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JASON RERUN P. AGUSTIN 63 Olde Forge Ln, Nottingham, MD 21236 | | 443-314-8454 OBJECTIVE I am seeking to secure a position as a regular bartender at the Baltimore Country Club. I have worked at the Club under orders from L & M International. However, with my extraordinary customer service, preparation skills, and overall entertaining and loveable personality, I am certain that I wou
   JASON RERUN P. AGUSTIN 63 Olde Forge Ln, Nottingham, MD 21236 | | 443314!4 4 OBJECTIVE # am $ee%ing to $ecure a &o$ition a$ a regular 'artender at the (altimore )ountr* )lu'. # ha+e or%ed at the )lu' under order$ from L - M #nternational. oe+er, ith m* e/traordinar* cu$tomer $er+ice, &re&aration $%ill$, and o+erall entertaining and lo+ea'le &er$onalit*, # am certain that # ould 'e a great addition for the organi0ation. SKILLS &ABILITIES ã Language Fluenc* in ngli$h, Fili&ino and &ani$h ã Moti+ate$ or% ethic in the or% area ã /hi'it$ $trong en+ironmental ada&ta'ilit* and critical thin%ing ã ho$ re$&ect and negotiate$re$ol+e$ difference$ hen communicating ith &eo&le of +ariou$ age grou&$ ã Fini$he$ a$$igned ta$%$ efficientl* ith time left o+er  ã /ceeded monthl* hour uota$ or%ing a$ a aiter  ã Ne+er fail$ to $ho a great $mile EXPERIENCE WAITER  5 L - M #N7N8#ON8LNO9M(7 2:16  ;7N ã )hec%$ ith cu$tomer$ to en$ure that the* are en<o*ing their meal$ and ta%e action to correct an* &ro'lem$ ã )ollect &a*ment$ from cu$tomer$ ã a%e order$ from &atron$ for food or 'e+erage$ ã er+e food or 'e+erage$ to &atron$, and &re&are or $er+e $&ecialt* di$he$ at ta'le$ a$ reuired ã )lean ta'le$ or counter$ after &atron$ ha+e fini$hed dining ã ;erform cleaning dutie$, $uch a$ $ee&ing and mo&&ing floor$, +acuuming car&et, tid*ing u& $er+er $tation, ta%ing out tra$h or chec%ing and cleaning 'athroom ã (ring ine $election$ to ta'le$ ith a&&ro&riate gla$$e$, and &our the ine$ for cu$tomer$ ã ;erform food &re&aration dutie$ $uch a$ &re&aring $alad$, a&&eti0er$, and cold di$he$, &ortioning de$$ert$, and 'reing coffee ã Fill $alt, &e&&er, $ugar, cream, condiment, and na&%in container$ ã De$cri'e and recommend ine$ to cu$tomer$ ã u'$titute a$ a 'artender hen regular$ ha+e reached their dail* hour uota  EDUCATION LOCH RAVEN HIGHSCHOOL   1212 )O=;N 89, O=ON, MD 212!6 #> )OOL D#;LOM8 ã >raduated ith a 3.!! >;8 ã oo% honor$ and ad+anced &lacement cla$$e$ $uch a$ ngli$h, )ollege 8lge'ra, rigonometr*, ;h*$ic$, and tudio REFERENCES LIBIA CUELLAR    5 O=N7 OF L - M #N7N8#ON8L L - M #N7N8#ON8L ã  8ddre$$ 5 311: Farle* Dr, =ind$cor Mill, MD 21244 ã ;hone 5 41:?22614:
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