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UMENT TYPE=Supplemental Statement SHORT FORM NAME=N/A SHORT FORM REGISTRATION DATE=N/A SHORT FORM STATUS=N/A SHORT FORM TERMINATION DATE=N/A FOREIGN PRINCIPAL NAME=N/A FOREIGN PRINCIPAL COUNTRY=N/A FP STATUS=N/A FP REGISTRATION DATE=N/A FP TERMINATION DATE=N/A REGISTRANT STATUS=Terminated REGISTRATION DATE=1975-04-07 REGISTRANT TERMINATION DATE=1997-04-07 DATE STAMPED=1996-04-07 The Department of Justice recognizes that some of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) documents are in some cases not in an accessible format. If you have a disability and the format of any material on the site interferes with your ability to access some information, please email the Department of Justice at fara.public@usdoj.gov. To enable us to respond in a manner that will be of most help to you, please indicate the nature of the accessibility problem, your preferred format (electronic format (ASCII, etc.), standard print, large print, etc.), key information regarding the information you are requesting. lunar Illns Hill (Hill!) Ilutul (luau-lies Splash Hm'n (,?rnn Hm: I?m luau" .'ll liu llm't- nights lu?n tliu-s Ilunugll Alnil l-l. mum RH .-\tul Ilw 'Ilmlal'intl Rutl llulltl 5- li (lav ?liw' pm'knm: $l,ll7li; 7- lmsu? in in ma. Ilun?l nn-ulunk Ilusnu'mul's (lancul Hay Harm! nu St. .Inlm. Aml Ix?uw'uruul's Sislr'l [Illiplfl?? Link: ?is: Huh-l, nu \?imin (lunla. "Wu a lin-slm l?\l II ?My cm MW at nut lnimlu (lurk llml's ?'xlmuulinmv," says l?vlr'r Shaimllin, l.iHIr I lix arm-ml "r\ll(l isa Ina ulnar; mm l; in lmilv llnnugll Ilnr nl Man ll lunar- $191) In Anom?m? 'l'hmuglmut the West Indies, you'll ?nd gr :al diva (lustinatinn' rates and pack (in Diving in Minnctonka, Minn .puls some great (live packager: at n?lsurts the islands. April 15, a ll-nigltl parzkagl?. tu l?rimm Busch (lasinn in Curacao is for divers and $42.7 fur numlivcrs. Fur more inl'nrmatinn ?all 328-5285, or will up wWw.gmliv- ingmm on World Wide Web. . liivi Rt arts (800-367-3484) showcases l'uurr Hughes Diving: rations at all its Divi'l} Beach an Cayman Brat: nllitrs all levels nl scuba insnutzliun, as wall as underwater photogra- phy survives. 'l'hmugll April 7. a standard on page 94 - . DIVE 111E CARIBBEAN ?nm page 92 singie; double is $125 1 night: :wo children 16 and under can share 3. room with Jesuits. Also uheck not the Due tit Divi Flamingo Beach Resort 8 Casino, .mti Dil?c' Sun-tit Guam .?iE Divi Bahamas Beach Resort 8 Country Club an Netx' Providence in The diurtms. \i?eau?n Hotels also utter mine in diam; tilUi IILHUHU Westin (Linux-inn Resort .ilZLi Red San] Sports Grand tii't? lxitu' .iize grail-nice: wimi?mztt; deluxe gt. inns vz?. \r-x't'n Inuit tutti - ?T-?Cli .--I- . -. itli.nirlj? \i?estin Ctiramhola Beach Resort at?. it, {not}: ink-"5 1m: tiuiit .1".in Our inf-tau: 3.19735 oupie Ln :liities an :tan'cieu' 41,0111in ILLEUUHS. :itree x?o-mnix' Ereticii tiz?ms' Anti .1 .iive. A tacizri' mm or And Lion: target Hyatt Hotels which 3.: featur- ing severai dive pack-ages this year. From June 1 to Sept. 30. Hyatt Regenq' Aruba Resort otters the Due [m0 package. which gardenview _iccomxnodanons. an) Jite-nnit dives ?1th Red Sail Spot's. .Lnd ti sunset emise. The any package is 5469 pp dbl: an Gxiajv package goes for 51.105. Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman Resort features a morn- ing rim-tank dive nit}: Red Sail Sports. one night dixe. and unlim- ited shore diung. A 4-day package stuns at 55-45 pp dbl; eight this is 51.245. The Scuba Scizooi Package for beginning and advanced divers includes .1 7-day Open Water Cumiicmon program tor $1.129; day prognrn ibt 8645: 3nd 3113?? Au'rmu'ri Due Course item 5809. Hyatt Regency St. John's Dru: Into It package otfers a gat- denview room. morning two- tank dive with Cruz Bay Waterspons (20.. and one night dive. The +day package is $619: the Bitty for 51,295. Like the Ctiymans? Thomas Jefferson. ciinets can jom Jean- .