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2016 Summary Report Cultural Funding Cultural Funding Support Section Arts and Heritage Development Unit Business and Technical Support Services Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services Department (Pour
2016 Summary Report Cultural Funding Cultural Funding Support Section Arts and Heritage Development Unit Business and Technical Support Services Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services Department (Pour obtenir la version française de ce document, veuillez composer le , poste ou This page has been intentionally left blank. Table of Contents 2016 Summary Report Cultural Funding... 1 City of Ottawa Cultural Funding... 5 Ottawa Cultural Funding Per-Capita ( )... 6 Arts Funding Program... 7 Organizations - Professional... 7 Individuals Organizations - Amateur Diversity in the Arts Fund Arts Service Agreements Rural Arts Initiative Heritage Funding Program Museum Service Agreements Heritage Service Agreements Major Arts and Cultural Festivals Program Major Agricultural Fairs Program Festival Service Agreement Cultural Facilities Fund Capacity Building Youth in Culture Pilot Program Youth in Culture Committee Ottawa Book Awards and Prix du livre d Ottawa Karsh Award Karsh 2017 Continuum Rich Little Endowment Fund for the Performing Arts Firestone Collection of Canadian Art Management Agreement Ottawa Poet Laureate Program... 37 This page has been intentionally left blank. City of Ottawa Cultural Funding 2016 Cultural Funding Summary Report Through its Cultural Funding and Awards Programs, the City of Ottawa annually supports the creation, production and presentation of arts, festival, fair and heritage activities undertaken by individuals and not-for-profit professional organizations, as well as, community and amateur groups. The wide range of programs funded by the City creates opportunities for awareness and appreciation of the arts and culture in our community for everyone and reflects a broad representation of communities within Ottawa. Ottawa is built on un-ceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation. The peoples of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation have lived on this territory for millennia. Their culture and presence have nurtured and continue to nurture this land. We would like to honour the peoples and land of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation. We would also like to honour all First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, their elders, their ancestors and their valuable past and present contributions to this land. The City of Ottawa supports cultural activity that is inclusive of Ottawa s diverse community where people from a diversity of ancestries, abilities, ages, countries of origin, cultures, genders, incomes, languages, races and sexual orientations make this a vibrant city and contribute to creating a city for everyone. Applications from members of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities as well as submissions from applicants that reflect Ottawa s diversity, are welcome and encouraged. The City of Ottawa recognizes both official languages as having the same rights, status and privileges, and therefore accepts applications in both English and French. The Cultural Funding Support Section manages all Cultural Funding and Awards Programs and uses a peer assessment model in the evaluation process, involving professionals who are active within their cultural community. Evaluators and outside assessors are selected for their recognized expertise within specific fields of related work. Committee members represent the community they are assessing but not any particular group or institution, and have an awareness of a broad range of artistic, heritage and/or cultural activity as well as knowledge and appreciation of the diversity of the local cultural community. 