2016 Federal Election 6 Key Policies - Summary

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2016 Federal Election 6 Key Policies - Summary Policy 1 - One Law For All Australians Policy 3 - Health Policy 4 - Infrastructure Policy 6 - Halal Certification Food Labelling Policy 7 - Family and Marriage
2016 Federal Election 6 Key Policies - Summary Policy 1 - One Law For All Australians Policy 3 - Health Policy 4 - Infrastructure Policy 6 - Halal Certification Food Labelling Policy 7 - Family and Marriage Policy 24 - Religious Freedom Policy 1 - One Law For All Australians The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) opposes any formal legal recognition of Islamic sharia law The CDP strongly supports a policy of one law for all Australian citizens regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or faith The standard of law should remain solidly grounded and consistent with those on which our national identity and culture were founded upon, while ensuring equality for all The CDP supports the removal of the words offend and insult from section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 The CDP supports freedom of activity when that activity does not endanger any other individual or group or qualifies as a criminal activity as recognised under Australian federal or state law. The CDP supports freedom of activity when that activity does not endanger any other individual or group, or qualifies as a criminal activity as recognised under Australian federal or state law. Policy 3 - Health The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) recognises that a healthy nation requires an efficient and affordable Health system for all Australians. Our elected Senators and MP s will campaign vigorously for increased funding to our hospitals and monitor waiting times across the nation. The CDP will work with the States to ensure their hospitals are managed by local hospital boards so that communities get better health services and better value for their money. The CDP will put local communities and experts, not unaccountable bureaucrats, in charge of improving the performance of public hospitals by creating communitycontrolled hospital boards to appoint the CEO and manage hospital budgets, by instilling a patient care first culture amongst staff and ensuring the delivery of better health outcomes at the local hospital level. The CDP calls for urgent funding for Aged Care Facilities. It is essential to have highquality care and to ensure registered nurses are on duty at all times. The CDP calls for adequate funding to provide for 24/7 registered nurses in all aged care facilities. The CDP will ensure that urgent funding is allocated to assisting children and families suffering from Juvenile Arthritis across the country. There are approximately 6,000 children living with Arthritis in NSW alone. 2 The CDP will work with the pharmaceutical industry to provide affordable medication for all Australians. The CDP will restore transparency and confidence to the process by which medicines are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). We will ensure medicines are listed on the basis of advice from the independent Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, not on the whim of the government. The CDP will will take real action and support better mental health services with Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centres (EPPICs), boosting of basic and applied research into mental health, new headspace sites, better employment opportunities to those with serious mental health problems, boosting outside services that job agencies can provide to clients with mental health issues, and a Mental Health Workforce Training Institute. The CDP will review the results of current NSW trial into Medicinal Cannabis. Alleviating pain for the terminally ill is a policy that CDP is committed to however we must also ensure that Medicinal Cannabis is strictly governed and made available for the right purposes where it is medically proven to assist in alleviating pain. The CDP will work towards introducing subsidies and further aid for household and vehicle modifications for the disabled and impaired. The CDP will work towards more cooperation between states and federal governments The CDP will work towards more coordination at local level between local providers e.g. rehabilitation The CDP will work towards providing affordable basic dental care under Medicare. The CDP will work towards bringing more medical and dental care to rural Australians. The CDP will promote further participation in sport and other healthy living activities, especially to our nation s youth to help combat obesity and associated preventable illnesses. The CDP will push to introduce bans on junk food advertising that targets minors, Policy 4 - Infrastructure The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) will ensure that all relevant information in regards to upgrades on any form of infrastructure is readily available to the general public for scrutiny. The CDP believes in full transparency. The CDP will negotiate with the relevant state and local governmental departments and independent organisations in relation to funding for upgrades to infrastructure based not on political agendas, but on the needs of the community. The CDP will negotiate with the private sector to participate in infrastructure projects through investment. 3 The CDP will encourage new and innovative methods of improving infrastructure. The CDP does not support the selling of Australian assets that provide for infrastructure. These services are to remain solely under Australian control. The CDP supports ongoing research and development into improving energy supplies and to ensure a sustainable supply for future generations. The CDP supports all Australians having access to quality telecommunications, including isolated regions. The CDP recognises that an efficient infrastructure is an essential element for any modern society to flourish both economically and socially. This includes all areas, including both physical and organisational, which our society is dependent upon. In New South Wales, the CDP has a proud history of supporting major infrastructure projects that have benefited the entire State. The CDP will work towards providing a more efficient Health system to all Australians as we believe that the people themselves are the key element to any form of infrastructure both in every other aspect s application and for the benefit of each individual citizen. The CDP believes that education and training is an essential element of any infrastructure system in both its ongoing maintenance and for research and development to ensure its future. (see our Education Policy) The CDP will endeavour to improve our social security system by examining potential areas of inefficiency and working towards practical solutions to better serve all Australians. The CDP believes that a financial security net is essential for those who for no fault of their own may require assistance. Policy 6 - Halal Certification Food Labelling The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) strongly opposes the present halal certification based on many factors and calls for a full and public federal investigation into the halal certification industry and full accountability as to all proceeds and profits by that industry. All people in this country ought to enjoy religious freedom that is the freedom to choose or reject religious rituals, and whether or not they want to fund them. The CDP is against such discrimination in the workplace which only benefits less than 3% of the population that require halal products. The CDP calls for a clear and self-explanatory labelling system be applied so that consumers can make informed decisions in accordance with their dietary requirements and religious beliefs. 4 The CDP calls for a federal investigation into why particular products require a halal certification and a standard be set as to what and why products in the future may require it. the CDP rejects the use of the less humane method of reversible stunning and exemptions based on religious grounds and demands that the most humane method of slaughter be used in all cases. Australians are concerned about third party certification, most notably halal certification. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the current Federal senate inquiry into third party certification has received the largest number of submissions to an inquiry. the CDP is committed to ensuring the Australian public regardless of race, colour, ethnicity or faith is freed from having any religious or other cultural practice enforced upon them. Policy 7 - Family and Marriage The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) opposes any changes to the Marriage Act The CDP believes strongly in the traditional view that marriage is the union between one man and one woman At present the law concerning marriage is already equal in every sense Causing marriage to become a genderless institution would only undermine the credibility of any efforts to address the problems associated with children who have become either fatherless or motherless. The CDP rejects that simply loving each other is reason enough to re-define marriage as that same reasoning would have to be applied to all unions between consenting adults including polygamy and incest. Policy 24 - Religious Freedom The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) recognises that the early settlers who came to Australia were Christian men and women and that the Commonwealth of Australia was established on Christian principles, as evidenced by the preamble of our Australian Constitution ( humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God ) and the symbolism of the four crosses on our Australian flag. CDP believes that successive Federal, State and Local governments across Australia have a responsibility to uphold the Christian principles at the root of our national heritage. CDP is opposed to laws that prevent or hinder anyone from living peaceably in accordance with his religious beliefs CDP supports the right of Christian schools to continue to teach Christian doctrine 5 in their curriculum (for example Creation) and to freely choose the staff they wish to employ CDP supports Christian religious education in State schools whilst acknowledging the right of parents to opt out. CDP believes that the adherents of other religions are entitled to freedom of worship and expression provided that they also accept that Christian beliefs and practices can continue to be upheld freely. Adherents of non-christian religions should recognise that in case of conflict between their tradition and Christian traditions, the Christian practice prevails out of respect for Australia s well established Christian heritage CDP opposes any formal legal recognition of sharia law or aboriginal tribal law and supports one single body of laws for all Australians, irrespective of religion or ethnicity. 6
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