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ABSTRACT The project “ANANLYSIS OF INVESTMENT DECISIONS” gives the brief idea regarding the various investment options that are prevailing in the financial markets in India. With lots of investment options like banks, Fixed Deposits, Government bonds, stock market, real estate, gold and mutual funds the common investor ends up more confused than ever. Each and every investment option has its own merits and demerits. In This project I have discussed about few investmen
  ABSTRACT The project “ ANANLYSIS OF INVESTMENT DECISIONS ” givesthe brief idea regarding the various investment options that are prevailing in the financial markets in India. With lots of investmentoptions like banks, Fixed eposits, !overnment bonds, stock market,real estate, gold and mutual funds the common investor ends up moreconfused than ever. ach and ever# investment option has its o$n meritsand demerits. In This project I have discussed about fe$ investmentoptions available.%n# investor before investing should take into consideration the safet#,li&uidit#, returns, entr#'exit barriers and tax efficienc# parameters. Weneed to evaluate each investment option on the above(mentioned basisand then invest mone#. Toda# investor faces too much confusion inanal#)ing the various investment options available and then selecting the best suitable one. In the present project, investment options arecompared on the basis of returns as $ell as on the parameters like safet#,li&uidit#, term holding etc. thus assisting the investor as a guide for investment purpose. *  CHAPTER – 1INTRODUCTION +  INTRODUCTION etermination of $here, $hen, ho$, and ho$ much  capital  to spend and'or debt  toac&uire in the pursuit of making a p! it . %n investment decision is often reached bet$een an i#$e%t!  and his'her i#$e%t&e#t ad$i%!% . epending on the t#pe of  b!'ea(e acc!)#t  an investor has, i#$e%t&e#t &a#a(e%  ma# or ma# not havetremendous lee$a# in making decisions $ithout consulting the investor himself'herself.Factors contributing to an investment decision include, but are not limited to capital onhand, projects or opportunities available, general market conditions, and a specific i#$e%t&e#t %tate(* .%n# investment is a sacrifice of certain present value for the uncertain future. It chiefl#entails decision making on t#pe, mix, amount, timing, grade etc., of investment as alsodisinvestment. We invest for a positive rate of return, suitabl# adjusted for inflation andrisk. %ll saving must be converted into investment and there must be a balancedapproach in selected of securities. lanning is a precursor to an# t#pe of investment.Investing $ithout planning entails losing mone#. Those $ho invested during thesecondar# market boom of *--+ and the primar# market boom of *--(-/ lost heavil#.0  NEED FOR THE STUDY Investment anal#sis is ke# to sound portfolio 1management strateg#.Investors not comfortable doing their o$n investment anal#sis can seek professionaladvice from a financial advisor  . OB+ECTIVE OF THE STUDY ã To make an anal#sis of various investment decision. The aim is to compare thereturns given b# various investment decision. ã To cater the different needs of investor, these options are also compared on the basis of various parameters like safet#, li&uidit#, risk, entr#'exit barriers, etc. ã To creating a basis not onl# for ongoing anal#ses but also for structural changesin the investment process. ã The project $ork includes kno$ing about the investment descisions like e&uit#, bond, real estate, gold and mutual fund. %ll investment descisions are discussed$ith their t#pes, $orkings and returns.
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