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Philippine Civil Engineering Review Tips and Guides Compilation of Tips, Reminders, Ways, Cues, Pointers and Guides for CE Students/Reviewees in their quest to pass the CE Board Exams HomeAng Pananaw ng Isang Simpleng InhinyeroDince's Chronicles on BlogspotDince's Chronicles on TumblrDince's Chronicles on WeeblyDince's Chronicles on WordpressMojicksBiz online poll by Opinion Stage SATURDAY, JULY 6, 2013 CIVIL ENGINEERING BOARD EXAM REVIEW TIPS AND GUIDES CIVIL ENGINEERING BOARD EXAM REVIEW TIPS
  Philippine Civil Engineering Review Tips and Guides Compilation of Tips, Reminders, Ways, Cues, Pointers and Guides for CE Students/Reviewees in their quest to pass the CE oard E!ams ome#ng Pananaw ng $sang Simpleng $nhinyero%in&e's Chroni&les on logspot%in&e's Chroni&les on Tum(lr%in&e's Chroni&les on Wee(ly%in&e's Chroni&les on Wordpress)o*i&+si online poll (y -pinion Stage S#T.R%#, 0.1 2, 3456 C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS #8% G.$%ES C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS #8% G.$%ES :Compilation Series of my log Posts for Tips on ow to ave #n E;e&tive Review in Civil Engineering oard E!aminations< y= %indo )o*i&a, C>E>, )>Eng, 6? -(*e&tives=  These (log posts intends to give tips and strategies of passing su&&essfully the CE 1i&ensure E!aminations> $t is parti&ularly designed to= #wa+en the desire of &ivil engineering students to prepare to study earlier and guide CE &andidates during theneeded preparation pro&ess and information in ta+ing (oard e!aminations> %evelop the ne&essary attitude, dis&ipline and e!amination s+ills> Provide them with the ne&essary information they need for them to wisely &hoose whi&h review program/s alternative to ta+e> %evelop in them a healthy &on@den&e in ta+ing the CE oard E!aminations> -7ER7$EW= $t is the ma*or aim of the (logger to provide a study guideand review tips to CE &ollege students, and graduates most espe&ially the CE reviewees> )a*ority of the newly graduates of a&helor of S&ien&e in Civil Engineering degree :even us (efore< made some assumptions that their study ha(its that made them pass their &ollege/university requirements will (e appli&a(le to the a&tual Civil Engineering (oard e!aminations> $n my o(servation :and even others<, why are there some CE graduates fail the (oard e!amsA $ also even wonder why some average students who passed the (oard e!ams and some of it ma+e it to the top 54 or even topped the (oard e!amA The truth is that your grades during your &ollege days reBe&t your strengths and wea+nesses (ut it does not guarantee or determine you that you &an either pass the CE (oard e!ams> $t &an't (e denied that some students thin+ that after graduation, their earnest preparation for the CE oard E!amination em(ar+ on formal review &lasses> .ntil then, they dont realie that the a&tual preparation for the e!amination starts from the @rst day they attended their &lasses in &ollege> $t is very true that CE Review Centers &ontri(ute mu&h to your &han&es of passing the CE oard E!ams, it would (e (etter for you to prepare earlier (efore attending review &lasses> #ttending &lasses at CE Review Centers without earlier preparations will prove disadvantageous to you> There is no shortD&ut in passing the CE oard E!am> es, passing the CE oard E!am is a very hard tas+, (ut every pro(lem is pla&ed down with an equivalent solution> $n these (log posts, you will @nd honestDtoDgoodness tips that are (ased on the a&tual CE oard E!am