\iit:hei Cadetetiu by signing up with Aggressor Fleet ,30m 348- 2628. for dive adventures. The program. says Cousteni. "gives divers the opportunity It) become me Ambassador for the envinrmnent." Don?t miss our upcox mg story on St. Lucia tiive oppomimties. - ?1 '0 L: C) l(?stand Ca 5 3 CW Beautifully, located in the turquoise Caribbean, about 430 miles south of Miami. Grand Cay- man is :he perfect place to combine adve..tures both above water and below the water. Big sumrlses await visitors in lit- tle George Town on Grand Cayman. the or me three Cayman islancs. indulge in delightful snorkeling adtenrures :akc an exciting subma- to view under-world von- . . :nioy bargain-hunting in duty- t'ree shops. tour the unusual Cayman Turtle Farm visit sunke.. treasure museums. particzpate in exhilarating water sports. :ezax on Seven Mile Beacn and sip a refres..in: :ropicai conceczzon at a deluxe be ?tresort. 2 Cayman .slands area aarztish C. ov-n Colony? administered by a zone rnor. who is appointed by Queen uliznbeth ll. Shouid you not be a snorkcicr or diver. :he opportuni- ties are terri?c. thanks to :h crys- p. v: 011111111 1311111111 7 tailine waters and the fantastic vari- ety of gorgeous tropical ?sh. ting playtuily around coral tee IVERS REVEL in exploring ancient ship-vre cks. Which hark back :0 the 17-705 .vhen the notori ans ackbear: and other infamous pirates lurked along the secluded shores to pounce upon and pillage Spain?s ensure-laden galleons. No wonder Grand Cayman is rated as the fourth most popular diving loca- tion in the world. Shoppers are in luck. as George Town offers some lnteresring trea- sures you won't find elsewhere. Black coral is a specialty, and some of the most attracdve jewelry and figurines are featured in many shops. Savvy shoppers head for Kirk Freeport. a group of duty-free shops offering good buys in imported china and jewelry. British woolen fabrics. cosmetics. perfumes and much more. Boutiques are bright with resort fashions and ?there are T-shirts galore. Cozy little restaurants across from the waterfront are noted for such local specialties as cracked conch. conch chowder. conch frit- ters and a tempting variety of freshly- caught seafood. For gourmets. turtle Steak is considered a delica- cy. While strolling along the town's clean pretty streets. you can? . ip but notice the protu- ston or banks. indeed. George Town flourishes as an important offshore financial center. COINS and loot from sunken Spanish galleons are on dis- play at .?vchee?s Treuure Exhibi- tion. across from the landing dock. And if you want to see more. the Sunken Treasure Museum. also in George Town, not only exhibits pnceiess bounty but adds some in- depth historic displays. Most passengers prefer Seven Mile Beach. and so. De?nite- ly, this is one of the world's best beaches. Because the offshore ef keeps surf at a pleasant minimum. you can swim safely here and chil- dren can splash in the turquoise waters. Water sports centers provide rental equipment for snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing and water skiing. High above the superwide white sand beach para- sailers enjoy this thrilling sport. Just relation on Seven Mile Beach can be bli..sr'ul. Or you might want to have a drink in one of the BELVIDERE DAILY REPUBLICAN Jant'l?ary 26, 1996 Ciro: 5,000 I yman will dazzle you resort hotel beachside cafes at: gaze at the idyllic scene. One of ti' most romantic andc ually elega: resorts is the Hyat Regencv Cayman. complete with priva. marina beacn club. water spot center. :hree swimming pools. r. courts. spectacular Garden Log; _restaurant and a lack Nicklae designed golf course. .?low that ecology is of an. major interest. the Cayman Tut: Farm in West Bay, north of Mile Beach. is more popui (it. ever. Actually, the turtle :arrn on; 'nated about 25 years ago to ore: and raise turtles for ecological pt poses. as well as for commercial :e sons. From hatchlings to century-c turtles, the interesnng creatures in found happiness in the breedi: pens and ponds here. Sorry, shoppers. but toms will not allow you to bring any tortoise or turtle prcouc because this is an endanger speczes. But the souvenir shop- '1 sells turtle motif T-shirts and pr: cards. MISS ?Hearing the underwater wonderworid aboard air-conditioned, 50-foot Atlantis submarine. During this one-hour water safari. 