2016 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence WI Table of Contents

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2016 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence WI 2016 Table of Contents Preface...xv Conference Organizing Committee...xvii Workshops Organizing Committees...xviii Steering Committee...xix
2016 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence WI 2016 Table of Contents Preface...xv Conference Organizing Committee...xvii Workshops Organizing Committees...xviii Steering Committee...xix Program Committee...xxiii Reviewers...xxiv Tutorials...xxv WI 2016 Regular Papers Web Intelligence Foundations Core Periphery Structures in Weighted Graphs Using Greedy Growth...1 Divya Sardana and Raj Bhatnagar Using Belief Change Principles for Evolving Bayesian Network Structures in Probabilistic Knowledge Representations...9 Edgar Jembere and Sibusiso S. Xulu World Wide Wisdom Web (W4) Knowledge-Based Content Linking for Online Textbooks...18 Rui Meng, Shuguang Han, Yun Huang, Daqing He, and Peter Brusilovsky Semantic Aspects of Web Intelligence Discovering Coherent Topics with Entity Topic Models...26 Mehdi Allahyari and Krys Kochut Domain-Specific Term Extraction for Concept Identification in Ontology Construction...34 Kiruparan Balachandran and Surangika Ranathunga v Web Mining and Warehousing Learning Embedding Representations for Knowledge Inference on Imperfect and Incomplete Repositories...42 Miao Fan, Qiang Zhou, and Thomas Fang Zheng Context-Aware Entity Disambiguation in Text Using Markov Chains...49 Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger, and Patrick Philipp Context-Based Plot Detection from Online Review Comments for Preventing Spoilers...57 Yoshinori Hijikata, Hidenari Iwai, and Shogo Nishida Discovering Credible Twitter Users in Stock Market Domain...66 Mehran Kamkarhaghighi, Iuliia Chepurna, Somayyeh Aghababaei, and Masoud Makrehchi An Heuristics-Based, Weakly-Supervised Approach for Classification of Stance in Tweets...73 Marcelo Dias and Karin Becker Tweet Topic Classification Using Distributed Language Representations...81 Quanzhi Li, Sameena Shah, Xiaomo Liu, Armineh Nourbakhsh, and Rui Fang Towards Accurate Relation Extraction from Wikipedia...89 Yulong Gu, Jiaxing Song, Weidong Liu, Yuan Yao, and Lixin Zou Detection of Valid Sentiment-Target Pairs in Online Product Reviews and News Media Articles...97 Svitlana Vakulenko, Albert Weichselbraun, and Arno Scharl A Framework for Automatic Personalised Ontology Learning Md Abul Bashar, Yuefeng Li, and Yang Gao Credibility as Signal: Predicting Evaluations of Credibility by a Signal-Based Model Grzegorz Kowalik, Adam Wierzbicki, Tomasz Borzyszkowski, and Wojciech Jaworski Inferring Your Expertise from Twitter: Integrating Sentiment and Topic Relatedness Yu Xu, Dong Zhou, and Séamus Lawless Mining Topically Coherent Patterns for Unsupervised Extractive Multi-document Summarization Yutong Wu, Yuefeng Li, Yue Xu, and Wei Huang Compositional Recurrent Neural Networks for Chinese Short Text Classification Yujun Zhou, Bo Xu, Jiaming Xu, Lei Yang, Changliang Li, and Bo Xu vi From Opinion Lexicons to Sentiment Classification of Tweets and Vice Versa: A Transfer Learning Approach Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Eibe Frank, and Bernhard Pfahringer Exploring the World Languages in Twitter Priya Saha and Ronaldo Menezes Identifying Buzzing Stories via Anomalous Temporal Subgraph Discovery Francesco Bonchi, Ilaria Bordino, Francesco Gullo, and Giovanni Stilo Characterization of Football Supporters from Twitter Conversations Diogo F. Pacheco, Diego Pinheiro, Fernando B. de Lima-Neto, Eraldo Ribeiro, and Ronaldo Menezes Detecting the Magnitude of Events from News Articles Ameeta Agrawal, Raghavender Sahdev, Heidar Davoudi, Forouq Khonsari, Aijun An, and Susan McGrath Web Search & Recommendation Leveraging Item Connections to Improve Social Recommendations with Ratings and Reviews Jiajin Huang and Ning Zhong Recommendation System Based on Prediction of User Preference Changes Kenta Inuzuka, Tomonori Hayashi, and Tomohiro Takagi Choose a Job You Love: Predicting Choices of GitHub Developers