A Proven Golf Ball Washer for.

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Get beauty teamed with durability and cleaning ease. That's Magic Fluff. It comes in a rich, oriental color blend to suit any decor. All orders are custom made to fit individual floor areas. Write for
Get beauty teamed with durability and cleaning ease. That's Magic Fluff. It comes in a rich, oriental color blend to suit any decor. All orders are custom made to fit individual floor areas. Write for a Special Trial Size Magic Fluff Mat Sample... 17 x 32 $5.00 postpaid. magic fluff SPIKE RESISTANT It's Perfect For Club Rooms Locker Rooms Club Bars Pro Shops Hallways Protected, by Pat. No Entrances H. M. WISE DISTRIBUTOR OF QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICE 212 HELEN AVENUE MANSFIELD, OHIO Product Engineering Has Cart Rental Plan for Pros Product Engineering Co., 4707 S. E. 17th St., Portland, Ore., which makes the Con-Voy cart, has a rental fleet plan which should be of great interest to many pros. Con-Voy rent- ^ al carts can be purchased at $18 each on the installment plan if desired. The company estimates that 150 to 175 carts will * take care of 300 playing members. At its suggested charge of $1 per ^ month per family, Pro-designed rental cart Product Engineering figures that the pro at a club that operates year-around can make money on his investment in the year the fleet is purchased. Pros at Sand Point CC in Seattle, Tacoma (Wash.) CC, Pinehurst in Denver, and Green Ridge in Grand Rapids report that the, Con-Voy plan is working out very well for them. Complete information about the cart rental program can be obtained from PE. WATERED FAIRWAYS! ONE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS fr Design... We furnish complete plant and specifications. it Materials ir Equipment... We are distributors for Buckner Sprinklers, Transite Pipe, Plastic Pipe, Cornell Pumps, Moody Controls. & Installation... Complete guaranteed installation or coopinstallation whereby we furnish materials and supervision, you furnish labor. fr Experience... Miller designed systems were installed in over 35 miles of fairways in 1960 alone. IF YOUR COURSE IS ANYWHERE IN THE MIDWEST... CALL WRITE WIRE MILLER FOR FREE SURVEY I A. J. MILLER, Inc. Midwest's Largest Underground Irrigation Contractor 1320 N. Campbell Rd. Royal Oak, Michigan A Proven Golf Ball Washer for. HENRY GOLF BALL WASHER $14.75 Used On Leading Golf Courses Throughout The World You get more ball washer for the money with The Henry. It costs less initially. Course Supts. will find it requires minimum upkeep. Golfers throughout the world have found that The Henry, with its rubber squeegee and gasket, cleans their balls faster and more efficiently. DEALERS IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES only Prices F.O.B. VWaukesho, Wis.y A. C. Schendel, Distributor Rt. 5 Box 92, Waukesha, Wis. TROUBLE FREE! RENTAL CART SERVICE We furnish you all you need on rental share basis. No investment for you! We deliver and service carts regularly and keep them in good repair FREE. Clubs not held responsible for damages, theft or breakage. CADDY-ROLL RENTAL SERVICE Three Rivers, Michigan starting last Dec. 1 are double those of a yeaiv ago, Petritz said. A continuing program to resituate Chicago employees of Chamberlin Metal^ is being carried out. Magnetic Tool Holder Magnetic Products div. of the Jess Corp., Telegraph rd., Detroit 39, Mich., markets a single (photo) and double surface tool holder, The photo of the Model R rotary screen attachment for the Model L soil shredder made by Lindig Manufacturing Co., St. Paul, Minn., which appeared on page 164 in March Golfdom was incorrectly identified. Model R is shown above. Move Chamberlin Metal Products Operation to Frankfort, Mich. All manufacturing and operational facilities of Chamberlin Metal Products Co. are being moved from Chicago to Frankfort, Mich., George K. Petritz, pres. of the group that recently purchased Chamberlin, has announced. The firm manufactures and distributes the Kaddi Kart and Ko-lap-si cart. Sales