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30 MCQ Frenzel Chap14 Antenna and Wave Propagation
  Lorenzo, Chholin H.201212351ECEN198 1. In reflection of radio wave, velocit of the incident ra i! to velocit of reflected ra.a. e#$alc. inver!el %ro%ortional &. not e#$ald. 'reater 2. (he a&!or%tion of radio wave i! when there i! fo', rain, !now or when h$)idit increa!e!. a. increa!ed 'reatlc. not affected &. decrea!ed 'reatld. red$ced3. In refraction of radio wave, velocit of the incident ra i! to velocit of reflected ra.a. e#$alc. inver!el %ro%ortional &. not e#$ald. 'reater *. (he direction of travellin' radio wave i! to the wavefront.a. %arallelc. the !a)e &. %er%endic$lar d. o%%o!ite5. (he 'ro$nd wave !i'nal !ho$ld &e for it to %ro%a'ate alon' earth+! 'ro$nd.a. horizontall %olarizedc. $n%olarized &. verticall %olarizedd. none of the choice!. (o )a-i)ize the !i% di!tance, it i! de!ira&le to $!e the fre#$enc and the an'le %o!!i&le.a. hi'he!t, !)alle!tc. lowe!t, !)alle!t &. hi'he!t, &i''e!td. lowe!t, &i''e!t/. (he %ro%a'ation )ethod &eco)e! co)%$l!or when fre#$enc 'enerall e-ceed! 30 Hz and  &eond $% to 300Hz.a. 'ro$nd wave!c. ! wave! &. !$rface wave!d. !%ace wave!8. o)e antenna! %rod$ce thi! ind of %olarization, in which the electric and )a'neticfield! rotate a! the leave the antenna.a. verticalc. circ$lar  &. horizontald. directional  9. (he !ha%e of the electro)a'netic ener' radiated fro) or received & that antenna.a. radiation %atternc. %olarization &. directivitd. 'ain10. n antenna )ade $% of a driven ele)ent and one or )ore %ara!itic ele)ent!.a. di!conec. )ono%ole &. 4a'i6dad. di%ole11. (he &endin' of a wave d$e to the %h!ical )ae$% of the )edi$) thro$'h which the wave %a!!e!.a. reflectionc. diffraction &. refractiond. di!%er!ion12. (he &o$ncin' of a wave d$e to the %h!ical )ae$% of the )edi$) thro$'h which the wave %a!!e!.a. reflectionc. diffraction &. refractiond. di!%er!ion13. (he ratio of !%eed of li'ht in vac$$) to that of the !%eed of li'ht in the )edi$).a. 7c. E &. inde- of refractiond. frontto&ac ratio1*.  t%e of radio wave %ro%a'ation that follow! the c$rvat$re of the earth.a. 'ro$nd wave!c. &oth a and & &. !$rface wave!d. neither a nor &15.  t%e of radio wave %ro%a'ation in which !i'nal! are radiated & the antenna into the $%%er at)o!%here, where the are &ent &ac to earth.a. 'ro$nd wave!c. ! wave! &. !$rface wave!d. !%ace wave!1. (he laer of the iono!%here which i! the farthe!t fro) the !$n and lea!t ionized.a. :c. ;2 &. Ed. ;11/.  &roadca!t !i'nal! are %ro%a'ated %ri)aril & wave! d$rin' the da and & wave! at ni'ht.a. !< 'ro$ndc. !< !%ace &. !$rface< !d. 'ro$nd< !18.  t%e of radio wave %ro%a'ation where a direct wave travel! in a !trai'ht line directl fro) the tran!)ittin' antenna to the receivin' antenna.  a. 'ro$nd wave!c. ! wave! &. !$rface wave!d. !%ace wave!19. (hi! ha%%en! ver often in hi'hfre#$enc !wave %ro%a'ation and in )icrowave !%acewave  %ro%a'ation.a. interferencec. reflection &. a&!or%tiond. fadin'20. (he hi'he!t fre#$enc that will &e ret$rned & the iono!%here at a 'iven %oint.a. H;c. L; &. 6;d. =H;21. (he radiation when )ore !$rface area of the wire i! e-%o!ed to the at)o!%here.a. i! enhancedc. i! decrea!ed &. re)ain! the !a)ed. i! zero22. (he %rod$ct of antenna in%$t %ower and antenna 'ain.a. 7 c. E &. inde- of refractiond. frontto&ac ratio23. (he antenna re!i!tance co)%onent>!?a. radiation re!i!tancec. &oth a and & &. oh)ic re!i!tanced. neither a nor &2*.  %ro%ert of antenna that refer! to the orientation of )a'netic and electric field! with re!%ect to earth. a. :irectivitc. adiation %attern &. olarizationd. ain25.  t%e of antenna with two %iece! of wire, rod, or t$&in' that are one#$arter wavelen'th lon' at the o%eratin' re!onant fre#$enc.a. ono%olec. Lo'%eriodic &. Hertziand. arconi2. adiation %attern of a )ono%ole antenna.a. @idirectional c. A)nidirectional &. 6nidirectionald. ;i'$re ei'ht2/. (he act$al %ower 'oin' to the antenna )$lti%lied & it! 'ain with re!%ect to an i!otro%ic radiator.a. EIc. ower    &. Ed. ain28. (he ratio of the )a-i)$) to the avera'e radiation inten!it for an antenna.a. :irectivitc. ain &. olarizationd. 7 29.  device that radiate or receive electro)a'netic radiation at radio fre#$enc.a. (ran!)i!!ion Linec. (ran!ceiver  &. A:E d. ntenna30. (he re'ion directl aro$nd the antenna where the electric and )a'netic field! are di!tinct.a. adiation %atternc. ;arfield re'ion &. Nearfield re'iond. inor lo&e
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