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Ven-Rez Product Guide Quality Products, Innovation and Service since 1948 V en-Rez has been manufacturing school, institutional and library furniture for 68…
Ven-Rez Product Guide Quality Products, Innovation and Service since 1948 V en-Rez has been manufacturing school, institutional and library furniture for 68 years! Our 120,000 The institutional market demands durable furniture and Ven-Rez is unmatched in this capability. Robotic welding, double square foot manufacturing facility strength bracing and connections, heavy located in Eastern Canada has easy gauge steel and unique engineering all access to international shipping, contribute to our exceptional products. allowing us to supply markets in North America, Africa and the West Indies. As a manufacturer, Ven-Rez offers you the knowledge, flexibility and solutions not usually available through dealers and middlemen. Many new products originate Tel 902.875.3178 380 Sandy Point Road from working closely with our customers Fax 902.875.3371 sales @ ven-rez.com PO Box 399 Shelburne, Nova Scotia on unique or custom projects. www.ven-rez.com Canada B0T 1W0 Ven-Rez is a member of The Shaw Group, recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies since 2001. Ven-Rez Colour Guide All samples are intended to be representative only. For accurate colour selection, please contact Ven-Rez. High Pressure Laminate Options Silver Grey Sliced Red Oak Mahogany Architectural Fresh Mist Grey Grit Majestic Maple Elegant White Maple writable surface (additional charges apply) Inukshuk Brown Natural Regal Cherry Daffodil Stop Red Marine Blue Hunter Green Chamois Fabric Options Horizon Plastic Chair Options Black Heather Grey Mahogany Maroon Black Grey Burgundy Shire Oxford Shire Country Shire Lobelia Shire Commodore Powder Blue Navy Blue Forest Green Shire Steel Blue Dark Blue Shire Red Rose Rosewood Steel Powder Coat Options Hunter Billiard Shire Patina Shire Sesame Black Antique White Beige Shire Hopsack Shire Ascot Shire Bricktown Ottawa Grey Westwind Grey Metallic Silver Classroom Desks S tudent Desks and Combination Chair Desks are offered in a variety of work surface sizes and storage options to meet the needs of students in any learning environment. Ven-Rez desks feature: ã All-welded frames with 1¼”, 16-gauge steel legs with powder-coat finish ã Standard desk tops have a 5/8” MDF core with high pressure laminate face ã Tamper-proof, bull-nosed edges ã Fixed or adjustable-height option, excluding the Champion and Combination Chair Desks ã Fixed heights available in 1” increments from 22” to 30” ã Adjustable leg option in 1” increments from 22” to 30” with 2 set screws per leg for maximum holding power 23-2418 ã Pencil groove is optional for all Classroom Desks Felt Glides High density felt pad integrated into a heavy- duty nylon glide. Helps reduce classroom noise Champion Desk while protecting floors. Available upon request. Ideal for senior classrooms where desk storage is normally not required and leg room is important. ã Angled legs prevent tipping Model # Top Size Height Optional Plywood Core 23-2418 24 x 18” 30” For excessively humid environments, consider hardcore plywood desktops. 23-3018 30 x 18” 30” 23-3024 30 x 24” 30” 23-3624 36 x 24” 30” Horizon Open-Front Desk 20-2418-99 Our most popular model for middle and junior level classrooms. ã 5.5”H storage box with 1.25” retaining lip Model # Top Size Choose Height 20-2418 24 x 18” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 20-3024 30 x 24” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 20-3624 36 x 24” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 20-4818 48 x 18” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 20-4824 48 x 24” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 20-2418-99 24 x 18” Adjustable from 22” to 30” 20-3024-99 30 x 24” Adjustable from 22” to 30” Adjusts in 1” increments from 22” to 30” 20-3624-99 36 x 24” Adjustable from 22” to 30” sales @ ven-rez.com 1 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Classroom Desks All Ven-Rez student desks are available in 2 trapezoidal shapes that can