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2016 Catalog TEXTILE ADVERTISING Communicate, Promote & Command Attention Custom Printed Flags, Banners & Accessories F Advertising Products CustomPrinted Textiles Elevate Your Brand with Colorful Custom
2016 Catalog TEXTILE ADVERTISING Communicate, Promote & Command Attention Custom Printed Flags, Banners & Accessories F Advertising Products CustomPrinted Textiles Elevate Your Brand with Colorful Custom Flags and Banners Flags in all shapes and sizes, custom made for you by America s premier flag & banner manufacturer Not just for large businesses, Custom flags are an affordable means of advertising for small businesses providing living signage that dances in the breeze and captures attention like no static sign can do. Fly your company flag with your U.S. and State Flag. Annin Flagmakers Making Flags & Banners Since 1847 THE RENOIR StateoftheArt Digital Printer Our Renoir machines give Annin Flagmakers the largest and fastest digital printing capabilities in the United States! Made in the USA with only American Labor & Materials Quick delivery5 Day Turnaround* on orders of fewer than 50 units Pantone Color Matching Expert Digital Dye Printing & Finishing No minimum order on flags & banner larger than 12 x 18 inches Experienced, personalized Customer Service No Setup fees * after artwork is approved 2 CustomPrinted Textiles Advertising Products Custom Pricing in 3 Simple Steps F Because all custom flag projects are... well, custom... we have devised an easytofollow system for determining the cost for your specific order regardless of quantities, materials or options Identify Standard Pricing Based on Item Size & Order Quantity. Standard pricing charts listed with each item reflect the base price of each item before applying any added features. Most items are printed onesided with a mirror image on the reverse. If Custom Materials or Construction is Required, Apply Multiplier from Chart 200 Denier SolarGuard Nylon is our standard fabric. Optional fabrics, twosided constructions and liners are also available and and can be priced using the Materials & Construction Multiplier Chart. AddOn Costs for Finishing Options if applicable Many items can be further customized with nonstandard options such as Fringing, Pole Sleeves, Roped Headers, etc. Pricing for AddOns listed with each item if applicable. Pricing Example: 2Sided 2' x 3' Custom Flag with Tyvek Liner & Fringe Standard Price: 2 Custom Multiplier Add On $87.98 x 2.1 = $ $12.00 (1.5/ft x 8) = $ TOTAL PRICE Optional Fabrics 210 Denier High Tenacity NylGlo Same cloth treatment as standard NylGlo but heavier and more durable. Perfect for windier conditions. 70 Denier High Tenacity NylGlo Same cloth treatment as standard NylGlo but lightweight and just as durable. Finer yarn yields the greatest color penetration and vibrancy. Material & Construction Multipliers Item Multiplier 210 Denier NylGlo Fabric x Denier High Tenacity NylGlo Fabric x 1.2 Double Sided without Liner x 1.9 Double Sided with Tyvek Liner x 2.1 Double Sided with Block Out Liner x 2.2 Single Sided with Double Tyvek Lined Seal x 1.8 Stock Nylon Backliner x 1.6 Artwork Preparation In order to obtain the best reproduction of your artwork, logo and graphics, it is important that all electronic artwork be prepared properly. In general, raster images (bitmapped jpg, tiff or PhotoShop files) need to be provided fullsize and at a minimum resolution of 150 ppi. Vector art (ai, eps or pdf files) should be created either fullsized or in scale according to the dimensions/proportions of the flag or banner involved. Pantone color matching is an integral part of our process so please specify PMS colors when necessary. If your art is not print ready, or if assistance is required to create your artwork, our creative team is available, at an additional cost, to assist you in creating original artwork or adapting your artwork to a desired flag or banner. Submitting Artwork for AncoDyed Printing: Vector Art should be created to scale. Fonts converted to outlines. Uncoated PMS colors specified as necessary. Accepted