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A Bruce A. Krug, Bruce Peninsula / Bruce Trail Scrapbook Index Notes Press CTRL-F to search Index consists of year, and key words and phrases taken from the clippings or describing the historical
A Bruce A. Krug, Bruce Peninsula / Bruce Trail Scrapbook Index Notes Press CTRL-F to search Index consists of year, and key words and phrases taken from the clippings or describing the historical notes / interviews Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, interspersed with manuscript interviews. There are occasional b/w photos (original prints) Page numbers were added by Archives See also scrapbooks pertaining to individual former townships within the Peninsula Indexed by Volunteer Robin Hilborn, 2014 Bruce Peninsula / Bruce Trail Scrapbook Index Page MPs press for Bruce park. Eric Winkler. National park in the Bruce Peninsula. 3 Ms., 1 p. List of nine sawmills, in Owners names: McKenzie, Street, Gleason, Kribs, Pinkerton, Lothian. In townships of Amabel, Bruce, Greenock, Arran. 5 19xx There s history in place names. Origin of geographical place names. Tara. Lucknow. Teeswater. Paisley. Greenock. Dunkeld. Glammis. Elsinore. Southampton. Normanstown. Bruce. Elgin. Kincardine. 6 19xx The day the threshers came. Manual method of harvesting grain. Shocks. Threshing machine. Farmers banded together. Food. 7 19xx Save the Bruce. Malcolm Kirk, Owen Sound naturalist, buys beach, saves flowers. Orchids. Primrose. Federation of Ontario Naturalists. 9 19xx Most interesting part, 240 mile Bruce Trail will be in Peninsula. This spring work starts on Bruce Trail. [Origin of county and township names] From book, Nothing but names. Bruce County. Huron Twp. Kincardine Twp. [geographical] Nov. 9, 1913 Worst storm of Great Lakes recalled to mark fifty years since tragedy by Patrick Folkes. Great Storm of Lost in big lakes storm of 50 yrs. Ago Blackest day in marine history vivid in memory of older residents Mr. Frank Belmore of Snake Island off Red Bay has found a lifeboat from the ill-fated S.S. Isaac M. Scott of Cleveland body of a young sailor from the ill-fated Hydrus at Sauble Beach. Six bodies found. Ten bodies in Amabel township. List of boats not accounted for. [1914] Arvid Ollson body at Oliphant Great storm on Lake Huron still remembered by many in village The Great Storm Members urge early action by Commons to preserve beauty of the Bruce. National park Northernmost tip of the new Bruce Trail. Aerial photo mile Bruce Trail to be new paradise Bruce Trail and the farmer. Landowners enthusiastic Many inland lakes, cottages to be found in Bruce County. Description of the county. Walkerton. Kincardine. Inverhuron provincial park. Port Elgin. Bruce museum. Sauble. Oliphant. Tourism Bruce s many attractions bring big influx of tourists. Tourism in Bruce County Scenic, slender Bruce County Peninsula beckons countless summer holidayers annually. Tourism News highlights reviewed during past twelve months in Grey and Bruce counties. Annual review of events in Many problems on land deals in early days of Peninsula. Article in three instalments, pages 37 to 44. Reprint of Dr. Sherwood Fox article of over ten years ago. History of settlement of Bruce Peninsula treaty. Royal Deed. Timber licences, unrecorded. Settler s lot a hard one. [41] Big timber interests. Cook Brothers of Barrie, in Lindsay and St. Edmunds. [42] Camboose shanty. Lymburner. Wingfield Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 2 Basin. [43] Pine timber. Blow to settlers. Sir John A. Macdonald steps in. Cook licenses List of those killed in action in WWI, WWII, and died since. From Cape Croker, Hepworth, Lion s Head, Shallow Lake, Tobermory, Wiarton (includes Fenian Raid). [military/war] History of the Bruce started 300 million years ago, results interesting. Reprint from Federation of Ontario Naturalists. By H. Vincent Elliott. Geology. Human occupation. Lumbermen. White pine. Agriculture. Fishing. Cottages. Plants. Orchids. 