be configured for group work. See Horizon Shaped Desk Tops below. Shaped Top Table Configurations T1 T2 32”W x 23”D 35 7/8”W x 21”D 8 Desks Horizon Shaped Desk Tops All Ven-Rez student desks are available in 2 trapezoidal shapes. These shaped tops, with softly rounded corners, allow the desks 18 Desks to be configured into circles or semi-circles for collaborative work or creative teaching. Choose from 2 desk top sizes/shapes: ã Model T1 – 32”W x 23”D for large work groups (18 desks) ã Model T2 – 35 7/8”W x 21”D for smaller work groups (8 desks) Ordering: The Model # for this shaped desk top option includes your 2 digit desk type (5 desk types shown on these pages) and the shaped top design option (T1 or T2) Example: 21-T200 would be the Horizon See-Through desk (page 3) with the 35 7/8” x 21” top for smaller work groups (8 desks & circle) Note: These tops are for 24”x 18”student desk frames-only. Horizon C-Legged Student Desk Top is 1” thick core with .030” high pressure laminate & backer reverse. Black 3mm T-mould edge. Stylish curved legs are 2”x 1”x 16 gauge tubing top supports and feet welded to 1”x 1”square x 16-gauge upright. ã Fixed height available at 30”H ã Adjustable glides ã 18-gauge steel modesty panel ã All steel finished with powder coat finish baked at 395° F Model # Top Size 2A-2418 24 x 18” 2A-3024 30 x 24” 2A-3024 2A-3624 36 x 24” See above for top size and configurations. sales @ ven-rez.com 2 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Classroom Desks All Ven-Rez student desks are available in 2 trapezoidal shapes that can be configured for group work. See Horizon Shaped Desk Tops on page 2. 24-2418 Horizon Lift-Lid Desk The lift top keeps stored items secure and away from fidgeting hands. Hinge lock prevents lid from closing accidentally. Model # Top Size Choose Height 24-2418 24 x 18” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” AS-3024 24-3024 30 x 24” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 24-2418-99 24 x 18” Adjustable from 22” to 30” 24-3024-99 30 x 24” Adjustable from 22” to 30” AS-2418 Horizon Standing Desk Solid 5/8” MDF core with high pressure laminate top, tamper-proof bull- nosed edge and natural laquer finish. Adjustable height double“T” legs and horizontally adjustable steel foot rest. Powder coat finish. Ven-Rez standard colours-only. Model # Top Size Height AS-2418 24 x 18” Adjustable from 30” to 42” AS-3024 30 x 24” Adjustable from 30” to 42” 21-2418 Horizon See-Through Desk Offers improved teacher monitoring and easy cleaning. Model # Top Size Choose Height 21-2418 24 x 18” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 21-3024 30 x 24” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 21-2418-99 24 x 18” Adjustable from 22” to 30” 21-3024-99 30 x 24” Adjustable from 22” to 30” sales @ ven-rez.com 3 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Classroom Desks Yellow tote box: Model # 4758 16¼” x 14” x 4½”H 28-2418-99 Horizon Wire Bookshelf Desk The wire shelf is perfect for storing books (not trash) while offering the teacher full visibility. A tote box for younger students is available which can be moved for storage or security. ã Fixed or adjustable height legs ã Shown above with optional tote box (Model # 4758) Available in fixed or adjustable height. Model # Top Size Choose Height Legs adjust in 1” increments from 22”to 32” 28-2418 24 x 18” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 28-2418-99 28-3024 30 x 24” 22”ã 24”ã 26”ã 28”ã 30” 28-2418-99 24 x 18” Adjustable 28-3024-99 30 x 24” Adjustable Wheelchair accessible table with tilt-top and side storage box. Legs adjust in 1” increments from 24”to 32” Top tilts from 0º to 45º. Height adjusts from 28” to 34”. Model # WC-4220-TT WC-4022-99 Horizon Wheelchair Accessible Desk Extra large 40” x 22” work surface with 17” x 6” wheelchair cut-out and a wire grommet for cabling. Removable hardwood rails prevent objects from rolling off the top. ã Legs adjust in 1” increments from 24” to 32”. Optional side ã Optional side storage box storage box Model # Top Size Height Options WC-4022-99 40 x 22” Adjustable Side storage box sales @ ven-rez.com 4 