formats:.ai,.eps, or PDF. Color mode: RGB Raster Art should be created full size at a minimum of 150 ppi. PhotoShop or Tiff formats are preferred. JPEG files may be used, but can result in diminished results due to image compression. Raster files are printed asis, unless formatted as an RBG Indexed file with no more than 25 colors. In this format, color changes can be made if necessary. Art Creation Charges: Art Charges are billed at $100 per hour. To create printready art, a clear image is required with colors indicated as necessary. A color rendering of the created art will be provided for approval. Note: we make every effort to match colors as closely as possible, but for specific colors PMS numbers are required. If PMS numbers have not been specified we cannot be held responsible for color matches once an item is manufactured. Choosing uncoated PMS colors produces the closest color match. 3 F Advertising Products Promotional Flags & Banners They wave and flutter and glow with the light of the sun! Nylon Flags & Banners Fly in the Lightest Breeze and Catch the Eye Excellent Quality Rich Vivid AncoDye Colors Color Matching Software Ensures Accuracy of Dyes Matched to Pantone PMS Colors ColorLock Dye Formulas Mean LongLasting Vibrancy Expertly finished with American Labor & Materials Many Choices Wide range of Sizes Available No Minimums on flags 12 x 18 inches & larger Finishing Options Include Canvas Heading & Grommets, Roped Heading, Pole Sleeve, Fringe and more (see chart) You supply the art or our inhouse Art Department can provide (see page 27 for details) Outstanding Service Quick Turnaround 5 Day Lead time on orders of 50 units or fewer once artwork is approved Orders shipped from our Virginia factory via UPS. Other shipping options available Friendly Personalized Custom Service CustomPrinted Textiles Communicate, Promote and Command Attention with Flags & Banners Custom Flag Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size ' x 3' 2 1 /2' x 4' 3' x 5' 4' x 6' 5' x 8' 6' x 10' 8' x 12' 10' x 15' 12' x 18' $ $ $ $ $ $ AddOn Pricing For Flag Sizes from 2' x 3' to 6' x 10' Finishing Options Unlined Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Indoor FeltLined Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Roped Heading / ft Reinforced Nylon Covered Heading / ft Grommets / each Gold Fringe / ft $ $ $ $ $ $ AddOn Pricing For Large Flag Sizes from 8' x 12' to 12' x 18' Finishing Options Unlined Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Indoor FeltLined Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Reinforced Nylon Heading / ft Grommets / each Gold Fringe / ft $4.20 $8.00 $7.00 $2.50 $1.50 $3.58 $6.80 $5.96 $2.12 $1.28 $3.16 $6.00 $5.26 $1.88 $1.12 $2.94 $5.60 $4.90 $1.76 $1.06 $2.74 $5.20 $4.56 $1.62 $0.98 $2.52 $4.80 $4.20 $1.50 $0.90 City and County Flags City Flags for Town Halls, Fire Houses, Municipal Buildings & Presentations Annin Flagmakers has the official designs of many municipalities and counties in our art library 4 CustomPrinted Textiles Real Estate & Message Flags Advertising Products F These bright, richly dyed commercial flags are just the thing to attract the eye and grab the attention of potential customers. These tough, NylGlo flags are made to stand up brilliantly to the rigors of outside commercial use. 3' x 5' NylGlo Message Flags Item # Message Welcome R/W/B Striped Open R/W/B Striped Model R/W/B Striped Open Blue & White Price $ * Pricing for Single Sided 200 Denier Flags Finished with Duck Heading and Brass Grommets. # # # # Golf Event Flags Premium Flags for Superior Effect Custom Pennants, Swallowtails & Guidons Custom pennants are a traditional favorite and a great way to promote and celebrate local organizations, charities, fraternities, sports teams or special events. Expert digital rendering of your graphics on premium nylon makes for durable performers and treasured keepsakes. Height Made in U.S.A. and available in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 8 feet. Pennant Width Height Swallowtail Width 1/4 Width 1/2 Height When an outing or promotional event calls