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2016 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference (EIConRusNW 2016) Saint Petersburg, Russia 2-3 February 2016 IEEE Catalog Number: ISBN: CFP16A11-POD
2016 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference (EIConRusNW 2016) Saint Petersburg, Russia 2-3 February 2016 IEEE Catalog Number: ISBN: CFP16A11-POD Copyright 2016 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc All Rights Reserved Copyright and Reprint Permissions: Abstracting is permitted with credit to the source. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limit of U.S. copyright law for private use of patrons those articles in this volume that carry a code at the bottom of the first page, provided the per-copy fee indicated in the code is paid through Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA For other copying, reprint or republication permission, write to IEEE Copyrights Manager, IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ All rights reserved. ***This publication is a representation of what appears in the IEEE Digital Libraries. Some format issues inherent in the e-media version may also appear in this print version. IEEE Catalog Number: CFP16A11-POD ISBN (Print-On-Demand): ISBN (Online): Additional Copies of This Publication Are Available From: Curran Associates, Inc 57 Morehouse Lane Red Hook, NY USA Phone: (845) Fax: (845) Web: Contents Preface... 2 From history of Electrical Engineering V: Electron Discovery and its Properties Estimation... 3 A. Mikerov Micro & Nano Electronics Growth Characteristics of Nanostructured Lead Sulfide Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition... 9 P. Afonicheva, L. Matyushkin Temperature Characteristics Super Lattices Based On Solid Solution AlGaInN A. Aglikov, A. Evseenkov, A. Obukhova, S. Tarasov Bipolar Resistive Switching in PbO Nanoscale Thin Films L. Alekseeva, A. Petrov, D. Chigirev Cadmium Sulfide Thin Films Produced by Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction Method A. Andronov, L. Matyushkin, D. Hondryukov Morphology and Internal Structure of Porous Silicon Powders in Dependence on the Conditions of Post-Processing A. Belorus, K. Bespalova, Yu. Spivak Study of Sol-Gel Nanocomposites Modified by Zinc Oxide Nanowires A. Bobkov, S. Nalimova, A. Maximov An Application Report: Protective Thin Film Layers for High Temperature Sensor Technology F. Dencker, M. Wurz, S. Dubrovskiy, E. Koroleva Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator as Sensing Element of Microoptical Gyro A. Dmitriyeva, Yu. Filatov, E. Shalymov, V. Venediktov The Modeling of the Light Output of Blue LEDs Based On GaN/AlGaN by Monte Carlo Simulation A. Evseenkov, I. Lamkin, A. Solomonov Investigation of Thermal Properties of Different Particle Size Perlite Coated Polyester Nonwoven 42 S. Eyupoglu, M. Kilinc, N. Merdan, H. Dayioglu Silicon Carbide and Diamond Field Emission Cathodes V. Golubkov, V. Ilyin, M. Kuznetsova, A. Serkov Fabrication of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals by Sol-Gel Method V. Ilinykh, L. Matyushkin A Study of Charge Losses in 4H-SiC Drift Step Recovery Diodes (DSRD) B. Ivanov, A. Smirnov, S. Shevchenko /16 $ IEEE 833 Comparative Analysis of RC- and RLC- Complex Filters for Microwave Microelectronic Phaseshifters N. Ivanov, A. Korotkov Performance Improvement of an Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuator by Using DMSO as Solvent I. Khmelnitskiy, L. Vereschagina, V. Kalyonov, A. Krot, A. Korlyakov The Study of the Phase Composition of Polymorphous Silicon Film by Raman Spectroscopy V. Koshevoi, N. Pshchelko, A. Belorus, V. Levitskiy Selective Photodiodes for Ultraviolet Based on Metal-AlGaN Solid Solutions I. Lamkin, A. Evseenkov, A. Aglikov Synthesis of Colloidal ZnSe Quantum Dots Doped with Manganese D. Mazing, A. Nikiforova, O. Aleksandrova, V. Moshnikov Electric Circuit Solutions for Flow Reactor Synthesis of Nanoparticles R. Mbwahnche, O. Alexandrova, O. Ryzhov, D. Mazing, V. Moshnikov Problems and Approaches in Layup Path Planning for Anisotropic