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Classroom Desks Standard heights of 30”and 37” with fixed or adjustable sloped tops in several sizes Horizon Art Drafting Chair Model # 01-1131-99 Seating section page 4 26-3024-37 Horizon Art/Drafting Desk The work surface adjusts from 0º to 45º with a metal retaining lip to keep papers in place. ã Standard heights of 30” and 37” ã Side storage box on model 26-3624 Model # Top Size Height Features Side storage box 12 x 24” 26-2424-30 24 x 24” 30” 45º fixed slope 26-2424-37 24 x 24” 37” 45º fixed slope 26-3024-30 30 x 24” 30” Adjustable slope: 0º to 45º 26-3624-30 26-3024-37 30 x 24” 37” Adjustable slope: 0º to 45º 26-3624-30 36 x 24” 30” Adjustable slope + side storage box 26-3624-37 36 x 24” 37” Adjustable slope + side storage box sales @ ven-rez.com 5 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Lecture Hall Strip Table L ecture Hall Strip Tables are a custom The Strip Tables shown here measure 24”deep x 60” wide (leg to leg). The high pressure laminate and melamine finish colour is Majestic Maple. designed/built system to meet the needs of Edges are bull-nosed, black T-band which is routered into the core, a specific room or auditorium. Heavy gauge glued and then stapled into place. steel framing, high pressure laminate desk tops with 3mm (or T-band) edging ensure a durable and long- lasting work surface. Wire management options are also available. Ven-Rez will be pleased to design a lecture room table system to meet your needs.. LH Series Lecture Hall Strip Tables Shown with Horizon Chair Custom-designed, continuous-run tables for lecture hall, college Model # 01-1111-18 or university settings Seating section page 3 Model # Size Options LH-6024-30 Custom Wire grommets ã Fixed wire trays sales @ ven-rez.com 6 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Tablet Arm Chairs All Hercules Tablet chairs feature the flexible thermo plastic Horizon shell chair that’s shaped to promote proper posture and all-day comfort. Tablets are constructed of 5/8” MDF covered in heat and scratch resistant high pressure laminate. Chair legs are extremely durable, 16-gauge steel with 14-gauge cross-bracing. Choose left or right-hand folding tablet Hercules II Folding Tablet Arm Chair The convenient folding tablet feature is ideal for music rooms where flexibility is important. The wire book rack is standard. ã 11 x 13” writing surface and 18” seat height Model # Tablet Options 02-1314-18 11 x 13” No wire book rack ã Left or right-hand tablet 02-1315-18 02-1312-18 Hercules II Tablet Arm Chair Hercules II Pedestal Tablet Arm Chair The Hercules II tablet arm desk with 18” height chair and large Both the fixed and folding tablet arm chairs feature a pedestal base for (19 x 19”) or medium (11 x 20”) writing surface is intended permanent floor installation. Available for sloped floor. Seat height: 18” for senior students or adults in a lecture hall environment. Model # Tablet ã Standard wire book rack (not shown) 02-1315-18 11 x 13” fixed Model # Tablet Options 02-1316-18 11 x 20” fixed 02-1311-18 11 x 20” No wire book rack 02-1317-18 11 x 13” folding 02-1312-18 19 x 19” No wire book rack (shown) sales @ ven-rez.com 7 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Combination Chair Desks Ven-Rez Combo Chair Desks derive their strength from rugged 1¼” diameter steel tubing x 16-gauge front and back legs with 12-gauge steel tube chair & desk connection. The desk top is constructed of 5/8” medium density fibreboard, covered with heat and scratch resistant, high pressure laminate. The tamper-proof edge is bullnosed (rounded) with 2 coats of lacquer. FYI: These units are available as a left or right-hand entry, allowing for more efficient classroom design. Supremus II 02-1341-18 Supremus III 02-1371-18 02-1344-18 Perfectus II Open Front & Lift Lid Chair Desk Supremus II & III Chair Desks This combination chair-desk features a 24 x 18” top The Supremus is a combination chair-desk targeted for more senior and a 13”D x 4¼”H storage box. students (no storage box). The Supremus II is the standard model while ã Available with a junior chair (13”or 14”H) or senior chair (16”or 