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aon M&A Solutions case study aon brief Provide effective marketing support for Aon M&A Solutions which: Keeps Aon top of mind ahead of key competitors Introduces new products and services Generates demand
aon M&A Solutions case study aon brief Provide effective marketing support for Aon M&A Solutions which: Keeps Aon top of mind ahead of key competitors Introduces new products and services Generates demand and leads Is measurable and transparent integrated marketing solution Awareness Product s Letters (to non-openers) Postcards White papers Fact sheets Advertising Co-ordinated PR SEO PPC Global enewsletter Dedicated M&A information gateway and hub Intelligence Opens Clicks Meetings / demos Direct enquiries Inbound s Weekly reports to sales executives Revenue and pipeline aon m&a solutions website Aep has created a dedicated M&A information site which also acts as a lead generation vehicle. It joins together three global practices, gives clients and prospects a consistent message, is used to roll-out new products / services and critically, pitches them differently depending on the target audience to underline relevance. Design and hosting Positioning and launch of products / services All content (white papers, fact sheets, cheat sheets, enewsletter) Promotion (SEO, PPC) Reverse IP intelligence and other leads aon insurance due diligence Aon Insurance Due Diligence. Because buying a company is a risky business. Insurance due diligence is a core product. Product / service imagery is used globally and we have developed a downloadable checklist. Presentation of the service and information is intended to underline a degree of creativity and thoroughness by Aon to what is a standard, everyday service. Positioning and key messages Imagery Website information Fact sheet Brand (IDD) advertising aon transaction liability Aon M&A Solutions Transaction Liability Reducing or capping transaction risk for private equity professionals Transaction Liability insurance can help you maximise your sale price and make a clean exit. When buying an asset, it can provide a competitive bid advantage that helps you secure the deal Transaction Liability (TL) insurance converts the specific risks of your deal into a one-off premium that is transferredto the insurance market. Initiated by buyer or seller, the protection covers the life of the sale agreement survival periods (up to seven years) and can be transferred to benefit future owners too. It is now widely used by firms as a cost-effective alternative to traditional escrow. How it works When is Aon TL appropriate? TL is instigated by the seller (pre-exit planning) or buyer, or collaboratively to bridge the gap between parties from the negotiation table: Reps & Warranties Tax indemnity Contingent liability (eg litigation, regulatory issues, compliance or fiduciary rulings) Environmental exposures Standard deal risks can be quantified and removed Risk is ring-fenced and brokered to the insurance market in a one-off cost agreed The benefits of Aon TL It can bridge a gap or impasse between parties Deal enabler Sellers It can remove known deal risk and contingent liabilities, turning a potential negative to a transferable plus It can enable a clean exit with full proceeds returned to Limited Partners It can enhance the exit price because the business is sold with warranties It can enhance the level and scope of financial protection and is transferable to future owners It can provide lenders with greater security Buyers Pre-exit planning before you appoint an advisor When you intend to offer no / little warranty During protracted deal negotiations As a buyer in a bidding situation when you want a strategic advantage without price chipping financial security As a buyer when your lender requires additional In situations where you need to accommodate a party s risk appetite that, for jurisdiction or cultural reasons, is very different from your own The Aon TL advantage solutions to private equity and corporate M&A Aon is the leading provider of risk transfer deal professionals, typically supplying over 150 deal enabling solutions every year TL, having placed the largest ever tax contingency in Spain ( 100 million) and the largest Reps & Warranties contingency in the US ($350 million) turned around within 2+ days works across four continents and 34 sectors for over 200 private equity clients Aon is constantly pushing new boundaries with Rapid response: in principle commitments can be Aon s M&A team of 200+ M&A professionals As the largest insurance broker worldwide, Aon has the leverage and skills to research, structure and place a TL solution if it can be done Continued Transaction liability is a well established but seldom used service. We have re-positioned the service and are looking to change perceptions - we want transfer of risk to the insurance market to become commonplace and logical. Positioning and key messages Imagery emarketing ( s and Google PPC) White paper, fact sheets, articles Virtual desktop demo USD 750,000+ for EMEA target (on track) aon cost reduction and risk audit When a company changes and grows, so does risk. And risks can be very expensive. Aon M&A Solutions Cost Reduction & Risk Audit When a company changes and grows, so does risk. And risks can be very expensive. Ask Aon for a Cost Reduction and Risk Audit To make certain that your company insurance is totally in step with the changing nature of your business, it pays to talk to Aon s Cost Reduction and Risk Audit team. Covering all fundamental operating risks and potential exposures, the audit deals with everything from everyday insurance claims to pricing shortfalls, including financial, human capital and strategic scenarios. Not only will it ensure that your cover will respond as you expect, but it could save you money on your premiums and general outgoings - as it has done for some 80% * of our clients. Make sure your company is well covered or you could be in for a very nasty shock. Talk to us today. Jon Higgins t +44 (0) e * Aon analysis. Aon Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in respect of insurance mediation activities only. FP0000 Cost Reduction & Risk Audit is a new name for an old solution. The service, more akin to an accounting offer by one