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STATE OF NEW MEXICO 3, L. i. E. on. OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE -- Z?i?ii??i 30 9: Bureau of Eleetions, Ethics Administration .- . '1 {i i_ 325 Don Gasp
ar, Suite 300, Santa Fe, New Mexico 8250] Phone: (505) 32??3600 Toll-Free: (800] Fax: (505} 32?-4954 2016 Financial Disclosure Statement Annual Filing i: Filing with Declaration of Candidacy Widu'n 30 days of Appointment or Employment 1. REPORTING Last Name First Name Middle Alvarado Vines Residence fiddress Email Address 109-13 East Ross I valvarado@smwlu49.org City State I Zip I Beien . Texas 8?002 Mailing Address (If different from above) City State Zip . . . Date assumed oFfiee, FILING STATUS Pfenss Ire-so?? toe appropriate ass: and?fi? Ia sis requested In?rmensa Emphde app?inted El CANDIDATE POR INCUMBENT IN Uf?ee: - I Board or'C'onIrnissionsuh'eet to?Senate Con?rmation: I 3 2 1 I Construetion Industries ommission er Agency Name: a EMPLOWE OF Agen Nani-e: REPORTING INDIVIDUALS EMPLOYER INFORMATION Employer?s Full Name Employer?s Phone Number SMART Local Union 49 (505) 266-5378 Fi?. Box or Street Address of Empioyer Cit].r State Zip Belen Texas 87002 Title or Position held by reporting individual - Nature of business or occupation Business ManageriFST Labor Organization 2 2. SPOUSE INDIVIDUAL 3 Last Name First Name I I Middle Alvarado lrrna Name oi?Spouse?s Employer JEJ Woddwide Servioes, lne. Address of Spouse?s Employer 5005 N. Piedraa City State I Zip El Paso Texas 79920 Spouse?s title or position held Nature of business or occupation Dispatcher Labor Organization 3. All sources ofgross income of more than $5,000 during the prior calendar year: *Fca-dlelist ofallaantes, seepagerl.? [Ifjrou receive income of more than till-Ell] from any sour-eels) you must report each source, or sources, of" that income. However you do not have to list the amount received.) Salary, wages, pension, investments, l("see pg. 4} . Received by {list the name of the reporting individual or spouse] Jae] Worldwide Services lrma Alvarado SMART Local 49 Vince Alvarado i 4. If reporting individual or spouse is involved in a lava practice, consulting operation or similar business: Describe the major areas of specialization or sources oi? Income received by {list the name of the reporting individual or spouse} income. MIA 5. If the spouse or a person in the reporting person?s or spouse?s law ?rm, consulting operation or similar business is or was a registered lobbyist in the previous ?ve pears1r disclose all clients represented: Client name ?caddress . Represented by {list the name of the reporting individuals firm or (spouse?s ?rm} WA ti. Real estate named in New [other than personal residence} I Dwner County IGeneral description NM. lather business interests in New Merrico of $10-$00 or m?l?E: Pugh-ii,? bald 1-35}; whom {list name nl' reporting individual Name ot?business or spouse] Purpose of business NM s. Name et?business Beard member [list the name ef' the reperting individual er speusei NM 9. Prefessienal licenses held in New Mei-nice: (by reperting individual er by speuse) Type ef license Persen helding license {list the name ef the reperting individual er speuse} JSM Certi?cate D1529 Regulatien Licensing Department Vicente Alvarade 1i], State agmcim te which yeu eryeurspeuse pnmided in ercess nF-E??i? during the print calendar year: Agency te which services er geeds 1ivere prevideii Persen previding geeds er services {list the name ef the reperting individual er speuse} MIA 11. List each state agency befere which yeu er yeur speuse re presented er assisted a client during the past year: {due net include ceurtsJ ?gency {ether than a ceurt} Persen assisting client {list the name ef the reperting individual er speuse} Jebs Ceuncil State Senater Mimi Strewart Cemmisiener Geverner Appeintrnent 12. Previde whatever ether ?nancial interest er additienal infermatien yen believe sheuld be neted te describe petential areas ef interest that sheuld be disclescd, er (as applicable} yen believe er have teasen te believe, may be affected. by yeur ef?cial acts: ll'Inceme seurces include law practice er censulting epcratien er similar businesses, ?nance and banking, farming and ranching, medicine and health care, insurance {as a business and net as a payment en an insurance claim), eil and gas, transpertatien, utilities, general stuck market heldings, bends, gevernment, educatien, manufacturing, real estate, censumer geeds sales with a general descriptien eF the censumer geeds and all ?ether? seurces including a descriptien ef the seurces, I hereby swear er affirm under penalty ef perjury that the fercgeing infermatien is true, cerrect and cemplete tn the best ef my knewiedge. 1 1/24/2015 Signature: I Printed Name:
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