles Handy s Alchemist Award, Institute of Directors, Yorkshire Young Achievers, Community Builders, University of Bradford, and others. 6 LORD AHMED OF ROTHERHAM Congratulations to QED-UK on its 21st birthday. It s a remarkable milestone in any organisations development and shows the tremendous work it takes to keep it going for so long. I have followed the progress of QED for over ten years and was honoured to host their high profile events at the House of Lords where I was impressed with their links in London! Under the leadership of its founder Dr Mohammed Ali, QED-UK has been going from strength to strength and I wish them well for the future. 7 PHILIP BARTEY GROUP CHIEF EXECUTIVE THE ADSETTS PARTNERSHIP, SHEFFIELD CITY REGION LOCAL ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP (LEP) BOARD MEMBER I am delighted to congratulate QED on the achievement of its 21st Anniversary a significant landmark celebrating the excellent work undertaken in promoting effective integration of ethnic minority communities across the north of England. In the UK it is a fact that we have benefited enormously from the rich tapestry of knowledge, experience and culture that these communities have brought to our great nation. The European economy is going through a period of immense uncertainty and turmoil and I believe that the way forward for the UK must include harnessing all the latent talent we have at our disposal. Critical to our success will be our ability to ensure that we achieve effective collaboration and partnership between all our communities engaging effectively with the public, private and third sectors. QED are at the forefront of this approach and are established as a high quality organisation playing a vital leading role in taking direct action and in acting as a conduit through which partners can engage. I look forward to developing our relationship further, I am proud to be associated with them and wish them every success for the future. 8 DR FAROOQ BEG EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SERENDIP PRODUCTIONS, ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN The story of QED is very much the story of Dr Mohammad Ali. Like the man who refused to bow down in the face of adversity and, against all odds, took charge of shaping his destiny, today QED has managed just that. It has inspired and empowered innumerable individuals and organisations to stand on their own feet and become contributing and successful citizens in a new country and adding to its newfound multi-cultural identity. QED s achievements are far too many to innumerate but this much is certain, it has achieved a milestone in making communities - British, Asian, Afro-Caribbean and many others - to feel, communicate and work as ONE. I am privileged to have been involved with QED and Dr Ali right from the start in projecting and communicating their valuable contribution to Britain. 9 LORD BHATIA CHAIRMAN & CO-FOUNDER OF THE ETHNIC MINORITY FOUNDATION I knew of Mohammed Ali s work from his days at Fullemploy, a London-based charity where he was regional manager for the north. For over 20 years I have been a great admirer of QED-UK and its work to improve the social and economic position of ethnic minority communities. They have been very focused and led on many innovative initiatives which others have copied. I have consulted Mohammed Ali on projects for communities and he has always been willing to advise. Their method of working is great and I know they have community support from all sections of the society. I wish them success for the future. 10 SIR STEPHEN BUBB CHIEF EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS (ACEVO) As QED reflects on its first 21 years, its mission to improve the circumstances of disadvantaged BME communities has rarely been more important than in the current climate. QED s work crosses sectors, crosses cultures and crosses continents - whether in madrassas in the UK or in universities in Pakistan. It is testament to the ambition of the organisation. I have worked with Ali for many years and QED s continued success and innovation is testament to the quality of his leadership. The next few years will contain challenges, but I believe that QED will continue to evolve successfully and deliver real change and benefit to communities across the UK. 11 PROFESSOR MARK CLEARY VICE-CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BRADFORD I am delighted to congratulate QED on its 21st Anniversary. The organisation has played a major and influential role in the training and development of countless individuals and organisations in the district in order to develop and grow the role of minority ethnic groups in the social and economic life of the country. It has a strong reputation for the quality and impact of the work it does and the University has had a long and fruitful association with QED for many years. I am sure it will continue to thrive and build on the tremendous work that it does. 12 JEREMY CROOK, OBE DIRECTOR BLACK TRAINING AND ENTERPRISE GROUP BTEG congratulates QED on its 21st anniversary. Our organisations were set up around the same time to tackle the high levels of unemployment amongst black and Asian communities in the early 1990s. Today we have more diverse communities and even greater social and economic inequalities to overcome. QED has made a tremendous impact through its innovative programmes and transformed the life chances of many individuals. It has been effective because it works from the bottom up and puts the needs of local people first. QED is a shining light in the BME voluntary sector and BTEG salutes their outstanding achievement. 13 MICHELE SUTTON, OBE PRINCIPAL OF BRADFORD COLLEGE I have had an excellent relationship with Mohammed and QED since I became Principal of Bradford College in Both our aims are to tackle the underlying and persistent issues of our disadvantaged communities in Bradford which is a key mission of both QED and Bradford College. Our complimentary programmes of support for ESOL and employability skills for new arrivals are helping the most disenfranchised in Bradford society to become economically active and to assist in overcoming the many barriers that they face. I am delighted to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of QED-UK and look forward to continuing to work together in the future. 14 PHILIP DAVIES, MP I wish to congratulate Dr Mohammed Ali OBE, Founder and Chief Executive of QED-UK, on QED s 21st Anniversary. This is a tremendous achievement and I have been delighted to support the work of QED during my time in Parliament. The work QED does in ensuring people learn English and develop their skills is invaluable for integration and job prospects. I wish you every success for the next 21 years! KEITH FAULKNER, CBE CHAIRMAN WORKING LINKS (EMPLOYMENT) LIMITED Over the last three decades I have been involved in addressing inequality of opportunity in our labour markets. These inequalities have many origins but one of the most persistent issues has been shockingly high levels of unemployment amongst many ethnic minorities compared with overall labour market performance. QED-UK combines a determination to achieve change with a robust pragmatism. They recognise that while attitudes of employers and work colleagues need to change, those who face barriers often also have to contribute to that change. QED-UK has worked across these boundaries to achieve progress and build significant external influence, providing effective leadership to address one of the toughest and most important drivers of economic and social progress. 15 KEVIN GOPAL EDITOR THE BIG ISSUE IN THE NORTH When I interviewed Ali years ago for business magazines, he impressed on me that through economic development for South Asians, everything else would follow. That meant language and employment skills, of course, but also encouraging people into the professions. When I helped QED-UK put together its annual review, its scope became clear. There was copy to write on its work with everything from grassroots organisations to corporates and government departments. Now Ali s a judge on our 50 Most Influential People in the North feature, we value some real experience and insight. It s been a privilege to work with you and here s to another 21 years. 16 CHRIS HEDGES ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (POLICY) UKBA HOME OFFICE QED-UK came into my life around 10 years ago, when they were recommended to me as an organisation with a good track record in helping migrants to integrate. It s very rare in life that a business introduction such as this makes such a profound difference. Since meeting Mohammed Ali and Adeeba Malik, I have known that there was an expert organisation to which I could turn for advice, support and indeed friendship, as well as having a professional business relationship. QED-UK simply does what it says it will do, in a calm, efficient and constructive way. Nothing is too much trouble and any difficulties are swiftly overcome. They are constantly breaking new ground, whilst continuing to excel at what they have always done. I truly hope and believe that their first two decades are just the beginning and wish QED-UK every success for the future. 17 SIR JAMES F HILL BT. OBE, DL, DUNIV (HON) The first two decades of this unique organisation have been a quite remarkable success, and all from an initial very small office in the south of the city, a city to which they have remained constantly faithful. They are widely respected for their training programmes for both individual clients and small and large corporations, in the public and private sector, specialising on all the often complex issues surrounding diversity. The A Team - Ali and Adeeba - are rightly credited with this achievement but they would be the first to pay tribute not only to their highly professional staff but to the cou
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