23 lucky passengers can safe- ly view the mysterious coral reef . the splendid variety of brilliant ?sh and an amazing array of marine life. The Atlantis submerges to a depth of 150 feet for this unforgettable expe- rience for non-snorkelers especially. it's a good idea to make reserva- lions. Anorher exception is to visit Smith?s Cove. south of George Town and accessible by taxi arm. This is a secluded hideaway for basking in the sun on the sandy beach. reading a book under the shade trees. or snorkeling to admire the rainbow-colored fish. The finny creatures at Smiths Cove are excep- tionally friendly, as they anticipate their usual treat of crackers covered with Cheez Whiz. Somehow, the ?sh became hookedon this-411m: The nearby Grand Old House restaurant satis?es tourists? and locals' appetites. Grand Cayman is so delightfully casual that along with the jar of Cheez Whiz for the ?sh. all you need ashore is a swimsuit. covemp. beach shoes, sun hat, suntan lotion and sunglasses. And don't forget the camera. Debbie Daugherty and Melody Bowers own Travel Agents lnrerna- tional. .354 Drive. Brand Caymang?ers plush . mm; I By ALICE sueolcxr :staosn i on 'o The Oakland Pass 14" Considering the wide selection of posh hotel and condos. it?s ?Mrd to believe that a couple of sides ago Grand Cayman ha .le to 0 er in Today. it is a panacea for luxu- ry living, Most resorts and con- i are situated along Seven is Beach. stretching from the stle and bustle of George ?iown to the quieter northern end of the Beach. Strip malls and restaurants can be found . ser to the southern end. by Holiday Inn. Hyatt and sun Hotels. Room rates are Eugnerduring peak season. which is mid-December to mid- rn. - lyatt Hotel. which opened in 56. is a posh. low-rise. spa- British colonial-style hotel :hat :5 one of the most elegant resorts on the island. Upon :vai. guests receive a compli- ntary glass of champagne or . nge juice. Visitors may recog- nize the hotel surroundings. as :he iim ?The Firm? was ?lmed The 236 rooms, including 7 suites and 35 one- to four- lroom villas. are fully air-con- unsorted and equipped With Zuni-bar, cable TV, balcony/tar? race. iron. ironing board and dryer. 7- . - i?t?uated 0339? acres of mani~ groun . usn greene and waterfalls. the hotel FE rides three restaurants. .our inshwaten ?rimming pools,? luding one with a gazebo- -.- le swim-up her. two tennis p' warts. croquet. a health club. a' nine-bole golf course designed by .Iack Nicklaus. meeting rooms. lroom, water sports. rental es, boutiques and a beauty on. Although the hotel is located across the street from Seven Mile beach. a short 7 r-"sent pathway leads to the att?s full-service beachfront nperty. Lounge chairs, a 001, shop, dining. lunch?ht the beach, water a parasa?mg' snorkelin . sonal wa and diviig :a?'available. I. Camp Hyatt program "Mi-3? :75 o?ered for 3-torl2-year-olds. dive. counselors will supervise . a or A playhouse and ?a 2 menu area was is tm?ly forthe seaspn ro'om'rates ran from $300 to $505 per ni ht. 153'- - son rates range from ?185 to E0. depending on the week. as .3315 to $680 in low season. '0 I u-r Suite. property wi . ed closer to Geo While parents'sun'.? sivim'and a. .tainment. numb?