2016 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2016)

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2016 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2016) Dallas, Texas, USA 3-5 May 2016 Pages IEEE Catalog Number: ISBN: 1/2 CFP16TAD-POD Copyright 2016
2016 IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition (T&D 2016) Dallas, Texas, USA 3-5 May 2016 Pages IEEE Catalog Number: ISBN: 1/2 CFP16TAD-POD Copyright 2016 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc All Rights Reserved Copyright and Reprint Permissions: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limit of U.S. copyright law for private use of patrons those articles in this volume that carry a code at the bottom of the first page, provided the per-copy fee indicated in the code is paid through Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA For other copying, reprint or republication permission, write to IEEE Copyrights Manager, IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ All rights reserved. ***This publication is a representation of what appears in the IEEE Digital Libraries. Some format issues inherent in the e-media version may also appear in this print version. IEEE Catalog Number: ISBN (Print-On-Demand): ISBN (Online): ISSN: CFP16TAD-POD Additional Copies of This Publication Are Available From: Curran Associates, Inc 57 Morehouse Lane Red Hook, NY USA Phone: (845) Fax: (845) Web: Table of Contents (Filenames used are shown) Co- Ning Lu, North Carolina State University Pengwei Du, ERCOT Energy Development and Power Generation Overview: Cost Benefit Study of GHG Mitigation & Adaptation Technologies Pengwei Du Cost-Effective Energy Storage Applications Michael Kintner-Meyer Cost Benefit Study: SST Powered DC/AC Hybrid Microgrid Mesut Baran Cost benefit study: Operation of High PV Penetration Distribution Systems Matthew Rylander Cost Benefit Study: VVO and FLSR Applications Frederic dubois Cost-Effective Home/Building Energy Management Systems Ning Lu TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Bob Uluski, Utility Integration Solutions Transmission and Distribution Requirements for DERMS integration with Microgrids Jianhui Wang Grid Interactive Microgrid Controllers Arindam Maitra Status of industry efforts to standardize DMS DERMS Efforts Jim Reilly Forecasting & mitigating intermittent DER impacts on electric distribution systems Tom Bialek TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Brian Johnson, University of Idaho Transmission and Distribution Planning for HVDC Projects Michael Henderson Overview of VSC HVDC Neil Kirby Overview of LCC HVDC Brian Johnson Changing/Optimizing Electric Power Networks by Using Flexible HVDC Technologies Alex Wang TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Manuel Avendano, ComEd PSACE A Novel Newton-Raphson Algorithm for Power Flow Analysis in the Presence of Constant Current Sources Nazila Rajaei; Mohammed Ahmed and Magdy Salama geolocation of utility assets using omnidirectional ground-based photographic imagery Andrea Mammoli; Hisham Tariq; Thomas Caudell and John Simmins Distribution System Low-Voltage Circuit Topology Estimation using Smart Metering Data Jouni Peppanen; Matthew J. Reno; Robert J. Broderick and Santiago Grijalva Distributed Energy Management for Supply- Demand Coordination in a Smart Grid Yihe Zhang; Ling Gao and Yinliang Xu Weighted sum approach using Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization to Solve Multi-objective Energy Scheduling Nuno Borges; Joao Soares; Zita Vale and Bruno Canizes Distributed Control for Multiple Battery Energy Storage Systems in a Microgrid Qiang Wan; Wenping Zhang; Yinliang Xu and Irfan Khan A Robust Load Shedding Strategy for Microgrid Islanding Transition Guodong Liu; Bailu Xiao; Michael Starke; Oguzhan Ceylan and Kevin Tomsovic PMU-based Reduced-order Modeling of Power System Dynamics via Selective Modal Analysis Benjamin Wiseman; Yang Chen; Le Xie and P. R. Kumar Improving Robustness and Modeling Generality for Power Flow Analysis Marko Jereminov; David Bromberg; Xin Li; Gabriela Hug and Larry