51 to Patrick Folkes series on early history of shipping on the Great Lakes. Ships and men of a forgotten era. 51 Pioneer sails along the Bruce shores, ships and men of a forgotten time, by Patrick Folkes. First vessels. Fly, Wing & Wing, Emma, Forest, Saucy Jack, Wave, Sea Gull, Water Witch, Highlander, Mountaineer, Annie Foster. 52 Early steamers along the Bruce shore. Ploughboy, Kaloolah, Bruce, Silver Spray, Bonnie. 53 Regina, Jane Miller. 54 Starlight, Andrew J. Smith. 55 Belle, Eclipse, Etta, Pine Tree Harbour, Iron cannon of Port Elgin went for scrap in WWII. Cove Island wreck. Bob Coulson of Port Elgin. Cannon buried in sand 12 years. 58 Early wrecks. Griffin. Waterloo. Rose. Lilly. Saucy Jack. Philo Scofield. Oxford. Mazeppa. Fairey. Wilson. Forest. Wave. Chieftain shipwrecks. Explorer. Iowa. Oregon. Kate Moffat. James Clark. Balize. Colin Monroe. Erie Belle. Manitoba. China. Restless. 60 William Seymour. Mary Ann. Jupiter. Buell. James G. Worts. Lincoln. William Seward Cascaden. Excelsior. Morning Star. Lucy Auchard. J.S. Minor. D. Ferguson. Twilight. Adelaide Horton. Doty. Asia. Pandora. Prince Alfred. Phoebe Catharine. Gold Hunter. Sam Lewid Highlights reviewed during past twelve months in Grey and Bruce counties. Annual review of events in Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 3 Indians speed work on the Bruce Trail. Photo, John Nadjiwan, Giles Keeshing. Cape Croker Indian Reserve members clear four miles of trail xx Bruce Trail being marked, likely to be used much this summer and fall. Plan for hotels. Lion s Head area. Wingfield Basin area Immigration to Bruce from Great Britain in Immigration Officer for Western Ontario. Land Settlement Board. Farm laborers; single men joined the Army in WWI. 100 immigrant men arrived in Ripley by train; advertisement in Ripley Express, February Bruce County almost century in the making of furniture. Display at 1963 CNE, Toronto of all furniture makers in Bruce County bedroom suite by Mr. Davidson Dinsdale, at rally, tells of national park proposed for Bruce Peninsula Named to promote Bruce Trail from Queenston to Tub. Philip Gosling. Hostels. Camping Reaching end of railway era. Railway in Guelph, In Fergus, CNR wants to drop passenger trains west of Guelph Editorial cartoon in Port Elgin Times, re Preparations for Bruce Trail well under way New Canadian stamp has a significance for district people. Five-cent stamp honours Casimir Gzowski, explored Saugeen River 119 years ago Group earlier bought land in Peninsula. Federation of Ontario Naturalists buys 200 acres. National Park Bruce, Huron, Perth one riding in 1850s. History of Bruce County. First election, Second election, Results of federal elections up to Redistribution of seats, , verso 1963 System of dikes easily handled Saugeen peak at Walkerton. Spring floods xx Lovely Bruce Trail taking shape. Honorary chairman: Dr. W. Sherwood Fox. Local Bruce Trail clubs established xx Bruce also 100 years old in Bruce County centennial celebrations in Walkerton. In 1867 Bruce operated for the first time as a separated county with the county seat there. Previously, since it was Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 4 opened up to settlers in 1850, it was a part of the united counties of Huron and Bruce xx Centennial Doll Contest open to Women s Institutes; doll to represent a woman of 100 years ago Bruce County tartan approved by chief of Scottish Bruce clan. Lord Bruce of Dumfermline, Scotland. Norman McLeod of Leaside Collegiate Institute. 97 [not present] Make Peninsula into public park, Bruce MPP asks. Turn Bruce Peninsula into a provincial park. Ross Whicher Organize leaders for walking trail on Bruce Peninsula. Bruce Trail. Cape Croker group Bruce Trail section complete. Map. Photos. Sydenham Club section Rattlesnakes. Massasauga rattler on Bruce Peninsula. Venom. Bite treatment Bruce Trail organizers find enthusiasm grows for 280 mile hiking route. 