An Oracle White Paper Updated September Oracle GoldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices for Oracle Database

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An Oracle White Paper Updated September 2012 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Intrductin...
An Oracle White Paper Updated September 2012 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Intrductin... 2 Oracle GldenGate fr Oracle Database Key Features... 2 Extract (Capture)... 3 Ruting (Data Pump)... 4 Delivery (Replicat)... 4 Transfrmatin... 5 Oracle GldenGate fr Oracle Best Practices and Special Cnsideratins 5 Database... 5 RAC... 6 ASM... 6 LOGRETENTION... 7 GldenGate Envirnment... 7 Summary... 7 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Intrductin Oracle GldenGate 11g ffers a real-time, lg-based replicatin sftware platfrm t meet the needs f tday s transactin-driven applicatins. The sftware prvides capture, ruting, transfrmatin, and delivery f transactinal data acrss hetergeneus databases in real time. Using this technlgy, custmers can achieve cntinuus availability fr critical systems and realtime data integratin fr fast, easy access t current and accurate data. This dcument describes key features f the Oracle GldenGate fr Oracle Database architecture, as well as suggested best practices. T learn mre abut Oracle GldenGate in general, including ther new features available in the current release, please refer t the Real-Time Access t Real-Time Infrmatin Technical Whitepaper. Oracle GldenGate fr Oracle Database Key Features The Oracle GldenGate 11g architecture cnsists f decupled mdules that can be cmbined acrss the enterprise t prvide maximum flexibility, availability, and perfrmance. This architecture facilitates the mvement f transactinal data in fur simple, yet pwerful steps: capture, rute, transfrm, and deliver. Figure 1. Oracle GldenGate Architecture Fr the Oracle Database, Oracle GldenGate can perfrm near real-time capture, transfrmatin, ruting, and apply f cmmitted database DML transactins written t red and/r archive lgs. Advanced ptins f the prduct prvide fr the capture, ruting, and apply f Oracle-t-Oracle DDL peratins, and the capture f DML transactins frm Archive lgs nly. Oracle GldenGate can efficiently perate n any platfrm running the database; including Oracle Real Applicatin Clusters (RAC), Oracle Exadata, and databases managed by Autmatic Strage Management (ASM). The fllwing sectins describe GldenGate functinality, while highlighting capabilities that are specific t Oracle GldenGate fr the Oracle Database. 2 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database Extract (Capture) During Extract, the Oracle GldenGate Capture prcess cntinually scans the red lgs lking fr qualified transactins. GldenGate runs as a database user and must have the apprpriate database privileges t access the red and archive lgs. The Oracle Recvery Manager (RMAN) autmatically retains the archive lgs that are needed by Extract. In additin t supprting replicatin f DML, in an active-active Oracle envirnment, GldenGate can als capture and apply DDL changes, including CREATE, ALTER and DROP peratins n nearly all database bjects, PL/SQL, and user privileges. When a qualified transactin starts, the Capture prcess begins queuing the transactin details t memry. If the transactin details exceed the allcated prcess memry, the transactin details are written t temprary disk strage. This Capture mechanism enables GldenGate t track and capture multiple transactins simultaneusly. Additinally, the Capture mdule can track and capture transactins that span multiple red r archive lgs. When the transactin is cmmitted t the database, the Capture prcess flushes all f the transactin details t a trail file fr ruting t the target database server(s). The data in this trail file is in cmmit rder sequence. Integrated Capture Beginning with Oracle GldenGate 11g Release 2, custmers running Capture n an Oracle Database can chse t take advantage f the Integrated Capture capabilities. This multithreaded Capture mechanism enables a variety f enhancements fr custmers extracting data frm an Oracle Database. When perating in Integrated Capture mde, Extract integrates with an Oracle lg mining server t receive change data frm the server in the frm f Lgical Change Recrds (LCRs), which are a lgical representatin f the changed data. When using Integrated Capture, custmers can chse t lcate the Capture mechanism at either the surce database r an alternate lcatin that is f the same platfrm type as the surce. Perfrming the capture dwnstream is useful when it is necessary t minimize verhead at the surce database. Fr example, when replicating changes frm a missin-critical OLTP system t a reprting r test envirnment, it may be preferable t fflad the capture prcess t the target lcatin. Dwnstream capture can als be used t enable mining f earlier versins f the database in either real-time r archive lg mde. The database where the dwnstream capture is being perfrmed must be Oracle Database 11g Release r higher; hwever, the lgs may be frm an Oracle Database 10g Release 2 r higher database. Because it is fully integrated with the database, n