for the fiscal year many uses for which can be found in the course maintenance building, pro workshop and even the clubhouse. Called the Mag-Rack, it can be attached to the wall, or installed on a hinge so that both sides can be used for holding tools.' SPIKE RESISTANT PNEU-MAT RUNNERS, Save your Club House Floors PERIOR RUBBER 145 Woodland Ave. Westwood, N. J. Rugged, reversible Pneu-Mat Runners, woven of rubberimpregnated fabric, outwear rubber, provide comfortable* walking for spiked shoes with complete floor protection. Improve club house appearance. Competitive in first cost low- est in long-life cost. Standard Widths 20 24 30 36 42 48 Write today for illustrated folder MFG. CO., INC. « Northwestern Golf Catalog HERE'S YOUR - PROFESSIONAL'S CATALOG Northwestern Golf Company WORLD'S LARGEST UttUSIVE MANUFACTURER Of 601E (LUIS Now at last something has been designed as an answer to messy inconvenient lockersl The locker door valet has pockets to keep socks, underwear, shoes, golf balls, toilet articles in safe, neat, perfect condition. Get these for your members today! (Samples sent on request.) Fits snugly on inside of locker door. (Heavy nylon cord ties.) tation of Northwestern's new Dick Nletz and Jackie Pung golf clubs that are sold exclusively through pro shops. The catalog also includes a full line of putters, utility clubs and Junior club sets. A copy for every golf professional in the U. S. is now in the mail. Parker Offers Lawn Combing Reel A new Tine-A-Matic power rake lawncombing reel has been developed by Parker Lawn Sweeper Co., Springfield, O. It is de- Made of heavy fabric. Assorted Colors.,. Retails for $3.95 If check accompanies order sent post-. ^ pa.d to you. $24 0Q d jien Order these for your Pro-Shop today your members will thank you (If not rated send check with order.) Money back if not delighted WESTERN BINDING & PAD CO. 908 Broadway Kansas City, Mo. Just off the press is the first edition of Northwestern Golf Company's Professional's Catalog. It features a complete, full-color presensigned for use with the Homemaster power lawn spreader and is interchangeable with a standard fiber brush reel. Besides thatch, the spring steel tines remove deeply imbedded debris such as nuts, twigs, bones and stones. Information about the rake can be obtained by writing to Parker. The Austin address of Tri Powered Corp. was inadvertently listed as 201 Industrial blvd. in March Golfdom (page (158). It should have been shown as 210 Industrial blvd sand trap rakes golfers will use! NOW FURNISHED WITH SPIKE They're so light and easy to use with one hand that only a confirmed coursewrecker can resist the challenge to smooth out the trap! Of rugged all-aluminum construction (with splinter-free aluminum handle) 'Mister' Featherweight rakes last twice as long as the ordinary kind. Accidental loss is less, too, because they're designed for sand traps not gardens. M m ctwn«tru*. Writ* tr * in May. USED AND APPROVED LEADING GOLF COURSES 15-Inch htad (No. S415) $5.45 ea 8 inch htad (No. S408) $4.45 ea. Minimum ordor i doz. F.O B, lip Wt. 12 lb . Order through your Jobber or from MR. FEATHERWEIGHT CO Fleetwood Street, Sun Valley, California BOB BALDOCK GOLF COURSE CONSTRUCTION By CONTRACT MADDOX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Since 1923 FREE ESTIMATES, COMPLETE FACILITIES. GUARANTEED WORK. FRESNO, CALIFORNIA 1505 Blackstone Phones: TRemont Hickory FOrrest Batavia, III. Danville, III. New Orleans, La. Powered Products Sales Manager William L. Worden, Cadillac, Mich., has been named sales mgr. of Powered Products of Mich., Rothbury, manufacturer of gas-and electric-powered Caddy Car golf cars. Worden was associated with a Cadillac printing firm for 20 years before joining Powered Products. The photo of the Paul Bunyan 360, a new shredder made by Royer Foundry & Machine Co., 158 Pringle St., Kingston, Pa., which appeared on page 167 in March Golfdom, was incorrectly identified. The 360 is shown above. All-Weather Furniture Hill Engineering Co., 516 N. Sterling, Sugar Creek, Mo., manufactures functional