Pileggi TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Accuracy of Clustering as a Method to Group Distribution Feeders by PV Hosting Capacity Robert Broderick; Karina Munoz-Ramos and Matthew Reno Critical Line Identification for Hypothesized Multiple Line Attacks against Power Systems Ming Wang; Yingmeng Xiang; Lingfeng Wang; David Yu and Jie Jiang Effects of Solar and Wind Generation Integration on Feeder Hosting Capacity Dimitra Apostolopoulou; Kyriakos Anastasopoulos and Shay Bahramirad TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Julio Romero, Quanta Technology Power System Operations Dynamic Economic Dispatch for Microgrids: A Fully Distributed Approach Weiye Zheng; Wenchuan Wu; Boming Zhang; Hongbin Sun; Qinglai Guo and Chenhui Lin A Comprehensive Comparison of Current Operating Reserve Methodologies Ibrahim Krad; Eduardo Ibanez and Wenzhong Gao Wind Power Ramping Product for Increasing Power System Flexibility Mingjian Cui; Jie Zhang; Hongyu Wu; Bri-Mathias Hodge; Deping Ke and Yuanzhang Sun Experimental Study of Battery Energy Storage Systems Participating in Grid Frequency Regulation Youngjin Kim Impacts of Short-Term Solar Power Forecasts in System Operations Eduardo Ibanez; Ibrahim Krad; Erik Ela and Bri-Mathias Hodge A New Co-optimization Model for Grid Scale Storage Units in Energy and Frequency Regulation Markets Amirsaman Arabali; Babak Asghari and Ratnesh Sharma Outage Evaluation Integrated with Multi-time Network Study in Energy Management Systems Song Zhang; Wei Qiu; Weiguo Wang; Davis Hwang; Ferdinand Furigay and Jose Casanova Impacts of Rooftop Solar Panels on Network Reconfiguration Problem Gokturk Poyrazoglu Managing Uncertainties in Multi-Market Environment: A Risk-Related Approach Yuqian Song and Jin Zhong Chance Constraint Based Risk-Aware Optimal Power Flow for Cascading Failure Prevention Chao Luo; Jun Yang; Yufei Tang; Haibo He and Mingsong Liu TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Probabilistic Impact of Transmission Line Switching on Power System Operating States Payman Dehghanian and Mladen Kezunovic Stochastic Unit Commitment basec on ARIMA Scenario Generation and Reduction Guangyuan Zhang and Wanning Li TD PDF TD PDF Dimitra Apostolopoulou, ComEd Transmission and Distribution 43 km Double-Circuit AC 380 kv Submarine-Land Cables in Italy between Sicily and Calabria Roberto Benato; Sebastian Dambone Sessa; Riccardo De Zan; Maria Rosaria Guarniere; Giuseppe Lavecchia and Paolo Sylos Labini TD PDF Sequence Impedances for High Phase Order Power Transmission Systems G. Heydt and Brian Pierre TD PDF A Categorization of Converter Station Controllers Within Multi-terminal DC Transmission Systems Roni Irnawan; Filipe Faria da Silva; Claus Leth Bak and Tom Chresten Bregnhøj Assessment of Distributed Generation Influences on Fuse-Recloser Protection Systems in Radial Distribution Networks Keaton Wheeler; Mohamed Elsamahy and Sherif Faried Analysis of Fault-Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery Using EMTP Simulations Krishnanjan Gubba Ravikumar; Scott Manson; John Undrill and Joseph Eto LIGHTNING OUTAGE TRANSMISSION LINE RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT WITH SURGE ARRESTERS Carlos ROMUALDO TORRES; Miguel RAMIREZ GONZALEZ and Antonio ESCAMILLA PAZ Improved Method for Locating Faults Upstream from Distributed Generation Kyung Woo Min; Swagata Das and Surya Santoso An Approximate Method for Voltage Sensitivity Calculation in Unbalanced Distribution Systems Reza Jamalzadeh and Mingguo Hong Resiliency Testing of Overhead Distribution Components and Systems Joe Potvin and Tom Short Automatic Subtransmission Fault Location System using Power Quality Monitors Daniel Sabin; Andrew Dettloff and Paul Golden Power Flow Solution for Multi-Frequency AC Power Systems Quan Nguyen TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Grid Edge Control: A New Approach for Volt-VAR Optimization Rohit Moghe; Damien Tholomier; Deepak Divan; Joe Schatz and Dexter Lewis TD PDF Mark Halpin, Auburn University Transmission and Distribution Statistical Harmonic Limits: 95th and 99th