Composite Structures M. Schemelev, G. Prokofiev Alumina-Based Porous Materials A. Sinitsyn, Yu. Spivak Light-emitting Structures Based on Colloidal Quantum Dots of Cadmium Sulphide Having a High Color Rendering Index E. Stepanov, I. Mikhailov, S. Tarasov, A. Solomonov The Study of CdSe/ZnS and CdSeZnS/ZnS Colloidal Quantum Dots Structures as Flexible Electronics Components P. Tadtaev, M. Gurevich, L. Kozlovich, I. Mikhailov, A. Solomonov Microwave and Structural Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate Films Grown Under Different Technological Conditions A. Tumarkin, A. Odinets, A. Gagarin, A. Altynnikov, E. Sapego, O. Vendik The Сomputer Simulation of the Proceses of the Nanoscale Film s Growth and Annealing During Magnetron Sputtering V. Tupik, Chu Trong Su, I. Steblevska Phase-Sensitive Photoreflectance Investigation of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well Structures I. Tyurin, O. Komkov How to Choose Leak Detection Method M. Vinogradov, D. Kostrin, M. Karganov, V. Tiskovich Photocatalytic and Photoluminescence Properties of the Copper and Manganese Modified Zinc Oxide N. Yakushova, I. Averin, B. Donkova, D. Dimitrov, I. Pronin, D. Mazing, O. Aleksandrova, V. Moshnikov /16 $ IEEE 834 Information & Computer Science The Examination of the Effects of Quercus Aegilops Extract Used as Natural Mordant on Colourfulness Features of Natural Dyeing M. Akkaya, S. Eyupoglu Jitter Calculation in Core IMS BA Alassane., Konate Karim, N. Chervyakov, M. Deryabin, M. Babenko, M. Shabalina Six-Body Problem Solution Using Symplectic Integrators V. Andreev, S. Goryainov, V. Krasilnikov ASIC and MEMS Co-Design Methodology Y. Andryakov, A. Anikina, Y. Belyaev, A. Belogurov, D. Kostygov, D. Puzankov The Building of Covert Channels in Serverless P2P Filesharing Networks A. Antineskul, I. Bezukladnikov Application of Evolutionary Algorithms in Interaction Design M. Bakaev, M. Gaedke Special Digital Signature Schemes Based on GOST R A. Beresneva, A. Epishkina, O. Isupova, K. Kogos, M. Shimkiv A Survey on Methods of Timing Parameters Probabilistic Evaluation in Distributed Control Systems I. Bezukladnikov, S. Dadenkov, E. Kon Problem of Network Monitoring in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks I. Bezukladnikov, A. Gavrilov Application of Regression Analysis for Data Processing of Inertial Track Monitoring System А. Boronahin, A. Kukaev, D. Larionov, L. Podgornaya, R. Shalymov, E. Bokhman Investigation of Incoming Airflow Influence on the Image Stability in an Optical System of Relative Objects Position Determination A. Boronahin, Yu. Filatov, A. Gorelaya, B. Kodatskiy, V. Makarov, Yu. Venediktov Determining the Direction of the Target with Usage Of LFM Signal R. Bulyakulov Symmetric Extrapolation Solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations D. Butusov, A. Karimov, A. Tutueva Semi-Implicit ODE Solver for Matrix Riccati Equation D. Butusov, T. Karimov, V. Ostrovskii The Improved Method for Robotic Devices Control with Operator's Emotions Detection E. Chepin, A. Dyumin, G. Urvanov, T. Voznenko Computation of Positional Characteristics of Numbers /16 $ IEEE 835 in RNS Based on Approximate Method N. Chervyakov, M. Babenko, M. Deryabin, A. Nazarov, M. Shabalina The Development of Secure Mobile Computing Network Based on Secret Sharing Schemes N. Chervyakov, M. Babenko, M. Deryabin, M. Shabalina, BA Alassane The Development and Researching of Lightweight Pseudorandom Number Generators I. Chugunkov, O. Novikova, V. Perevozchikov, S. Troitskiy The Optimization of Statistical Tests for Pseudorandom Number Generators I. Chugunkov, A. Prokofiev, P. Strelchenko Reputation Risks through Information Security Incidents V. Dorokhov, A. Yankenskiy Implementation of Color Face Recognition Using PCA and k-nn Classifier C. Eyupoglu Information System for Room s Technological Processes Management Based on Fuzzy Logic V. Gorbunov, D. Bobrikov, A. Balashov Image Segmentation for Determinations of Object Descriptions V. Gorbunov, D. Bobrikov, Thet Naing Win Increasing CCD Frame Rate and Signal-to-Noise