fiberglass furniture that is recommended for golf courses, MacGregor Moves New York Warehouse The MacGregor div. of Brunswick Corp. ha announced that on Apr. 10 its New York branch office and warehouse will be moved to new quarters on Lackawanna ave., West Paterson, N. J. The division's new building incorporates the latest advances in design for adequate storage and rapid service. The new warehouse and office are easily reached from New York and Philadelphia and will serve the entire Eastern area with golf, tennis and athletic equipment lines. ranges, recreation centers, etc. The line is known as Comfort-Ezz and comes in three styles. Fiberglass used in construction of the settee, shown in the photo, is not only attractive but durable. The furniture can be used either inside or outdoors, being of all-weather construction. GOLF COURSE CONSULTANT and Owner's Representative Only IRVING JACKMAN 734 Clay Avenue Scranton, Penna. Diamond HUnter J. PRESS MAXWELL f Design Golf Course Architect 'I Member:? American Society of Golf Courte Architects Construction 3855 WALNUT HILL LANE BOX 767 DALLAS, TEXAS ASPEN, COLO. Tel. FL Tel. WA W. V. W. V. V. V. V. V. V Be A. DUMAS COMPANY. INC. WAREHOUSE POINT, CONNECTICUT Golf IRRIGATION Course ENGINEERING Design, Supervision and Consultants Distributors of: Johns-Manville Transits Buckner Valves and Sprinklers Ames Portable Aluminum Pips Midland, Myers & Marlow Pump» Aqua-Dial Automatic Systems NATIONAL , DAVID W. KENT & CO. GOLF COURSE ARCHITECTS Designers, Site Engineers, Builders, Maintenance Supervisors for over 40 years. Comulinni Services Available to Established Golf Courses 8535 Melvin Ave NORTHRIDGE. CALIF Oicken Dickens meeting of Crescent Plastics, Inc., held in Evansville, Ind. The three-day session was directed by E. S. Schreiber, the firm's sales mgr. Those attending were given several different sales aids and were told that plastic pipe is used in more than 30,000,000 water installations in U. S. Barbara Boenau is shown demonstrating the resiliency of the new Tumble King rebound tumbler that is made by Mac Levy Sports Equipment Corp., 189 Lexington ave.. New York 16. The firm recommends the Tumble King as a second income source at golf centers and ranges. Selling Course Jobs Is Subject at Crescent Meeting How to Sell Golf Course Jobs, was one of the subjects discussed at the recent annual sales MOELTER CONSTRUCTION CO. Standard and Par 3 Golf Courses Complete with Irrigation Consultants with Paul N. Coates, GA. STILLWATER, HE MINNESOTA Wilson to Co-Sponsor Tournament of Champions, Open Telecasts Wilson Sporting Goods Co. will co-sponsor telecasts of the Las Vegas Tournament of Charrjpions, May 7, and the USGA Open on June 17 over NBC-TV in conjunction with Kemper Ins. Co. Dramatic commercials featuring Wilson Staff balls, woods and irons are being planned to give a boost to pro shop sales. At Las Vegas, the TV action will be centered around the last three holes and there will be numerous interviews of leading golfers. Lindsey Nelson will describe the action Wittek Range Catalog The 1961 Golf Range Supply catalog ol Wittek Golf Range Supply Co., Inc., W. North ave., Chicago 39, is off the press and can be obtained by writing to the above company. The 26-page, two color catalog describes and lists prices of everything from range balls to driving nets. HORACE W. SMITH Golf Course Architect G RUSSELL KERNS Consultant Service Available 25 Years Experience Renovation of Golf Courses QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Box 74 Box 53 Worcester, Pa. * Orchard Park, N.Y. PH-Juno PH-ldlewood Miles N. W. of Philadelphia ALFRED H. TULL Golf Course Architect Larchmont, N. Y. Tel. TEnnyson Notionol Bonk Building Si.Charles, Illinois Phone JUno 4-21(1 proper use of copper sulfate. A free copy of the booklet may be obtained by writing Phelps Dodge. Champion's Doo-All Trailer Designed for Stability An equipment trailer, made by the Champion Co., Springfield, O., is said to be designed for stability under heavy loads. It is equipped with dual wheels, front and back, to spread