18”H) the Supremus III is a “beefed-up” model offering additional bracing and ã This unit is also available with a lift lid (not shown) anti-teetering chair legs. ã Under-chair wire storage basket available for both models. Model # Seat Desk type Model # Seat Desk type Model # Style Features 02-1371-13 13” Open front 02-1372-13 13” Lift lid 02-1341-18 Supremus II With basket 02-1371-14 14” Open front 02-1372-14 14” Lift lid 02-1343-18 Supremus II Without basket 02-1371-16 16” Open front 02-1372-16 16” Lift lid 02-1342-18 Supremus III With basket 02-1371-18 18” Open front 02-1372-18 18” Lift lid 02-1344-18 Supremus III Without basket sales @ ven-rez.com 8 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Study Carrels The Atlanta Study Carrel is solidly constructed with a modular Steel-frame study carrel with Curved Panel option design that allows for a variety of configurations. Design options include a wood or steel frame, and square or curved side gables. The Atlanta series features a generous 30 x 24” or 36 x 24” work surface options and an overhead book shelf. Optional: ã Height adjustability ã Pulloutkeyboard tray ã Wire grommets ã Desk top power centre ã Power bar ã Wire tray ã 3mm PVC edge ã 24” fluorescent light ã Tack board This starter and add-on system allows joined carrels to share a frame, thus reducing costs. Type A Type B Type C Type D Starter unit Model # 49-3030-SA Add-on unit Starter unit Model # 49-3030-SB Model # 49-3030-WA Atlanta Steel-Frame Study Carrel Atlanta Hardwood Leg Study Carrel Model # Width x Depth x Height Description Model # Width x Depth x Height Description 49-3030-SA 30 x 30 x 48” Type A (starter unit) 49-3030-WA 30 x 30 x 48” Type A (starter unit) 49-3030-SB 30 x 30 x 48” Type B (open left) 49-3030-WB 30 x 30 x 48” Type B (open left) 49-3030-SC 30 x 30 x 48” Type C (open back) 49-3030-WC 30 x 30 x 48” Type C (open back) 49-3030-SD 30 x 30 x 48” Type D (open left back) 49-3030-WD 30 x 30 x 48” Type D (open left back) 49-3630-SA 36 x 30 x 48” Type A (starter unit) 49-3030-WA 36 x 30 x 48” Type A (starter unit) 49-3630-SB 36 x 30 x 48” Type B (open left) 49-3030-WB 36 x 30 x 48” Type B (open left) 49-3630-SC 36 x 30 x 48” Type C (open back) 49-3030-WC 36 x 30 x 48” Type C (open back) 49-3630-SD 36 x 30 x 48” Type D (open left back) 49-3030-WD 36 x 30 x 48” Type D (open left back) sales @ ven-rez.com 9 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 53 Series Work Station The 53 Series work station is a functional, component-based system that can be configured to meet the needs of any office. With a variety of styling, construction and material options, Ven-Rez can design a desk system that meets your work space needs and budget. See our full selection of desk system components on the next page. 53 Series Bow Front Office Suite This work station is shown with a bow-shaped main desk and a right-hand run-off desk connected to a credenza with 4-door hutch. The credenza features two lateral file drawers. Fabric tackboard option available for Hutches. See page 14 of the Library section for more Reception and Circulation desks. 53 Series D-Shape Office Suite This unit is shown with a D-shaped main desk and a left-hand run-off desk connected to a credenza with 4-door hutch. The credenza features a box-file drawer pedestal. sales @ ven-rez.com 10 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 53 Series Components The 53 Series components shown here are representative only and do not include the complete range of options available. (styles, drawer configurations, hardware, etc.) Ask your Ven-Rez sales rep about custom options. Depressible Book Truck Depressible Book Truck with Locking Lid Hutch Unit with Doors Open Hutch Unit Patron Ledge Unit Credenza Unit Desk Unit Bow Front Desk D-Shaped Desk Corner Unit Runoff Unit Angled Corner Unit Angled Corner with Shelves Triangle Corner Unit Quarter Round Corner Unit Shelf Unit Cupboard Unit Drawer Unit Lateral File Unit Book Drop Unit Book Drop with Drawer File File Pedestal Box Box File Pedestal Box Box Box Pedestal Box File Pedestal sales @ ven-rez.com 11 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Administrative