2016 House Notes Regular Session Week 2

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Summary of action in the Louisiana House of Representatives during week 2 of the 2016 Regular Legislative Session.
  On Tuesday, the House adopted HouseConcurrent Resolution 21, which expressessympathies of the legislature to those affected by the March 2016 floods and offerscondolences to the families of those who losttheir lives across the state in those disasters. Due to the short week and the tallorder of bills and their fast-changing statuses,many of the bills in this issue of House Notesare not hyperlinked.A brief description of many of the billsscheduled for this week follows. AGRICULTURE *House Bill 148 requires theDepartment of Health and Hospitals to add a provision to the state sanitary code to providefor biannual rabies vaccinations.*House Bill 251 replaces the Chancellor of the Louisiana State University Ag Center with the LSU Vice President for Agricultureand Dean of the College of Agriculture.Additionally, HB251 removes the Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry audit andevaluation section as the entity that performsthe mandatory audit every four years.*House Bill 515 removes the exemptionfrom inspection applicable to the slaughter of animals.*House Bill 516 changes thecomposition of the Louisiana Aquatic Chelonian Research and Promotion Board. Additionally, HB516 repealsreferendums associated with the LouisianaAquatic Chelonian Research and PromotionBoard.*House Bill 523 removes referendumcriteria from the Dairy Industry PromotionBoard and any references to the referendumcriteria.*House Bill 524 calls for a penalty of up to $10,000 for failure to provide requiredrecords of petroleum products received, used,sold or delivered in the state.*House Bill 592 establishes guidelinesfor the Louisiana Agricultural CommoditiesCommission to follow when paying claimsunder the agricultural commodities dealer andwarehouse law.*House Bill 867 authorizes the Dept. of Agriculture to place advertising signs on property owned by the department andrequires the department to establish fees, rulesand regulations to implement the provisions. APPROPRIATIONS *House Bill 163 creates the Privatization Review Act.*House Bill 216 caps the amount of state funds dedicated to works of art to thelesser of $100,000 per project or 1 percent of the state money to be expended on theconstruction or renovation project. HOUSE NOTES Louisiana House of RepresentativesCommunications Office2016 Regular Legislative SessionWeek Two  *House Bill 306 expands the uses of thePublic Oyster Seed Ground DevelopmentAccount.*House Bill 422 establishes thePayments Toward State debt fund as a specialtreasury fund.*House Bill 455 requires proceeds fromthe sale of surplus DOTD equipment to becredited against the purchase price of replacement equipment in the highway districtin which the property was used.*House Bill 584, a proposedconstitutional amendment, provides for additional authority for the governor andlegislature to reduce budgets if there is a projected deficit.*House Bill 657 provides for additional authority for the governor and legislature toreduce appropriations if there is a projecteddeficit.*House Bill 721 provides for theallocation of expenditures of the stateoperating budget.*House Bill 743 provides for asubcommittee of the Joint LegislativeCommittee on the Budget to conduct sunsetreviews of state departments.*House Bill 812 provides relative tomaximizing the use of available office spacein state buildings. CHILDREN/NEWBORNS *House Bill 107, which passed theHouse 97-0, provides clarification relative tothe Safe Haven Law.*House Bill 237, which passed theHouse 98-0, creates an official Safe Havensymbol to identify emergency care facilitiesdesignated in the Safe Haven Law.*House Bill 475, which passed theHouse 94-0, renames the Division of Programs within the Department of Childrenand Family Services as the Division of ChildWelfare, and the Division of Operations as theDivision of Family Support. Additionally, HB475 creates a newdeputy secretary position within thedepartment.*House Bill 482, which passed theHouse 97-0, creates a task force to facilitate permanency for foster children.*House Bill 485, which passed theHouse 98-0, provides for access to consumer reports by the Department of Children andFamily Services for child support purposes.*House Bill 486, which passed theHouse 90-6, provides for administrativehearings for property or assets frozen by theDepartment of Children and Family Services.*House Bill 494, which passed theHouse 97-0, provides for membership andfunctions of the Louisiana State Child DeathReview Panel. CIVIL LAW *House Bill 122 adds the exception to present law that provides a debtor may notextinguish his obligation when the litigiousright arises from the enforcement of a promissory note, mortgage or other evidenceof borrowed money.*House Bill 269 provides for thecontinuous revision of the law of successions.*House Bill 286 provides for revisionsto the Trust Code.*House Bill 334 provides for penaltiesrelated to certain public and private contracts.*House Bill 525 provides for situationsin which a judge or hearing officer mayconduct a hearing in any parish within the judicial district.*House Bill 681 authorizes creditunions to offer savings promotional raffles.*House Bill 724 makes changes to banking laws applicable to share accounts of credit unions.Page 2  COMMERCE *House Bill 208 makes changes to thelaw applicable to home service contract providers.*House Bill 209 removes thetermination date of the Louisiana Scrap MetalRecyclers Law.*House Bill 239 removes the five-daywaiting period imposed on sales of copper or aluminum-copper air conditioning coils.