e!perien&es :myself and other testDta+ers< that &ould possi(ly spell for you the di;eren&e (etween su&&ess and failure> $t (ears stress that in passing the CE oard e!ams, there is no su(stitute for adequate preparation and strong foundation> as the saying goes, -PP-RT.8$T F#7-RS T E )-ST PREP#RE% )$8% Passing the CE (oard e!ams is li+e entering a tae+wondo &ompetition> $f you dont have enough pra&ti&e, patien&e and determination, you &ant win in the &ompetition> #lso in the a&tual (oard e!ams, if you dont prepare during your  &ollege days and (efore ta+ing the e!ams, you &ant pass the said (oard e!ams> #nd during your review preparation, *ust dont forget to pray for G-% for the wisdom, (lessings and guidan&e in order to pass the (oard e!ams> ut dont always rely on praying> Prayer without wor+ is dead> :$n Tagalog, nasa %iyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa< $f we rely on praying and as+ing for mira&les (ut you didn't prepare for the said e!ams, you will fail> G-% helps who help themselves %ear CE students and graduates dont (e de&eived There is no short&ut in passing CE oard E!am> Still, your e;e&tive preparation shall forever (e the prime se&ret in passing the CE oard E!aminations> So good lu&+ future fellow engineers )ay these (log posts help you in preparing your a&tual reviews> Go for the Gold ring home the a&on Hudos $t is hoped that this hum(le wor+ will (e a (ig help for CE students and reviewees regarding CE oard e!am tips and guides> :C-8TE8TS -F ) 1-G< STEPS F-R #8 EFFECT$7E CE RE7$EW= Hnow the Stages of CE Review Preparation D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/stagesDofD&ivilDengineeringDreview>html $f you're enrolling for a review &enter :in )anila<, here is the dire&tory= Civil Engineering Review Centers in )anila D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/46/manilaD(asedD&ivilDengineeringDreview>html or you may view the 1ists of Civil Engineering Review Centers in the Phillippines D http=//&ivilengineerthoughts446>(logspot>&om/3456/54/listsDofD&ivilDengineeringDreview>html oost your rain Power D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/easyDwaysDtoD(oostDyourD(rainDpower>html 8ourish yourselfI Food for the rains D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/foodsDforD(rainDforD&eD(oardDe!ams>html Hnow our est Weapon D our Cal&ulator D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/pr&DapprovedD&al&ulatorD&asioDf!DJJ5Des>html Hnow the s&ope and possi(le s&hedule of CE (oard e!ams D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/4K/theDs&opeDandDs&heduleDofDpr&D&ivil>html #pplying for CE oard E!ams at PRC D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/4K/howDtoDapplyDforD&ivilDengineering>html Hnow the Reminders efore, %uring and #fter E!ams D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/remindersD(eforeDduringDandDafterDpr&>html Study PRC SelfD$nstru&tion Sheet D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/pr&De!amineesDselfDinstru&tionDsheet>html Follow the %ress Code and Requirements to ring on E!ams D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/42/theDpr&DrequirementsDtoD(ringDandDdress>html elieve in the Power of Prayer D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/4K/&ompilationDofDprayersDforDpr&D&ivilLM>html When you passed the (oard e!am, what you're going to doAD http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/4K/initialDregistrationDpro&essDofDnew>html Reasons why e!aminees Bun+ the CE oard E!ams