Ratio with High Resolution Capability Using On-Chip Preprocessing and Multisignal Image Representation F. Inochkin, S. Kruglov, I. Bronshtein W-Band Microstrip Line to Waveguide Transition Simulation A. Ivanov, I. Smelov, A. Tupitsyn Software Development Framework for a Distributed Storage and GPGPU Data Processing Infrastructure I. Kamenskikh, D. Sinelnikov, D. Kalintsev, A. Kozlov, M. Rovnyagin, D. Shulga Implementation of Digital Filters in the Residue Number System D. Kaplun, V. Gulvanskiy, D. Klionskiy, M. Kupriyanov, A. Veligosha Time-Reversibility in Chaotic Problems Numerical Solution A. Karimov, T. Karimov, D. Butusov Proposals of Compact-Spectrum CDMA Signatures for the Future GNSS Air Interface А. Khachaturian, A. Mikheev, V. Kutuzov Research of Temperature Controller for Difussion Process Based on Neural Network Zaw Min Khaing, A. Schagin Distributed Execution Environment for Data Mining as Service I. Kholod, K. Borisenko Increasing the Functionality of the Modern NoSQL-Systems with GPGPU-Technology /16 $ IEEE 836 A. Kozlov, A. Aleshina, I. Kamenskikh, M. Rovnyagin, D. Sinelnikov, D. Shulga Actuality of Fuzzy Logic Use for Implementation Pumping Equipment L. Kozlova, N. Polorotov, O. Kozlova Imitation Model of the Coasting Ships Processing I. Kukushkin, S. Sokolov, A. Nyrkov, L. Pavlova Video Processing in Codec, Which is Better Than H S. Kuzmin, R. Bulyakulov Using the Applications Reentering for Improvement the GRID Computing Efficiency S. Lupin, A. Pachin, O. Kostrova, D. Fedyashin Hybrid Modelling as a Tool for Analysis of Information Systems Security S. Lupin, Hein Tun, Aye Min Thike, M. Puschin Improvement of Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Accuracy by Means of Current Loop Circuit Using Optimal Digital Signal Processing A. L vov, P. L vov, R. Konovalov Method of Increasing the Contrast of Low-Contrast Objects by Combining Spectral Bands N. Lysenko, A. Chirkunova Applying Kutter-Jordan-Bossen Seganographic Algorithm in Video Sequences N. Lysenko, G. Labkov The Realization of Naive Bayes Algorithm in the Logic Programming Framework PROLOG A. Malov, S. Rodionov, I. Kholod Methods and Technologies of Automated Learning for Improvement of Autonomous Robots Adaptivity S. Man'ko, V. Lokhin, M. Romanov, A. Romanov, M. Stashkevich, A. Panin Methods of Distributed Systems Structured Modelling A. Martirosyan, K. Martirosyan, A. Chernyshev Evaluation of Effectiveness of the Coding and Decoding Algorithms in Information Channels Realized on Base of Code Signal Feature P. Martynov, А. L vov, O. Dolinina, M. Svеtlоv Integrated Identifier for Object Management Circuit V. Nikulin, T. Legotkina A 16-bit 4 MSPS DAC for lock-in amplifier in 65nm CMOS A. Noorwali, Syed Manzoor Qasim, Ahmad Samim Doost, Anh Huynh Linear Blur Compensation in Digital Images Using Lucy-Richardson Method K. Panfilova, S. Umnyashkin Construction of Thematic Ontologies Using the Method of Automated Thesauri Development /16 $ IEEE 837 I. Pisarev, E. Kotova Fault-Tolerant Self-Timed Indicator A. Plotnikova Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency of Various Dynamic Programming Algorithms for the Knapsack Problem M. Posypkin, Si Thu Thant Sin Protection System from 0-day Malware Transferred via SMTP-protocol, Based on Open-Source Software R. Rashevskiy, A. Shaburov FPGA Based Implementation of Content-Addressed Memory Based on Using Direct Sigma-Delta Bitstream Processing A. Romanov, M. Romanov Modelling and Implementation of an Automatic Table-Tennis Scoreboarding System U. Şanver, E. Yavuz, M. Kasapbaşi, R.Yazici Multiplatform HDL-Description of the Fast Fourier Transform Module Yu. Savchenko, A. Silantiev, D. Kaleev, A. Pereverzev Hardware and Software Modelling and Testing of Non-Conventional Data-Flow Architecture Yu. Shikunov, D. Khilko, Yu. Stepchenkov Full Echo Q-Routing with Adaptive Learning Rates: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Network Routing Yu. Shilova, M. Kavalerov, I. Bezukladnikov The Scheduling Based on Machine Learning for Heterogeneous CPU / GPU Systems D. Shulga, A. Kapustin, A. Kozlov, A. Kozyrev, M. Rovnyagin