202 ITU-ADS Symposium-JianSong

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DTMB standart presentation
  Jian Songjsong@tsinghua edu cn06/17/2015 The DTMB Deployment Status in China and the Work for Future 1  Outlines  Brief review of DTMB standard  Current status of DTMB deployment  The work for future 2  Framing Structure, Channel Coding and Modulationfor Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting System Digital Television TerrestrialMultimedia Broadcasting (DTMB), GB20600-2006  Announced: Ratified on Aug. 18, 2006,  Become mandatory since Aug. 1, 2007 TSSystem Info  O u t   e r  c  o d i  n g S  c r  am b l   e r  Inner coding Ti  mi  n gI  n t   e r l   e  a v e r  x 15 +x 14 +1 BCH(762,752)4/16/32/64QAMTiming Interleaver(52, 240)   (52,720)LDPC(7488,3048)LDPC(7488,4572)LDPC(7488,6096) M a p p-i  n g Frame body Frame body processing PN  C om b i  ni  n g SRRC No. of carrier: N=3780/1PN420595945 3  Seven modes are recommended ModeNo. of CarriersFEC Code rateModulationFrame header choiceInterleaver lengthThroughput (Mbps)1 37800.416QAMPN945720 9.6262 10.84QAMPN595720 10.3963 37800.616QAMPN945720 14.4384 10.816QAMPN595720 20.7915 37800.816QAMPN420720 21.6586 37800.664QAMPN420720 24.3657 10.832QAMPN595720 25.989 4
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