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ABUNDANT HARVEST FELLOWSHIP PHILIPPINES! APRIL 15 WEEK TODAY IS: YOUTH SUNDAY G D WITH US THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF AHF PHILIPPINES WHO WILL STAND UP FOR JESUS? lives ashamed of Christ and the gospel; thus blatantly mocking its purity by what they say, what they do and how they respond to situations. Many don’t stand up for Jesus, since there is no fire in our hearts to stand for the truth and suffer for what is right. Many care too much what others think, what ideologies we ought to adapt t
  ABUNDANT HARVEST FELLOWSHIP PHILIPPINES ! APRIL 15 WEEK ! 1 - 2 WORD FROMTHE PASTOR Dear Friend,God’s blessing beupon you and yourfamily. My dearBrothers and sisters, welive in times of horrificunbelief as it attacksthe very foundation of our faith thus I call outto you to stand for Jesus, not to be content with tidbits of the word, to stop fidgeting and dilly dallying, butto reclaim our lives as we put our foot down,choose never to be thesame again. Today westand up for Jesus. TrueChristians in words andactions, true believersempowered by Hislove, unshakable by His grace. In Jesus NameAmen! -  Pastor Lyle Lope  z   G D WITH US As we celebrated Resurrection Sunday and remembered the great sacrifice of ourLord & Savior Jesus Christ, the price Hepaid for our freedom and the hope we holdunto as His resurrection signifies the changein our hearts and the eternality of holinessin our lives if we stand focused on Him. As we study the the life, death and resurrectionof Christ, we see that there was no point when Jesus Christ was found fidgeting ordilly dallying, instead we see Him resoluteto lay down His life as ransom for our sin.The question is, if we were in His shoes; would we have done the same? Or tolocalize this question further; we can askourselves: How many times have I stood upfor Jesus, the way He stood up for me? Sadly most christians fail to answer this query forthey are lost in shame. Many have lived theirlives ashamed of Christ and the gospel; thusblatantly mocking its purity by what they say, what they do and how they respond tosituations. Many don’t stand up for Jesus,since there is no fire in our hearts to standfor the truth and su ff  er for what is right.Many care too much what others think, what ideologies we ought to adapt to seeksome form of happiness instead of standing for Christ and basking in the joy which canonly be unlocked by His glorification.Romans 1:16 -   “I am not ashamed of th e    gospel, because it is the power of God for th e    salvation of everyone who believes: first for th e    Jew, then for the Gentile.”  We are called to stand for Jesus, not beashamed by the gospel but live a life thatshines holiness and renewal that people may see the fruit of the hope we have beenblessed with. We are called to stand up for Jesus, we ought to stand boldly for the gospel; turning away from the wickedness of the world and facing the promise of eternallife and anchoring our hearts to the hope of  glorification as we journey throughsanctification. Standing for Jesus means totake responsibility of our walk, block every entrance of corruption that the world hasplaced and choose to live life as a new creation; not filling our heads withphilosophical garbage, but saturating ourhearts, minds with the word of God. WHAT WE MUST DO TO STAND UP FOR JESUS & THE GOSPEL Luke 9:26 states: “If anyone is ashamed of me and my w ords, the Son of Man wi   %  be ashamed of him when he comes i  n   his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”  We have been called to stand up for Christ, not to beashamed of the Gospel but stand as banner bearers of His goodness by living a life of holiness. The danger here is tothose who stand ashamed of Christ, for it shall be answered with shame as well. The danger of us following incompletely is to be answered with much shame for whenthere is no passion, no zeal, no boldness for the gospel.When we are ashamed to defend the good news and wetear it down for our benefit, we ourselves never look to Jesus as our savior. What we must stand for is a renewal of our hearts and minds, living a life filled with Christ. By living a life of holiness, we therefore stand as bannerbearers of God’s name. Choosing to stand up for Jesus anddefend the gospel through our words, through our actions,through our lifesong. Not being ashamed of God’s goodness but proclaiming His faithfulness to all by the way  we walk the talk. THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF AHF PHILIPPINES  TODAY IS:  YOUTH SUNDAY  WHO WILL STAND UP FOR JESUS?  