202, Life of Christ, Section 10a Passion Crucifixion Resurrection | Judas Iscariot

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Notes from Life Transforming College International Course No. 202: The Life of Christ
  Passion, crucifixion andresurrection Thursday, 10 October 13   The final events in the life of Christseem to happen very quicklyProbably the plot of the leaders tokill Jesus is finalised by Tuesday -they do not want it to happenduring the Passover as Jesus is stillpopularBlomberg suggests their srcinalplan might have been changed asthey end up arresting Jesus atnight and during the Passover There is nothing that we can saydefinitely happened on theWednesday - so we move on to Thursday night... Thursday, 10 October 13  Thursday, 10 October 13  Thursday, 10 October 13
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