Desks HT Series Modern Times The HT Desk Series features a crisp, modern design combining the warmth of a wood finish with the high-tech feel of steel. Like most Ven-Rez products, HT Series workstations are available in a variety of sizes and options that allow the customer to truly personalize their work space. The Credenza and Hutch unit is designed to provide ample file and general storage, but also serves as a temporary work space. Optional task light available. HT-6638 Mobile box/box/file drawer pedestal HT Series Desk The HT desk features a bow-front edge to match the curve of the steel modesty panel. The HT unit shown here was designed with a custom desktop extension to the right, providing extra room for a keyboard and mouse. The box/box/file drawer pedestal can be attached or mobile. This particular unit also features a 3” pencil drawer. Model # Dimensions Options for ALL models HT-5438 54” x 38” Drawer configuration HT-6638 66” x 38” Pencil drawer ã Keyboard tray Perforated steel modesty panel HT-7238 72” x 38” Custom ‘top’ shapes sales @ ven-rez.com 12 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Administrative Desks Durability and Value All 72 x 36” desks have recessed modesty panels The standard Ven-Rez office desks are constructed with laminate so that your desk can double as a conference table. gables and scratch and heat-resistant high-pressure laminate tops. Standard high-pressure edge treatment is 3mm PVC with the option of hardwood. Locking file drawers and adjustable glides are standard. Three-quarter drawer pedestals are available in box/file or box/box/box configurations. Full pedestals available in file/file and box/box/file configurations. Other options include pull-out keyboard trays, grommets and mobile pedestals. Bayshore Rounded side gables raised above the desk top BE-6030 Prestige Solid hardwood bevelled trim along the top sides 53-6030 PS-6030 53 Series Desk The 53 Series is a basic office desk offering great economy and, with its square edges, can sit flush against other desk components, such as a side desk. The standard 53 Series is defined by its full-to-the-floor 27 Series modesty panel. A ¾ modesty panel is also available upon request. Squared side ã Matching credenzas, mobile side desks, run-offs and hutches available gables extend slightly past ã Custom sizes available on request the desk top Model # Dimensions Model # Dimensions 53-4830 48” x 30” 53-7230 72” x 30” 27-6030 53-6030 60” x 30” 53-7236 72” x 36” Bayshore ã Prestige ã 27 Series Desks These three models (Bayshore, Prestige and 27 Series) are similar to the 53 Series with two notable differences: the modesty panels are ¾ (not full-to-the-floor), and each has a unique design element built into the top edges of the side gables. Not available with a run-off. ã Matching credenzas and mobile side desks are available ã Custom sizes available on request Bayshore Prestige 27 Series Model # Dimensions Model # Dimensions Model # Dimensions BE-4830 48” x 30” PS-4830 48” x 30” 27-4830 48” x 30” BE-6030 60” x 30” PS-6030 60” x 30” 27-6030 60” x 30” BE-7230 72” x 30” PS-7230 72” x 30” 27-7230 72” x 30” BE-7236 72” x 36” PS-7236 72” x 36” 27-7236 72” x 36” sales @ ven-rez.com 13 Toll-free 1.800.565.5030 Administrative Desks 54 Series Flexibility and Function The 54 Series is a unique, wood-legged desk that disassembles for cost-efficient shipping. This feature, plus the economical design, makes the 54 Series a favourite for off-shore customers. 54 Series Desk (shown below with 40” run-off) ã Custom sizes available on request ã Please specify “run-off” desks (side desks) ã Matching Credenzas are available but not shown ã Drawer options are box/file or box/box/box ã Optional pull-out keyboard trays, pencil drawers and grommets Model # Dimensions Model # Dimensions 54-4830 48” x 30” 54-7236 72” x 36” 54-6030 60” x 30” Run-off desk 40” x 20” 54-7230 72” x 30” 54-4830 box/file pedestal 3-box Shoreline medium back tilter chair pedestal Model # 01-1825 Seating section page 14 Model # 54-6030 with run-off (side desk) 40” x 20” sales @ ven-rez.com 14 Toll-free 1.800
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