ABUNDANT HARVEST FELLOWSHIP PHILIPPINES ! APRIL 15 WEEK ! 2 - 2 GROWING IN CHRIST MEMORY VERSE THIS WEEK Exodus 33 :13 -  “...  Teach me you ways so Imay know you and continue tofind favor with you...” Calendar April 15, 2012 (Sunday) AHFP SUNDAY SERVICE April 18, 2012 (Wednesday) HARVEST GROUPS April 22, 2012 (Sunday) AHFP SUNDAY SERVICE  A MOMENT OF PRAYERPhilippians 4:6 “ Do not beanxious about anything,but in every situation, by prayer and petition, withthanksgiving, present your requeststo God.” *Pray for Paul Dwayne, That He becompletely healed and made whole, andgrant provisions to cover medicalexpenses*Pray for the complete and perfecthealing of Tatay Rading, Nanay Betty & Guig Villarico*Pray for the perfect healing of Medra Clemente- of her illness in the Thyroid glands- and that she be healedfrom breast cancer*For Complete Healing of Mylene Lozarito O’dell*Pray for the healing of SusanaClemente and Mario Manosca -of theirdiabetis*Pray for the complete and perfecthealing of Barbara Monasterial*Pray for Sis. Nikki Marquez that shecontinually focuses on God alone as sheseeks God first in all her endeavors*Pray for the healing of Aida Solanoof her hypertension, arthritis and regulateher blood sugar*Pray for the healing of AlistairSolano- that the ovarian cyst will just meltaway*We pray for Grace Marquez thatyou may strengthen her and grant herpeace.*May you also touch the heart of theowners of Aristocrat Jupiter Makati,Hap Chan Harbour Square, TomasMapua, Silver City, Lipa Batangas andCrystal Jade that they may be honest intheir transaction and settle theiraccount with G.I. Builders and DesignServices*Bless Sister Jo with peace,wisdom and discernment as Godmanifests complete & perfect healing inher life*For Antonio Umayam Jr. as Hefocuses on You alone and seeks YourRighteousness.*We pray for His son, Reniel ThatHe May focus on You alone & they beblessed with their own house.*We pray for the ACTS SinglesMinistry today, may you guide PastorLyle & Bro. Jason as they speak God’sword and lead the singles to the pathGod has called them to take.*Pray for Sis. Sandra that she befilled with the power of the Holy Spirit asher family stands to support her inministry and that she bear fruit* We pray for a fervent desire for themen of the church to shine love in theirfamilies and lead their families to the Lord*For Brother Anthony that He be alight to His family, that they Focus on You and be drawn to you alone that youmay make their family whole oncemore.*Pray for relationships of familiesthat God be in the center of it all, Thatpeace, joy and harmony may reign aswe Focus on You*Pray for the dwellers for eachpersonal concern*Pray for all the dwellers that eachone may truly desire God, hate sin anddelight in His word. Stand awakenedand not complacent.*Pray from Bishop Waid Hobbs and AHM, guide them and empower themto continue the great work Godentrusted them despite set backs*Bless Bro. Rommel Villarico andSis. Idonnah Villarico with inspirationand favor as they begin to score thenew shows God have blessed themwith. Praise God!*Pray for AHF (Philippines andCrescent City Florida USA) GGCF andother churches to be united and followthe teaching of Jesus Christ*Pray for the country, governmentleaders and officials; that they maySeek You first that change may beginby Your Grace.*Guide Pastor Lyle as He writes Hisbook and grant Him favor & strength* let us pray that people may cometo know Christ as their Lord and Saviorthat everyone be brought into the fold. THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK “Huwag mag desisyon kapagika’y galit, maghahatidlamang ito ng siphayo’t pait” Visit us @:http://ahfphilippines.org    HOW IS YOUR BIBLE READING AND QUIET TIME WITH OURLORD JESUS CHRIST?   EXCELLENT GOODNEEDS WORK  Psalm 1:2 - But his delight is in thelaw of the LORD, and on his law hemeditates day and night. THE CHALLENGE Make it a point to end onesday asking the Father toquicken ones heart of anything that has stolen ourtime from focusing on Himalone.
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