Percentiles Math Bollen Application Principles of IEEE Std Mark Halpin Measurement Techniques and Parameters for Harmonics and Interharmonics Rich Bighma Applying Harmonic Limits David Mueller Interharmonic Limits in Erich Gunther TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Jeff Wang, Engineering & Technology Solutions, Inc. Transmission and Distribution Transmission Line Asset Management through Conductor Motion Management Jeff Wang TD PDF Robert Nelson, Siemens Transmission and Distribution Proposed Advanced Grid Interconnection Requirements for Distributed Energy Resources in IEEE 1547 Revision Animul Huque Finding a Balance - Bulk Power System Performance and Mandates Jessica Bian ERCOT Practices for Voltage Support for Wind Generation Resources Fred Huang CAISO s Proposed Reactive Power Requirements for Renewable Resources Clyde Loutan Ontario IESO Requirements for Voltage and Reactive Regulation for Renewable Power Plants Stephen Burns Coordination of Controls of Renewable Power Plants to Meet Steady State and Dynamic Response Requirements for Voltage Control and Reactive Power Supply James Feltes TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Advanced Concepts in Volt/Var Control of GE Renewables Plants Matthew Richwine Summary of Best Practices for Voltage Regulation in Renewable Power Plants Robert Nelson TD PDF TD PDF Energy Development and Power Generation Microgrid Load Management and Control Strategies William Moran Generation and Evaluation of photovoltaic Forecasts based on freely available Weather Data Alexander Zeh; Christoph Hainzinger and Rolf Witzmann Multi-Objective Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Systems using Reliability Indices Nikolaos G. Paterakis; Andrea Mazza; Sergio F. Santos; Ozan Erdinc; Gianfranco Chicco; Anastasios G. Bakirtzis and Joao Catalao Locational Sensitivity Investigation on PV Hosting Capacity and Fast Track PV Screening Fei Ding; Barry Mather; Nathan Ainsworth; Peter Gotseff and Kryi Baker Allocation of Plug-In Vehicles Parking Lots in Distribution Systems considering Network- Constrained Objectives Nilufar Neyestani; Maziar Yazdani- Damavandi; Miadreza Shafie-Khah; Javier Contreras and Joao Catalao Modeling Operational Behavior of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Parking Lot in Multi-Energy Systems Maziar Yazdani-Damavandi; Mohsen Parsa Moghaddam; Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam; Miadreza Shafie-khah and Joao Catalao Stochastic Modeling of Multi-Energy Carriers Dependencies in Smart Local Networks with Distributed Energy Resources Nilufar Neyestani; Maziar Yazdani- Damavandi; Miadreza Shafie-khah; Gianfranco Chicco and Joao Catalao Risk Constrained Offering Strategy of Wind Power Producers considering Intraday Demand Response Exchange E. Heydarian-Forushani; M. Parsa Moghaddam; M. K. Sheikh-El-Eslami; M. Shafie-khah and Joao Catalao Dimensioning and Control of Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Power Leveling Stefan Henninger; Johann Jaeger and Hubert Rubenbauer Optimal Wind Reversible Hydro Offering Strategies for Midterm Planning TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF TD PDF Agustín A. Sánchez de la Nieta; Javier Contreras; José Ignacio Muñoz and Joao Catalao TD PDF Electric Machinery Dynamic Performance of Residential Motor Loads richard bravo Air Conditioners with richard bravo and Matthew Norwalk TD PDF TD PDF Emerging Technologies Coordinating Investigate the Impacts of PEV Charging Facilities on Integrated Electric Distribution System and Electrified Transportation System Jingwei Xiong; Kuilin Zhang; Yi Guo and TD PDF 21 Wencong Su Compact Gas-insulated Systems for High Voltage Direct Current Transmission: Design and Testing Uwe Riechert; Ueli Straumann; Robin TD PDF 21 Gremaud and Magnus Callavik Compact Gas-insulated Systems for High Voltage Direct Current Transmission: Basic Design Uwe Riechert; Ueli Straumann and Robin TD PDF 220 Gremaud Frequency Behavior of Variable Renewable Energy Sources during Power Deficiency Events A. Rahouma, R. El-Azab, M. Adma, A. Amin TD PDF 225 Understanding Grid