- i and Whil?'thereis 5 isno restaurant. a continental .. range from $500 fera?on?e: bedroom to $1050 for a four-bed-' room during high season. and include tennis courts. two [narr- water pools. ?tness center. two Whirlpools. hair salon and gift and dive shop. The beachfront property offers allwater sports. including windsur?ng, parasail- ing and boating. Lunch is also served at the beach. The champi- onship 15-hole golf course is across the street from the resort. - in high season. rata range from 5275 to $425 per-night. Off- season rates range from $180 to $325 per night. Scuba diving and honeymooners packages are available. For reservations call (800) "228-3000. or call the hotel directly at ?809i 945?3800. Clarion Grand Pavilion Hotel is a luxurious Colonial-style resort with 93 rooms and four two-bedroom apartments amid a tropical setting. An elegant waterfall. pool area and ?tness center are on the grounds. Restaurants include Waterfall Cafe and the ?ve-star Ottinar's. The one-of-a-kind Royal Suite. which was home to Queen Elizabeth II durln her visit to the Cayman Isian . is the epit- ome of grace and glamour. The three-bedroom. ?ve-bathroom. full kitchen suite has a?bar and private entrance. - Some of the hotel?s special . - touches include a welcome rum _cake upon arrival. in-rooni fax machines. VCRS and heir dryers. While the hotel is not on the water. it has a private beach area for guestsacross the street. Peak season rptes range from $400 for a superior non-view. to $2500 er night for the Royal alla- feason ram arE'Osub- stanti ower. ranging" :11 5390-31500. Phonez'l8091947- 56:16. . -.. ??rst . luxuryhotels builton the island. is a 5 adults beachfront some 215 guest rooms. a pool. restaurant. recre- ational sports and a dive shop. Its live band. which features . . rock and - . mlaakneds this hotel gout ofthe'. is 's'evening tspots. 3 Treasure Island Resort. for- . merly a Ramada HoteLislomt- rge and . faces the beach. A bustling hotel. itboasts 280 rooms. twopools. a -. jacuzzi.two tennis Mall water sports: 911.91. cements . . Indioo Suites; El?) not-3n. f" uilhespe- .. ._divers since it offers dnioounted \?diving pack'agea'The mites have: breald'ast is o?'ered to guests. .3 ._Northwest has nonstop service into Grand Cayman on Satnrda ys '.?only until April 6. and ?ights - seven days a week stopping in Miami with and'without chang- in'r planes. Floral 1nd air-o?? packages are available through Apple Vacations, Travel Charter and Northwest World Vacations. Condominiums are becoming a phenomenon on Grand Cayman. For families who want to avoid the crowds at hotels and prefer privacy and extra space. a condo may be the way to go. Well- - stocked supermarkets allow vacationers to prepare some of their own meals. trip more economical. Most ot the condos in Grand Cayman are relatively new beachfront prop- erties,'equlpped With all the modern conveniences of home. such as central air conditioning, micmwave. dishwasher. satellite TV and VCR Here are Just 51:. out of the dozens of well-{pr- nished condos located on seven Mile Beach: - Plantana. located ten minutes from George Town. is Within walking distance of several restaurants. The 49 air-condi- tioned. exquisitely appointed .one- and two-bedroom units With screened porch are situated in a beautifully landsca ed setting. Rentals include dai housekeep- ing service. A pool is on the grounds. High season rates range from 5250 to $460 per night. depending on_ how many bedrooms and the VIEW. Phone: saunas. clubhouse and tennis courts are on the spacious grounds. Daily maid service. This ver?apopular com lea ?lls: . up fast. ni ht; Phone (809) 949-7599. - rand Bay Club is a three. ,15' .r . Ill" 3 . . . - {arr-4.3-, . - . (809) 94724430. .I .7 .. Villas of. the Galleop. situated next door to the Westin Hotel .. and within walking distance of many restaurants. offers 75 one-, two- and three-bedroom air-con- ditioned units with balconies or porches. The beautifully decorat- ed rooms. sandybeacn. spacious grounds and location make this a prime property. Daily maid semce. Rates range from 5290 to $535 per night in high season. Phone: (809) 941- 4-4 3 3 . "l'he Cabs. Caribe. located two miles from George Town. o?'ers- goVEl'Sleed luxury 3 artments in :a beautiful tropic units have fully equipped setting. All kitchens. air conditioning and maid service-.A freshwater pool. tennis courts and jacuzzi are on the uncle. Ragga range from $420-$560 er night for high season. Phone: (809) 947-4287. . . Lacovia, near the Hyatt Hotel. has nicely furnished air-condi- tioned one- to three-bedroom . units with balconies.A pool. a as?. 1- a ono?and two-bedroom 4* kitchens. as dweltasgstudiwwithoutcooldng :.