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2016 Jubilarians May love, joy, and mercy continue to light the path of humanity. 800 Years Dominican Women Preaching the Gospel What is a Jubilarian? Our Hebrew roots provide a tradition for Jubilee to
2016 Jubilarians May love, joy, and mercy continue to light the path of humanity. 800 Years Dominican Women Preaching the Gospel What is a Jubilarian? Our Hebrew roots provide a tradition for Jubilee to be celebrated every fifty years. In our Dominican tradition we have developed our own customs. Our celebration of Jubilee brings our Jubilarians back to their origin in the Congregation. We honor each woman and find ways to identify her unique contributions to our lives. We tell stories about our lives, our learnings and our joys and sorrows. We celebrate! Each Jubilarian has a story to tell, and the common threads of our stories are enhanced by one another. The unfolding of the mystery of God s presence in our lives is awesome. We recognize this unfolding mystery of dying and being reborn as we walk together throughout life. Each Sister s YES, each day, enhances the whole community. As we continue to be inflamed with contemplative love daily, we are so grateful for these holy women who celebrate their Jubilee this year, and we continue to be enriched by their lives. In memory of the Jubilarians who share eternal life Years 1941 Mary Eloysa Garcia, OP Bernice Botwinski, OP Jane Anthony Cherwinski, OP Marie Andre St. Cyr, OP Carmella Conway, OP You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and have appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should remain. - John 15:16 Through the 75 years from Reception of the Habit and my years as an aspirant and postulant, I feel richly blessed that God has chosen me and has continued to support, enlighten, and direct me in His service. I thank my beloved Dominican Community, my dedicated parents, my relatives, friends, and students who have nurtured me through all these years. May God be praised! 70 Years 1946 John Anne Paquette, OP Viola Marie Henige, OP Marie Eugene Charbonneau, OP Anne Keating, OP Jean Milhaupt, OP Dorothy Giglio, OP JoAn Brown, OP 60 Years 1956 Roberta Hefferan, OP Wanda Ezop, OP Madelyn Hronek, OP Mary Ann Cudzanowski,OP 800 Years How can I ever thank our Good God for all of the blessings He has bestowed on me these 75 years of ministry in our Dominican Family? He has given me gifts that I have hope-fully used to minister to His People. They, in turn, have inspired and nurtured me on my long journey. I was baptized Rita Rose, born September 19, 1922 and was the fourth of seven children of William and Blanche Conway in Allegan, Michigan. I joined the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters in 1940 and in 1941 I received the name Sister Mary Carmella of the Blessed Sacrament. Sr. Carmella at the lectern where she proclaims God s I studied and earned a BA from Aquinas Word on occasion. College, an MA in Teaching Religion from Providence College, Rhode Island and an MA in Educational Administration from Michigan State University. I was blessed to have taught in various schools in Michigan and New Mexico for over fifty years, claiming that every place I ve gone, I liked. I moved to Marywood in 1996 where I currently live. My ministry continues as I serve as a lector, choir member, and correspondent in my living group. 75 years Helen Jude, OP Marie Bernarde Salazar, OP How can I ever thank God for all the blessings bestowed on me! The Lord called the four oldest in our family to religious life: Sister Donata, Sister Emeliana, Father Walter Jude, and myself. My heart overflows with gratitude for the gift of faith, family, friends, and Community of Sisters. To all who encouraged and supported me in a variety of ways, I say thank you and God bless you always. Seventy years, hard to believe! How quickly the years of Love and Service, pass. I have many things to be thankful for - my Family, my Dominican Family, my many Relatives and countless Friends who have supported me all these years. Thank you, my God! I will celebrate your love forever. I was born on February 20, 1921, the 5th child of 12 children in Irons, Michigan. My parents, Dominik Judis and Kazimiera Eliosius were immigrants from Lithuania. I am proud of and love my rich Lithuanian ancestry. I grew up on a farm and lived close to nature and God. Church played a major role in the life of our family. I helped out Mother with the housework. We children made our own fun, like cutting up a broom handle into checkers in order to play the game. I was born January 9, 1927 in Española, New Mexico to Henry and Adelaide Salazar. I am the third oldest of eight children, four boys and four girls. My education from grades one to twelve was in the Public School. I met Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters at Religious Education classes and this led me to decide to enter the convent when I was eighteen years old. I came to Marywood in 1940 and received the habit and name of Sister Mary Walter of the Sacred Heart in I received a BA in History from Aquinas College and served in various ministries throughout Michigan beginning as a homemaker and then as an elementary teacher for 23 years. I have spent many years caring for others: the sick, elderly, and infirm. I returned to the Motherhouse in Blood sisters, Sr. Emeliana Judis and Sr. Helen Jude shared many great memories together. 