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     A340  AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MANUAL TEMPORARY REVISION N°52-013   52-32-15  Page 1 of 4 PAL Oct 03/13 Based on the Jul 01/13 revision FILING INSTRUCTIONS AirN@v / Maintenance User: Insert this Temporary Revision in AirN@v / Maintenance via the ADOC N@vigator administration menu. SGML User: Insert this Temporary Revision via your SGML management tool at the Task or Page Block level. IMPORTANT Do not remove this Temporary Revision unless you are told to do so by : (1) The Highlights of a Normal Revision or (2) A new Temporary Revision which replaces this one. SUBJECT PROTECTION – DOOR - REPAIRS TASK   52-32-15   340   80100 REVISED   REASON The purpose of this TR is to revise the instruction ‘If necessary, install the rivets’ to ‘You must install the rivets’ in the AMM task 52-32-15-340-801-A. INCORPORATION The data contained in this Temporary Revision will be incorporated in the next revision of the AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MANUAL     A340  AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MANUAL TEMPORARY REVISION N°52-013   52-32-15  Page 2 of 4 PAL Oct 03/13 **ON A/C ALL  PROTECTION - DOOR – REPAIRS This Temporary Revision shall be used in conjunction with the current AMM task 52-32-15-340-801. In the above mentioned AMM task, the step to ‘If necessary, install the rivets’ is incorrect. Therefore, the AMM subtask 52-32-15-340-051-A has been amended as follows: Subtask 52-32-15-340-051-A B. Wet Lay-up Repair of the Door Lining (1) Remove and discard the applicable insulation mat from the damaged lining. NOTE : If the effected area of the insulation mat is small, a sufficient cut-out in the mat is permitted. (2) Prepare the repair area: (Ref. Fig. 805/TASK 52-32-15-991-006-A) (a) Use CLOTH-EMERY (GRADE 240) to remove the paint from the lining   and make the repair area smooth and deburred without damage to the glass ply. (b) For a crack repair, make sure that you remove all loose glass fibers in the crack. (c) Carefully remove ply from the back of the lining to a minimum of 15 mm (0.59 in.) larger than the damaged area. (d) Use a clean Miscellaneous (Material No. 14SBA1) with Cleaners (Material No. 08BBD1) to clean the repair area. (e) Let the repair area dry for a minimum of 15 minutes. (3) Do the wet lay-up repair as follows: (Ref. Fig. 806/TASK 52-32-15- 991-007-A) (a) Cut each laminate repair patch (CML 05-512) to the applicable dimensions: 1 The smallest repair patch must be 35 mm (1.38 in.) larger than the damaged area in all directions. NOTE : It can be necessary to have a larger dimension than 35 mm (1.38 in.) to install the rivets (dimension B + 10 mm (0.39 in.) + 10 mm (0.39 in.)>). 2 Apply a radius of approximately 10 mm (0.39 in.) at each corner of the repair patch.     A340  AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MANUAL TEMPORARY REVISION N°52-013   52-32-15  Page 3 of 4 PAL Oct 03/13 NOTE : A radius is not necessary for the corner of a repair patch located at the edge of the door lining. 3 If the damaged area is near to a fastener hole (less than 60 mm (2.36 in.)), the repair patch must be applied on top of the hole with a minimum overlap of 25 mm (0.98 in.) (b) Use Composite Repairs (Material No. 13EBK1) to fill the crack/hole and make a wet lay-up for the repair patches. NOTE : The work life of the resin is approximately 25 minutes at 23 deg.C (73.40 deg.F). (c) Apply the repair patches to the repair area on the front and back sides of the lining. (d) Apply vacuum bags with release film, peel ply and brather. Let   the resin cure for 2.5 hours at 66 deg.C (150.80 deg.F) with a vacuum pressure of DELTA 0.6 bar (8.70 psi). (e) Remove the brather, peel ply and vacuum bags. (f) Use CLOTH - ABRASIVE (GRADE 120-180) to carefully smooth and deburr the repair area without damage to the glass ply. (4) You must install the rivets as follows (use only blind steel rivets): NOTE : A minimum of three rivets must be used for each repair patch. (a) Before you drill the rivet holes: 1 Do a check to make sure that there is enough clearance after installation of the lining so that the rivet heads do not touch the door structure. The clearance between a rivet and the door structure must be a minimum of 6.4 mm (0.25 in.). 2 Do not drill rivet holes in areas with a contour radius of less than 100 mm (3.94 in.). (b) From the front side of the lining: - Use a 3.3 mm (0.128 in.) drill to drill regularly spaced rivet holes around the edge of the patch through the patch/lining/patch assembly. (c) Make sure that the distance from the center of the rivet holes to the edge of the largest repair patch (front side of lining) is not less than approximately 33 mm (1.30 in.). (d) The distance between the holes must be between 33 mm (1.30 in.) and 40 mm (1.57 in.) to equal an even number of holes. (e) Remove all loose particles and dust caused by the drill. (f) Use a clean Miscellaneous (Material No. 14SBA1) with Cleaners (Material No. 08BBD1) to clean the holes.     A340  AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MANUAL TEMPORARY REVISION N°52-013   52-32-15  Page 4 of 4 PAL Oct 03/13 (g) Use a GUN - FASTENER to install each blind steel rivet (NAS 1919 C 04) from the front of the lining. For each rivet, install a steel washer ASNA 0113-32 on each side of the lining. (5) Complete the repair: (a) Use Paints and Coatings (Material No. 04BAM6) and Paints and Coatings (Material No. 04JMD9) to repair the surface protection at the repair area on each side of the lining (to include the rivet heads and the washers if used). NOTE : It is not necessary to use the pore filler, but the surface protection of the lining will not be as good. (b) If necessary, use Adhesives (Material No. 05WBA1) to repair/replace the VELCRO hook/loop tape on the lining/door structure. (c) Make sure you do not mix: - New VELCRO hook tape (ABS1133C020) with old VELCRO loop tape - New VELCRO loop tape (ABS1133D020) with old VELCRO hook tape. (6) Install the applicable insulation mat on the repaired lining. If necessary, make cut-outs in the mat for the rivet heads. (7) Weight the insulation mat (for example, with sandbags) for 24 hours at room temperature before you install the door lining. This is to make sure the mat is tightly attached to the door lining.
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