109 Ms., 8 pp. [untitled] [speech notes] In the summer of 1948 there occurred the only county wide homecoming in the history of Canada. In the few minutes at my disposal l would like to present to you a few of my memories of Bruce County. Early settlement. Saugeen River. Fisheries. Shipwrecks. Erie Belle. Azov. Asia. Explorer. Interesting people. Dr. Garnier of Lucknow. Dr. Secord of Kincardine. Steve Bradley of Stokes Bay, made Spring Creek moonshine / still. Wild man of Oliphant. Passenger Pigeons. Harts Tongue Fern and orchids. Crime: Campbell boys east of Hanover; Campbell gang. Hairy man thought found in Port Elgin, convinced the crowd it wasn t him; let Hairy Man go; went on to further crime Populations in Bruce and Grey Counties. Statistics in 1963, of individual towns Bruce Peninsula National Park. Viewed positively Bruce County has 180 miles shoreline, 47 inland lakes. County assessor s report. Cottages, tourist properties, farms (some tobacco farms), church, school, crown, provincial, cemetery and municipal properties. Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 5 123 19xx Bruce is now divided into two inspectorates. Two public school inspectors in Bruce County. [about 1959] xx Tourism is big business in Bruce. Attractions. Douglas Point opened last year Grey-Bruce in Duncan McCallum, U.F.O. member, M.P.P. Election contest with Malcolm Alexander McCallum, won South Bruce Protect Bruce Peninsula for future. [editorial] Parks, wilderness areas Classed a refugee area, Bruce Cty. to accommodate 350,000. Refugees in nuclear war to flock to Bruce County Agriculture statistics of interest to Bruce stats. Rainfall, snowfall, temperatures, acreage of farmland, grains planted and their prices. In Bruce County History of the Bruce started millions of years ago, results of time interesting. Fishing. Bird watching. Plants. Ferns. Orchids. Ideal for naturalists. [Duplicates part of 137] History of the Bruce started millions of years ago, results of time interesting. Reprint from Federation of Ontario Naturalists. Geology. Early people. Thriving lumber towns. Agriculture. Commercial and sport fishing. Birds. Plants. Ferns. Orchids. Lady slippers. 139 Ms., 1 p. Aug 25/58. Alt Carver & Sam Craigie. [short notes] Guardian. Harrison. Kearsage. Turt Cape. Perry Holiday in the Bruce. Tourism. Summer holiday on a farm. Chores. Threshing machine; threshing crew. A boiler on the beach Bruce population now on the upswing. Statistics from 1881, 1951, Size of farms. Urban land. Farm families. Languages. 145 Ms., 2 pp. [transcription] Origin of name of Bruce County from book Nothing but names by Herbert Fairbairn Gardiner of Hamilton, Ont., Townships organized in James Bruce, eighth Earl of Elgin and 12 th earl of Kincardine, second son of Lord Elgin who took the Elgin Marbles Bruce old boys flourish in B.C.. George R. Stringer. Walter Hamilton. Meet yearly in Stanley Park. 149 Ms., 1 p. Cheese factories Bruce County. Events at nine cheese factories, 1895 to Elderslie. Williscroft. Malcolm. Brant Butter and Cheese. Cantire Cheese. Dunkeld butter factory. Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 6 151 Ms., 4 pp. [transcription] Bruce County, 1880, from Bruce County Directory, This county is bounded on the north by Ends: population in 1879 was about 58, Ms., 1 p. Polish patriot first white man to explore Saugeen. Polish- Canadians gathered in Toronto recently to do honor to Colonel Sir Casimir Gzowski fortieth anniversary of his death Explored Saugeen River. Jaems Webster. Thomas Young. 157 to 167 Ms., 11 pp. Pioneer Fences: An outline of rail fences, Grey and Bruce Counties, Ontario, by Fritz Knechtel, Hanover, Ont. As the pioneers struggled here in the Queen s Bush fences had more urgent reasons Need for fences. Scarcity of information. Reference books on fences lacking. Newspaper articles have in the main been a great deal more helpful in preparing this outline. Written record on pioneer fences. Sketches, photographs. Modelling fences. Materials used. Logs. Poles. Stumps. Models Tiverton log-type fence. Brush. Stone. Slab. Wire. Spikes, nails. Live fences. Split rail; method of splitting. Axe. Maul. Wedge. Commonly used fence terms. Building a family or community affair. Charring stakes. Corners. Gates. Wartman fence. [165] Poem, The Old Rail Fence. Advantages and disadvantages of rail fences. Reasons for disappearance. 