5 The Cultural Facilities Major Capital Fund and the Ottawa Poet Laureate Program are managed in collaboration with the Cultural Development and Initiatives Section of the Arts and Heritage Development Unit. Key principles of assessment committee composition strive to create a balanced representation of diversity of content, program and discipline expertise, as well as fair representation of official languages, gender, geographic areas and culture-specific communities. Peer assessment is a nationally accepted best practice, credible to the arts, heritage, and cultural communities, and has been approved by City Council. In 2016, the Cultural Funding Support Section managed 454 funding and awards submissions, held 32 juries and used 10 independent assessors, that resulted in 320 funding allocations. In 2012, City Council approved the Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture, a six year strategy ( ) that recommends additional investment to help make local cultural organizations more sustainable, thus attracting talent, tourists and business. Culture plays a central role in cities, contributing positively to economic indicators, social cohesion measures, environmental initiatives, quality-of-life, prosperity, happiness and health. 1 Ottawa Cultural Funding Per-Capita ( ) 2 Funds allocated through City of Ottawa cultural funding programs and related per-capita measurement Year Total ($) Population Per-Capita Increase Increase Annually ($) Annually (%) 2016 $9,599, ,580 $9.91 $276, % 2015 $9,322, ,754 $9.70 $213, % 2014 $9,109, ,727 $9.57 $346, % 2013 $8,763, ,258 $9.29 $104, % 2012 $8,658, ,073 $9.26 n/a n/a Total $ Increase $940,516 Total % Increase % 1 A Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture in Ottawa ( ) 2 Cultural Development and Initiatives, City of Ottawa, December Arts Funding Program The objective of the Arts Funding Program is to spark and support the creation, production, presentation, exhibition, and dissemination of the literary, performing, visual and media arts, as well as independent film and video within Ottawa s bilingual and culturally diverse community. Operating and project funding is made available to professional and amateur organizations, while individual funding is accessible to professional artists of all disciplines. In addition, funding from this program addresses the need to support: arts education, arts training, community-based artistic activities, as well as professional groups that develop local arts audiences and provide valuable arts programs and services. * 2016 was a reporting year for these organizations therefore they did not go to jury for assessment. Organizations - Professional Arts Events and Festivals Jury Members: Patrick McCormack, Cassandra Olsthoorn, Carol Ann Pilon Arts Events and Festivals - Project Capital Pride / La fierté dans la capitale $7,500 Carnival of Cultures $7,500 Chinatown Remixed Collective $5,000 Digi60 Filmmaker's Festival Inc. $7,000 Festival Saint-Jean Ottawa $8,000 Ottawa Explosion Weekend $6,000 Ottawa Grassroots Festival $4,000 7 Arts Services and Arts Venues Jury Members: Dominique Saint-Pierre, Joël Beddows, Tam-Ca Vo-Van Arts Services and Arts Venues - Project Alliance culturelle de l'ontario $4,000 Artists' Legal Services Ottawa $2,000 Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM) $8,000 GigSpace Performance Studio $9,000 Plosive Productions $9,000 TACTICS $7,000 The Gladstone Theatre $18,000 Théâtre Action $10,500 Arts Training and Arts Education Jury Members: Izabel Barsive, Gary Morton, Lainie Towell Arts Training and Arts Education - Project One World Arts $2,000 Arts Training and Arts Education - Annual Operating Dandelion Dance $12,000 OrKidstra Sistema Ottawa $52,300 Ottawa Children's Choir $15,000 Ottawa Regional Youth Choir $6,000 Propeller Dance $50,000 The National Capital Suzuki School of Music $5,500 8 Arts Training and Arts Education - Three Year Operating Baobab Tree Drum Dance Community* $21,000 Gloucester Pottery School* $77,000 JazzWorks* $14,000 Orleans Young Players Theatre School* $54,000 Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy* $22,000 Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre* $15,100 The School of Dance* $120,000 Dance Jury Members: Esther América Caron, Miriam Ginestier, Bageshree Vaze Dance - Project 10 Gates Dancing