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  SPECIAL PROJECT SYSTEM AGREEMENT LETTER I, Grace L. Gedorio, a BSIT / BSCS student is willing to follow the acceptedguidelines of the Special System Proect course. I! .fully understood the Special System Proect Guidelines presented to us #y the$epartment%&.am re'uired to su#mit all deli(era#les to the ad(iser and instructor/s% and).will re(iew and go through all the pages of the proposed proect #ased onstructural rules that go(ern the composition of sentences, phrases, and wordsin the *nglish language on an agreed upon schedule.I declare that this agreement is in e+ect unless there is a formal amendment to the$epartment of Information Technology *ducation.Conformed #y! Signature (er Printed -ame
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