additinal setup is necessary t supprt Oracle Real Applicatin Clusters (RAC), Autmated Strage Management (ASM) r Transparent Data Encryptin (TDE). Integrated capture handles pint-in-time recvery and RAC integratin mre efficiently, autmatically handling nde utages. Oracle GldenGate with Integrated Capture is designed t interperate with Oracle Data Guard, t prvide the highest levels f database scalability and availability. Shuld the primary site becme unavailable, it is pssible fr Oracle GldenGate t switch t using the physical standby 3 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database r Active Data Guard standby database as the primary site. Users can restart the Oracle GldenGate envirnment at the new primary site. Additinally, with integrated capture, Oracle GldenGate prvides supprt fr cmpressin, including Basic Cmpressin, OLTP-cmpressin, and Exadata Hybrid Clumnar Cmpressin (EHCC) as well as distributed transactin supprt fr XA and PDML transactins n Oracle RAC. XML Object Relatinal (OR) and XML Binary data types supprt has als been added alng with LOB full and partial read (selective update) frm the red lg. Classic Capture Oracle GldenGate cntinues t supprt the existing Capture mdule, nw referred t as Classic Capture, which directly accesses the database red lgs lking fr DML changes t capture fr distributin. It is pssible t capture frm red lgs stred inside f ASM. Adjusting the read size can imprve Extract perfrmance. In this mde, Extract can be integrated with Oracle RMAN t manage lg retentin. T minimize verhead n the surce database, custmers can chse t use Oracle GldenGate Archive Lg Only (ALO) capture, which supprts parsing the archive lgs n a remte system. This system des nt need t be identical t the target, fr example, it is pssible t parse Linux x86 red lgs n a Windws x86 server, r HP-UX PA-RISC lgs n a Slaris SPARC system. When using ALO in cnnected mde, there are n data type r feature limitatins. Using discnnected mde eliminates verhead n the surce system. Ruting (Data Pump) A separate Extract prcess cntinually scans the staging trail file, awaiting new data. When new data is detected in the staging trail file, it is packaged fr ruting via TCP/IP t specific target lcatins. The target lcatin can be a single server disk lcatin, multiple disk lcatins, r multiple servers and disk lcatins. Oracle GldenGate uses TCP/IP, including IPV6, fr sending data, s n gegraphical distance cnstraints are impsed between the surce and target systems. Advanced ptins prvide fr encryptin (using FIPS r Blwfish) and cmpressin f the data within the TCP/IP packet. At the target lcatins, a cmmunicatins prcess receives the incming transmissin frm TCP/IP, decrypts and decmpresses the data packet, and writes the transactin infrmatin t a lcal trail file. An acknwledgement is returned t the Data Pump that the data was received and written t the trail file successfully. Delivery (Replicat) At the target database lcatins, Oracle GldenGate als runs as a database user. Database privileges prvide access that allws the Replicat prcess t execute DML and DDL n designated schemas and tables. The Replicat prcess cntinually scans the trail file fr incming 4 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database data. When new data is detected, the surce database transactin DML r DDL statement is recreated and executed. In an active-active cnfiguratin, cnflicting updates can be detected using Oracle GldenGate s built-in cnflict detectin mechanism. Once detected, these cnflicts can be autmatically reslved using ne r mre f the supplied cnflict reslutin methds r by a custm methd, as needed t meet business requirements. Transfrmatin Data transfrmatin can ccur within any step f the capture, rute, and delivery prcess; hwever, it is perfrmed mst cmmnly during the data delivery phase. Oracle GldenGate transfrmatin supprts capture and delivery between dissimilar databases, between schemas and tables with different names, between surce and target clumns with different names r data types, as well as rw-level transfrmatins, where data can be mdified based upn user requirements. Oracle GldenGate fr Oracle Best Practices and Special Cnsideratins Oracle GldenGate prvides a variety f tls and resurces that help cmpanies build rbust replicatin slutins. Numerus best practices white papers are available fr dwnlad via My Oracle Supprt (MOS). Oracle GldenGate custmers are encuraged t review the available dcuments fr cnsideratins explicit t their perating envirnments. Fr example, the fllwing papers are especially useful when deplying Oracle GldenGate in an Oracle Database envirnment: Database specific bundle patch fr Integrated Extract 11.2.x (Dc ID ). Oracle GldenGate Best Practices: Instantiatin frm an Oracle Surce Database (Dc ID ) Oracle GldenGate Best Practice: NFS Munt ptins fr use with GldenGate (Dc ID ) Oracle GldenGate Best Practices: Oracle GldenGate high availability using Oracle Clusterware (Dc ID ) Oracle GldenGate Best Practice - sample parameter files (Dc ID ) Additinally, fr the Oracle database, the fllwing generic guidelines shuld be cnsidered t achieve streamlined peratins f Oracle GldenGate: Database Database archiving must be enabled at the surce. 