26-26-ND Sears Kenmore Direct Drive Washer With Neutral Drain

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Sears Kenmore Direct Drive Washer with Neutral Drain
  r.o.+ 26-26 KenlTlorcl Direct DriveWasher with1{EUTRAI RAIl{  FOREWORD The term Neutral Drain s being used o describe a revision o the DirectDrive Washer. Direct Drive washers with Neutral Drain will pump he waterout of the tub before going nto spin, ust as the belt drive washer did.To accomplish his, changes were made n two components-the gearcaseand timer. This book covers only those changes; all other componentsperform exactly as before.  r.r.*26'26 GEARGASE To better llustrate he changes made o the gearcase, brief review of the spin section of the srcinalgearcase s included. 0riginal Gearcase The srcinal Direct Drive Washer would go into spin with a full tub of water following agitation.AGITATIONo The main drive gear which has he spin pawl mounted n it is urning n he direction ndicated ythe arrow.o The spin gear does not turn because he spin pawl cannot engage he spin gear boss. SPIN GEAR SPIN PAWL MAIN DRIVEGEARSPIN GEAR PRING SPIN1. The main drive gear and spin pawl urn in the direction hown.2. Spin pawl contacts oop of spin gear spring, which forces pawl outward.3. Pawl contacts one of three spin gear bosses.4. Pawl drives spin gear counterclockwise.5. Spin gear drives spin pinion, which has clutch attached o it. SPIN GEAR SPIN GEAR INION\ 1 SPINPAWI- SPIN GEARSPRING  r.F.#26-26 lleutral Drain Gearcase SPIN COiIPONENTS1. Revlsed Rack Retalner-provides wo locator pins, and wo abs or mounting eutral rain components.2. Revlsed Spln Pawl-pawl has a revised hape, but still functions o drive the spin gear.3. Spln Gear-has a molded button added o one of three bosses. Button required uring he Reset mode of the neutral drain mechanism.4. Spln Gear Cam-a counting device o reset he neutral rain mechanism. am s mounted o hub of spingear and replaces pin gear spring.5. Trlp Lever-engages cam teeth. The molded button of the spin gear boss contacts he trip lever o lift itoff the cam and advance t to the next cam tooth during the Reset mode of the neutral drainmechanism.6. Latch-holds neutral mechanism tationary o allow for neutral drain pump-out prior to spin. SPIN GEAR SPIN PAWL M()TOED UTTONSPIN GEAR UBTRIP EVER li I
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