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SUBJECT, LEARNER AND ACTIVITY CUM EXPERIENCE CENTERED CURRICULUM DESIGN Curriculum designing is a scientific procedure to make teaching learning programmes more systematic and most effective. Hence, it requires a team of skilled personnel to complete the task of curriculum designing. If curriculum is designed well, it can be transacted well. Effectiveness of curriculum entirely depends upon a good curriculum design. It is like a blue-print of a building which looks good or bad according to that
  SUBJECT, LEARNER AND ACTIVITY CUM EXPERIENCECENTERED CURRICULUM DESIGN Curriculum designing is a scientific procedure to make teaching learning programmes more systematic and most effective. Hence, it requires a team of skilled personnel to complete the task of curriculum designing. If curriculum isdesigned well, it can be transacted well. Effectiveness of curriculum entirelydepends upon a good curriculum design. It is like a blue-print of a buildingwhich looks good or bad according to that plan. It is the soul of a goodeducation system or king pin in the machinery of education.Curriculum design is a carefully conceived curriculum plan that takesshapes from si main factors. It is more than syllabus which is merely a list of sub!ects with details of units and topics. Curriculum is broad concept of learning for life and syllabus is narrow concept of teaching for eamination.Curriculum decides which sub!ects may be given in a particular course,and what quantity of information may be given through the particular course. epending upon the importance of the sub!ect and nature of the students itvaries in nature. #hus, curriculum design is shaped by the aims and ob!ectives,sub!ect matter of teaching and the method adopted. epending upon thevariation in the sub!ect and nature of the students, curriculum design may beclassified into different types. $ome of the important types are% &'$ub!ect-centered design(')earner-centered design*'+ctivity-centered design 1 | Page  'Eperience-centered design Subject Centered Des!n #he sub!ect   centered curriculum design is the most widely usedcurriculum design. It is traditional and in most schools the standard of achievement are fied in terms of mastery over sub!ect matter. It regardslearning primarily as cognitive development and the acquisition of knowledgeand information. ith this approach to curriculum design, all the sub!ects for instruction are separated. #he sub!ects are then arranged in a systematic andlogical sequence corresponding to the maturity of the learner. In this type thesimplest factor are placed in the beginning grades and the more difficult ones inthe latter grades. In general, the content areas are taught in isolation, with noattempt at integration. #o meet life satisfactorily, the learner must have acommand of essential sub!ects such as regional and foreign languages,athematics, /ature $tudy, 0hysics, Chemistry, History, 1eography, )iterature,Hygiene and 0hysical Education. Characteristics of Subject Centered Curriculum &'#he content is universally true and hence is not affected by localsituation.(')earning a sub!ect is based upon language activities 2 talking, listeningand writing. It is eplanatory in nature.*'Emphasi3e on teaching sub!ect matter, emphasi3es on teaching specifichabits and skills as separate and isolated aspects of learning.'$ub!ect matter is selected and organi3ed before the teaching situation.4'#he teaching-learning process will be controlled by the teacher. 2 | Page  5'Emphasi3e on teaching facts, imparting information require knowledgefor its own sake or for possible future use.6'Emphasi3e on improving the methods of teaching and the sub!ectmatter of specified sub!ect.7'Emphasi3e on uniformity of eposure to learning situations and in sofar as possible uniformity of learning results.8'Education is considered as schooling in this design.&9'Education as conforming to the patterns set by the curriculum andits various associated instruments.$upporter of sub!ect centered curriculum design espouse an essentialistic philosophy of education. +dvocates also point out that not everything can bestudied at once, nor can any study be all inclusive. ith the rapid increase inknowledge, there simply has to be an ordered, segmented approach if one is toteach a sub!ect effectively. #he separated sub!ects are a convenient way of clarify knowledge so that it can be comprehended by students.#hus, sub!ect centered pattern is considered one of the most important pattern in curriculum designing. It gives more importance to the sub!ect rather than other aspects. $ub!ect-centered design is the universally accepted one. Le#rner Centered Des!n #he curriculum is to be varied and elastic, meeting individual differencesand adapted to individual needs and requirements. $atisfaction of thechild:learner nature is prior to his equipment for future life. ;nsuitable anduncongenial sub!ects of study lead to frustration among the children and oftenhinder their normal development. #he $chool and sub!ects are meant for thelearner and not the learner for the school. #he learner is not to be victimi3ed in 3 | Page  the name of cultural heritage, mental discipline or sacramental fads. #hecurriculum is to be learner centered where the sub!ects of study fall in line withthe child nature. #hus curriculum is to be psychologi3ed. #he sub!ects of studyare to be chosen that the learner is empowered to withstand the future demand, but these sub!ects are to be in consonance with his interests and capabilities.#his does not mean that learner centered curriculum design is not directed by the whims of the learner but rather than learning is more successfullyachieved if it is built upon the interests the learner has developed before formallearning begins. Characteristics of Learner-centered curriculum &'Centered on learners('Emphasis on promoting all-round growth of learners.*'$ub!ect matter selected and organi3ed co-operatively by learner duringlearning.'Controlled and directed co-operatively by learners <pupils, teachers, parents, supervisors, principals and others' in the learning situation.4'Emphasi3es on meanings immediate to improving living.5'Emphasi3e on habits and skill as integral part of larger eperiences.6'Emphasis on understanding and improving through the process of learning.7'Emphasis on variability in eposure to learning and in results epected.8'Emphasis aiding each child a socially creative individuality.&9'Education considered a continuous intelligent process of growth. 4 | Page
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