Self-Timed Multiplier for Multiply-Add Unit B. Stepanov, Y. Diachenko, Y. Rogdestvenski, D. Diachenko Applying Simulation Using for the Formation of Decision Rules Based on Binary Comparison Results E. Suloeva, E. Tsvetkov Traffic Analysis on the WIDE Backbone Link: From Transport Level to End User Activity A. Tamazian, O. Markelov, M. Bogachev Efficiency of Parallel Implementation of the Algorithm for Letter Frequencies Analysis Ba Hla Than, E. Borzistaya, N. Dikarev, T. Oleynik, Yu. Vagapov Topology Optimisation of Wireless Internet Infrastructure Aye Min Thike, S. Lupin, Hein Tun, O. Kostrova, R. Chakirov Synthesis of Models of Information Channels with Memory Y. Ulyanina, А. L vov, O. Dolinina, M. Svеtlоv /16 $ IEEE 838 Temporal Сlustering Effects in the Network Traffic Evaluated by Queueing System Performance Viet Nguyen Duc, A. Tamazian, O. Markelov, M. Bogachev Universal Logic Cells to Implement Systems Functions R. Vikhorev Increasing Methodology of the Reliability of the Data Signals Based on Technical Diagnostics Kyaw Zaw Ye, Kyaw Zin Lin, E. Portnov, O. Lisov, Kaung San Thermometric Decoders for High Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converters M. Yenuchenko Communications Choosing Sample Frequency for Accurate Local Signal Detection Using Wavelet Transform V. Alekseev, I. Kaliakin, E. Sedunova Telemetry System with Adaptive Commutation E. Antonyuk, I. Varshavskiy, I. Kolpakova, A. Minina, P. Antonyuk Secure One-Way Data Transfer V. Arkhangelskii, A. Epishkina, V. Kalmykov, K. Kogos Printed Reflectarray Antennas Investigation Based on the Finite-Infinite Structures Model S. Ballandovich, G. Kostikov, M. Sugak, Y. Antonov Specialized Navigation System for Rail Track Diagnostics А. Boronahin, D. Larionov, L. Podgornaya, R. Shalymov, Yu. Filatov, E. Bokhman Optical Profilometers for Rail Track Diagnostics А. Boronahin, A. Kukaev, D. Larionov, L. Podgornaya, R. Shalymov, E. Bokhman Tunable Antenna for Mobile Applications A. Grigoriev, B. Djalilov Phase Noise Minimization of Microwave Frequency Synthesizers by Circuit Optimization Yar Zar Htun, V. Romanuk, Vic Grout Error Estimation and Selection of Inertial Navigation System Parameters for Uncoupled Integration with Multi-Antenna Systems D. Kaleev, A. Pereverzev, Yu. Savchenko, A. Silantiev Research of the Measuring Channel with Automatic Correction Data Conversion P. Korolev, A. Utushkina, A. Tsareva, N. Kuzmina Assessment of Security of Confidential Information from Leak on the Acoustic and Vibroacoustic Channel on the Basis of Definition and Calculation of Coefficient of Noise Contamination and Octava Coefficient of Noise Contamination V. Korotkov, S. Sokolov, A. Nyrkov, V. Burlov Approach to Use Pseudo-Noise Sequences in Inner Calibration System of Active Phased Antenna Arrays K. Lyalin, D. Prikhodko, V. Kurganov The Implementation of Smart Antenna Based on NI PXI K. Lyalin, V. Oreshkin, Z. Merkulova, Yu. Meleshin, I. Kuzmin /16 $ IEEE 839 The Study of Non-Linear LNA Mode Influence to BPSK Signal Correlation Characteristics K. Lyalin, V. Tsvetkov, A. Sheremet, V. Oreshkin The Effect of Dredger Positioning Accuracy on the Environment D. Mamunts, S. Sokolov, A. Nyrkov, T. Storchak, I. Li Evaluation of Effectiveness of the Coding and Decoding Algorithms in Information Channels Realized on Base of Code Signal Feature P. Martynov, А. L vov, O. Dolinina, M. Svеtlоv The Use of Multi-Port Junction in Radio Frequency Identification Systems А. Nikolaenko, A. L vov, P. L vov, A. Mouchkaev Analysis of Caching Efficiency in Case of Overload of telecommunications Resources Control System N. Petrov, V. Barkhotkin Building a Highly Sensitive IR Sensor for Short-Range Optical Location Yu. Savchenko, D. Beklemishev, A. Pereverzev Development and Experimental Investigation of Smart Antennas for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles M. Sugak, S. Ballandovich, P. Terentieva, G. Kostikov Radio Wave Propagation Impact on Signal Parametersof Local Positioning Systems A. Tikhomirov, E. Omelyanchuk, A. Semenova Radio Frequency and Signal