Inc. $4,000 Al-Arz Lebanese Art Group $9,000 Aroha Fine Arts $7,000 Arzoo Dance Theatre $5,000 Upasana the Spirit of Dance $7,000 Dance - Annual Operating Ottawa Dance Directive $66,000 Dance - Three Year Operating Tara Luz Danse* $50,000 9 English Theatre Jury Members: Nathan Medd, Jodi Essery, Jessica Ruano *Independent Assessors: Pierre Brault, Margo MacDonald English Theatre - Project Crucible Collective $14,000 Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Ontario Theatre Society $8,500 Mi Casa Theatre $10,000 New Theatre of Ottawa $4,000 Plosive Productions $7,500 Room Temperature Collective $6,900 The Ottawa Stilt Union $6,400 Theatre 4.669* $9,000 English Theatre - Annual Operating A Company of Fools $35,000 English Theatre - Three Year Operating Odyssey Theatre* $104,000 Film and Video Jury Members: Hoda Elatawi, Paul Gordon, Meredith Snider Film and Video - Project Asinabka: Aboriginal Film and Media Arts Festival $8,000 One World Arts $4,000 10 Film and Video - Three Year Operating Independent Filmmakers Co-Operative of Ottawa (IFCO)* $60,000 SAW Video Media Arts Centre* $105,000 French Theatre Jury Members: Annie Lefebvre, Joël Beddows, Manon St-Jules French Theatre - Project Théâtre Belvédère $8,000 Théâtre Rouge Écarlate $5,000 French Theatre - Annual Operating Créations in Vivo $49,000 French Theatre - Three Year Operating Compagnie Vox Théâtre* $69,650 Le Théâtre de la Vieille 17* $94,900 Le Théâtre du Trillium* $92,900 Théâtre la Catapulte* $92,400 Literary Arts - English Jury Members: Kira Harris, Phil Hall, Stephen Brockwell Literary Arts - English - Project Bywords $3,600 Capital Poetry Collective $5,500 Owls Of Minerva $3,000 VERSe Ottawa $12,000 11 Literary Arts - English - Annual Operating Tree Reading Series $10,900 Literary Arts - English - Three Year Operating ARC Poetry Magazine* $39,100 Ottawa Storytellers* $20,800 Literary Arts - French Jury Members: Lara Mainville, Loïse Lavallée, Yvon Malette Literary Arts - French - Annual Operating Association des auteures et auteurs de l'ontario français $53,500 Literary Arts - French - Three Year Operating Les Éditions David* $48,000 Les Éditions L'Interligne* $42,000 Music Jury Members: Petr Cancura, Peter MacDonald, Andrew McAnerney Music - Project Consort baroque d'ottawa / Ottawa Baroque Consort $7,500 GigSpace Performance Studio $5,000 Pellegrini Opera $5,000 Music - Annual Operating Ottawa New Music Creators $9,000 12 Music - Three Year Operating Ottawa Bach Choir* $15,000 Ottawa Choral Society* $34,000 Ottawa Symphony Orchestra* $120,000 Thirteen Strings Chamber Orchestra* $42,000 Visual Arts Jury Members: Marc Adornato, Melanie Authier, Christopher Davidson Visual Arts - Project Blink Collective for the Arts $4,000 Visual Arts - Three Year Operating Artengine* $76,000 Galerie SAW Gallery* $89,500 Gallery 101* $78,155 Le Centre d'artistes Voix Visuelle* $33,000 Individuals Dance Jury Members: Esther América Caron, Miriam Ginestier, Bageshree Vaze Dance - Individual A Barrière, Caroline $5,500 Gupta, Deepti $5,500 13 English Theatre Jury Members: Nathan Medd, Jodi Essery, Jessica Ruano, English Theatre - Individual A Devine, Sean $5,500 Shain, Alan $5,500 English Theatre - Individual B Boyes-Manseau, Madeleine $4,000 Paton, Norah $4,000 Smith, Kate $4,000 Film and Video Jury Members: Hoda Elatawi, Paul Gordon, Meredith Snider Film and Video - Individual A Cruz, Randy $5,500 Gray, David R. $5,500 Monet, Peter $5,500 Toth, Nena $5,500 Walker, Eric $5,500 Film and Video - Individual B McKay, Mike $4,000 14 French Theatre Jury Members: Annie Lefebvre, Joël Beddows, Manon St-Jules French Theatre - Individual A L'Heureux, Lisa $5,500 Literary Arts - English Jury Members: Mark Robertson, Robert Sibley, Sonia Saikaley Literary Arts - English - Individual A Berkhout, Nina $5,500 Cook, Tim $5,500 Cumyn, Alan $5,500 Dale, Stephen $5,500 Donovan, Rita $5,500 James, Sheila $5,500 Ridley, Sandra $5,500 Speak, Dorothy $5,500 Steinmetz, Andrew $5,500 Young, Deanna $5,500 Literary Arts - English - Individual B Artelle, Steven $4,000 Earl, Amanda $4,000 Hancock, Brecken $4,000 Massey, Karen $4,000 