169 Ms., 11 pp. [Timeline / Chronology] [untitled; focusses on Owen Sound] Pages start: 13,000 B.C , Rankin surveyed St. Vincent and Collingwood townships. 1834, First record of white women coming into our two counties; they were the wives of Capt. Workman and Squire Corley : Colpoy s Bay reservation surrendered to the whites. 1862: Port Bruce and Malta destroyed by fire. 1869: lookout for Fenian raids. 1882: Inverhuron destroyed by fire. 1883: treaty of Oct th surrendered the Fishing Islands and islands near Cape Hurd. 1885: Surrender of islands in mouth of Colpoy s Bay. 181 Ms., 1 p. Chesley Enterprise, Aug. 31, 1899 A visitor from Dawson City. Mr. John Currie of Dawson City, Yukon, is on a visit to his brother Donald in this village. Law and order are very good. 183 Ms., 4 pp. Dr. Bonnar and the Klondike Gold Rush Chesley Enterprise. Aug. 19, 1897, and Dec. 16, His letter from the Klondike xx Bruce Old Boys in Western Canada. Handling ice cakes in Regina. Bruce names in Valdez, Alaska. Picking fruit in the Okanagan. Poem, Bruce was my boyhood home. Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 7 Develop early Bruce trade, railway to cripple county. Principal factor in opening up Bruce now threatens to withdraw most of its services River and lake travel were earlier means of transportation. CNR plans to cancel services. Early rail travel. Canoes. Steamers. Bridges. Schools. Roads. Ethnic backgrounds xx Venerable cannon are museum pieces. Now in front of museum, were at Southampton town hall. Obtained by Col. Belcher in the 1890s. Crest of King George III. Made in England xx Old log house being furnished. Displays at Southampton museum. Guns / cannon. McKenzie log house. Flags donated to museum: German, 1945; 1867; 1907; 160 th Bruce Battalion colors. Lighthouse equipment on display. Indian teepees used in the Indian village at the Southampton Centennial xx Bruce County Museum. Its founding. List of curators and board members since History of Saugeen Peninsula. Text of address give by Roy F. Fleming at BCHS meeting, July Saugeen Peninsula is that part of Bruce and Grey Counties north of the line from Saugeen to Newash (Owen Sound). It is believed that the first white men to reach this area were Samuel de Champlain Radisson. Galinee. Lahontan. Griffon. Gother Mann. Owen. Bayfield gave us the names of Ghegheto Islands and Chantry Island. Georgian Bay he christened in honour of the reigning sovereign, King George IV. Sandford Fleming survey of Bury surveys; Bury Road; five townships laid out in 1855 and named after Bury relatives and estates. [township names] Indian treaties. Other land surrenders. Unfair treatment of Indians. Missionaries among the Indians. History of fishing; McGregor, Dunlop, Spence, Kennedy; fishermen. Navigation; wrecks Roy Fleming, Ottawa, addresses Bruce historical group. 100 at Chesley meeting. At the conclusion of his lecture Mr. Fleming presented a valuable scrapbook of maps and articles pertaining to Bruce County to the Historical Society xx Roy F. Fleming, 79, teacher and author, dies in Ottawa, Ontario. Summer home at Oliphant, wrote Oliphant and the Fishing Islands in xx Bruce Battalion held reunion. [military] 250 of the surviving 300 members of the 160 th Bruce Infantry Battalion; first reunion since Mobilization in ,260 mobilized in Walkerton in May. March to Chesley. Left in October, Halifax to England. Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 8 197 19xx Militia history of Bruce County. Paper given at BCHS meeting. Militia for county, formed Fenian scare. 32 nd Bruce Battalion Riel rebellion. 97 th Battery; 98 th Battery Find rare plants on Bruce Peninsula. Orchids. Plaintain Early railway history of Grey, Bruce, Huron in Western U. periodical. In History Nuggets, Dr. John F. Due. Building rail lines to reach Lake Huron. Up to Durham. Over Caledon mountain. Map with dates of railway line founding. No rail lines ever reached Tobermory. 