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EIIJIFL 2016 CONVENTIONS _l I A i 3 l' 5,1? 2 2016 CONVENTIONS PARTNERING WITH THE HILL In July 2016, The Hill will bring its brand of serious
political reporting and insightful policy coverage to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio the week of July 18th and to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the week of July 25th. As a valued partner of The Hill, your organization and its members will have access to The Hill’s centrally located convention hub spaces in each city. Together, we will present engaging policy discussions focused on the platforms and priorities that will shape the next administration and the next Congress. We will host hospitality suites where convention-goers — as well as your members and executives — can refuel and recharge. Social events and primetime watch parties will bring together stakeholders from Presidential and Congressional campaigns, the RNC and DNC, media, and industry for networking. When aligning your brand with ours, The Hill will create both a turnkey and custom experience. While all logistics and operational details will be handled by The Hill’s expert events staff, your organization will be engaged in developing the event program and audience — from recommending potential speakers to circulating co-branded invitations and materials. Join us as we explore the politics and policies that will forge the way to the White House in 2016. EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP: $40,000 THE HILL 3 LIVE EVENTS POLICY BRUNCH Bringing our signature morning policy discussions to Cleveland and Philadelphia, The Hill will produce, over brunch, a to challenges in infrastructure and transportation, from platforms on growing the economy and boosting American jobs, to policies that will expand the energy landscape, The Hill will bring together Washington stakeholders and innovators from outside the Beltway to explore the hottest issues in the 2016 cycle and beyond. The program will be live streamed to thehill.com and promoted across The Hill’s social media channels. 9:00am 10:00am 10:05am 10:20am 10:35am 10:50am 10:55am 11:00am Registration and networking Welcome remarks by The Hill’s senior editorial staff Policymaker interview with The Hill Sponsor perspective (remarks or interview) Thought-leader/innovator interview with The Hill Audience Q&A with policymaker, sponsor & thought-leader/innovator Closing remarks by The Hill’s senior editorial staff Event concludes POLICY LUNCHEON THOUGHT-LEADER LUNCHEON discussion focused on the broad issues and audiences most vital to the 2016 cycle. We can unpack trends among Millennial or Hispanic voters. We can take a look what policies will shape the future for military veterans and their families. We experience, The Hill can produce a small roundtable luncheon for approximately 20 participants, allowing for a deep dive into any topics or issues of interest. The Hill’s senior editorial talent will lightly moderate the conversation, and we will work with your organization to curate a list of participants from politics, government, media, and industry. literacy. We can explore what it means to elect more women to Congress. The program will be live streamed to thehill. com and promoted across The Hill’s social media channels. 11:30am Registration and networking 12:00pm Welcome remarks by The Hill’s senior editorial staff 12:05pm Policymaker interviews with The Hill 12:25pm Panel discussion with industry thought-leaders and innovators, moderated by The Hill 12:55pm Closing remarks by The Hill’s senior editorial staff 1:00pm Event concludes 11:30am Registration and networking 12:00pm Guests seated & welcome remarks by The Hill’s senior editorial staff 12:05pm Lunch is served 12:15pm Discussion with light moderation by The Hill’s senior editorial staff and luncheon sponsor 1:30pm Event concludes 4 2016 CONVENTIONS CUSTOM EXPERIENCES PINTS & PREDICTIONS Mid-afternoon (from approximately 2:00pm to 4:00pm) The Hill will transform its space to a fully customized, cobranded experience for your stakeholders and members. The Hill’s expert events staff will build out our convention Over happy hour, The Hill will open the taps and invite campaign executives, pollsters, and political pundits to share their take on the politics of the day. Hosted by The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard and Bob Cusack, this light mix of on-stage discussion and networking will set the stage for the convention’s primetime activities and speeches. The program will be live streamed to thehill.com and promoted across The Hill’s social media channels. some thought-starters? Re-Charging & Re-Fueling Station: A co-branded hospitality space for invited guests