-facilitieo. Eachiof the? units has aj tes'are $44 ?$565 per gpn?vate?screened patio, cable-TV, daily maid oer?- $200.for.a studio. story complex with one- 290 for-a one-bedroom and.? two-bedroom units at a north-. 3.;1 Saviors two-bedroom, two? ern. more-secluded art of Seven? ,bath? luxury Phone: Mile BeachAll wel -appointed 1.. condos have a spacious screened I..For_hotel andcondo reserva- porch facing the oceangA '.tions call the-gamer: Hotel?and Jacuzzi and tennis courts at .-.- the grounds. Rates are-$32G for 91800131221817}. two-bedroom inhi F-?fi? 've-e a lesson. . I'm . I?Phonetl?OQ) 947-47??p?i?e?; 4? 3 ref-hon ebontihp. land. ?lithe: Discovervaoint,? locatedat the if; De artinentol?Tourimn HBOO) . more tranquil northern end, 3 .. .. -- .. chat ofjnforina Escucbar e! tradicz?onal saludo ?,?Bz?envenidos a bordo!?, es serial de que - - en esos momentos 5 comienza una (wentura bedom?stica por excelencz?a. 1.11s preocupaciones quehaceres de la vida cotidiana quedan 111515. como bultos en el 111uelle. en su ugar. se despliegan dias placenteros para disr'rutar del mar 1: sus frescas bri? sas dc puertos eXOticos. Desde el placer de ver el amanecer en alta mar. liasta la alegria de una dis- coteca en las horas avanzadas de la marliunada siguiente.sie111pre hay actr? 1d.1des paia pasaieros de todas las edades: juegos. natacion supervisada. artes manuales competencias de ping pong iuegos electronicos para los ni?os; ejercicios aer?bicos. clases de baile. juegos de cartas. tor? neos deportivos. bingo, coCteles cenas de gala. baile de mascaras para los adultos. For 10 general tambi?n se ofrece una reunion para los pasaieros que viaian solos, hasta hay una ?esta con cham-- pagne para abuelas abuelos. Pero, sin duda, la activi- dad mas popular para todas las edades en un barco es disfrutar de las comi- das. En un crucero tipico se puede comer ocho veces si se desea: caf? panecillos a1 amanecerr; desayuno lige- ro en cubierta; desayuno completo en el comedor; almuerzo al fresco con hamburguesas ensaladas en cubierta; almuerzo completo en el comedor; t? tradicional a media tarde; cena: y, por supuesto, comida estilo buffet a la media noche. lb Canales de Venecia quai Cruise Line POR Gsoaotm CRUZ SELECCIONAXDO EL ITINERARIO Si sus clientes quieren dar un paseo por el Mediterraneo para visitar las islas griegas. puertos iegendarios como \enecia. Barcelona 1; Estambul. hacer un peregrinaie a la Tierra Santa. si pre?eren :ecorrer Ios paises escan- d1n1xos e! oarco dc :inco estrellas istaliord de .a linea 1-1: 1 ard se pasara todo eli era: 10 1 1m 1erno en el liemisfe? rio sur) parte del otono en esas aguas haciendo recorridos de dos seznanas :1 511103 de ersueno. Los pre? cios varian. segun ei itinerario. comienzan con tarifas cie 6.880 por persona. dos en un camarote. por una travesia de 1+ dias de Southampton. Inglaten'a a \?enecia. Si sus clientes desean ver imponen- tes rios de hielo azul que descienden lentamente. pulgada :1 pulgada. de las cimas cle montanas 1- rlesprenden t?rn- panos que ?otan en bahias ?ordos. un itinerario :1 Alaska es ideal. L05 cruceros se acercan tanto a estos glaciares que parece que podria tocarlos con s?lo estirar e1 brazo. Una travesia?a Alaska la tempo- rada es de mayo 21 septiembre cuando se esperan 750.000 visitantes por barco 1e perrnitira a sus clientes experimentar 1a maravilla de los glaciares mas: podran ver cientos de islitas cubiertas de bosques de pinos, cedros abetos una abundan- te vida natural: des
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