205 Ms., 3 pp. [Chronology] Railway Bruce County. Rail lines at Port Elgin, Park Head, Hepworth. From 1891 to Recalls days of Chesley Brewery. Formosa Brewery founded in Chepstowe Brewery closed Freakishness of memory brings back humorous episodes of school days in village of Bruce County. Attic. Strap. Pony. Horses. 213 Ms., 6 pp. [transcription] The Bruce Peninsula An address delivered to the Hamilton Nature Club by F.G. Millar. Wiarton Echo, June 28, Ojibways treaty Royal Deed of Declaration. Land surrenders. Lord Bury; Allenford. Surveys. Settlers. Geology. Climate. Wildflowers Holidays on the Bruce Peninsula. Birds. Poison Ivy. Flowers. Plantain. Fern Dr. Sherwood Fox talks on wonders of Peninsula at Southampton Rotary. Indian history. Plant life. Can restore forests The Bruce is one of Earth s most remarkable peninsulas; first beheld by Champlain. Dr. W. Sherwood Fox article. [review of maps of Bruce Peninsula] Champlain. Various maps of the Bruce Peninsula; Sanson, etc., Bellin, Mann, Owen. Critique of maps. S. Simon; S. Jude. Galinee, Moll, Mann s map with portage The rare magic of the Bruce. Touring; fishing; lake trout gone; peace in the little fishing villages Western Canada knows of Bruce Old Boys. Cakes of ice. Okanagan. [as 187] Shot black bear near Tobermory. J.P. Johnstone, Jr Hunt fossils in Formosa area. Al Fagerstron, Ph.D. thesis Will give fossils to county museum. George Bladen. Eurypterid. Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 9 232 19xx Fish and philosophy in Bruce. By John K. Elliott, London Free Press. Holiday in the Bruce Peninsula. Fish. Animals. Lake trout gone; theory that smelt ate their food and ate young trout. Orrie Vail. Use natural lures. 233 Ms., 3 pp. Transcribed. Wide Gauge Railway Advocates Won after long fight in Bruce. From the London Free Press. 1937?. Vote held in 1869 decided keenly debated issue; people wanted rail communication and voted large bonus. By J.W. MacLeod. An item in Hansard 1937 Dispute over rail line from Toronto to Bruce, over gauge to use. [233B] Traction engine for freight to and from Kincardine; hills too steep. Bonus voted to Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway, Branch lines. Line complete to Southampton, Ms., 1 p. Poem, Here s to the Land of the rock and the pine! And the maid neath the shade of her own native bowers! From Selected Poems of William Wye Smith, St. Catharines, Photo, Early stump-lifter used in clearing land in Bruce and Grey counties removing large stones When Saugeen River was a means of transportation. History of Saugeen watershed. Records at the Dept. of Lands and Forests. Land offices at Durham and Southampton. Settlers at Hanover built rafts or scows and went down the river. 241 Ms., 3 pp. Transcribed. Bruce was described as the junior county of Canada in 1855; area still was wilderness London Free Press, November 18, By Lillian Collier Gray. Kincardine town plot, Roads: 1850 road from Durham to Kincardine; 1851 road from Elora to Saugeen. [242] 1855, John Lynch wrote about Bruce County; John Lynch had visited this spot where Southampton was laid out, before the land was surveyed small spot at the mouth of the river, where there was a dwelling occupied by Mr. Kennedy, and a number of coopers busy making fish barrels for the fall catch at the Fishing Islands. by 1855 there were 60 houses with three to four hundred inhabitants, three taverns and several shops and stores. A large steam sawmill had gone up, but had been destroyed by fire. Southampton inns crowded; Bank of Upper Canada branch; fishermen and nets, fish shipped to Cleveland. Two miles upriver, an Indian village of 50 or 60 houses. [245] Speculators rampant; false settlers. End of Mr. Lynch s account years ago in Bruce. By Lillian Collier Gray in the London Free Press. In the year 1855 Mr. John Lynch spoke of Huron Township as being. Descriptions of the following areas: Kincardine Township. Port Bruce. Saugeen Township. Carrick, Brant. Elderslie, Arran, Tara. Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre 10 Culross, Kinloss, Gree
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