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  PROJECT AG2 UNIT 13ã What are the three most expensive movies ever mae!  ost expensive pro#$tions %#na&#ste 'or in(ation) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End   Avengers: Age of Ultron What ma*e ire$tor has mae the most +*ms!  The ire$tor ,ho has mae the most +*ms is i$hae* C#rti-. /e has ire$te 103.movies in$*#in the pop#*ar Casa*an$a an an45 6oo*e 6an5. What 'ema*e ire$tor has mae the most +*ms! Roerta 7in*a5 has ire$te 38 What is the a**9time top mone5ma4in +*m ,or*,ie! A:ATAR What $o#ntr5 has pro#$e the most A$aem5 A,ar9,innin +*ms that are not inthe En*ish *an#ae! https;<<en.,i4ipeia.or<,i4i<=ist>o'>$o#ntries>5>n#mer>o'>A$aem5>A,ars>'or>?est>7orein>=an#ae>7i*m What is the all-time top moneymaking film worldwide?  AVATAR Well, the film to which I’m referring is Avatar. Avatar, directed by James Cameron of Titanic fame, is the all-time top moneymaing film worldwide beca!se it earned # $%%% dollars only in the opening night and in total it made & tho!sand $'& million of dollars.    Avatar is a &%%( American epic science fiction film directed, written, prod!ced, and co-edited by James Cameron.The movie, set on a planetary moon, is also a good-g!ys-vers!s-bad-boys-g!ys-story and the plot is essential abo!t mining the mineral !nobtani!m, a room- temperat!re s!percond!ctor . In the end of the movie the inhabitants of )andora end !p van*!ishing the band of e+ploiters from earth.The movie, starring am Worthington, oe aldana and tephen ang, is also nown beca!se of the fantastic special effects. Taling abo!t that, It’s nown that /ilming of Avatar s!pposed to tae place after the completion of Cameron0s 1(($ film Titanic  , was not released in 1((( beca!se according to Cameron, the necessary technology was not yet available to achieve his vision of the film so that’s why 2e decided to wait !ntil &%%3 to start this pro4ect and finally mae an e+cellent film What are the three most expensive movies ever made? O4. et’s start with the third more e+pensive film which is Avenger5 Age of !ltron. Age of 6tron, starring Chris 2emsworth, 7ar 8!ffalo, Chris 9vans, carlettJohansson, is an e+ample of how e+cellent actors co!ld mae e+cellent a movie Also most famo!s actors, an e+ample of whom is 8obert :owney Jr ., participated inthis movie and earned nearly ;;;;;;; dollars.The film, directed by Joss Whedon, is a se*!el of Avengers. It was anno!nced in7ay &%1& and released on April 1 , &%1# in os Angeles.This movie earned appro+imately <&$(.( million dollars and it was more s!ccessf!lthan its pre-se*!el which earned &&% million dollars.  Age of 6tron based on a marvel comic it’s s!ch a compelling movie that yo! co!ldn=tloss it.>ow I now that avengers will have a se*!eal that it will be Avengers infinitywar beca!se I have many friends, all of whom are addicted to movies, and they toldmet that I sho!ld stay !ntil the movie finished beca!se there are interesting things tosee. >ow I’m going to tal abo!t the second more e+pensive film that is )irates of the Caribbean5 ?n stranger tides.This movie,  ost expensive pro#$tions %#na&#ste 'or in(ation) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End   is a &%%$ American epic    fantasy    film and the third movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series .
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