5 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database This will allw GldenGate t recver with minimal impact upn the database and server in the event f an extended utage f the Capture prcess. Database supplemental lgging must be enabled at the surce. MINIMAL supplemental lgging adds n verhead t the database; hwever, it ensures that there is sufficient infrmatin needed t identify, grup, and merge the red peratins assciated with DML changes. Use TRANDATA t enable supplemental lgging fr each replicated table. When replicating DDL changes, SCHEMATRANDATA must als be enabled Sufficient disk space at the surce and target. Adequate bandwidth. There must be sufficient disk space at bth the surce and target lcatins t stre trail files in the event f an extended netwrk r target server utage. The must be a TCP/IP cmmunicatins link f sufficient bandwidth fr data transmissin between surce and target. RAC GldenGate shuld reside n SAN disk shared by the RAC servers. This will allw fr an autmated restart f the applicatin shuld the RAC nde where GldenGate is installed becme unavailable. Extract and Replicat prcesses run n the specific RAC instance where the cnnectin is perfrmed. Bth Classic and Integrated capture mine the red frm all instances. ASM When using Classic Capture, use a BEQ cnnectin. The use f BEQ database cnnectins fr data capture in envirnments using ASM has shwn perfrmance imprvements. Fr Oracle Database versins and abve using Classic Capture, use the DBLOGREADER API fr imprved capture perfrmance. The cmbinatin f DBLOGREADER and BEQ database cnnectin has shwn a vast perfrmance imprvement when capturing frm databases that use ASM. 6 Oracle GldenGate 11g Advanced Features and Best Practices fr Oracle Database LOGRETENTION With Classic Capture, f yu want t ensure that RMAN will retain any needed lgs, yu must enable LOGRETENTION. With Integrated Capture, LOGRETENTION is autmatically enabled. GldenGate Envirnment Use alpha characters nly when naming GldenGate grups and trail files. Trail files (GldenGate Trails) are identified by tw characters defined during the cnfiguratin prcess. T this the applicatin appends six digits starting with By limiting the naming f these cmpnents t A-Z, a-z it eliminates cnfusin when trubleshting errr cnditins. The same generic rule applies fr grup names (capture, extract data pump, and delivery cmpnents). GldenGate maintains a histry f ten prcess reprt files n disk. These reprt files take the grup name and append the number 0 thrugh 9 t them, with grup.rpt being the current and then grup0.rpt thrugh grup9.rpt being reprts that are aged frm mst recent t ldest. Limiting the names f GldenGate grups t alpha characters nly eliminates a layer f cnfusin during errr trubleshting and recvery when trying t lcate and view reprt files in crrect rder. Use a Data Pump when the target cnnectin is via TCP/IP. Summary This allws the data capture and delivery t the target t be separated int tw different prcesses, which islates the Capture prcess frm netwrk issues. In the Data Pump, use cmpressin t imprve transmit thrughput. When transmitting data ver public netwrks, use the Data Pump encryptin feature. With Oracle GldenGate s real-time, hetergeneus database synchrnizatin capabilities, Oracle Database users can replicate bth DML and DDL peratins. The prduct allws users t mve, filter, and transfrm data between similar r dissimilar supprted Oracle Database versins, r mve, filter, and transfrm data between an Oracle Database and a database frm anther vendr. Oracle GldenGate enables the wrld s largest enterprises t imprve the availability, perfrmance, and accessibility f the transactinal data that drives missin-critical business prcesses. 7 Using Oracle GldenGate fr Oracle Database September 2012 Oracle Crpratin Wrld Headquarters 500 Oracle Parkway Redwd Shres, CA U.S.A. Wrldwide Inquiries: Phne: Fax: Cpyright 2012, Oracle and/r its affiliates. All rights reserved. This dcument is prvided fr infrmatin purpses nly and the cntents heref are subject t change withut ntice. This dcument is nt warranted t be errr-free, nr subject t any ther warranties r cnditins, whether expressed rally r implied in law, including implied warranties and cnditins f merchantability r fitness fr a particular purpse. We specifically disclaim any liability with respect t this dcument and n cntractual bligatins are frmed either directly r indirectly by this dcument. This dcument may nt be reprduced r transmitted in any frm r by any means, electrnic r mechanical, fr any purpse, withut ur prir written permissin. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks f Oracle and/r its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks f their respective wners. AMD, Optern, the AMD lg, and the AMD Optern lg are trademarks r registered trademarks f Advanced Micr Devices. Intel and Intel Xen are trademarks r registered trademarks f Intel Crpratin. All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks r registered trademarks f SPARC Internatinal, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark licensed thrugh X/Open Cmpany, Ltd. 0410
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