weight and avoid rutting of turf. Called the Doo-All, Ford's 4000 industrial tractor, backhoe and 2,000 lb. capacity loader are said to speed up digging arid backfilling. The tractor, equipped with cast steel, one-piece front axle of 5,000 lb. capacity and the Red Tiger engine, power a 10- or 12-ft. backhoe with ease. Phelps Dodge Publishes Pool Maintenance Booklet A 12-page booklet, The Use of Copper Sulfate in Swimming Pools, has been published by Phelps Dodge Refining Corp., 300 Park ave., New York 22, for use as a guide in pool maintenance. It was written by Gordon S. Little, Cornell University swimming coach, and tells how pool water can be kept crystal clear by the trailer can be converted to a 1 cu. yd. hopper by removing the flat bed. It is maintenance free except for periodic greasing of the fifth wheel. Details can be obtained by writing the Champion firm. Buyers' Service P. 135 WILLIAM P. BELL & SON ROBERT BRUCE HARRIS QOIJ Qomsc architect MtMMt AMfllCAN SOCUtr Of COW COUtSI AtCHlTtCtJ 664 N.MICHICAN AVINVC CHICAGO It III. WH/f Ad// GOLF COURSE ARCHITECTS Member: American Society of Golf Course Architects 544 Sierra Vista Avenue Pasadena, California Sycamore ATlantic ROBERT TRENT JONES Member i Antricia S»«l«lr»f Calf C*ar«c ArcKtlactJ Golf Course Architect 20 Vesey Street Tel: Itrrkninn NEW YORK, N. Y. William F. Gordon and David W. Gordon Golf Course Architects Doylestown, Pennsylvania Fillmore Muibtn American Society of Gelt Course Architects Standard's Spike Head Rake Eliminates Hazard to Safety Standard Mfg. Co., Cedar Falls, la., markets a sandtrap rake with a new feature a spiked head for inserting in the ground. The best feature of this is that it helps to prevent the rake from being laid prongs up, thus eliminating a safety hazard. The rake weighs less than 2 lbs., has a 4-ft. handle and 13-in. head. Made of hi-carbon steel, it is zinc plated, has a hollow aluminum handle and comes in red and blue enamel trim. Sales of Jacobsen Manufacturing Co. for the six months ending Feb. 28, showed a 27 per cent increase over the similar period a year ago. Sales were $6,773,000. Marilynn Smith Heads Spalding Women's Promotion Marilynn Smith, former pres. of the Ladies PGA, has been named supervising dir. of women's golf promotion for A. G. Spalding & Bros., Inc. She succeeds Fay Crocker, who has returned to her native Uruguay. Marilynn, whose home club is French Lick (Ind.) CC, has been a Spalding staffer since Marilynn Smith She won the Women's Collegiate while attending Kansas U. and for the last eight or ten years has been one of the headliners on the Ladies PGA circuit. She is now making her home in Tequesta, Fla. Cook Enterprises Expands Cook Enterprises Inc., 915 Peak st., Dallas, maker of the Commander golf car and the Comet cart, is expanding its operation. It is adding to its manufacturing facilities and expanding its assembly line with an eye to developing electrically operated products for material handling besides its golf car operation. The firm recently moved to a new location in the central part of Dallas. RALPH PLUMMER GOLF COURSE ARCHITECT Member, American Society of Go If Course Architect* 6455 Woodstock Road Fort Worth 16, Texas Pershing James G. Harrison GOLF COURSE ARCHITECT Member American Society of 6olf Course Architect* 266 Harrison Road Turtle Creek, Pa. Valley Suburb of Pittsburgh run SPARKPLUG FOULING and tnu... ENGINE CARBONIZING in 2 cycle and 4 cycle mower engines Two ounces of SOLAR brand TONE UP per gallon of gas and two ounces of SOLAR brand MOTOR MEND per quart of oil make your engines run better than new and stay that way. Packed in 8 oz. bottles, 24 to the case Buy direct by the case TONE-UP $24.00 MOTOR MEND $38.80 Send check or MO (No CODs) to SOLAR Sales Company Taylor Place, Westport, Conn. (Distributor Territories open) Golf Score Cards Specializing in Printing far Clubs and Pros. CHARGE CHECK BOOKS HANDICAP CARDS and PANELS BAG and GUEST TAGS (WRITS FOB CATALOG) VESTAL-MONROE PRINTING CO. ESTABLISHED ISI2 TELEPHONE HARRISON S. LA SALLE ST. CHICAGO 5 International Harvester