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case study
  A case study of Emirates Airline Published:  23rd March, 2015 Last Edited:  23rd March, 2015 This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Emirates Airline group has started its 1st routes out of Dubai with only two aircraft in 198 by the !o t. of Dubai and it was supported by# the creator of !ermania $!erman Airline%. Emirates airline had started their operations from Dubai.# These days the industry is measured to be a subsidiary of The Emirates !roups which is head&uartered in Dubai' (AE.# The group has got di erse recognitions and in )**+ Emirates was noted to be the eight,largest airline in the international marketplace in terms of intercontinental passengers being accepted and also renowned to be the fifth,largest in the global market in accord with the planned international passenger,kilometres flew. Emirates group is also well,known for being one of the only fi e airline industries that operates in the total wide,body aircraft sense. Emirates ha e made fre&uent considerable announcements with allusion to the future pro-ection of its existing state,of,the,art fleet.Emirates Airlines is one of top six airlines in the world to ha e a ,star rating from kytrax' along with ingapore Airlines' Eithad Airways' Emirates Airlines' /antas Airways' 0ritish  Airways' athay 2acific. Emirates operates more than +** weekly flights to o er 1** destinations in 3* countries around the world with on going expansion' flights departs from Dubai to six continents with international standards of ser ices. 4n )**9' Emirates Airlines carried nearly 5* percent of all the flight mo ements in and out of the Dubai 4nternational  Airport' and we would like to take this market share to +* percent by )*1* without any compromise on &uality and repute. Emirates 6irst lass The 4nternational Emirates Airlines 6irst lass has their own safe paradise in spacious personal suites' each capable of with an electrically operated sliding door' an indi idual mini,bar' changeable ambient lights' and its own wardrobe' mirror and anity table. All the seats ha e a built,in massage system' with modifiable pace and strength. 7ur Emirates A8* and 0+++ crew will reno ate your seats to a fully flat bed with a mattress' so one can reach at their destination comfortable and re-u enated. Each suite in the A8* and 0+++ has a ) tele ision screen' allows their customer to look at o er 1')** on,demand ideo and audio channels of our award winning# ice# Digital :idescreen. Entertainment system including ;ollywood and 0ollywood mo ies along with other Arabic mo ies as well and li e channels as well. The isolation partition separating the ad-acent suites in the middlestring can also be lowered' allowing the customers to share the experience with their  -ourney accompanying person.Dine,on,demand ser ing of food ser ice' allows the customer to order from our a la carte menu any time they need. <aking their understanding of the Emirates A8* and 0+++ really  outstanding' they will be treated to the excellent ser ice from our award winning multilingualcrew members from o er 1** nations.Emirates has launched a ery high class onboard shower pawhich in the history of a iation' is the first time one can ha e an re itali=ing shower at 5'*** feet. :hich is located on the upper deck of the Emirates Aircrafts and there are two elegantly designed onboard howers for our 1st lass customers. :hich bring all customers at their destinations refreshed and re i ed.The ser ice on board the Emirates 6irst lass cabins include a social area consist of a full,fledged bar staffed with a bartender' a break,out seating area -ust nearby fitted with two couches and bar stools' a full,fledged chef on board the aircraft and any,time dining. A turn,down ser ice includes the reno ation of the seat into a fully,flat bed and an air,hostess making the bed when the passenger is ready to sleep. Emirates pro ide this kind of a wholenew dimension of luxurious air tra el to their customers with an outstanding ser ice.Emirates 6irst lass attributes mood lighting on the Airbus A*,0+++ with light schemes correspondent to the time of day and flight situation. 4mpact of External 4nfluences 4n this era of ri alry' indulgent the consumer is ery important for marketers. onsumer desires and preferences are constantly arying' gi en the changes in factors like their demographics and lifestyles. These changes can bring great business opportunities for attenti e marketers and threats for marketers who fail to become accustomed. onsumers obtain' de our' consume and dispose off the products and ser ices created by organi=ations. They went through a number of cogniti e and beha ioural processes whilst making their purchases and spending decisions. The awareness of how they make a decision on one brand as a substitute of another and what factors influence their decision,making so crucial for marketers' not only to make a ailable to the existing needs of their consumers but also to prepare for their future needs as well. This information is also ital to make a ariety of business decisions associated with product de elopment' packaging' pricing' distribution' promotions' communication' etc.onsumer 0eha iour helps to comprehend the internal ariables like moti ation' personality' perception' learning' and attitude' and external ariables like reference groups' family' social class' and' culture' and their influence on consumer decision,making process.onsumers are faced with many external influences' including an indi idual>s culture' subculture' household structure' and groups that he associates with. <arketers and business owners call these external influences because the source of the influence comes from outside the person rather than from inside $which would be internal' or psychological' influences%. ?ou also could refer to them as socio cultural influences' because they e ol e from the formal and informal relationships' the indi idual has with other people.learly ours airline Emirate>s 64@T lass is an luxury segment ser ice which organi=es to the needs of high class executi es who wish to fly to their destinations not -ust the ordinary business class but want an experience which is e en more luxurious than the business class. :e organi=e to their needs in the best way possible.  :e more than -ust a airline' we host one of the most luxurious  co=iest ser ices a ailable' we are -ust 1 of the only 3 airlines in the world which en-oy a  star rating by B?T@AC.0ut still we ha e consistently under,performed from our capacity and are running into lossesconsistently into losses from last ) years.This is a serious issue which needs a timely sur eillance to counter the increasing red lines on the balance sheet.onsumer beha iour can pro ide an insight of the problem by applying the arious theories to the problem. As ours is a ser ice pro ider company' consumer beha iour becomes all theway more important as one can draw a lot of conclusions by simply studying the psychologyof the customers and the great problems can be countered in a effecti e way.0eha iour of any customer is deri ed by basically two factors, External 6actors ). 4nternal 6actors Though the internal factors are totally in control of an indi idual and are hard to control' but still they can be managed by looking after the external factors which themsel es directly affect the consumers buying decisions.o thats why we need to take a close look at the External 6actors that effect consumer beha iour 4n the section below, !lobal  Fational culture,ulture, The definition of culture offered in one textbook is That complex whole which includes knowledge' belief' art' morals' custom' and any other capabilities and habits ac&uired by man person as a member of society.#  According to the abo e mentioned definition we will discuss culture in different ways.The set of basic alues perceptions' wants' and beha iours learned by a member of societyfrom family and other important institutions. ulture is the most basic cause of a person>s wants and beha iour. E ery group or society has a culture' and cultural influences on buying beha iour may ary greatly from country to country. ub ulture ,  A group of people with shared alue systems based on common life experiences and situations.Each culture contains smaller sub cultures a group of people with shared alue system based on common life experiences and situations. ub culture includes nationalities'  religions' racial group and geographic regions. <any sub culture make up important market segments and marketers often design products.ulture is a challenging issue for many marketers since it is intrinsically imprecise and oftendifficult to understand. 7ne may iolate the cultural norms of another country without being informed of this' and people from different cultures may feel uncomfortable in each other presence without knowing exactly whyGo we can understand that how this factor can play an important role in attracting customers if deal with efficiently.6or this our company has already ready by offering  star ser ices which is acknowledged by the B?T@AC agency and this can become our (2 if promoted wisely. As our Emirates6irst lass is an elite class ser ice so we need to make especially according to the routes on which it operates like Dubai,Hondon flight can keep themsel es up to the customer expectation by upgrading their flight ser ices according to the demographics of the passengers tra elling.:ell ha e to ser e to the needs  expectations of the passengers who belong to the different nationalities like mix of different nationals by maintaining the standards this can be done by taking consideration of the cross cultural factors into consideration and ha e to check all the possibilities which bring these differences clear from the business point of iew. 6amily  ;ousehold 4nfluences,  A ma-or factor that affects ones choice of the ser ices is his family  household income. These factors may include the perception about a ser ice which may be same for the wholefamily  the complete may think of a ser ice as compliant to their re&uirements  representing family status or not.This also makes a chance as if one influencing member of the family is con inced about theser ice then whole family may become a customer.o a lot of prospecti e lies in this factor if intent professionally6or this we may promote our ser ice by,0eing a sponsored at charity e ents as higher class people ha e a good attendance at suche ents.:e can hold e ents of massi e show,bu== as that will help a lot to promote the ser ice.Hike we ha e to sponsor or put our big participation in the 4nternational 6ootball and ricket matches and Emirates be the official airline of the main e ents in the world .This will create a great bu== in the society and at the same time a sample of the ser ice can be gi en to plausible customers. 7pinion leaders, 7pinion leaders are one who can be of great help as they lead a lot of people' and their followers either follows them blindly or they affect their followers decision to that extent that
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