*House Bill 252 exempts the LouisianaLicensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners from certain provisions relative tothe issuance of provisional licenses toex-offenders.*House Bill 271 amends the regulationsimposed on license application procedures, bond requirements, unauthorized acts and purchase agreements relative to used motor vehicle dealers.*House Bill 284 requires a corporationto include the entire text of the srcinalarticles of incorporation, as amended by allamendments, in its filing of the restatedarticles of incorporation.*House Bill 346 exempts certainsavings banks and certain financial institutionsfrom consumer loan licensing requirements.*House Bill 521 makes changes to theLouisiana Securities Law.*House Bill 677 authorizes continuingeducation and requirements for licenserenewal for auctioneers.*House Bill 668 provides for the protection of vulnerable adults from financialexploitation and authorizes a covered financialinstitution to notify adult protective servicesand the commissioner of the Office of financial institutions of any believed financialexploitation of a vulnerable adult.*House Bill 806 authorizes a limitedliability company to dissolve by affidavit if the limited liability company does not ownimmovable property. CRIMINAL JUSTICE *House Bill 42 provides that the timelimitation for prosecution of video voyeurismshall not begin to run until the crime isdiscovered by the victim.*House Bill 172 provides that adefendant shall be given credit for time served prior to the revocation hearing for time servedin actual custody while being held for atechnical violation in a detention facility.*House Bill 180 provides for credit for time served pending a probation revocationhearing and provides that subsequentsentences are served concurrently for those on probation.*House Bill 190 authorizes aninvestigating law enforcement agency to hold property which constitutes obscenity, videovoyeurism or pornography involving juveniles.*House Bill 194 adds an additionalcircumstance for the exemption of expungement fees when the applicant isdetermined to be a victim of unauthorized useof an access card, identity theft, accessdevice fraud or a violation of any other crimeinvolving the unlawful use of the identity or  personal information of the applicant.*House Bill 197 provides that theunlawful operation of an unlicensed childdaycare center is any of the following:(1) The intentional operation of a child daycare center without a license; (2) The continued operation of a child daycarecenter after notification by the Department of Education that the person operating thefacility should seek a license; and (3) The continued operation of a child daycare center after the Department of Educationhas revoked a license. Additionally, HB197 provides aPage 3   penalty of a fine of $1,000, imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.*House Bill 210 adds attempted firstand second degree rape to the list of crimeswith a 30-year time period for institution of  prosecution in cases where the victim is under 17 years of age. *House Bill 227 adds giving falsetestimony, withholding testimony, beingabsent despite being served with a subpoena,avoiding service of a subpoena, or withholding relevant information to the crimeof obstruction of justice.*House Bill 366 reinstates themaximum supervision fee of $63 for parolesupervision, based on ability to pay.*House Bill 403 increases membershipof the Reentry Advisory Council from 13 to21 members and provides that 11 membersconstitute a quorum.*House Bill 544 increases penalties for failure to pay child support.*House Bill 590 allows prior bad acts of domestic abuse or cruelty to a juvenile to beadmissible in criminal proceedings.*House Bill 688 adds substances toSchedules II and IV of the Uniform ControlledDangerous Substances Law.*House Bill 894 provides that a reportof the Offender Reentry Support PilotProgram shall be submitted prior to the 2018Regular Session and after, as the committeesrequire. EDUCATION *House Bill 86 requires posting of thestate child abuse hotline number in all publicschools.*House Bill 97 requires posting of thestate child abuse hotline in all public schools.*House Bill 218 prohibits the use of tobacco products on elementary and secondaryschool property.*House Bill 296 provides that thescience curriculum requirements includeAnatomy and Physiology for all students pursing a career major and TOPSscholarships.*House Bill 344 creates the State Boardof Elementary and Secondary EducationStudent Advisory Board.*House Bill 428 prohibits local publicschool boards from requiring school uniformsfor students.*House Bill 562 permits local publicschool boards to assign students to charter schools under certain circumstances.*House Bill 863 prohibits schools fromholding membership in certain interscholasticextracurricular athletic associations or organizations. HEALTH AND WELFARE *House Bill 171 requires birthingfacilities to offer information to parents of newborns on shaken baby syndrome andsudden infant death syndrome.*House Bill 314 provides for a limitedexception to the statutory moratorium onadditional nursing facilities.*House Bill 394 authorizes thedisclosure of information from a deathcertificate to law enforcement.*House Bill 441 provides relative toconditions for physician participation withMedicaid managed care organizations.*House Bill 446 establishes anapplication fee for a new marijuana pharmacy permit.*House Bill 468 requires adultresidential care providers to disseminateeducational information on influenza.*House Bill 498 institutes a moratoriumon new pediatric day health facility licenses.*House Bill 660 exempts the StateLibrary of Louisiana from certainPage 4
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