Integrity Parameters for GaN MMIC A. Timoshenko, K. Lomovskaya, E. Belousov Effects of Video Compression Artifacts on Circular Target Localization in Optical-Electronic Measurement Systems V. Vasiliev, F. Inochkin, S. Kruglov, I. Bronshtein DVB-T2 Passive Coherent Location Radar E. Vorobev, A. Barkhatov, V. Kutuzov Electrical Engineering & Automation Space-Vector Pulse-Width Modulation of a Three-Level NPC-inverter at Low Switching Frequency I. Abdulveleev, T. Khramshin, G. Kornilov A Set of Models for Investigation of Voltage Distribution Along Suspension Insulator String А. Antonov, D. Glushkov, S. Kropotuhin Means for Fault Diagnostic System Setup for NGV-Refuelling Stations Compressor Equipment B. Avdeyev, E. Antonyuk, V. Konovalova, P. Korolev, A. Tsareva An Unbalanced Transformerless Vector-Sum Phase Shifter Architecture E. Balashov, I. Rumyancev Low Noise Amplifier for MEMS Gyroscope Readout Circuit E. Belousov, A. Timoshenko, K. Lomovskaya Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Heater for Scanning Induction Hardening of Shaft M. Belyaev, S. Galunin, V. Ishin, Т. Kozulina /16 $ IEEE 840 Research of Operating Modes of Thyristor Converters in DC Electric Drive with Variation of Load Inductance N. Bespalov, S. Kapitonov, M. Ilyin, A. Evishev, A. Zorkin, A. Volkov Research of Operating Modes of Thyristor Converters in DC Electric Drive with Variation of Back-EMF in Load N. Bespalov, S. Kapitonov, M. Ilyin, A. Evishev, A. Zorkin, A. Volkov Dynamics of Electrothermal Processes for Cut or Welded Strips in the Induction Through-Heaters K. Blinov, S. Galunin, A. Nikanorov, A. Zimakova, B. Nacke Analysis of Electrical Energy Storage Technologies for Future Electric Grids L. Brandeis, D. Sprake, Yu. Vagapov, Hein Tun Design of Induction Heating Devices Using ELTA and 2DELTA Software V. Bukanin, A. Zenkov, A. Ivanov The Adaptive Threshold Device R. Bulyakulov Interactive Methods Efficiency Analysis of Multicriteria Optimization of Electric Energy Systems Static Operating Modes A. Chernavin, N. Korovkin Enhancement of Required Transmission Capacity Calculations for Integrated Power Systems Interconnections P. Chernyaev, V. Chudny, S. Smolovik Transformer Transient Analysis Under High Frequencies: Comparison with and without Capacitor I. Cueva, A. Moscoso, Jo. Morales Torque Estimation of Sensorless SRM Drive Using Adaptive-Fuzzy Logic Control M. Divandari, B. Rezaie, B. Askari-Ziarati Fuzzy Dynamic Model of Power Equipment State Assessment S. Dmitriev, A. Khalyasmaa, V. Doroshenko, A. Romanov Lightning-Induced Voltage on Overhead Lines G. Evdokunin, N. Petrov Transient Stability of Oil-Field Isolated Power Systems with Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactors A. Feshin, V. Chudny, A. Belyaev Mathematical Simulation of Processes in Discharge Chamber Of Multi-Chamber System for Lightning Protection at Overhead Power Lines V. Frolov, D. Ivanov, Yu. Murashov, A. Sivaev Piezoelectronic Transducer of the Apparent Acceleration V. Gupalov, D. Antonova, Yu. Filatov Prediction of Currents and Voltages Alterations in Transient Modes of Electric Circuits Based on Reduced Models S. Ionin, N. Korovkin The Synthesis Technique of Fault-Tolerant Self-Timed Circuits A. Kamenskih Practical Diagnostics of Power Transformers with Acoustic Radar Method /16 $ IEEE 841 of Partial Discharge Determination A. Karandaev, V. Khramshin, S. Evdokimov, T. Larina, I. Yachikov Variable Frequency Drives with Two-Speed Asynchronous Electric Motors A. Karandaev, E. Khramshina, G. Kornilov, V. Grigorjan, O. Karandaeva Analysis of its Own Energy Independence Electric Steelmaking Process S. Kartavtsev, A. Nikolaev, E. Neshporenko, S. Matveev, Yu. Dyomin Methods of Electric Drive Reliability Calculation at Introduction of Frequency Converters V. Khramshin, R. Khramshin, V. Zhilina, O. Karandaeva, K. Odintsov Validation of Diagnostic Monitoring Technical State of Iron and Steel Works Transformers V. Khramshin, A. Nikolayev, S. Evdokimov, Y. Kondrashova, T. Larina Methods of Determination the Ele
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