Adsorption Traps. Operating Instructions GA04197_002_C0. Cat. No /15/16

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Adsorption Traps Operating Instructions GA04197_002_C0 Cat. No /15/16 Main dimension in mm DN a a 1 Ø d h h 1 16 KF KF KF Fig.1 Dimensioned
Adsorption Traps Operating Instructions GA04197_002_C0 Cat. No /15/16 Main dimension in mm DN a a 1 Ø d h h 1 16 KF KF KF Fig.1 Dimensioned drawing of adsorption trap 2 GA04197_002_C0-11/ Leybold 1 Description 1.1 Utilisation and Design Adsorption traps are used whenever oil-sealed backing pumps are to produce oil-free vacuum. They prevent backstreaming of oil vapor from backing pumps into vacuum chambers or high-vacuum pumps. They are fitted into the forevacuum line. The adsorption traps exploit the high adsorption capacity of certain adsorbents for gases such as hydrocarbons, water vapor and carbon dioxide. If adsorption traps are connected to oil-sealed backing or roughing pumps, in addition to practically hydrocarbon-free vacuum low ultimate pressures can be obtained. Depending on the specific application, the following adsorbents can principally be used: activated Al 2 O 3 in the form of globules, zeolite in the form of pellets or activated charcoal. Activated charcoal fillings serve in the first place to protect the vacuum pump from contamination by vapors of high-molecular substances. Activated Al 2 O 3 and zeolite are used to produce oil vapor free vacua. Hydrocarbon chains of high molecular weight are more firmly adsorbed by alumina than by zeolite so that molecules once they are captured are no more driven out by other vapors (e.g.water vapor). Even in applications where simultaneously water vapor is pumped over longer periods of time a nearly hydrocarbon-free vacuum can be produced. Adsorbed water vapor, however, deteriorates the ultimate pressure. Adsorption traps are very efficient due to the fact that all the gas is flowing through the insert. Due to the more compact packing, the conductance of a zeolite-filled trap is lower than that of an alumina-filled trap. The adsorption traps consist of a stainless steel housing with small flanges and an insert for the adsorbent. The removable lid is sealed with an O-ring gasket of NBR and held by a clamp strap. 1.2 Standard Specification The adsorbent is not included in the delivery specification but can be supplied packed as separate catalogue item in hermetically sealed tins. Alumina adsorbent is supplied in activated state whereas zeolite and activated charcoal are supplied undried and not degassed. The zeolite and activatecharcoal fillings must in any case be baked and dried prior to initial operation. 1.3 Technical Data Adsorption trap DN 16 KF 25 KF 40 KF Conductance at 10 2 mbar mbar I s Effective life of alumina adsorbent Month Adsorbent filling I 0,5 1,0 2,0 Weight, trap for alumina approx. kg 1,3 1, Ordering Data DN 16 KF 25 KF 40 KF Adsorption trap Cat.No Activated Al2O3, 1.3 kg (2 ltr.approx.) Cat.No Zeolithe, 1 kg Cat.No Activated charcoal, 5 kg Cat.No GA04197_002_C0-11/ Leybold 3 2 Operation Warning 2.1 Installation If the pump has previously pumped hazardous gases determine the nature of hazard prior to opening the intake line or the adsorption trap and take the appropriate safety precautions, i.e.gloves, safety mask or breathing mask. The adsorption trap is fitted into the intake line of the oil-sealed vacuum pump. It can be mounted in any position.the horizontal mounting position is preferable, however, to allow the condensed oil to flow back into the pump. For filling the adsorption trap, the clamp strap at the lid is opened and the insert pulled from its center in the trap bottom.the housing of the adsorption trap remains in the pipe line. The filling supplied by us is practically free from dust. If in exceptional cases dust should have deposited at the bottom of the spare charge, under no circumstances should it be filled into the trap. Before filling in the alumina adsorbent, check whether it is free from dust.if necessary, remove the dust by a gas stream. Alumina adsorbent has higher mechanical stability than zeolite. The danger of single globules breaking is low. But for safety reasons the rotary vane pump should always be operated with the dirt filter supplied as a standard with the pump. If in addition to hydrocarbon-free vacuum a low ultimate pressure is desired, care should be taken that the adsorbent does not become saturated by water vapor from the vacuum chamber or from the venting air. Low pressures can be obtained over longer period of time using a roughing line to pump down to a pressure of approx.1 mbar, thus removing most of the water vapor, and by venting with dry air. 2.2 Use of alumina or zeolite Every now and then the adsorbent filling should be regenerated. The intervals depend on operating conditions. The adsorbing capacity for oil vapors holds approx. 