75 years After attending Aquinas College I began my teaching ministry in Michigan and New Mexico. I spent 32 years teaching in grades K through 8. What means most to me in my Dominican vocation is the gift to be able to reach out and touch the hearts of the very young. My 29 years in pastoral work at Sacred Heart Parish in Grand Rapids brought out another gift of being present and sharing joy and faith with the elderly and ill of the parish. I bask in the knowledge that I am personally and deeply loved by our God who fills me with great happiness and has given me tremendous energy to put my faith and love into practice. 70 years Thomas Estelle Bryan, OP Michael Anne Nic, OP This is what the Lord requires of you: to live justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6-8 My heart is filled with gratitude and joy. I m grateful for my Dominican vocation a gift from God on the journey. I am so very happy for the experiences, challenges, and support of my Sister companions, my family, friends, and students who have enriched, touched, and shared my life. As I look back over the past seventy years, I am overwhelmed by how abundantly God has blessed me. I was born August 2, 1927 while my parents, Thomas and Estelle Bryan were visiting relatives in Detroit. Eventually we came home to live in Saginaw. The family grew to five boys and three girls. I attended school at Sts. Peter and Paul (Saginaw) and joined the Dominicans after graduation. At my profession I was given the name Sister Thomas Estelle. I graduated from Aquinas College with a BA in English/History. During my 70 years in the Order of Preachers (O.P.), my ministry of teaching took place in Michigan (Saginaw-Essexville- Grand Rapids-Traverse City) and New Mexico (Santa Cruz, 25 years). I am grateful to God for calling me to know, love, and serve living only to do right and to love goodness and to walk humbly with God. Sr. Thomas Estelle with her Kindergarten class after the opening of Sts. Peter and Paul School. 70 years I was born in Petoskey, Michigan to Michael Nic and Bernadine Hutta. We moved to Muskegon Heights several years later. I have a sister and three brothers. Until I came to Marywood as an Aspirant, I attended public schools. Dominican Sisters were my Saturday religion teachers. In my teaching career, I taught in parish schools across the state of Michigan and spent eight years in Belen, New Mexico. On loan to the Sisters of Providence in St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana, I worked in their Communication Office. While there, amongst my various duties, I illustrated an Annual Report, designed and sewed two large banners, and laid out a pictorial directory. One of my treasured travel memories was a visit to the birthplace of my father in Slovakia. Some of my many hobbies include painting, wood carving, sewing, crostic and crossword puzzles. I am also known for making fudge. 70 years Mary Lee Pitre, OP Olga Mizzi, OP How great you are, O God! Throughout seventy years of religious life, many variations on the theme have been experienced in education, parish ministry and in volunteer work. Prayerful support by Community, relatives and friends have encouraged me over these seven decades. My grateful thanks to God and to all for your support and love. I thank the dear Lord for His many blessings during my seventy years in the Convent. My brother, Alex (deceased) told my family that I wouldn t last two months, and Here I am, Lord! Essexville, Michigan was my birthplace in My baptism was extremely important to my parents as well as a Catholic education at home and at St. John s School. During my Junior year in high school, along with a few other girls, we made our BIG trip to Grand Rapids to attend Sister Villana s Reception of the Habit ceremony. As impressive as it was, it held no great importance to me until the following year when we attended her Profession of Vows. It prompted my first awakening to the thought of religious life. Since September, 1945 my life has centered around education, parish ministry, and volunteer work. As a person ages there are wonderful spiritual programs at Dominican Center at Marywood and educational opportunities at OLLI at Aquinas College to nourish and enrich one s soul and mind sometimes more programs than time allows. My life has been filled with many blessings and wonderful friends during my entire life. I was born in Detroit, Michigan on December 20, 1924 the third of six children, four boys and two girls. My parents Charles and Olga Mizzi were both born on the Island of Malta. My early years in school, grades one to eight, were at St. Dominic s in Detroit staffed by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. I went to St. Leo for High School. In 1945 I came to Marywood at the advice of a Dominican Priest at St. Dominic s; that has made all the difference in my life. As a Sister, I attended Aquinas College and was then assigned to St. John s Home under the supervision of Sister Jane de Chantal. I worked there for a few years and then was sent out to teach in schools throughout Michigan. I spent 29 years of teaching and tutoring at St. Alphonsus School in Grand Rapids. My most recent ministries include the Prayer and Listening Line and Tutoring in the ESL/Word Program. 