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26-26 Sears Kenmore Direct Drive Washer
  1-\ sr ,rasoxs DCATS rl TECHNICAL FLASH T.F.lt26-26July 18, 1985 Depa,rtment 731A Tbronto DIVISION 26 SOURCE l10DIRECT DRIVE I.IASHING '{ACHINEDue to the number of caLls I have recelved from the field ln regards to theDirect Drive Washlng Machines that customers are brlnglng in fron the UnitedStates' I feel that lt ls appropriate at this tlme to lssue the followlnginformation to the ServLce Departrnents. divirion 26 direct dtive ruothing nochine DEPARTMENT 3IA .LARRY SIDES r.F.{126-26 DEPARTMENT 31A - ERIC BRUGIER  T.F. #26-25 i CONTENTS PAGE1 INSTALLATION4 CABINET REMOVAL 6 BASKET EMovAL7 TUB REMOVAL 8 susPENsroN 9 DRIVE UBE AND BRAKE ASS'Y1 1 MOTOR12 GEARCASE18 PUMP19 MOTOR CIRCUIT23 PUMP24 GEARcASE EMoVAL27 BEARINGS ND sEALs31 SCHEMATIc  ;tF$! ffif ..ffi,.yil:rHrfi,,, . OTCIIJTCTI M€R HAfTa t{tw ntaR ttF IvtUt{G MfCHAiIISMa liltw GtARcAsia iltw ctuTcN. i/fW BNAXT. IltW WATTR UMPa r\itw susPtNsloil YsltMa Ntw RtMovaErf aStt{tl0tsr6N T.E #26-26 INTRODUCING HE TOTALLY NEW DIRECT DRIVE WASHING MACHINE This new 24-inch clothes washer has a newSUSPENSION YSTEM. ABINET ONSTRUCTION,GEARCASE nd DRIVE YSTEM.New features of the machine are . INSTALLATION Remove he shipping arton, ay he machine n itsback and remove he tape rom he cabinet ides ndrear leveling egs.CAUTION: The bottom pan doer not have o beremoved for instdlation. lf the panel is removedfor seruice, t murt be reinrtalled.The rear selFleveling eet are new in design andfactory nstalled. When the tape s removed he eetmove out to their activated osition. ilEW SELF-I.EVEIIIIG EAR I ntMovltiG aP[ acnvacs tEr i Trl' & pzs-s9  T.F.#26-26 5 Next, remove the two bolts that secure he shippingbraces o the cabinet at the front corners and the clipthat secures both of the braces to the gearcasebottom. I RtM0Vt SHrrPrilG 0tis At{B c$P I rt\sTAtL 8oitr ttII fftr sH0ul0 80TR00f jt!ilNc1'1 6 To remove the clip use pliers or a screwdriver tobend or pry it off. With the clip and bolts removed,the braces can be slid out of the machine withoutremoving the bottom panel.NOTE: The braces and gearcase clip should besaved in case the machine ever has to be moved to adifferent home.7 Install he front feet n the holes where the shippingbraces were attached. The feet have lock nutsassembled and should be installed with the foot padprotruding down below the base about one inch.Steel legs are used on this product because of theincreased spin speeds.Stand the machine upright. and remove he shippingblocks. The styrofoam blocks are designed to fitaround the agitator and help support it. After theshipping blocks are removed, emove the drain andfill hoses. I til ;*c[ rc Bl0c|(s 0flarn Ah0 flit HlJsts
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