Catalog A new catalog illustrating International Harvester Co.'s complete line of industrial tractors and equipment is off the press and can be obtained from IH dealers and distributors. The 20-page catalog, in color, displays the complete line of nine industrial tractors and a variety of matched equipment. Also shown are trailers for high speed transport. Th is is the new colored, reversible vinyl sectional floor matting made by American Mat Corp., 1802 Adams st., Toledo, O. Alternate rows of deepgrooved and corrugated sections are woven on rust resistant spring steel wire. Lindig Screener Brochure A 4-page brochure, L-25, L-40 or L-60, gives specifications and capacity data on the new Lindig Model R rotary screener attachment, an accessory for 1961 models, 25, 40 or 60 cu. yd. soil shredders. For a free copy, write Lindig, Dept. B 9, 1875 W. County rd. C , St. Paul 13, Minn. Aqua-Dial Points to Big Market In a recent release, Aqua-Dial, Newport Beach, Calif., pointed out that expenditures on turf and lawns, garden supplies and outdoor living products exceeds $4 billion per year. They have increased tenfold since This great expansion has prompted the company to add to its automatic controllers and valves, a complete line of sprinklers. The sprinklers are carefully engineered, made of durable brass and usable with varying water pressure. Aqua-Dial has 50 franchised distributors in the U. S. Sevin, a new and safer type of insecticide, manufactured by Union Carbide Chemicals Co., 270 Park ave., New York 17, is said to be effective for preventing damage to shade trees and ornamental plants. WHOLESALE TO CLUBS and PROS Golf Club RE-GRIPPING and REFINISHING Leather and Rubber Grips Golf Trophies and Novelties _*_Complete Golf Accessories [ UNIVERSAL BOWLING & _ G0LF CORP. J 525 So. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, Illinois Please send Wholesale Golf Catalog to: I Nime Title J I Name of Club Address _ I J ATTENTION: COUNTRY CLUB OWNERS. MANAGERS and PROS... THE GOLF SHOE VALET will aid you In keeping carpet and floor clean in clubhouse, pro shop and locker room. Cleans Brass and mud from bottoms as well as sole edges ef shoes. Constructed of anodized alumi-. num frame with base brush of E 12 heavy duty plastic bristles. Side brushes high quality Tamplco Fibre. All brushes removable, reversidle, replaceable and carry one-year warranty. Available in Grey. Orange. Yellow. I unit $ or rt r \ $!; 9 VnVr F 2 B. Hun» i 1!»«1 Park. Calif.'Ship wt. 5 lbs. NOTE: Postaqe paid if check received with GOLF SHOP V'AI» a T tis, fac.? n k or money re,unded - i? i. 1 E V A L E T '«th 'ho cleaner that gets tne Job done I A proven product. GOLF COURSE SPECIAIT P.O Box 388. Huntington Park. California E S NOW SCHEDULING - Outdoor Golf Clinics featuring: Shot-Making Demonstration and Personalized Golf Instruction by NELLO CAMMALARIE Class A Member, P.G.A. write or phone: N. Cammalarie 842 Ainslee Street Chicago 40, III. SUnnyside Kill WATER WEEDS! Water hazards and lakes new may b«cleaned of all rooted aquatic weeds, lily, cattail, milfoil and many other aquatic weeds ore easily killed with one applicaton of R-H GRANULAR WEED RHAP. It is easily applied will not harm fish or animals. This inexpensive application usually lasts from 18 to 36 months. Write for further information or ask your dealer. REASOR-HILL CORPORATION BOX 36GC. JACKSONVILLE, ARKANSAS Jayfro Practice Net Jayfro Athletic Supply Co., PO Box 1065, New London, Conn., manufactures and markets a practice net that is practical for indoor or Newport C-l Retains Beauty, Vigor Throughout the Season Newport Kentucky Bluegrass C-l is said to be a new and improved variety that combines all-season beauty with new high levels of fall vigor and stems rust resistance. It is distributed by American Lawn Turf Research Assn., PO Box 56, McMinnville, Ore. Seed is available in 50 lb. bags for large consumers. C-l seedlings are described as being especially vigorous and the strain is said to have exceptional density, heavy rhizomes an
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