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CUSTOMER: REFERENCE: 8666 Washer-Disinfector PRODUCT SPECIFICATION PRODUCT The Getinge 8666 is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled mechanical washer-disinfector. It effectively cleans, thermally
CUSTOMER: REFERENCE: 8666 Washer-Disinfector PRODUCT SPECIFICATION PRODUCT The Getinge 8666 is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled mechanical washer-disinfector. It effectively cleans, thermally disinfects and dries, moisture and temperature stable utensils, surgical instruments, anesthesia materials, and glassware prior to any necessary sterilization. Cycle times of less than 30 minutes may be achieved with optimum customer utilities. The unit is designed to process up to 8 typical US trays (20-1/2 L x 10-1/2 W x 3-1/2 H) or 10 DIN trays (19 L x 10 W x 2 H). Processing cycles are pre-programmed with recommended treatment parameters for pre-washing, cleaning, rinsing, thermal disinfection, optional lubrication and drying. All models feature vertical sliding power operated door(s) that move down to open and up to close. Automatic loading, automatic unloading and rack return modules are options for enhancing unit productivity. A fully automated Air Glide Shuttle automation system is also available. APPLICATION For use in healthcare facilities and laboratories where reusable items such as instruments (rigid and tubular), utensils, anesthesia sets, and glassware are handled for cleaning and decontamination purposes. The Getinge 8666 is available as a freestanding or recessed; single or double door model for pass-through operation. Thermal disinfection parameters: exposure of materials to minimum 194 F (90 C) moist heat for one minute, and up to 198 F (92 C) for fifteen minutes. This product is not a substitute for sterilization. Critical items, such as invasive surgical instruments, must be further processed by terminal sterilization before use in any procedure. DIMENSIONS Exterior: 44 W x 73-3/4 H x 36 D (1118 x 1870 x 914 mm) Wash Chamber: 26 W x 26 H x 28 D (660 x 660 x 720 mm) EQUIPMENT SELECTIONS Models and Installation Single-Door Model Freestanding w/base Trim Plates Recessed One Wall w/base Trim Plates Double-Door Model Recessed One Wall w/base Trim Plates Double-Door Model prepared for Automation Recessed One Wall w/base Trim Plates EQUIPMENT OPTIONS Heating Source Steam Coil Sump Heater Electric Coil Sump Heater Special Rinse Optional Low Pressure Booster Pump Special Final Rinse Tank Electric Heated Final Rinse Booster Tank (Note: Increases total circuit amps) Water Supply Connections (HW, CW and RO water) Standard Bottom-Mounted Connections Optional Top-Mounted Connections Cycle Printer Cycle Printer Mounted on Load Side Only Cycle Printer Mounted on Clean Side Only Chemical Dosing Pumps Standard w/ 3 Dosing Pumps Add Optional 4th Dosing Pump Dosing Flow Meters Flow Control for 3 Dosing Pumps Flow Control for 4 Dosing Pumps Steam Coil Condensate Condensate Returned to Steam Boiler Condensate Cooling Kit for Drain Discharge Pass-Thru Opening Trim Strips Trim 1-Side of Barrier Wall Only Trim Both Sides of Barrier Wall Earthquake Zone Seismic Anchorage Kit No Seismic Anchors Required ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Steam Heated Washer, With Drying 208V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 30A 240V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 30A With Electric Heated Final Rinse Booster Tank 208V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 40A 240V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 30A Electric Heated Washer, With Drying 208V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 60A 240V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 60A With Electric Heated Final Rinse Booster Tank 208V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 70A 240V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 60A SELECTED ACCESSORIES Manual Transfer/Load Trolley for All Wash Carts Stationary Hold/Transfer Table 5-Level Wash Cart with Removable Shelves and Spray Arms 4-Level Wash Cart with Removable Shelves and Spray Arms 3-Level Wash Cart with Removable Shelves and Spray Arms 2-Level Wash Cart with Removable Shelves and Spray Arms Rigid MIS Insert Rack for 4-Level Wash Cart Rigid MIS Wash Cart with Removable Shelves & Spray Arm Automated Wash Cart Loading Station Automated Wash Cart Unloading Station (See Accessories Brochure for details on other available material handling and processing accessories not listed above, including glassware.) QUALITY STATEMENT Confidence in the Getinge Group is the most important quality criterion. This must be the hallmark of all our external and internal commitments, activities and products. Products and services supplied by Getinge must conform to the agreed terms and expectations to ensure recom mendations for further business. The achievement of these quality goals is the basis for a continued competitive and successful enterprise. STANDARDS AND CODES ETL Listed: Conforms to: UL 61010A-1: 2002 and IEC : 2000 Certified to: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No : 1992 EN ISO and EN ISO Seismic Anchorage per CBC: 2007 All exterior panels are 304 stainless steel construction, with a #4 polished finish. Thermal and noise insulated construction of the cabinet minimizes heat loss, while operating at a very quiet dba. The wash chamber is constructed of quality, low carbon, 16 gauge, 316L stainless steel for increased resistance to the corrosive effect of water, contaminated materials and treatment chemicals. Removable debris screen, water manifolds, spray arms and all recirculation piping are type 316L stainless steel. 