Radoslaw Nielek, Oskar Jarczyk, Kamil Pawlak, Leszek Bukowski, Roman Bartusiak, and Adam Wierzbicki P2P Meta-Recommenders: Aggregated Diversity Maximization as a Bulwark against Attacks on Reviewers Khalid Alhamed, Markus Zanker, Shakre Elmane, and Marius Silaghi Sensing Real-World Events Using Social Media Data and a Classification-Clustering Framework Nasser Alsaedi, Pete Burnap, and Omer Rana Query Suggestion for Struggling Search by Struggling Flow Graph Zebang Chen, Takehiro Yamamoto, and Katsumi Tanaka A Sparse Image Recommendation Model Using Content and User Preference Information Lei Liu A Social Curiosity Inspired Recommendation Model to Improve Precision, Coverage and Diversity Qiong Wu, Siyuan Liu, Chunyan Miao, Yuan Liu, and Cyril Leung vii Context Aware Matrix Factorization for Event Recommendation in Event-Based Social Networks Yulong Gu, Jiaxing Song, Weidong Liu, Lixin Zou, and Yuan Yao Supporting News Article Understanding by Detecting Subject-Background Event Relations Shotaro Tanaka, Adam Jatowt, and Katsumi Tanaka Multi-criterion Real Time Tweet Summarization Based upon Adaptive Threshold Abdelhamid Chellal, Mohand Boughanem, and Bernard Dousset Exploring Current Viewing Context for TV Contents Recommendation Mariem Bambia, Mohand Boughanem, and Rim Faiz Social Networks and Ubiquitous Intelligence Steering the Random Surfer on Directed Webgraphs Florian Geigl, Simon Walk, Markus Strohmaier, and Denis Helic Knowledge-Driven Approach to Predict Personality Traits by Leveraging Social Media Data Menasha Thilakaratne, Ruvan Weerasinghe, and Sujan Perera Joint Model of Topics, Expertises, Activities and Trends for Question Answering Web Applications Zide Meng, Fabien Gandon, and Catherine Faron Zucker A Time Aware Method for Predicting Dull Nodes and Links in Evolving Networks for Data Cleaning Niladri Sett, Subhrendu Chattopadhyay, Sanasam Ranbir Singh, and Sukumar Nandi Privacy Issues in Light of Reconnaissance Attacks with Incomplete Information Xiang Li, J. David Smith, Thang N. Dinh, and My T. Thai Dynamic Model for Social Coalition Formation Based on Expertise, Temporal Reputation and Time Commitment Cristina Verçosa Pérez Barrios de Souza and Fabrício Enembreck Personalised PageRank as a Method of Exploiting Heterogeneous Network for Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security Akash Anil, Sanasam Ranbir Singh, and Ranjan Sarmah Bayesian Nominal Matrix Factorization for Mining Daily Activity Patterns Chen Li, William K. Cheung, Jiming Liu, and Joseph K. Ng viii Web Agents Multi-agent Simulation Framework for Large-Scale Coalition Formation Pavel Janovsky and Scott A. Deloach Self-Assembly in Heterogeneous Multi-agent System Using Constrained Matching Algorithm Ayan Dutta DisCSPs with Privacy Recast as Planning Problems for Self-Interested Agents Julien Savaux, Julien Vion, Sylvain Piechowiak, René Mandiau, Toshihiro Matsui, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Makoto Yokoo, Shakre Elmane, and Marius Silaghi An Approach to Verify Conflicts among Multiple Norms in Multi-agent Systems Eduardo Augusto Silvestre and Viviane Torres da Silva Web Services Connection Minimization in REST API with Random Walks Li Li and Min Luo Intelligent Human-Web Interaction Predicting Depression from Internet Behaviors by Time-Frequency Features Changye Zhu, Baobin Li, Ang Li, and Tingshao Zhu Enhancing User Awareness and Control of Web Tracking with ManTra Davide Lo Re and Claudio Carpineto Modeling User Expectations & Satisfaction for SaaS Applications Using Multi-agent Negotiation Amro Najjar, Christophe Gravier, Xavier Serpaggi, and Olivier Boissier WI 2016 Short Papers Web Intelligence Foundations Emotion Detection Using Kinect 3D Facial Points Zhan Zhang, Liqing Cui, Xiaoqian Liu, and Tingshao Zhu Sound of Network: Capturing Network Structure by Signal Response Shin-Ya Sato Predicting Web User Click Intention Using Pupil Dilation and Electroencephalogram Analysis Gino Slanzi, Jorge Balazs, and Juan D. Velásquez A Reference Architecture of a Hybrid Learning Agent Adriana Leite and Rosario Girardi ix Data Preprocessing for Web Combinatorial Problems Habiba Drias, Samir