26-22 Sears Kenmore C260-21501 Washer Spin Dryer

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ITII I f** ILTfi srvcsoxs DCATS TECHNICAL T.F.26-22 October 28, 1981 Department 7314 Tbronto SERVICE FLASH INFOFIMATION KENMORE WASHER SPIN DRYER i \\ -:- MODEL C260-21501 -t- T.F.26-22 SMWcts INYIAUCf,IOI{S T'IVINTIJB WA,STIER,S I,rcDELeffi zIffiL I. @{ENAL Ttris is a twin tub, spin drying washer with a one-piece polypropolene tub, and a one-piece outer shell. rt features an erectric brake on the spin rnctor autcrnatically controlled by the spin lid and a ftpinchrf valve to con
  7314 Tbronto T.F.26-22October 28, 1981 I f** ILT- Department fi srvcsoxs DCATS TECHNICAL FLASH SERVICE INFOFIMATION KENMORE MODEL C260-21501 i \\ -:- WASHER SPIN DRYER  -t- T.F.26-22SMWcts INYIAUCf,IOI{ST'IVIN TIJB WA,STIER,SI,rcDEL effi zIffiLI.@{ENALTtris is a twin tub, spin drying washer with a one-piecepolypropolene tub, and a one-piece outer shell.rt features an erectric brake on the spin rnctor autcrnaticallycontrolled by the spin lid and a ftpinchrf valve to control th;drain water frcrn the wash tub only.Servicing is made through the rear access panelor open bottcn.Capacity in wash trlc - 10 galIons.Rating - 120 volts A.C., 60 cycles, 13 amperes.This ma chine is provided wi.th a three-prong plug for groundingpuposes. The rnachine nnrst be grounded.A static ground wire is connected between the spin tub bearingand ground terminal to discharge the static off the spin can.@MATIOI{The tiner controls the wash tirne and is the on-off switch forthe machine. I{ith the tinrer control licrob in the wash area,the pulsator wilr operate, and the spinner wilr operate withthe spin lid closed. The open and close of the spin 1id isthe on-off for the spinner. with the tiner control lmob in the drain a^rea, the pulsator will not operate but the spinnerwill operate with the spin lid cLosed.with the tinrer control lsrob in the off position, neitherthe pulsator or spinner will operate.I{hen the spinner is in operation, the ptrnp is also operating.The purp control lmob opens and closes the pinch valve onthe punp to the wash tub on1y. Ttre spin tub is drained bythe pump whenever the spin rnotor is running.II.  -2- III. TIIIffi A. TestingThe tiner can be tested in the rnachine.1. Disconnect all wires frcm the tirner terminals.Refer to the wiring diagram.2. With the timer control lorob in the rrwash area,test between terminals A & B (wash nrctor circuit)and A & C (spin nntor circuit). Circuit shouldbe cmplete.3. With the timer control Imob in the drain area,test between terminals A & C, Circuit should becanplete.4. Ttre tinrer nptor can be tested with an ohm meterto the clock terminals.a. A resistance reading would indicate a goodtimer.b. A corplete circuit or no circuit wouldindicate a defective tiner rnotor.B. leplacenent1. Rernrve all wiring frcn tiner.2. Bernrve retainer frcrn control shaft and slideenntrol shaft off.3. Rernove our screws securing timer bracket toouter she1l and remove tiner and bracket.4. Renrove wo screws securing tirner bracket andskirt to timer.ry. SPINNER LID SI{ITCTIA. CreneralTtre lid srpitch is secured to the upper left hand cornerof the shelt and is operated by a rod connected to thespin lid hinge. The rod actuates the lid switch whenthe spin lid is closed. ltris stdtch also controls thecircuit for the electric brake.T.F. 26-22  -3- 1. The spin lid srpitch controls the electric brakecircuit. If the electric brake of the spin mrtordoes not operate, yet the spin rnotor runs, theprobable caLLse s due to a defective lid switch.2. The spin 1id switch should always be tested forcorrect operation rryhen a spinner nptor is over-heating.B. ReplacenentI. Open the spin lid which will nxrve the actuator rodout of the rvay.2, Rernove he three screu/s wtrich secure the switchbracket to the shell and lift out the switctr,bracket, spring and washers.3. After the new switch is installed, adjust the bracketto close the sritch when the spin Iid is approximatelyI to close.V. PT'I.SATOR I\ID. CI'SING (REIER TO FIG. 1)A. C'eneralThe hou,sing contains a bearing for the pulsator shaft anda nilcber lip seal to prevent water leakage. A water leakin the area of the pulsator will indicate a worn bearingin the hou,sing. Always replace both the housing andpulsator if the bearing is worn as then the shaft of thepulsator is also urcnx. A scored or worn pulsator shaftwill not hold a new bearing.The pulsator shaft is threaded (L.H.) on the end forinstallation in the pulley. The wa.sher between the pulleyand housing prevents end p1ay. The pulsator nn:st be snugagainst the hou,sing. E:<cessive end play will allottr clothingto tangle behind the pulsator.B. Replacerrent1. Rernove he rear access panel.2. Rernove ulsator belt.3. Grasp the pulsator and pulley and turn clocktvise torernove pu1ley.T.F. 26-22
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