for customized Golf Flags, nothing surpasses our outstanding quality. Your custom logos or graphics are acid dyed onto premium NylGlo bunting for a professional appearance and durability. Height Available with Grommets & Tie Tapes or Mounted to Golf Tubes Custom Dyed Golf Flag Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size x 20 With Tie Tapes 14 x 20 With Tube Guidon Width 1/4 Width $ $ $ $ Custom Pennant Pricing Size x 18 16 x 24 2' x 3' 3' x 5' 4' x 6' 5' x 8' $ $ $ $ $ $ * Pricing for Single Sided 200 Denier Flags. Custom Swallowtail & Guidon Pricing Size x 18 16 x 24 20 x 27 3 /4 2' x 3' 3' x 5' 4' x 6' 5' x 8' $ $ $ $ $ $ * Pricing for Single Sided 200 Denier Flags. AddOn Pricing For Pennants, Swallowtails & Guidons from 12 x 18 to 5' x 8' Finishing Options Unlined Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Indoor FeltLined Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Roped Heading / ft Reinforced Nylon Covered Heading / ft Grommets / each Gold Fringe / ft $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ F Advertising Products Custom Feather & Flutter Flags CustomPrinted Textiles These vertical banners offer tremendous impact in a small footprint. Available in an assortment of sizes they are great for promoting temporary events or sales or as a longterm enhancement of a business or organization. Features durable nylon fabric and brilliant ColorFast dyes. Custom Feather Flags Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size ' x 8' 2' x 10' 2' x 12' $ $ $ $ $ Custom Feather & Flutter Flags Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Price does not include hardware $ Ideal for Short or Long Term Use AttentionGetting Roadside Displays For Team Support, Fairs & Festivals Feather Flag Templates 2' x 8' 2' x 10' 2' x 12' Flutter Flag Templates 3 x 8 Foot Message Flutter Flags Promote your Message with these Durable Attention Getters Stock Messages: Create Your Message Choose Your Colors No Artwork Required Fast 1Week Turnaround Finished with 4needle Fly for Extra Durability Open House Open* Welcome Sale* Models Open Rentals* Now Leasing Condos Grand Opening New Homes For Sale* * Shown Order standard red and blue or choose PMS colors and provide your message. Standard font is as pictured. If different fonts are preferred, please submit artwork with text outlined in an Illustrator file. Solid Color Feather Flags Great for Fairs & Festivals Six Sizes Available Solid Color Feather Flags In all colors Size ' x 8' 2' x 10' 2' x 12' $ $ $ $99.90 Each Retail Price does not include hardware To add visual attention to any event or occasion try one of our feather flags in a bright solid color. Great for fairs & festivals. Durable nylon, available in all stock colors. Price does not include hardware Ideal for Property Managers 6 CustomPrinted Textiles Telescoping Flag Poles Easy to adjust, includes ground sleeve Lightweight Fiberglass Poles Table Banner Templates White Finish 6 Foot 72 8 Foot 96 Standard Silver Finish These durable, lightweight fiberglass are available in 12 or 16 foot lengths. Setup is easy and the telescoping poles collapse down to a compact 3 1/2 foot length for easy storage and transport. 1.5 in. Diameter Lightweight Fiberglass Poles Choose 12 ft. Length in Silver or 16 ft. in White Collapses to 3.5 ft. Length Strong, Flexible in High Wind and Easy to Set Up 16 ft. Includes Ball Ornament Locking Banner Clips for Permanent Display Standard Ground Sleeve Included Optional Flagpole Mounts Available Telescoping Fiberglass Flagpoles 6 Foot 72 8 Foot 96 With Side Panel Item # DRIVE ON WHEEL BASE Uses the weight of a car to provide ultimate windresistant flagpole security. Base folds for easy storage and transport. For use with 16 or 12 ft. flagpoles. Item #819 Price $39.90 ea Description / Options Feather/Flutter Flag Size Price 12 Foot Flagpole Silver / Standard Ground Sleeve 16 Foot Flagpole White / Ground Sleeve & Wheel Base 16 Foot Flagpole White / Standard Ground Sleeve 15 Foot Super Pole White / Ground Sleeve & Carrying Bag Table Throw Templates 90 ROTATING GROUND SPIKE Ground spike rotates on ball