70 years 70 years Phyllis Brown, OP Dolorita Martinez, OP The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want. - Psalm 23 My shepherd has led me all these 70 years and for this I say, God be praised! There have been many wonderful experiences, times of joy and some sad times along the way. Looking on the bright side, living with helpful, caring Sisters; a bit of humor would bring laughter and a lighter spirit! (On the back of a small card with a copy of her Vows spoken at her Profession, Sr. Phyllis wrote: The soul of Christ s spouse must be as a flower inhaling with threefold ascent; Divine Poverty, Gentle Chastity, and Holy Obedience.) March 23, 1925, I was born in Grand Rapids the first of 4 children to Peter A. and Edith Thome Brown, Jr. A brother arrived in 1931 and a sister in A baby sister completed our family in In 1934 we moved to Alpine, there to remain as we all grew up. I missed city life, but adapted quickly. I first thought of becoming a Sister when we visited my Aunt, Sister Chrysostom, SSND and my Uncle, Fr. Frank, CSC. After 10th grade at Holy Trinity School I completed high school at Mt. Mercy. My future was a tug between being a Sister or getting married. Visits with the Dominican Sisters at Holy Trinity and a visit with Mother Euphrasia helped set my sights toward religious life. Feb 2, 1946 I entered and began studies at Aquinas College. In August 1946 I made my Profession of Vows and was given the name Sr. Norma of the Sorrowful Mother. After a miraculous healing from leukemia, in 1948, attributed to the intercession of Fr. Solanus, I was sent on my first mission to Traverse City. After 36 years of elementary teaching, summer workshops, and travels, I moved to Marywood. Aquinata became my home in 2009 and Marywood Health Center in I am pleased with the wonderful care of Sr. Lyida Korson, the nurses, and nurse aides. The days and years slip by so fast. I pray that when this earthly journey is over I will slip into the arms of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to enjoy a grand reunion of family in heaven! 70 years...for I know well the plans I have for you, says the Lord. - Jeremiah 29:11 As I ponder in gratitude the many graces and blessings that have been showered upon me, I have come to discover God s loving Mercy and an unfolding plan for my life. I was born in a small mountain village in northern New Mexico, named Truchas. I am the youngest of nine children. I was born into a loving and religious family, and can now look back and see that my vocation was nurtured from the beginning within this family. My parents, Victor and Agueda, never dreamt I would choose religious life, and were as surprised as I was by my calling. After a year of college, at age 19, I joined the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters. I am ever grateful for my Dominican vocation, my loving and supportive family and the privilege of sharing my life with my Dominican Sisters. I am especially grateful for the many and varied opportunites for ministry that have allowed me to share my personal gifts in many diverse communities and locations. I started first as a teacher in Junior High and High School. Early on I was called into Hispanic Ministry. I served on a diocesan and parish level as pastoral life coordinator, evangelizer/preacher, and spiritual director. I have served primarily in immigrant, marginalized Spanish speaking communities, and have been greatly enriched by these experiences. Women of Grace - Mujer en Gracia is a program where women stand in solidarity with women, recognizing holiness in one another by sharing Scripture, personal lives and walking with them in Spiritual Direction. I am most grateful for the opportunity for study and travel. I have lived a very full life, and have always been sustained by God s grace and by the many friends with whom I have lived and/or ministered over these sixty years of religious life. I praise God for all these blessings. Ellen Mary Lopez, OP Joanne Toohey, OP My being proclaims the greatness of God. - Luke 1:46 Mi alma proclama la grandeza del Señor. - Lucas 1:46 I give thanks for the sixty wonderful years as a Grand Rapids Dominican Sister. I mostly appreciate the wonderful educational opportunities I have been given, especially in the study of Scripture. I am grateful for the love and support of my family over the years, for the friendship, love and encouragement of so many sisters with whom I have lived or have become good friends. What a wonderful family! I thank God for my gift of parents