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  \ M ARKETING New Product Development & 1 Students of BS A/F (HONS) Session (2007-2011)Department of Commere! Ba auddin #a$ari%a &ni'ersit%   www.techshristi.com !C ANGE I# T E ON$% CON#TANT IN TODA%# MARKETP$ACE' New Product Development & Pricin!$(unc) o* NE+ PROD,CT' Mem-er. / In.tructor/ 0(.ee) ,r Re)m(n1 1 1  2A0134153 Nou.)erw(n A6-(r1 1 1  2A0134178 ,mer 0(roo91 1 12A01341:;Mu)(mm(d +(9(.1 1 12A01341:8 J(veri( <i(1 1 12A0134174A=e.)( #iddi9ui1 1 12A013417>Mr? K)urr(m J(ved P(r(c)(  E@ecutive #umm(r= Report i. t)e pr(ctic(l p(rt o* t)e t)eoretic(l .u-ect m(r6etin o* our 2# Accountin & 0in(nce B on. Pror(m?  T)e .ole o-ective i. to *(mili(rie t)e .tudent. wit) t)e pr(ctic(l m(nipul(tion o* -u.ine.. or(ni(tion? T)i. report )(. -een written to 6now (-out t)e c(u.e. t)(t le(d to t)e l(unc)in new Product?In t)e *ir.t p)(.e o* t)e report t)ere i. t)e ener(l introduction (-out t)e NewProduct Development?In t)e ne@t p(rt we too6 into (ccount t)e o-ective. t)(t (re -e)ind t)i.? +e illu.tr(te t)e o-ective one -= one (ccordin tot)eir priorit=? To under.t(nd (nd .peci*= t)e o-ective. i. nece..(r= to under.t(nd t)e v(ri(-leF w)ic) (**ect t)i. i..ue? +e de*ine onl= t)e 6e= v(ri(-le? A*ter t)i. we collect t)e d(t( *rom dierent .ource. (nd (n(l=e itF interpret itF (nd .)ow t)edi(r(mm(tic(l repre.ent(tion *or e(.= under.t(ndin? More over t)i. we m(6e .ome conclu.ion (nd oer our .ue.tion. *or improvement. wit) .ome limit(tion. t)(t we *(ce? In t)e ne@t p)(.e t)e *e(.i-ilit= report o* A?G Deterent wit) t)e #+OT (n(l=.i.F t(ret m(r6etF m(r6et .ement(tion (nd t)e det(il o* 4p. o* m(r6etin mi@ etc? Aut)or.  Ac6nowledment *e are 'er% t an$fu to Almighty Allah + o as a t e po+ers in t e +ordand + o aso ,i'e us po+er to perform t e assi,ned tas$! + i ot er+ise +e ant perform.*e are ,reat fu to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) + o remains an eampe in e'er% aspet of ife*e are aso 'er% t an$fu to our parents. *e are 'er% t an$fu to our onorae instrutor Mr. Khurram Javed Paracha for pro'idin, us +it su an opportunit% to epore t e pratia aspets of t e ar$etin, t at refined our t eoretia onepts and +oud ep us in t e pratia fied.*e are aso t an$fu to a of our respondents espeia% r. Aa Ditta + o o-operated +it us in ondutin, t e resear and sortin, out t e ause of t e proem. *e are espeia% t an$fu to our ass feo+s + o ep us from e'er% aspet.   T ( -l e o* Co nt en t . ntrodution a 3or S ta   , e s in N e + - 4r od u  t D e ' e o p m e nt   dea ,eneration ...   dea sreenin, .....   Conept De'eopment and 5estin,    4rodut dea ....   4rodut Conept .....   4rodut ma,e..   ar$etin, strate,% de'eopment    Business ana%sis.   5est mar$etin,.   Commeriai6ation...e % s ue s s fa tors in Ne + 4rod u t De 'e op me nt   Operatin, 4 iosop %..   Or,ani6ation Struture.   5 e 8periene 8ffet..   ana,ement St%e ...5 e 4rod u t 9ife C % e   4rodut de'eopment .   ntrodution ...   :ro+t ...   aturit%..   Deine ...
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