Moghaddam, Maria Sabaye $4,000 Robins, Tudor $4,000 Singh, Marta $4,000 15 Literary Arts - French Jury Members: Lara Mainville, Loïse Lavallée, Yvon Malette Literary Arts - French - Individual A Vallée, Danièle $5,500 Literary Arts - French - Individual B Lamontagne, Sonia $4,000 Music - English Jury Members: Wayne Eagles, Megan Jerome, Raphael Weinroth-Brown Music English - Individual A Alguire, Trevor $5,500 Jarvlepp, Jan $5,500 Klausener, Rolf $5,500 Leonardelli, Caroline $5,500 M'rabet, Mel $5,500 Sturton, Catriona $5,500 Music English - Individual B Arthur-Kiss, Marion Elizabeth $4,000 Chaffey, Matthew $4,000 Larochette, Nathanaël $4,000 Magill, Rory $4,000 Munson, Claude $4,000 16 Music - French Jury Members: Marcel Aymar, Yaovi Hoyi, Kristine St-Pierre Music French - Individual A Goulet, Gabrielle $5,500 Maxwell, Abel $5,500 Regis, Ferline $5,500 Music French - Individual B Cloutier, Jean $4,000 Gbaguidi, Innocent $4,000 Millaire, Alexandre $4,000 Visual Arts Jury Members: Marc Adornato, Melanie Authier, Christopher Davidson Visual Arts - Individual A Ace, Barry $5,500 Bahrami, Shahla $5,500 Bergmans, Karina $5,500 Ciesluk, Karl $5,500 Radjenovic, Bozica $5,500 Trejo, Guillermo $5,500 Weisz, Tavi $5,500 17 Visual Arts - Individual B Hobin, Jonathan $4,000 Lacy, Sarah $4,000 Normand, Patti $4,000 Yik, Shirley $4,000 18 Organizations - Amateur Amateur Arts Jury Members: Anna Frlan, Louisa Haché, Linda Crawford Amateur Arts - Project Harmonia Choir of Ottawa $3,000 Musica Ebraïca $1,000 Seventeen Voyces $6,000 Théâtre Tremplin $7,000 Tone Cluster $3,000 Youth Infringement Festival $5,000 Amateur Arts - Annual Operating Arteast $10,000 Ewashko Singers $2,000 Les Chansonniers d'ottawa $1,200 Ottawa Little Theatre Inc $19,000 Amateur Arts - Three Year Operating Canadian Centennial Choir* $8,240 Cantata Singers of Ottawa* $20,600 Coro Vivo Ottawa Inc.* $9,270 Kiwanis Music Festival - National Capital Region* $40,600 Oto-Wa Taiko Group* $10,300 Ottawa Valley Weavers' and Spinners' Guild* $17,255 Strings of St. John's Chamber Orchestra* $5,150 19 Diversity in the Arts Fund Ottawa has a unique and dynamic cultural identity, and is home to a growing diversity of people and communities. This program aims to support all communities in gaining greater organizational capacity and access to municipal funding while encouraging all forms of cultural expression and the celebration of each distinct voice. This fund supports both professional and amateur arts organizations in the production and presentation of their cultural and artistic activities and events. Diversity in the Arts Jury Members: Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah, John Rapp, Tam-Ca Vo-Van Diversity in the Arts - Project Autumn Melody Collective $4,500 Capital Pride / La fierté dans la capitale $40,000 Capital Ukrainian Festival $8,500 Caribbean Nations Canada Organization $7,500 Centre africain d'accueil de développement et d'intégration (CAADI) $7,000 Connexion Jeunesse Canada Afrique inc. (CJCA) $3,000 Federation of Ottawa Chinese-Canadian Community Organizations $3,000 Festival Ngoma-Africa $3,500 Festival of India $9,000 Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations $4,000 Latin American Festival Latino $2,500 Odawa Native Friendship Centre $10,000 Ontario South Asian Community Association (OSACA) $3,000 20 Arts Service Agreements The Arts Service Agreement Program is designed to address the needs of Ottawa s arts service organizations that assist the City in building and maintaining a solid infrastructure of arts services and facilities. The services and activities of these organizations have a major impact on the development of the broader local arts community and contribute significantly to the overall growth of the cultural sector in Ottawa was a reporting year for these organizations. Arts Service Agreement **Independent Assessor: Chantal Fortier Arts Service Agreement - Annual Operating La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins** $235,000 Arts Service Agreement - Three Year Operating AOE Arts Council $257,500 Great Canadian Theatre Company $414,000 MASC $90,000 Mouvement d'implication francophone d'orleans (MIFO) $150,000 Ottawa Art Gallery $320,000 Ottawa Arts Council $154,500 Ottawa School of Art $377,000 21 Rural Arts Initiative The Rural Arts Initiative supports artistic activity in rural areas. MASC, a longstanding community organization, has been awarded funding towards its existing Rural Arts Initiative program. Funding has resulted in increased arts programming in both French and English rural schools, and rural arts residencies. Rural Arts Initiative MASC $27,000 Heritage Funding Program The objectives of the Heritage Funding Program are to spark, support and promote activity in all heritage disciplines related to fostering awareness, education, preservation and appreciation of the distinct local history and heritage of Ottawa and its communities. Heritage Funding Program - English Jury Members: Natalie-Anne Bussière, Peter Holdsworth, Monique Manatch Heritage Funding Program English - Project Capital Pride / La fierté dans la capitale $4,250 Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa $4,250 Jewish Federation of Ottawa - Ottawa Jewish Archives $5,000 Minwaashin Lodge - Aboriginal Women's Support Centre $12,000 Odawa Native Friendship Centre $10,000 Ottawa Regional Heritage Fair Committee $3,000 Poets' Pathway $2,500 The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation $1,800 Vintage Stock Theatre $1,500 22 Heritage Funding Program English - Annual Operating Cumberland Township Historical Society $6,000 Gloucester Historical Society $2,500 Goulbourn Township Historical Society $3,000 Historical Society of Ottawa $6,500 Huntley Township Historical Society $6,000 Rideau Township Historical Society $10,000 Heritage Funding Program - French Jury Members: Damien-Claude Bélanger, Natalie-Anne Bussière, Michèle Leboldus Heritage Funding Program French - Project Festival Saint-Jean Ottawa $5,500 Réseau du patrimoine franco-ontarien $7,500 Théâtre Belvédère $7,000 Heritage Funding Program French - Annual Operating Société franco-ontarienne du patrimoine et de l'histoire d'orléans $15,000 Museum Service Agreements The Museum Service Agreement Program supports community museums and provides them with the resources necessary to enhance capacity and to improve facilities, research, programming, exhibits, publications and visitor services in support of telling the Greater Ottawa Story. Museum Service Agreement Independent Assessors: Content: Angela Siebarth, Michael Rickley-Lancaster, Chantal Fortier. Organizational Effectiveness: Cathy McGirr, Francine Périnet. 23 Museum Service Agreement - Three Year Operating Musée Bytown Museum Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum $315,000 $265,000 Goulbourn Museum $186,000 Muséoparc Vanier Museopark $242,000 Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum $167,562 Watson's Mill Manotick Inc. $206,000 Heritage Service Agreements The Heritage Service Agreement Program supports key local heritage service organizations that have a city-wide mandate to provide a broad range of professional services such as networking, access to information, research, marketing and education. This program also acknowledges the leadership role of the two Algonquin Anishinabeg Cultural Centres and supports these facilities to enhance their capacity, conduct research, and offer programming, exhibits, publications and visitor services in support of telling the Algonquin/Anishinabeg story was a reporting year for these organizations. Heritage Service Agreement - Three Year Operating Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa $175,000 Heritage Ottawa $35,000 Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Cultural Education Center $35,000 Omàmiwinini Pimàdjwowin $35,000 Ottawa Museum Network $303,837 24 Major Arts and Cultural Festivals Program Festivals enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike through the presentation of a wide variety of activities that increase understanding and appreciation of the unique character of our community. Festivals celebrate our cultural heritage
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