Parity - A look into the future of Solar PV Austin Rosenbaum and Wenzhong Gao TD PDF 231 Daniel Sullivan, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc Substations Planning and Specification of Dynamic Reactive Compensation Doug Mader Dynamic Reactive Compensation Technology and Specification Gregory Reed FACTS Applications and Experiences at First Energy Joe Browning FACTS Applications and Experiences at Dominion Virginia Power Mark McVey FACTS Applications and Experiences at Oncor Electric Todd Rosenberger TD PDF N/A TD PDF N/A TD PDF N/A TD PDF N/A TD PDF N/A Intelligent Grid Coordinating The Design and Implementation of the Enterprise Level Data Platform and Big Data Driven Applications and Analytics Hesen Liu; Jiahui Guo; Wenpeng Yu; Tao Xia; Rui Sun; Matthew Gardner; Lin Zhu and Yilu Liu Two-Stage Economic Operation of Microgrid-Like Electric Vehicle Parking Deck Yi Guo; Jingwei Xiong; Shengyao Xu and Wencong Su Distributed Load Shedding over Directed Communication Networks with Time Delays Tao Yang and Di Wu Smart Grid Testbed for Wide-Area Monitoring and Control Systems Aaron St. Leger; Jeremy Spruce; Thomas Banwell and Michael Collins Resilient Operation of Multiple Energy Carrier Microgrids Saeed Manshadi and Mohammad Khodayar A Decision Tree Based Approach for Controlled Islanding of Microgrids Riyasat Azim and Fangxing Li A Preliminary Communication-Assisted Hybrid Control Strategy for Maximum Reliability and Efficiency in Smart Grids Ahsan Shahid Advanced Inverter Functions and Communication Protocols for Distribution Management Adarsh Nagarajan; Bryan Palmintier and Murali Baggu Neuro-Fuzzy Based UPQC Controller for Power Quality Improvement in Micro Grid System Udaya Kishan Renduchintala and Chenzong Pang Optimal Planning of Urban Microgrids with an Energy Management System Mike Quashie and Geza Joos Predictive Scheduling for Electric Vehicles Considering Uncertainty of Load and User Behaviors Bin Wang; Rui Huang; Yubo Wang; Hamidreza Nazaripouya; Charlie Qiu; Chi-cheng Chu and Rajit Gadh TD PDF 236 TD PDF 41 TD PDF 242 TD PDF 2 7 TD PDF 2 2 TD PDF 253 TD PDF 258 TD PDF 263 TD PDF 268 TD PDF 273 TD PDF 278 Insulated Conductors Optimization of a very low frequency (VLF) high-voltage cable test system Stefan Eberharter; Wolfgang Kemmetmueller and Andreas Kugi Ethylene Alkene Elastomers for Cable Insulation Applications Paul Brigandi; Paul Caronia; Stephen Cree; Morgan Hughes and Colin Li Pi Shan TD PDF 283 TD PDF 288 A Next Generation Advanced Water Tree-Retardant Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulation for Long Life Power Cables Paul Caronia; Paul Brigandi; Timothy Person and Stephen Cree Technical Considerations for Applying Trenchless Technology Methods to Underground Power Cables Earle C. (Rusty) Bascom, III; James Williams and Mark Kwilinski Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulation Materials Technology for Reduction of Cable Degassing Time Yabin Sun and Timothy Person Localized PRPD Pattern for Defect Recognition on MV and HV Cables Daniel Götz; Hein Putter; Frank Petzold; Sacha Markalous and Marco Stephan Early Warning of Water Tree Presence in Long Distance Underground Cable Through Extrapolation-Comparison Method Qi Chen and Xufeng Xu TD PDF 293 TD PDF 298 TD PDF 303 TD PDF 307 TD PDF 311 Marine Systems Coordinating Stability Analysis of a Grid-Connected Tidal Power-Generation System Li Wang; Jian-Ming Pan and Anton V. Prokhorov TD PDF 316 Aleksi Paaso, ComEd Transmission and Distribution DELETE ME Aleksi Paaso TD PDF N/A Mehdi Ganji, Willdan Energy Solutions Intelligent Grid Coordinating Solving Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration and concurrent DG Installation problems for Power loss Minimization by Multi Swarm Cooperative PSO algorithm Soumitri Jena and Sushil Chauhan A Fog Computing Solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure Yu Yan and Wencong Su Micro-Synchrophasor Data for Diagnosis of Transmission and Distribution Level Events Anna Liao; Emma Stewart and Emre Kara Novel Approach to Voltage Control in Microgrid for Optimizing the Active Power