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  Individual Patients, Group & Community Education ..Integral part of the WHOlistic Healthcare Advocacy  CHALLENGES: 1.The need to educate in healthcare delivery 2.Discuss similarities/differences between patient education and health teachings3.Enumerate the patient education methods, identify which of these is the most effective.Define the following terms! a.Activated patient model  b. nformed patienthoodc.#ehavioral Diagnosis d.Educational-Behavioral Strategies  Our Goal Better comprehension about EFFECTIVE PATIENT EDUCATION and its application in caring or the sic!   Objectives of patient education: # Ac$uire necessar% s!ills about patient education& ' De(elop and impro(e health literac% o patients&) Clari% e$ui(ocal or ambiguous ad(ice and medications instructions& * Empo+er patients in their participation to clinical decision,ma!ing&- Enable patients to gain common procedural s!ills in sel,care&. Impro(e doctor,patient therapeutic relationship through adherence to regimen and compliance to medications
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