2.3 horsepower wash pump recirculates solutions to the rotary spray arms or direct injection nozzles at a rate of 185 gallons per minute (700 liters/minute). This high-volume, low-pressure modality produces effective cleaning mechanics, without the need for a separate gentle cycle. Easy to clean rotary spray arms with removable tip on the top and bottom of the chamber as well as in between each level of the wash cart allow wash water to reach all surfaces that need to be cleaned. Multiple level wash carts maximize chamber utilization for dedicated loads or mixed loads. The 5-level wash cart can accommodate 10 DIN trays (19 L x 10 W x 2 H). The 4-level wash cart will accommodate 8 typical US trays (20-1/2 L x 10-1/2 W x 3-1/2 H) or 8 DIN trays (19 L x 10 W x 2 H). Wash carts automatically dock to water distribution system for effective cleaning and user ease. Wash water is heated in the sump by a closed steam coil or by two electric elements. The capacity of the sump is 8.72 gallons (33 liters). All solutions heated over 140 F (60 C) are automatically cooled with cold water prior to discharge into the building waste system. Three (3) peristaltic pumps are provided standard to automatically inject programmed amounts of chemical additive directly into the sump during processing. Typical chemicals are enzymes for pre-washing, detergent for cleaning and lubricant for hinged instruments delivered in the final rinse. Delivery system includes detergent wands and level sensors. Detergent compartment will accommodate three 1-gallon containers. When low chemical is detected, an alarm message is displayed to the operator and the controller will not allow the next cycle to start until the chemical is re-filled or replaced. Integral drying package features two high-velocity brushless fans, a heat exchanger, PTC electric heaters and a HEPA filter. Nonrecirculated, HEPA filtered drying air reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The unique heat exchanger pre-heats the drying air and also serves as a condenser for the outgoing air. This energy-saving process means shorter drying times and reduced energy consumption. Drying time is adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes. STANDARD DESIGN FEATURES Stainless steel vertical sliding door(s) features a large tempered glass window. Standard light in the chamber allows operators to view chamber contents with door closed. All surfaces remain cool to touch during a cycle. Vertical door(s) slides down to open, eliminating the hazard of a falling counterbalanced door. Power operated doors can be specified as either single door or double door for pass-through operations. Controls automatically halt movement of doors if an obstacle is encountered when closing. Double-door units feature door interlock control to provide an effective barrier against cross-contamination. The opening of doors is sequenced by the controller to prevent both from being opened simultaneously. Both doors are locked during a cycle and remain locked in the event of a power loss. Page 2 of 16 OPTIONIAL DESIGN FEATURES Two-Door Pass-thru Model for Automation Double door units can be specified for automation. Automation can include a combination of automatic loading, automatic rack identification/ cycle selection, automatic cycle start, and/or automatic unloading. Specify manual load/auto unload or both automated load and unload. When specified, the unit comes equipped with controls, plus air and communications cable to be connected to a load module, unload module, or both. When specified, the load and unload stations can be ordered and installed at a later date. Order load and unload modules separately. Alternatively a full automation solution is available for multiple unit installations; Air Glide Shuttle Automation System. Refer to the Air Glide Shuttle Automation System section for more details. Heated Final Rinse Booster Tank Stainless steel tank with an integral electric heat exchanger allows the heating of final rinse/ disinfection water before it enters the chamber to minimize cycle time. Booster tank is mounted in the drying cabinet above the chamber and does not increase the size of the standard machine cabinet. Booster tank is self-disinfecting due to elevated temperature of water. Integral Printer The unit can be ordered with an integral printer which is mounted above the control panel, to provide hard copy record of cycle. The customer must specify the mounting location for the printer; either on the soil-load side or clean-unload side. Top Utility Connections The Getinge 8666 can be specified with top panel connections for building cold water, hot water and purified water when