Kechid, Sofiane Adamou, and Farouk Benyoucef Learning Processes Based on Data Sources with Certainty Levels in Linked Open Data Jesse Xi Chen, Marek Z. Reformat, and Ronald R. Yager Self-Stabilizing Computation of Perfect Neighborhood Set in Large Network Graphs Yihua Ding, James Z. Wang, and Pradip K. Srimani World Wide Wisdom Web (W4) A Split Smart Swap Clustering for Clutter Problem in Web Mapping System Qinpei Zhao, Zhenyu Liao, Jiangfeng Li, Yang Shi, and Qirong Tang Reduction of Hospital Readmissions through Clustering Based Actionable Knowledge Mining Mamoun Al-Mardini, Ayman Hajja, Lina Clover, David Olaleye, Youngjin Park, Jay Paulson, and Yang Xiao Generic Framework to Predict Repeat Behavior of Customers Using Their Transaction History Auon Haidar Kazmi, Gautam Shroff, and Puneet Agarwal Data Value Networks: Enabling a New Data Ecosystem Judie Attard, Fabrizio Orlandi, and Sören Auer An Analysis of Main Solutions for the Automatic Construction of Ontologies from Text Rosario Girardi Optimizations for Multiple Collective Sources in Delivery Systems Lixin Fu and Juraj Jarabek Semantic Aspects of Web Intelligence A Novel Approach for Searching Linguistic Synonyms through Parts of Speech Tagging Faiza Hussain, Usman Qamar, and Sobh Zeb Adequate Class Assignments on Linked Data Leandro Mendoza and Alicia Díaz An Ontology-Based Architecture for Providing Insights in Wireless Networks Domain Maria Bala Duggimpudi, Abdelhamid Moursy, Elshaimaa Ali, and Vijay V. Raghavan x Wikipedia Editing History in DBpedia: Extracting and Publishing the Encyclopedia Editing Activity as Linked Data Fabien Gandon, Raphael Boyer, Olivier Corby, and Alexandre Monnin Fine-Grained Named Entity Classification with Wikipedia Article Vectors Masatoshi Suzuki, Koji Matsuda, Satoshi Sekine, Naoaki Okazaki, and Kentaro Inui Bridging the Gap between bdme and OntoME Ricardo Giuliani Martini and Pedro Rangel Henriques Arabic Ontology Learning from Un-structured Text Saeed Albukhitan and Tarek Helmy Enterprise Knowledge Graphs: A Backbone of Linked Enterprise Data Mikhail Galkin, Sören Auer, and Simon Scerri Experiments with Semantic Enrichment for Event Classification in Tweets Simone Aparecida Pinto Romero and Karin Becker A Research on Sentence Similarity for Question Answering System Based on Multi-feature Fusion Haipeng Ruan, Yuan Li, Qinling Wang, and Yu Liu Development and Evaluation of an Operational Service Robot Using Wikipedia-Based and Domain Ontologies Hiroshi Asano, Takeshi Morita, and Takahira Yamaguchi Web Mining and Warehousing Temporal TF-IDF: A High Performance Approach for Event Summarization in Twitter Nasser Alsaedi, Pete Burnap, and Omer Rana Tracking User Activities and Marketplace Dynamics in Classified Ads Muhammad Waqar and Davood Rafiei Mining Social Media Content for Crime Prediction Somayyeh Aghababaei and Masoud Makrehchi Leveraging Large Corpora Using Internet Search for Question Answering Sean Gallagher and Wlodek Zadrozny Determining Word-Emotion Associations from Tweets by Multi-label Classification Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Eibe Frank, Saif M. Mohammad, and Bernhard Pfahringer ExATO - High Quality Term Extraction for Portuguese and English Lucelene Lopes, Paulo Fernandes, and Renata Vieira Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Using Common Neighbours Similarity Masoud Makrehchi We Didn't Miss You: Interpolating Missing Opinions Iuliia Chepurna and Masoud Makrerhchi xi Context Free Frequently Asked Questions Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques Fatemeh Razzaghi, Hamed Minaee, and Ali A. Ghorbani Practical Web Data Extraction: Are We There Yet? - A Short Survey Andreas Schulz, Jörg Lässig, and Martin Gaedke Tweet Sentiment Analysis by Incorporating Sentiment-Specific Word Embedding and Weighted Text Features Quanzhi Li, Sameena Shah, Rui Fang, Armineh Nourbakhsh, and Xiaomo Liu A Basic Study on Spoiler Detection from Review Comments Using Story Documents Kyosuke Maeda, Yoshinori Hijikata, and Satoshi Nakamura Personalized Recommendation with Confidence Xiaoqin Shelley Zhang, Sadhana Kuthuru, Rama Mara, and Brahmi Mamillapalli Stance Classification by Recognizing