bearings and shifts with the wind. Item #2841 Price $39.90 ea 6 Foot 132 x 90 8 Foot 156 x 90 One Seam at Back Table Top 72 x Front Panel Super Pole Set up is easy and the telescoping pole collapses to 6 feet for easy storage & transport This pole works perfectly with all of our Feather and Flutter Flags and can telescope from 6 to 15 ft. Requires No Maintenance Use with Easy to Set Up & Transport Rotating Ground Spike Easily secured at any Desired Height ITEM# 2841 Strong & Durable Wind Rated for Winds up to 50 MPH Finished with a UV Inhibitor Includes Ground Sleeve and Carrying Bag Optional Flagpole Mounts Available For use with Super Pole only 8 ft. & 10 ft. 12 ft. 12 ft. All Optional Flag Pole Mounts Table Banners & Throws Table top 96 x Front Panel 132 156 $ NYLON SAND SLEEVE Use instead of ground spike or ground sleeve in sandy areas or places where the soil is loose. GROUND SPIKE For quick and easy short term installations, use this heavyduty steel ground spike. Black Powder coated. For use with fiberglass poles only. 90 Top Cap Lock Joint Item #1153 Price $25.50 ea Item #897 Price $14.90 ea With their durable allnylon construction these custom table covers have the toughness to stand up to the wear and tear of many seasons of presentation both indoor and outdoor. Table Banners are fitted to standard 6 and 8 foot tables and come with or without side panels. Table Throws are oval shaped and drape naturally at the corners. Table Banner with Side Panel Table Throw Advertising Products F Table Banner Pricing Size Foot 60 x 72 6 Foot w/panels 60 x 132 8 Foot 60 x 96 8 Foot w/panels 60 x 156 Table Throw Pricing $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $98.98 $ $ $ Size Foot 132 x 90 8 Foot 156 x 90 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $90.00 $ $ $ $ $ All Nylon Construction Three Optional Table Covering Styles Durable, Tear and Stain Resistant For Indoor & Outdoor Use 7 F Advertising Products Custom Vertical Banners FirstClass Flyers These sidemounted lightweight banners flutter and fly in the slightest of breeze, bringing your promotional message and graphics to the attention of any passerby. Finished on the vertical side with a sturdy poly/duck pole sleeve and hemmed on three sides, these banners are easy to use and tough enough to stand up to longterm outdoor display. SideMounted for Maximum Flutter Available in a Wide Ranges of Sizes ColorFast Dyes with Pantone Color Matching Made Only with American Labor & Materials 200 Denier SolarGuard Nylon For best results use with flexible, fiberglass poles see previous page. CustomPrinted Banners Vertical Banner Templates Vertical Banners Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size ' x 8' 2' x 10' 2' x 12' 3' x 15' 3 1 /2 x /2 x /2 x 15 $ $ $ $ Pricing for Single Sided 200 Denier Nylon Banners does not include hardware $ $ AddOn Pricing Finishing Options Unlined Nylon Pole Hem & Tabs / ft Reinforced Nylon Covered Heading / ft Grommets / each Fringe / ft $ $ $ $ $ PORTABLE ALUMINUM FLAGPOLE For banners 2 1/2 ft. wide up to 8 ft. long. For indoor display use with cross base #3205, sold on page 35, for outdoor display use with ground sleeve #3203 or #3204 sold on page $ Vertical Banner Hardware Portable Aluminum Flagpole Item # Each 3207 $79.90 Large size Stand Out Banner mounted to self supporting Advertising Pole #2477 Available Separately 2' x 8' 2' x 10' ADVERTISING POLE 2' x 12' Item #2477 Single Price: $ ' x 15' Selfsupporting banner pole for indoor or outdoor use. Portable and lightweight it assembles in minutes to a height of up to 18 feet and includes a convenient water weight base. 3 1 /2 x /2 x 12 MUTIUSE TELESCOPING POLE 3 1 /2 x 15 Four Aluminum Telescoping Sections SnapLock Sections for Full Extension or Twist Lock to Adjustable Height InGround or Tire Mount Includes All Accessories Wheel Stand & Ground Sleeve 3 Rotating Arm for Banner Display Gold Aluminum Ball Specifications: Use with Adjustable up to 19 feet Solar Light 2 Base diameter / 1 3 Sold on Page 65 /8 top diameter 14 PVC ground socket Multiuse Telescoping Pole Item # Each 648 $ Use with Sand