complete with charging stations, massage chairs, food & beverage, and work or relaxation spaces. Open Press Open House: A meet-the-press networking event for your organization’s communications staff and the comms/press staff for relevant campaign organizations, Congressional committees, state delegations, etc. State Delegation Mix & Mingle: A networking event for the state delegations vital to your organization’s work and members. A “boots & BBQ” theme for Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, and Kansas delegations. Or spend the afternoon on the West Coast with California, Oregon, and Washington delegations. Product Showcase: Invite guests to interact with the latest and greatest energy, healthcare, or telecom technologies by hosting live demonstrations with your experts and developer’s in The Hill’s hub. PRIMETIME WATCH PARTY media personalities, Congressional and campaign staff, and industry executives during primetime! Join The Hill for a nightly watch party and live coverage of delegates and party leaders THE HILL 5 EXTENDING THE EXPERIENCE MEDIA OFFERINGS The Hill’s media channels offer our partners the opportunity to extend their messages beyond the convention cities, garnering impressions in Washington, DC and across the country. Partners who meet a $40,000 minimum across the four days of either convention will receive the following advertising and media opportunities: • Full-page print ad in The Hill’s two “Welcome to Cleveland/Philadelphia” issues, with 23,000 copies distributed at convention hotels in each city • 200,000 ad impressions on thehill.com during the two convention weeks • Tickets post-convention parties, and more 6 2016 CONVENTIONS FULL DAY PARTNERSHIP integrate more completely with The Hill’s brand and convention activities, we can offer a full-day engagement, focusing on one issue area or several related policy verticals. All of the day’s activities, event invitations, and promotional efforts will be co-branded with your organization and The Hill. Our full-day partnership would include: • Policy Brunch • Policy or Thought-Leader Luncheon • Custom Experience • Pints & Predictions • Primetime Watch Party EXECUTIVE DINNER* CONVENTIONS ON-SITE: VIDEO INTERVIEW SERIES* Hill’s convention hub for exclusive dinners or membership meetings. With logistics fully handled by The Hill’s events team, your organization has the opportunity to program any desired content and invite the guests of your choosing to our hub for an evening gathering before primetime activities Throughout the day, The Hill will book and tape interviews with key stakeholders from a given policy area. Conducted by The Hill’s editorial talent, these interviews will feature campaign policy advisors, lawmakers, industry executives, executives or organization representatives of your choice. These interviews are pieces of earned media and will be hosted on a dedicated page on thehill.com and promoted across The Hill’s digital and social media channels. ENHANCED MEDIA* • Homepage takeover of thehill.com • One Sponsored Content execution (written article, op-ed, video, infographic, etc.) hosted and promoted on thehill. com • 100% share-of-voice on one of thehill.com’s policy verticals • Full-page print ad in The Hill’s two “Welcome to Cleveland/Philadelphia” issues, with bonus distribution at convention hotels in each city • Tickets post-convention parties, and more *THESE OPPORTUNITIES ARE RESERVED EXCLUSIVELY FOR FULL-DAY PARTNERS AND UNAVAILABLE AS ONE-OFF ADD-ON OPPORTUNITIES. THE HILL 7 PRICING & OPTIONS Policy Brunch $40,000 Policy Luncheon $45,000 Thought Leader Luncheon $50,000 Custom Experiences Priced upon request Pints & Predictions $50,000 Primetime Watch Party $50,000 $200,000 Per Convention. Includes events listed above. 8 2016 CONVENTIONS LOCATIONS CLEVELAND: THE HILL @ HODGE’S convention-goer will be able to miss The Hill at Hodge’s. Hodge’s Restaurant Quicken Loans Arena Formal Policy Programming Capacity: 90 Private Dining & Entertaining Capacity: 100 Private Interview Sets & Green Rooms Networking & Primetime Event Space Capacity: 200 Hospitality Lounge Capacity: 80 THE HILL 9 PHILADELPHIA: THE HILL @ CITYVIEW modern space that allows The Hill to create both turnkey and custom events for our partners. The Hub at CityView Pennsylvania Convention Center Private Dining & Entertaining Capacity: 100 Private Interview Sets & Green Rooms Hospitality Lounge Capacity: 50 Formal Policy Programming Networking & Primetime Event Space Capacity: 100 Capacity: 168 10 2016 CONVENTIONS FOR ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT: ADAM PRATHER MEGAN HUPP PUBLISHER DIRECTOR OF EVENTS APRATHER@THEHILL.COM 202.628.8562 MHUPP@THEHILL.COM 202.407.8020
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