these utilities are in the ceiling. Standard supply system provides bottom mounted valves for connection of either floor based or ceiling based utilities. Both connection systems fill the chamber sump through the side of the chamber, providing an air gap of 11-inches. Backflow preventors are not required. Dosing Flow Meters Chemical dose flow is monitored to assure accurate dosing for optimum cycle performance. CYCLE CONTROLS The Getinge PACS300 system provides operators with advanced control of key processing functions. Six processing cycles have been preprogrammed and are selected directly from the operator interface panel as keys P1 through P6. Up to 11 program cycles can be stored in unit memory. All cycle parameters are password protected. Once the password has been entered, the process times and solution temperature can be adjusted to meet specific needs. The volume of chemical injected for the enzyme treatment, detergent wash and instrument lubricant are also adjustable. The PACS300 monitors the entire cycle during progression and can display active data such as current phase, chamber temperature and remaining time. When equipped with a printer option, the printout will include the machine ID, the date, the program selected, all program set points, plus cycle performance of each phase, including independent temperature, start time and end time. The PACS300 control panel will also display operator messages such as LOW LEVEL DETERGENT 1 and diagnostic messages known as fault codes. Fault codes indicate a serious condition that may require the attention of an authorized service technician. Page 3 of 16 CYCLE DESCRIPTION Advisory Note: Getinge 8668 Washer/Disinfectors perform a critical cleaning and microbial reduction step in the processing of soiled reusable medical devices. Medical devices that will be used in sterile areas of the human body or will be contacting compromised tissues, must be terminally sterilized before each subsequent use in a human patient. Once the treatment cycle has been started, it will automatically progress through the applicable program phases. Pre-Wash Phase Building supplied cold water fills the sump. The water is recirculated to hydrate dried soils for the programmed time period. Upon completion of treatment, the solution is pumped to drain. Enzyme Wash Phase Building supplied hot and/or cold water fills the sump and is recirculated over the load for for the programmed time period. A predetermined amount of enzymatic detergent is automatically added to the sump as the solution is recirculated and heated to the programmed wash temperature. Wash temperature and time are adjustable to meet specific needs. Upon completion of timed phase, the solution is pumped to drain. Enzyme wash phase is an optional treatment that is included based on the pre-established program configuration. Detergent Wash Phases Building supplied hot and/or cold water fills the sump and is recirculated over the load for the programmed time period. A predetermined amount of detergent is automatically added to the sump as the solution is recirculated and maintained at the programed wash temperature. Wash temperature and time are adjustable to meet specific needs. Upon completion of timed phase, the solution is pumped to drain. Cold water is automatically added to the discharge solution to reduce the effluent temperature to 140 F (60 C) or lower. Up to two detergent wash phases can be included for cleaning with various detergent strategies (alkaline/ acid, etc...). Rinse Phase(s) Building supplied hot or purified water fills the sump and is recirculated over the load for the programmed time period to dilute and remove wash residues. Rinse time is adjustable from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Upon completion of time the solution is pumped to drain. Up to 2 rinse phases can be included for assuring minimum residual detergents remain on the load. Thermal Disinfection/Final Rinse Phase Purified or hot water fills the sump from the final rinse booster tank or directly from a high quality water supply system such as RO or DI. Water is recirculated over the load as the heating coil increases the water temperature. to the desired disinfection temperature setting. Once the disinfection temperature is achieved, the temperature will be maintained for the predetermined exposure time. Exposure temperature is adjustable from 194 F to 198 F (90 C to 92 C) with adjustable exposure time of 1 to 15 minutes. LOAD HANDLING ACCESSORIES Transfer Trolleys Wheeled transfer trolleys are used to move the wash carts and racks within the decontamination and prep/pack a r e a s t o perform loading a n d u n l o a d i n g o f t h e w a s h e r - d i s i n f e c t o r. The transport trolleys feature angled handles and swivel casters on all wheels to ensure proper ergonomics and ease of motion for varying user heights. Hold/Transfer Table Stationary stainless steel table holds one (1) wash cart. Slots in runners hold wheels of wash cart to prevent cart from moving until ready. Table can be positioned in front of load and/or unload door to be used as a work table for manual operations such as: hold wash cart for loading and unloading operations, without exchanging the wash cart; transfer wash cart from mobile trolley to await loading in manual pass-through operations; withdraw wash cart on the unload side to hold for dispatch using a transfer trolley. The table can also be used as a pass-through window accessory, in one or more end-to-end units. WARRANTY* Getinge warrants that each washer-disinfector is carefully tested, in spected and leaves the factory in proper working condition, free from visible defects. Washers are warranted for one year from the start of the warranty, including parts and labor (excluding expendable parts). *Applies only to Domestic U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canadian shipments. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE A nationwide network of factory trained service representatives can provide periodic inspection and adjustments to assure optimum unit performance. Contact your Getinge sales representative to obtain information regarding the various service options available. HEPA-Filtered Non-Recirculated Drying Fresh air is pulled through a heat exchanger by brushless fan motors, forced through a HEPA filter and across the PTC electric heaters before being circulated over the load. Heated chamber air exits the machine through the heat exchanger, which helps warm the incoming cold air, improving efficiency of the dryer. Dryer time is adjustable from 1 to 60 minutes. Page 4 of 16 WASH CARTS Multiple Level Wash Carts Standard wash carts are available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels of removable shelves. Each shelf will hold 2 typical US trays (20-1/2 L x 10-1/2 W x 3-1/2 H) or 2 DIN trays (19 L x 10 W x 2 H). Unique intermediate shelves and spray arms are removable to increase available load height when required. Each wash cart is mounted on wheels for easy movement in and out of the chamber, and for overall loading, unloading and transfer of equipment. Tubular Instrument Wash Racks Various accessories, racks, and carts are available to accommodate a wide range of tubularcannula instruments such as trocars, suction tips, syringes, needles, rigid endoscopes and catheters, in combination with standard instrument trays. Cleaning and rinsing solutions circulate through individual injectors to thoroughly clean and disinfect all channels within the instruments. Rotary spray arms provide external cleaning. Available in configurations designed for cleaning up to 45 tubular instruments. Injector Bar Unique cassette plugs into the Tubular Instrument Wash Rack and provides injection ports for eight (8) Laparoscopic Devices. Cleaning solutions are forced through tubing to clean and disinfect instruments. Anesthesia/Respiratory Wash Cart Unique wash cart for processing temperature stable anesthesia hoses, masks, bellows, tubing and breathing bags. Accepts 8-12 AN sets with a maximum of 24 hoses. Cleaning solutions and drying air is forced into all items. Page 5 of 16 AUTOMATED LOAD AND UNLOAD STATIONS The 8666 can be specified for automation and be equipped with either a loading station, an unloading station or with both. The load station automatically queues up to 2 wash carts, loads the wash chamber, closes the door, selects the wash cycle based on preset wash cart magnets, and starts the wash cycle. Meanwhile, the load station will automatically advance the second wash cart up to the door, leaving room for another wash cart to be placed on front of the load station. The unloader will automatically pick and remove the wash cart from the chamber and sequence it to the end of the station for dispatch by clean room staff. This form of automation allows up to three consecutive loads to be processed without operator attention, freeing minutes for other tasks. NOTE: 60 PSI compressed air is required to operate loader and unloader. Page 6 of 16 8666 AIR GLIDE SHUTTLE AUTOMATION SYSTEM The AGS System is a single-point automated loading and unloading system designed to improve throughput of multiple washerdisinfectors in a single barrier wall without compromising valuable floor space or limiting access. It also minimizes handling or lifting to improve workflow ergonomics.. The AGS System is offered as a full-automation alternative to multiple loading and unloading stations or wrap-around roller conveyor systems. Systems are available for up to 7 washers including optional empty bays for future expansion. Load station and unload station conveyors can accommodate up to 4 wash carts simultaneously. The automated wash cart return conveyor provides automated transfer and storage of up to 11 empty wash carts from the clean to dirty side of the department with an integrated pass-thru window. Operator places soiled loads on the automated loading station and the system does all the work. Loads queue to the shuttle, which automatically delivers the wash cart to the next available washer and inserts the load into the chamber. The processing cycle is automatically selected and the door is closed. The shuttle returns to the loading station for the next load. Once a cycle is complete, the door on the clean side is automatically ope
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