D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/4N/whyDstudentsrevieweesDfailD&eD(oard>html Compilation of $nspirational Ouotes, i(li&al S&riptures and Poemsfor CE oard E!ams D  http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/4N/&ompilationDofDinspirationalDquotes>html -ver&oming Pro&rastination D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/53/over&omingDpro&rastination>html ow to Cope .p and -ver&ome the Failure Feeling when you Bun+ the CE oard E!ams D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/53/howDtoD&opeDupDandDover&omeDfailure>html Top Ten iggest rain %amaging a(its D http=//phil&ivilengineeringreviewtips>(logspot>&om/3456/53/topD54D(iggestD(rainDdamagingDha(its>html The Civil Engineering Song Posted (y %indo )o*i&a at 55=4N #) 4 Comments Email This logThis Share to Twitter Share to Fa&e(oo+ Share to Pinterest 1a(els= Civil Engineering oard E!am Review Guide, Civil Engineering oard E!am Review Tips 8ewer Post -lder Post ome Su(s&ri(e to= Post Comments :#tom< TR#8S1#TE Powered (y Translate SE#RC T $S 1-G #%7ERT$SE)E8T 1ot For Sale P1E#SE 1$HE ) F#CE--H P#GE %in&e's Chroni&les Promote our Page Too P1E#SE 1$HE ) G--G1E P#GE RE#% T E PR$8TE% W-R% ) C#1E8%#R C#1E8%#RW$%GET F-R P $1$PP$8ES 1-C#1 T$)ES )anila W-R1% C1-CH 8ew or+ 1ondon Paris 8ew %elhi ei*ing Sydney C.RRE8C C-87ERTER Philippine Peso Curren&y Converter Tue, 0ul N 345 52=5J:G)T N< #mount= From= To= Result= Curren&y Converter F-RE$G8 E9C #8GE #meri&an %ollar E!&hange Rate Tue, 0ul N 345 52=5J:G)T N< in .S% #meri&an %ollar5 Canadian %ollar4>J6KJ5 Swiss Fran&5>55KN3 Germany )ar+4>2JM33 Spain Peseta4>44N5K E.R-5>6MJ3M ritish Pound5>K534 ong Hong %ollar4>53J43  0apanese en4>44JKJ #ustralian %ollar4>J6M26 Curren&y E!&hange Rate WE#T ER1ET )anila, Philippines Weather Fore&ast W.8%ERGR-.8% WE#T ER RE7-17ER )#PS F1#G C-.8TER FEE%0$T W -'S 7$S$T$8G RECE8T 7$S$T-RS $8F-)-.S T#GS 1#E1S 2 Ways E!er&ise )a+es our rain etter :Reader's %igest< etter rainpower through E!er&ise i(li&al Ca;eine stirs memory CE oard Topnot&her Spee&hes CE Coa&hing Course CE Refresher Course CE RegularReview Course CE Review Centers Christian Ways to Redu&e Stress Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering oard E!am Review Guide Civil Engineering oard E!am Review  Tips Civil Engineering 1aw Civil Engineering Review oo+s Civil Engineering Review Center Civil Engineering Review Centers Civil Engineering Review Centers in the Philippines %r> Willie T> -ng %rin+ing Green Tea )ay )a+e ou Smarter E;e&ts of #l&ohol in the rain Failing CE oard E!ams er(al Supplements Guide $mportan&e of Sleep $nspirational -ath Ta+ing Spee&h $nspirationals $nspiring Engineering Graduation Spee&h )anila Civil Engineering Review Center )anila Civil Engineering Review Centers )emory Enhan&ing Food 1in+s )emory 7itamins 1in+s )otivational Ouotes 8ovena Prayers for CE oard E!ams -ver&oming Pro&rastination Philippine CE Review Centers Prayers for Civil Engineering oard E!am PRC CE $% Renewal PRCCE $% Renewal at S) )alls PRC Civil Engineer $nitial Registration PRC Civil Engineering 1i&ensure E!ams PRC $% Renewal Proper E!er&ise Prote&tion of StudentsRight to Enroll in Review Centers #&t of 3456 Repu(li& #&t 5425J Review Center Review Centers Steve Pavlina Study Smarter and etter The ealthy #r&hive 1-G #RC $7E ►  345 :5< ▼  3456 :3N< ►  %e&em(er :M< ►  8ovem(er :3< ►  -&to(er  :5< ►  Septem(er :5< ►  #ugust :6< ▼  0uly :2< C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS #8% G.