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  A HAPPY LIEbyBrandiSelf  writerbself@yahoo.com Los Angeles, CA 90028 323 - 382 - 3114  INT. HOUSE - BEDROOM - DAYThe sun streaks through the blinds onto HOLLIS BLOT, 40, a burly, man’s man. Voices come from outside. PAUL (O.S.)Natasha! Natasha!Hollis grunts. Looks down at SONNY BLOT, 39, who snores quietly, curlers in her hair. He gently pushes her off. Goes to the window. JOSEPH (O.S.)Oh no, she hurt herself. Hollis cracks the blinds.Stares out onto the sidewalk, where he sees PAUL and JOSEPH CUMMERSON, 40’s, holding their Pomeranian dog, NATASHA. PAULShe’s fine. You fuss too much. They Eskimo kiss each other. Hollis cringes. Lets the blinds go. Sonny smiles at him from the bed. SONNY(O.S.)Hollis, whatchadoing up so early? HOLLISBetter get ready for work. He makes his way to the bathroom. INT. HOUSE - KITCHEN - DAY LENNY AND PENNY BLOT, 8, twins, sit at the table, eating cereal. Hollis ruffles their hair. Sonny hands him lunch. He gives her a quick kiss. HOLLISI’m going by to check on dad after I get off. She nods. He heads out.  EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - DAY Hollis and JOHN LEMMER, 20’s, sit, eating their sandwiches on a beam. JOHNCan you believe they promoted Sinclair? HOLLISYeah, I deserved the raise more than anyone here. No offense. JOHNHey man, you’ve been here longer than me. HOLLISWell, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not taking any orders from a homo. Bob gives him a strange look. INT. OLD FOLKS’ HOME - NIGHT Hollis looks in at his elderly FATHER, who is in bed. FATHER(frustrated to Nurse)That’s enough! NURSEJust doing my job, Mr. Blot. HOLLISHi, Dad.Hollis steps into the room. His father looks up at him. FATHER Well, what the hell do you want? NURSENow be nice, your son came all the  way out to see you. FATHERYou tell him that he’s a disgrace and to just leave me be. Let me die in peace! HOLLISDad--2.  He turns the TV on. The Nurse ushers Hollis out the door. NURSEI’m sorry, I know it’s hard, but we have to respect our patients’  wishes. Hollis takes one more look at his father, who has now turned the TV on high. He walks away. INT. HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Hollis comes in the door. Drops his things on the ground as Lenny and Penny run to him. Grab him around the waist. LENNY You’re home! PENNYYou’re home! HOLLISHi, kiddos. Sonny, I’ve had a hell of a day. Grab me a drink? SONNY(O.S.)In the tub, Hun!Hollis walks into the kitchen with one kid on each leg.INT. HOUSE - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUSHe looks in the refrigerator. No beer. He sighs. Grabs a bottle of wine. He opens the top. Takes a drink. SONNY (O.S.)Hol? HOLLIS Yeah? SONNY (O.S.)Grab me a towel? HOLLIS Yeah, okay. He walks into the hallway as Lenny and Penny fall off him and run away. 3.
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