Related Events about Targets Akira Sasaki, Junta Mizuno, Naoaki Okazaki, and Kentaro Inui Frame Dispatcher: A Multi-frame Classification System for Social Movement by Using Microblogging Data Hung-Min Hsu, Wei-Sheng Zeng, Chen-Shuo Hung, Dung-Sheng Chen, Ray-I Chang, Shian-Hua Lin, and Jan-Ming Ho Web Search & Recommendation Improved Combination of Multiple Retrieval Systems Using a Dynamic Combinatorial Fusion Algorithm Hongzhi Liu, Zhonghai Wu, D. Frank Hsu, and Bruce S. Kristal Enhanced Affinity Inference Based Recommender Systems Nan Li and Longin Jan Latecki A Multi-context BDI Recommender System: From Theory to Simulation Amel Ben Othmane, Andrea Tettamanzi, Serena Villata, and Nhan Le Thanh Fusing Search Results from Possible Alternative Queries Ashraf Bah and Ben Carterette Statistical-Based Image Tagging Mohamed Masoud, Sanghoon Lee, and Saeid Belkasim A Language and an Inference Engine for Twitter Filtering Rules Alberto Bartoli, Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari, and Eric Medvet Handicraft Women Recommendation Approach Based on User's Social Tagging Operations Saida Kichou, Hakima Mellah, Omar Boussaid, and Abdelkrim Meziane A Recommendation System Using OLAP Approach Lixin Fu xii A Composite Recommendation System for Planning Tourist Visits Idir Benouaret and Dominique Lenne Web Page Recommendation Based on Bitwise Frequent Pattern Mining Fan Jiang, Carson Leung, and Adam G. M. Pazdor Just-In-Time Recommendation Approach within a Mobile Context Imen Akermi, Mohand Boughanem, and Rim Faiz Social Networks and Ubiquitous Intelligence Collaborative Web Authoring of 3D Surfaces Using Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices Andrés Cortés-Dávalos and Sonia Mendoza A Journey of Bounty Hunters: Analyzing the Influence of Reward Systems on StackOverflow Question Response Times Philipp Berger, Patrick Hennig, Tom Bocklisch, Tom Herold, and Christoph Meinel Social Filtering: User-Centric Approach to Social Trend Prediction Iuliia Chepurna and Masoud Makrerhchi Knowledge Grids and Grid Intelligence Multi-organizational Access Control Model Based on Mobile Agents for Cloud Computing Zeineb Ben Yahya, Farah Barika Ktata, and Khaled Ghedira Web Agents Fast Reinforcement Learning by Mirror Images Takehiro Kitao and Takao Miura A Cooperative Task Execution Mechanism for Personal Assistant Agents Using Ability Ontology Sho Oishi and Naoki Fukuta Managing Evolving Trust Policies within Open and Decentralized Communities Reda Yaich On Learning and Co-learning Effective Strategies in Iterated Travelers' Dilemma Predrag T. Tošic xiii Web Services Current Landscape of Web Service Discovery: A Typology Based on Five Characteristics Waeal J. Obidallah, Umar Ruhi, and Bijan Raahemi Dynamic Allocation of Service Function Chains under Priority Dependency Constraint Mohamed Masoud, Sanghoon Lee, and Saeid Belkasim Intelligent Human-Web Interaction Adding Search Queries to Picture Lifelogs for Memory Retrieval Akira Kubota, Tomu Tominaga, Yoshinori Hijikata, and Nobuchika Sakata Classification via Hidden Markov Trees for a Vision-Based Approach to Conveying Webpages to Users with Assistive Needs Michael Cormier, Richard Mann, Robin Cohen, and Kary Moffatt Contextual Binding and Intelligent Targeting Jim Q. Chen Predictive Power of Public Emotions as Extracted from Daily News Articles on the Movements of Stock Market Indices Chayanin Wong and In-Young Ko An Interactive Circular Visual Analytic Tool for Visualization of Web Data Patrick M. J. Dubois, Zhao Han, Fan Jiang, and Carson K. Leung Web Intelligence Applications A Distributed Approach to Constructing Travel Solutions by Exploiting Web Resources Oudom Kem, Flavien Balbo, and Antoine Zimmermann Development and Application of Mobile Nursing System in Obstetrics Ye Yuan, Kebin Jia, and Zhonghua Sun Best Dinner Ever!!! : Automatic Generation of Restaurant Reviews with LSTM-RNN Alberto Bartoli, Andrea de Lorenzo, Eric Medvet, Dennis Morello, and Fabiano Tarlao Ridiculously Expensive Watches and Surprisingly Many Reviewers: A Study of Irony Pavel Savov and Radoslaw Nielek Author Index xiv
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