Sleeve sold on page 60. Note: Do not use with motor homes. Use with vehicles only. 8 Custom Printed Banners Advertising Products F XBanners Easy to Afford... Impossible to Ignore For maximim impact with minimum expense nothing beats our XBanners. Vivid nylon banners with grommets at the corners gives you the ability to use this banner almost anywhere. Add an XBanner Stand (not included) and you get a terrific, functional standalone banner. XBANNER STAND with carry case Lightweight, easy to use. Sets up & breaks down in seconds. Item # Size Foot Deluxe Stand $29.98 $28.98 $27.98 X Banner Template 23 1 /2 x 63 XBanner Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size Foot $99.98 $84.48 $69.98 $54.98 $45.00 $ Foot Table Top Banner and Stand Make a big impact with these compact TableTop banners. Ideal for Cafés, Deli's, Retail Counters or anywhere you need to get your message across at the point of purchase. Table Top Banner Pricing Minimum order 25 Size x 18 $7.98 $7.26 Table Top Metal Bracket Sold Separately Item# Each 942 $4.50 Custom Made DoubleSided Polyester Car Flags Finished 12 x Heavy Duty Car Flag Pole Included All Car Flags are DoubleSided Minimum 25 per Design Made in the U.S.A. Custom Car Flag Pricing Quantity ,000+ Sugg. Retail Price Each $ Miniature Stick Flags Printed onesided with mirror image on reverse. Mounted on ebonized staff. 12 x 18 & 16 x 24 Flags may be finished with heading and grommets. Miniature Stick Flags Pricing Mounted on Ebonized Staff Size x 6 8 x 12 12 x 18 14 x 20 14' x 20 w/tube 16 x 24 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ AddOn Pricing 4 x 6 Flags mounted on 10 Staff 8 x 12 Flags mounted on 18 Staff 12 x 18 Flags mounted on Staff 16 x 24 Flags mounted on 36 Staff Finishing Options Gold Fringe / ft Unlined Pole Sleeve / ft $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 10 F Advertising Products Custom Sun Blade Banners Combining the wind effects of a feather flag and the legibility of a banner, these sun blades catch the eye as they flutter in the wind while still maintaining the integrity of your logo or message. For Indoor or Outdoor Use Three Sizes to Choose From Great for Fairs, Festivals & Trade Shows Sun Blade Banner Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size Foot 24 1 /2 x 93 1 /2 11 Foot 25 x 129 13 Foot 24 1 /2 x /2 $ $ $ $ $ Price does not include hardware, see page 35 Breeze Blade Banners An exciting new alternative to sun blade banners. Great for high wind applications, provides attention getting movement and visibility at affordable prices. Two available mounting options sold separately. Affordable HighWind Performance Flutters and Spins in the Wind Two Mounting Options sold separately Sun Blade Templates Breeze Blade Template 24 1 /2 x 93 1 /2 25 x 129 24 1 /2 x /2 8 Foot 11 Foot 13 Foot Custom Teardrop Banners The wider, teardrop shape of these banners provides the perfect pallet for your graphics or sales message and, like a weather vane, it catches the wind and rotates to capture the attention of your prospective customers. Lightweight, Easy to Set Up Rotates with the Wind For Long or Short Term Display Use Indoors or Outdoors Teardrop Banner Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size $ Breeze Blade Banner Pricing Standard 1 Sided with Mirror Reverse Size Foot 28 x 132 $ $ $ $ $99.44 $91.78 Price does not include hardware 6 Foot 38 x 75 8 Foot 45 x /2 10 Foot 50 x 121 $ $ $ $ $ $ Price does not include hardware, see page 35 $ $ $ $97.98 $ $ $90.98 $ $ $83.98 $ $ Custom Blade Banners 28 x 132 Teardrop Banner Templates 38 x 75 45 x /2 6 Foot 8 Foot 10 Foot 50 x 121 BREEZE BLADE HARDWARE Mount your banner with this heavy gauge aluminum hardware. Two options, pole with ground sleeve or tire mount. ITEM # DESCRIPTION Pole & Ground Spike $61.98 $55.98 Tire Mount $13.98 $ $52.98 $11.98 Stands, Table Covers Teardrop & Sun Blade Stands & Accessories Teardrop & Sun Blade Rotating Stand Kits This deluxe rotating stand includes a heavyweight chromeplated steel ground spike, flexible aluminum pole sect
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