$%E>>> $8$T$#1 REG$STR#T$-8 PR-CESS -F 8EW C$7$1 E8G$8EER>>> C-)P$1#T$-8 -F PR#ERS F-R PRC C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G >>> -W T- RE8EW -.R PRC CE 1$CE8SE #T SE1ECTE% S) )#>>> T E SC-PE, SC E%.1E Q R#T$8G -F PRC C$7$1 E8G$8EER>>> -W T- #PP1 F-R C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G 1$CE8S.RE E9#)S>>> ►  0une :J< ►  )ar&h :5< P-P.1#R P-STS C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G RE7$EW --HS :P $1$PP$8ES< C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G RE7$EW --HS :P $1$PP$8ES< C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G RE7$EW --HS :P $1$PP$8ES< y= %indo )o*i&a, C>E>, )>Eng, 6 ?>>> C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS #8% G.$%ES C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS #8% G.$%ES :Compilation Series of my log Posts for  Tips on ow to ave #n E;e&tive Review in Ci>>> PRCD#PPR-7E% C#1C.1#T-R D C#S$- F9DJJ5 ES P1.S F-R CE -#R% RE7$EW Q E9#)S pr&Dapproved &al&ulator D Casio f!DJJ5 es plus F-R CE -#R% RE7$EW Q E9#)S :C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS/STR#TEG$ES >>> ST#GES -F C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G RE7$EW C-8%.CTE%  RE7$EWEES/ST.%E8TS ST#GES -F C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G RE7$EW C-8%.CTE%  RE7$EWEES/ST.%E8TS :CE -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS/STR#TEG$ES SER$ES< y= %indo )o*i&a, >>> -W T- C-PE .P #8% -7ERC-)E T E F#$1.RE FEE1$8G W E8 -. F1.8H T E CE -#R% E9#)S -W T- C-PE .P #8% -7ERC-)E T E F#$1.RE FEE1$8G W E8 -. F1.8H T E CE -#R% E9#)S -W  T- C-PE .P #8% -7ERC-)E T E F#$1.RE FEE1$8G W>>> C-)P$1#T$-8 -F S-)E CE -#R% T-P8-TC ER SPEEC ES C-)P$1#T$-8 -F S-)E CE -#R%  T-P8-TC ER SPEEC ES Spee&h of Engr> %indo F> Esplana )apua $nstitute of  Te&hnology 5st Pla&e D CE oar>>> T E PRC REO.$RE)E8TS T- R$8G #8% %RESS C-%E -8 C$7$1 E8G$8EER -#R% E9#)S T E PRC REO.$RE)E8TS T- R$8G #8% %RESS C-%E -8 C$7$1 E8G$8EER -#R% E9#)S :C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#) RE7$EW T$PS/STR#TEG$ES SER$ES< >>> C-)P$1#T$-8 -F PR#ERS F-R PRC C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#)S C-)P$1#T$-8 -F PR#ERS F-R PRC C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#)S Compiled y= %indo )o*i&a, C>E>, )>Eng, 6 ? Prayer is an es>>> RE)$8%ERS EF-RE, %.R$8G #8% #FTER PRC C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#)S RE)$8%ERS EF-RE, %.R$8G #8% #FTER PRC C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% E9#)S :C$7$1 E8G$8EER$8G -#R% RE7$EW E9#) T$PS/STR#TEG$ES SER$ES< >>> W  ST.%E8TS/RE7$EWEES F#$1 T E CE -#R% E9#)SA Why students/reviewees fail the CE (oard e!amsA y= %indo F> )o*i&a, C>E>, )>Eng, 6? :Civil Engineering oard E!am Review Tips and>>> 8ETW-RHE% 1-GS Follow this (log G--G1E FR$E8% C-88ECT Su(s&ri(e to FilipinoLCivilLEngineers Powered (y te&h>groups>yahoo>&om S$TE)ETER C-PR$G TE%>C-) C-PSC#PE %)C#>C-) PR-TECT$-8 CRE#T$7E C-))-8S 1$CE8SE This wor+ is li&ensed under a Creative Commons #ttri(utionD8onCommer&ialD8o%erivs 6>4 Philippines 1i&ense> 1$8H W$T $8 T-T#1 P#GE7$EWS 6,442 #-.T )E P#GE %indo )o*i&a Civil Engineer, uilder, logger Civil Engineer, #mateur logger, $nstru&tor, Pro*e&t Coordinator, uilder, Farmer $ will (uild my su&&ess from the ruins of my failure> our purpose e!plains what you are doing with your life> our vision e!plains how you are living your purpose> our goals ena(le you to realie your vision> $ am not *udged (y the num(er of times $ fail (ut (y the num(er of times $ su&&eed, and the num(er of
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