of 'the big four', will be used to get Aon in to corporates and private equity-backed investee companies. It's as much do to with Aon's strategic risk consultancy capability as insurance broking. Positioning and key messages Imagery Route to market Advertisement White paper, fact sheet, presentation, articles Expect USD 1.5m+ EMEA fees to be generated for 2013 (new service) Aon M&A Solutions Corporate Investigative Solutions + aon corporate investigative solutions Aon M&A Solutions Corporate Investigative Solutions (CIS) Before you go into business with someone, let Aon have a good look at them Dear first name Before your next M&A transaction, let Aon take a good look at who you re dealing with The success of every business depends on the quality and reliability of the key people with whom it is dealing. This is why Aon now offers insert company name and your subsidiaries and joint venture operations, a way to take a very good look at them avoiding costly surprises later on. Investigative due diligence through Aon provides you with time-critical due diligence on potential business partners, management team acquisitions and senior hires. This includes verification of their corporate, personal, reputational, financial and non-financial backgrounds and can also include analysis of competence and performance. Aon s investigative due diligence goes beyond conventional search and reporting. Our intelligence experts average over 15 years' experience of providing in-depth, ethicallysourced character and performance resumés. They dig deeper to quantify human capital risk, safeguard company reputation and ultimately protect shareholder value. The Aon team includes former prosecutors, law enforcement officers, investigative journalists, researchers and experienced industry professionals. In the past 18 months, the team has been used by over 1,000 corporates across four continents. So the figures look good, but what about the key figures behind them? Aon s CIS team can help you avoid costly revelations later on. Our intelligence professionals have over 15 years investigative experience and provide ethical, in-depth due diligence on the people with whom you'll be working. Scrutinising everything from education and reputation to operating histories, our team examines the truth to help you make more informed decisions. See what you're missing, get Aon to have a good look at your next management team or portfolio senior hire. To look closer at our service and help avoid costly surprises, visit, use the QR code to access more information and case studies on your smartphone, or simply call me to arrange a meeting. Yours sincerely Jon Higgins Managing Director t +44 (0) e Jon Higgins t +44 (0) e 1 Berkeley Street London W1J 8DJ Registered in England & Wales No Aon Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in respect of insurance mediation activities only. FP6910 Aon Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in respect of insurance mediation activities only. FP6911 Aon M&A Solutions Corporate Investigative Solutions Risk Intelligence 2013: How hiring, investment and litigation decisions can be improved by background checks and corporate investigations Kroll lead the market and this service is already used by clients and prospects, with Aon playing catch up. We have launched the service in EMEA underlining Aon's relevance and commitment to clients throughout the business and deal cycles. Positioning and key messages Imagery Route to market Advertising and PR White paper, fact sheets emarketing ( s, Google PPC) Launched to 7,000 prospects. First mandates won aon global enewsletters Aon M&A Solutions Aon M&A Solutions What s happening in the world of M&A What s happening in the world of M&A Line between aggressive tax structures and efficient tax planning still unclear for UK M&A April 2012 September / October 2012 Protecting infrastructure assets By Katherine Steiner-Dicks Provisional GAAR regulation in the UK is likely to target artificial and abusive tax schemes by next year. However, in the context of commercial transactions, especially those with a cross-border element, a provisional GAAR could generate additional tax uncertainty. By Katherine Steiner-Dicks Various jurisdictions have had tax systems with general anti-abuse rules (or GAARs ). If the rules are clearly set out, then companies can plan their tax affairs accordingly. But when rules are left open for broad interpretation, a lack of Simon Tesselment clarity sets in. Many investors, corporate and private equity alike, could be concerned that future overarching, yet sometimes vague, tax laws or in this case, principles, could bring retrospective penalties, which carries unwanted risk. core business, portfolio company or future acquisition target. Sinclair has extensive experience of corporate tax and in particular, where tax insurance can be an effective route to removing tax risk for clients. The understanding, according to Sinclair, is that the UK GAAR would, in principle, be targeted at artificial and abusive tax avoidance schemes, but the key question will be where, and how, to draw the line between unacceptable abuse of tax law and acceptable tax planning, particularly in the context of wider commercial transactions where a GAAR could generate additional tax uncertainty. Those drafting the regulation will be considering all angles so that any room for blatant tax avoidance is eliminated by using overarching principles. They will also likely look to other markets for guidance on what and what not to do. The shift into infrastructure investment is becoming ever more prevalent in Europe, says Patrice Degnan, Co-leader Aon M&A Solutions, EMEA. We are anticipating the number of infrastructure projects across Europe will grow for a host of reasons, not excluding the easing of government debt through public-to-private deals. Infrastructure projects in Italy, Spain and Portugal are actually more likely to increase because the government debt is so Patrice Degnan overwhelming in these markets. I can see the incoming new governments making infrastructure in 2013 a priority by revamping areas such as tax structures, education and especially airports, Degnan predicts. In fact, we predict in these markets as much privatisation as possible. It has already happened in