Socorro Barron Lopez and Alejo Lopez, originally from Mexico. I had 7 sisters and 1 brother, Cleofas, Dionicia, Phyllis, Adella, Isabel, Rosie, Joe, and Alice. I was born in Seguin, Texas. But before I was school age, we moved to Saginaw, Michigan. It is necessary to be a liaison between the public school and the migrant youth. They often need the moral support and encouragement to finish high school. My life has been filled with blessings. It has been a delight to serve God s people in both the Spanish and English communities through many pastoral, religious education, and hospital ministries. May God bless all those who have touched my life with His Presence. Raquel Martinez proclaiming the Word. To do justice is to enable and empower people who are poor to accept positions of leadership. The beginning of my educational experience was at St. John Evangelist school where I had the Dominican Sisters for twelve years. Their influence and care brought me to Marywood in September After three years of formation and education at Aquinas College, I taught middle grades for nineteen years from Beaver Island to Rancho de Taos, New Mexico and many points in between. A highlight of these years was the summers spent on the grounds of St. Paul Seminary enriching my life with Theology and Scripture classes. Sr. Joanne and her Morning Scripture Class that she started in 1986 upon arriving at Holy Trinity. In 1978, I was invited to become the Pastoral Minister at Guardian Angels parish in Manistee, Michigan. This was the beginning of thirty years of ministering in parishes where I touched so many lives and so many lives touched mine, especially the senior members of the parish. The thread that weaves through all these years was the enthusiastic groups that were eager to enrich their lives and faith with the Scriptures. In thanksgiving to the Community for all the opportunities that have enriched my many years of ministry among God s beautiful people. In December 1937, my life journey began as the oldest of four children born to Naomi and John Toohey in Essexville, Michigan. Bernice Garcia, OP Joan Alflen, OP I have said often and believe: Time goes fast when you re having fun. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of so many peoples lives, in so many different ways, with wonderful results. My greatest blessing is being part of our Dominican Family of Sisters who have made my life worth living and so fulfilling. I give thanks to God. My life began in St. Francis Xavier parish in Albuquerque, New Mexico surrounded by loving parents, five brothers and one sister who really fostered my vocation.these were formative years that prompted me to become a Dominican Sister and eventually a teacher. My years in education in schools in New Mexico and Michigan were interesting and challenging. I taught in schools with staffs ranging from 9 Sisters to 2 Sisters. Teaching four grades at Holy Cross on Beaver Island found me with 16 preparations every day! Serving in Peñasco and Santa Cruz and Albuquerque were wonderful years. For the next couple decades of my life, I will choose to become closer to my God and serve more unselfishly. I can be a new creation and use the special raw material that is me. I love being older and a little slower because it gives me more time to reflect. It gives me more time to continue to hone these gifts a little more. When I was young, I liked to make people laugh, tell stories, ask ridiculous questions, dance fast, sing songs, draw pictures and meditate on nature wherever it turns up. Yes, I even forget sometimes. May I use this year to show mercy to those in need. Today my neighborhood is my ministry. I live in a rural area where neighbors are far apart. I have neighborhood gatherings where people can visit and share. Our Manistee Peace Group, an ecumenical gathering of staunch peacemakers, is high on my agenda. I am also a cantor and member of St. Joseph s choir in Onekama. Because of my personal interest and the need in the Albuquerque area, I spent years directing Religious Education programs. I also worked with homeless women and their children, began a Ladies Group for widows, worked with Birthright, was Eucharistic minister at a Senior Center, offered Grief counseling and served on Boards. All were wonderful ministries. Ready to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe in a city wide procession with Indian dancers. For the past 20 years I have lived in our House on Adams St. where we host meetings, hold parties and welcome visitors to the Land of Enchantment. Sr. Joan pictured with Coming Down the Mountain, a painting she did while on sabbatical in Mexico. I participate in Bible Study and a weekly Adoration hour. Art is my passion and I always have something on display at the local art exibitions. I have created two sets of Peace Posters and some photo cards. Recently, I have started doing Photo Portraits for couples as a gift celebrating their love for each other. I have truly been blessed by God. Doris Faber, OP Ann Porter, OP I was bor
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