3 months if only the oil vapors diffusing back from the intake port of the gas ballast pump are adsorbed. If low pressures are to be obtained, the time of regeneration is determined by the adsorbed quantity of water vapor. In this case the filling must be regenerated when a noticeable pressure rise is observed. When venting the adsorption traps, make sure that the air stream does not flow through the filling toward the gauge heads which otherwise may contaminate. Regeneration The adsorbents used should be regenerated outside the trap to prevent the removed vapors from condensing in the vacuum system. The O-ring gasket of the lid NBR mut not be baked above 80 C (176 F). Regeneration of alumina Bake filling to 250 C (482 F) at atmospheric pressure, evacuate after one to two hours. Total time of regeneration: 6 hours. In view of the low price of the alumina filling, it is often more economical to use a new charge. Caution Opened spare charges shouid be stored air-tight. Regeneration of zeolite Bake filling at atmospheric pressure to C ( F) for one to two hours, then evacuate. Total regeneration time 24 hours. 4 GA04197_002_C0-11/ Leybold 2.3 Use of activated charcoal Prior to use, the activated charcoal must be dried in the filter insert. This can be made outside the will also be sufficient, however, if the vacuum pump is operated for some hours with gas ballast open and the inlet of the trap closed. Thereupon weigh the dry filling, as a certain degree of saturation, if any, can practically only be ascertained by weighing. The activated charcoal is capable of adsorbing vapors of high molecular weight (solvents) upto 25% of its own weight. We recommend to determine the admissible increase in weight for each specific use right from the beginning by weighing the filling of activated charcoal. When the admissible degree of saturation is reached, the activated charcoal must be replaced. 3 Spare Parts O ring Ref. No. DN 16 KF DN 25 KF DN 40 KF Service at LEYBOLD s If you send an appliance to LEYBOLD indicate whether the appliance is free of substances damaging to health or whether it is contaminated. If it is contaminated also indicate the nature of hazard. To do you must use a preprinted form which we shall send to you upon request. A copy of this form is printed at the end of the Operating Instructions: Declaration of Contamination of Vacuum Equipment and Components. Another suitable form is available from Documents Download Documents. Either fasten this form at the appliance or simply enclose it to the appliance. This declaration of contamination is necessary to comply with legal requirements and to protect our staff. LEYBOLD must return any appliance without a declaration of contamination to the sender s address. GA04197_002_C0-11/ Leybold 5 Declaration of Contamination of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Components The repair and / or servicing of compressors, va cuum pumps and components will be carried out only if a correctly completed declaration has been submitted. Non-completion will result in delay. The manufacturer can refuse to accept any equipment without a declaration. A separate declaration has to be completed for each single component. This declaration may be completed and signed only by authorized and qualified staff. Customer/Dep./Institute : Reason for return: applicable please mark Address : Repair: chargeable warranty Exchange: chargeable warranty Exchange already arranged / received Person to contact: Return only: rent loan for credit Phone : Fax: Calibration: DKD Factory-calibr. End user: Quality test certificate DIN A. Description of the Leybold product: Failure description: Material description : Catalog number: Serial number: Type of oil (ForeVacuum-Pumps) : Additional parts: Application-Tool: Application- Process: B. Condition of the equipment No 1) Yes No Contamination : No 1) Yes 1. Has the equipment been used toxic 2. Drained (Product/service fluid) corrosive 3. All openings sealed airtight flammable 4. Purged explosive 2) If yes, which cleaning agent radioactive 2) and which method of cleaning microbiological 2) 1) If answered with No, go to D. other harmful substances C. Description of processed substances (Please fill in absolutely) 1. What substances have come into contact with the equipment? Trade name and / or chemical term of service fluids and substances processed, properties of the substances According to safety data sheet (e.g. toxic, inflammable, corrosive, radioactive) X Tradename: Chemical name: a) b) c) d) 2. Are these substances harmful? 3. Dangerous decomposition products when heated? If yes, which? No 2) Components contaminated by microbiological, explosive or radioactive products/substances will not be accepted without written evidence of decontamination. D. Legally binding declaration I / we hereby declare that the information supplied on this form is accurate and sufficient to judge any contamination level. Name of authorized person (block letters) : Yes LVCorp_13786_ Date _002_C0 Leybold signature of authorized person Leybold GmbH Bonner Strasse 498 D Cologne T: +49-(0) F: +49-(0) firm stamp
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