the healthcare sector in managed in the early stages of any investment since risk could have a lasting impact on the financial model of the project, the on-going revenue streams and future liabilities in the event of an interruption to the business, a sale or transfer of assets. Private equity infrastructure investors, lenders, construction and operating partners, are all looking for greater and more comprehensive mitigation of, and ultimately transfer of risk. Luckily, there is plenty of innovation and the toolkit of risk mitigation and risk transfer options is becoming more comprehensive, she says. The debate is still open as to whether the UK tax system needs a general anti-abuse rule. There are, however, strong indicators from the Chancellor s recent Budget announcements that the UK tax system will in all likelihood introduce a GAAR next year. Being aware of the potential implications for corporations and private equity clients, Simon Tesselment, Head of Transactional Liability Europe for Aon, sought the views of Stuart Sinclair, a UK tax partner at US law firm Bingham McCutchen in London to get a better understanding of what the new rules could mean and how clients could be exposed to UK-based GAAR related risks within their Markets that do have GAARs in place include Germany, Canada, Australia and India, the latter of which has created immediate economic impacts. In recent weeks India s finance minister Pranab Mukherjee introduced the GAAR in the March 16 Budget, which gave the tax department the power to deny double taxation treaty benefits to foreign institutions routing their money through Mauritius. The immediate reaction saw shares of two-thirds of the companies, in which these funds have sizeable stakes, drop more than the benchmark indices. For Mauritius-based investors, it currently appears that they will not be in a position to gain from this exemption certain communities in Spain where some of the first hospital-based PPP models have been transacted in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. As the number of projects grows, she continues, more and more will be on brownfield sites, which pose a different set of risks for investors. Most of our clients, which are funds investing in infrastructure projects, are investing in brownfield sites. Issues involving the environment should be on the minds of those investing in the infrastructure space. Those firms and institutions investing in the European infrastructure sector are realising more than ever that risks must be analysed and Clarity is key to financial models What is also changing is the increased uptake of what banks now see as flexible insurance products when it comes to funding infrastructure projects. Financiers are doing their utmost to ensure that their investment will be protected. When it comes to project finance, banks are very astute at making sure that the financial models recommended will protect the business based on anticipated growth of the business, says Degnan. Corporate Buyers: Avoid becoming a prisoner of your past A new look at the healthy Asian M&A market Page 6 Beating the seven year itch Finding new ways to best respond to market change and achieve more buying power in portfolio companies Page 9 Transformation Partnering: How to implement a new business framework Page 5 What strategic buyers need to know We highlight some of the most commonly missed issues which can become critical down the line. Page 7 Aon M&A Solutions 1 Aon M&A Solutions 1 Product and sales s need to be interspersed with thought leadership which promotes Aon, best practice and know-how. The AMASReview is commissioned by aep for Aon and now reaches 10,000 across 40+ countries (mostly cold contacts / prospects). In 2013 we are hoping to evolve the format in to a blog and introduce social media / share. Editorial plan / liaising with multiple stakeholders Professional writing Design and production Database build up / management and downloadable pdf formats Opens now average 25% of s delivered (40%+ in Nordic) aon new business support Two things are increasingly important 1. Innovation 2. Deal certainty Significant transactions in the market Blackstone Group - Accor SA Macquarie Group - Open Grid Europe GbmH Agilent Technologies Inc - Dako AS Waddell & Reed Financial Inc / Blackrock Inc / Norge Bank - Formula One Group About Aon M&A Solutions We provide risk management, human capital and insurance solutions to clients undertaking acquisitions, mergers, divestments or organic growth strategies in to new markets or territories We created a 180 second evideo presentation pitch to support a new business initiative. The evideo was preferred to a traditional powerpoint in order to differentiate from a major competitor and link back to Storyboard and writing Production / editing (inc sound track) Hosting and link-backs the proof of the pudding AMAS UK/EMEA made plans to launch multiple marketing campaigns in As global head, I was skeptical, at first, as to the efficacy of direct marketing to our PE and corporate clients. However, given the relatively low cost of the program, I wanted to try. I have found working with AEP a very good experience. They have produced significant results (i.e. hundreds of new leads and approximately $1 million in directly attributable revenue. The results and the process was so good, I hired them to launch a similar campaign in the U.S. and Asia. The cost-benefit of AEP has been excellent for us. Brian Cochrane, EVP Global Co-leader, Aon Risk Services Northeast, Inc Working with aep enables the relationship team to focus on high priority leads whilst maintaining an overarching, coherent and relevant contact strategy for current and potential customers. Aep share the same expectation of ensuring a return on the investment. Through effective marketplace analysis we are reaching more people, more often and in a changing landscape we have helped solve our client s emerging problems from new situations as they seek to navigate through the economic cycle. Jon Higgins, Managing Director EMEA, Aon M&A Solutions creative integrated marketing We build brand awareness We develop customer relationships We communicate customer value We get results For more information contact: Chris Abraham
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