Consumption Aisha Pasha and Hatem Zeineldin TD PDF 321 TD PDF 330 TD PDF 334 TD PDF 339 Univariate Time Series Prediction of Solar Power Using a Hybrid Wavelet-ARMA-NARX Prediction Method Hamidreza Nazaripouya; Bin Wang; Yubo Wang; Peter Chu; Hemanshu Pota and Rajit Gadh Optimal Electricity Pricing in a Microgrid Network Mosaddek Tushar and Chadi Assi Intelligent System for MV Overhead Feeders Load Control WALTER PINHEIRO; Simone Cristina Nunes Araujo; Geraldo Roberto De Almeida; Luis Carlos Casagrande; Alessandro Pedro Dadam; Ayslan De Souza Ferreira and Neissan De Alencastro Simultaneous Participation of Demand Response Aggregators in Ancillary Services and Demand Response Exchange Markets M. Shafie-khah; D. Z. Fitiwi; E. Heydarian-Forushani; M. E. H. Golshan and Joao Catalao Dynamic Performance of Residential Electronic Loads during Voltage Deviations richard bravo Reference Architecture for Self Healing Distribution Networks YVES CHOLLOT and TOM BERRY Cyber Physical Simulation and Remote Testing of Remedial Action Schemes Arvind Mallikeswaran; Tanvi Ashwarya; Shwetha Niddodi; Anurag Srivastava; David Bakken and Patrick Panciatici Investigating the Necessity of Distribution Markets in Accomodating High Penetration Microgrids Sina Parhizi and Amin Khodaei TD PDF 344 TD PDF 349 TD PDF 54 TD PDF 358 TD PDF 363 TD PDF 3 8 TD PDF 373 TD PDF 378 Sahar Hendabadi, CRS Group Substations Challenges of Implementing Substation Hardware Upgrades for NERC CIP Version 5 Compliance to Enhance Cybersecurity Joseph Cole Technical Requirements and Design of the Indianapolis Power & Light 138 kv Southwest Static Var Compensator Gregory Reed; Brandon Grainger; Mark Kempker; Phillip Bierer; Al Such; Robert Grubb; Daniel Sullivan; Donald Shoup; Bryan Buterbaugh and Jan Paramalingam Architecture Design and Implementation of Substation Dashboard Oriented to O&M Center Li Peng; Xu Aidong; Guo Xiaobin; Chen Bo; Chen Haomin; Xi Wei; Yao Hao; Peng Xiangang and Liu Yi New non-conventional instrument transformer (NCIT) - a future technology in gas insulated switchgear TD PDF 383 TD PDF 388 TD PDF 393 Patrice Guenther; Holger Heine and Farel Becker Underground Transmission Lines for High Power AC and DC Transmission Michael Tenzer; Hermann Koch and Denis Imamovic KV Substation Upgrade Project Edward Crockett; James Kerkhoven; Douglas Eakins; Brian Smith and Carl Formento A Topology Based Model for Two-Winding, Shell- Type, Single-Phase Transformer Inter-Turn Faults Liman Zhuang; Brian Johnson; Xusheng Chen and Edward William Investigation on Frequency Respomse Analysis Measurement Method for Power Transformer Impedance Tadashi Koshizuka Understanding DGA Techniques and Interpretations Jeff Golarz Vibration Response Analysis of Transformer Winding by Finite Element Method Guochao Qian; Fenghua Wang; Yong Lu and Miaozhong He A Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation of Power Transformers via Dissolved Gas Analysis Chris Rutledge and Randy Cox Life Time Analysis of Distribution Transformer Using Experimental Design mohammad heidari kapourchali; Amin Mohsenzadeh; Mojtaba Sepehry; visvakumar aravinthan and chengzong pang TD PDF 398 TD PDF 403 TD PDF 407 TD PDF 12 TD PDF 417 TD PDF 422 TD PDF 427 TD PDF 432 TD PDF 437 John McDaniel, National Grid Energy Development and Power Generation Long-Term Solar Generation Forecasting Mohana Alanazi; Abdulaziz Alanazi and Amin Khodaei A Method for Determining the Relationship between Solar Irradiance and Distribution Feeder Loading Phillip Anderson; Brett Efaw and Ellen McKinney Non-frequency sensitive all-pass filter based single-phase PLLs Malek Ramezani; Saeed Golestan and Shuhui Li Asymmetric Fault Ride through Capability Enhancement of DFIG Based Variable Speed Wind Generator by DC Resistive Fault Current Limiter Md Maruf Hossain and Mohd. Hasan Ali Analytical Solution of Dynamic Economic Dispatch Considering Wind Generation TD PDF 442 TD PDF 447 TD PDF 452 TD PDF 457 Juan M. Lujano-Rojas; Gerardo J. Osório; Miadreza Shafie-khah and Joao Catalao Control of Voltage Source Co
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