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2016 Catalog of Authors Books Volume 25 president s message Doris Baker 2016 President, Women Writing the West Welcome to Women Writing the West and our 2016 Catalog of Authors Books. These pages will
2016 Catalog of Authors Books Volume 25 president s message Doris Baker 2016 President, Women Writing the West Welcome to Women Writing the West and our 2016 Catalog of Authors Books. These pages will give you an idea of the variety and the sophistication of books written by WWW authors. The authors themselves are young(ish), old(er), published, unpublished, and write in nearly every genre of the literary spectrum. Willa Cather famously wrote, There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before. The titles in this catalog tell those two or three stories in exciting new ways with new insights and from a western sensibility. WWW is an inclusive and supportive association of writers, editors, agents, publishers, and others who see the value in documenting, through fiction or non-fiction, the role of women in the American West. New members join today for the same reasons our founders established the group in 1994 for camaraderie, to share knowledge, frustrations and triumphs, and for encouragement both given and received. In addition to publishing an annual catalog, WWW supports male and female writers by holding a yearly conference where members come together to nurture their craft, expand their marketing savvy, and enjoy the company of like-minded authors. Conferences are held at locations throughout the West. The 2016 conference will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with the theme Enduring Spirits, Untold Stories. A highlight of the annual conference is the presentation of literary awards. The WILLA is named in honor of Willa Cather and awarded in seven categories for book-length works. The LAURA Short Fiction Awards, named to honor Laura Ingalls Wilder, recognizes fiction of fewer than 5,000 words written by WWW members. Each year, these awards grow in prestige and significance. Between conferences, members engage in lively discussions on a long-standing Yahoo Group listserv where questions are posed and answered, news is shared, and the WWW community connects. I encourage you to connect with our community by liking Women Writing the West on Facebook and visiting our website, WomenWritingtheWest.org. There you will find information about membership, activities, and the history of WWW. Please consider joining WWW. We re saving a place for you! the term women s west is borrowed from the ground-breaking book of the same title, edited by Susan Armitage and Elizabeth Jameson and published by the University of Oklahoma Press. That book and the subsequent flood of scholarly books on the same subject presented an entirely different view, literally a rediscovery, of women in the American West. More than a recognition that women played broader roles than being ranch wives or prostitutes, the new view of the Women s West speaks to the diversity of women of all cultures and all time periods. It acknowledges the rich variety of ways women responded to the western experience. The women s West is based on a tradition that includes such fine writers as Willa Cather, Mary Austin, B.M. Bower, Mari Sandoz, Dorothy Johnson, Juanita Brooks, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Helen Hunt Jackson. Today s writers who set their work in the West are creating a literary explosion said to be comparable to the Southern literary renaissance in the 1930s. Women Writing the West is open to all persons worldwide. Please join us. The membership form is on the back cover. Now, enjoy this latest collection of wonderful books written by members of Women Writing the West. This catalog is published annually as a service to our members, providing educational and industry information to our membership and those in the publishing community. Women Writing the West is a non-profit association of writers and other professionals writing and promoting the Women s West. Published by Women Writing the West 8547 E. Arapahoe Rd., #J-541 Greenwood Village CO WomenWritingtheWest.org 2015 Board of Directors Anne Schroeder President Doris Baker President-Elect Cynthia Becker Past President/WILLA Chair Doris McCraw VP Marketing Jane Kirkpatrick/Shanna Hatfield Co-Conference VP Carmen Peone Secretary Alice Trego Treasurer Committees & Support Staff Joyce B. Lohse Administrator Heidi Thomas Blog Site Manager Alice Trego Listserv/Membership Manager Mary Trimble Catalog Editor Doris Eraldi Website Manager Anne Nelson Accountant Jenny Hancey Graphic Designer Catalog of Author s Books table of contents About Women Writing the West 2 President s Message 2 The Term Women s West 3 Founding Members WILLA Literary Award Winners & Finalists 21 WILLA Literary Awards 2016 Application 22 Sustaining Members 22 Member Focus 22 WILLA Fund Donors 23 Member Publishers/Agents Fiction... 4 Nonfiction Children s/young Adult Fiction Anthology Index founding members Sierra Adare Natalia Aponte TOR/Forge Jane Valentine Barker Carolyn Bauer Sarah Bird Cindy Bonner Glenn G. Boyer Irene Bennett Brown Corinne Brown Susan Butruille Jenna Caplette Jane Chelius Jane Chelius Literary Agency Rita Cleary Margaret Coel Jane Candia Coleman Sandra Dallas John Dofflemyer Dry Crik Review Sybil Downing Karen Emanuelson Patricia McMartin Enders Edna Fiore Kathleen O Neal Gear Gary Goldstein Ann Gorzalka Harry Helm Charlotte Hinger Jerrie Hurd Judith Janay Deana Jensen Erin Jourdan TOR/Forge Julie Wallin Kaewert Jane Kirkpatrick Alice P. Kober Dr. Victoria Krueger Page Lambert Elaine Long Mary Lynn Mardis Dee Marvine Paul McCarthy Kay McDonald Gwendolyn J. Morgan-Jones Lesley Kellas Payne Bobette Perrone Gwen Petersen Nancy Cathers Phillips Nell Brown Propst Linda Quinton TOR/Forge Mary Ramstetter Susan C. Reneau Glenda Riley Janet E. Robertson Lucia St. Clair Robson Irene Cindy Sandell Karen Sorenson Linda Sparks Beth Sullivan Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman AJ Verdelle Linda A. White Jeanne Williams Jann Arrington Wolcott Women of the West Museum Women Writing the West 3 fiction Banning, Lynna The Lone Sheriff ISBN: Harlequin-Mills & Boon Sheriff of Smoke River teams up with a feisty lady Pinkerton agent to capture a crew of train robbers. lynnabanning.net Black, Mary S. Peyote Fire: Shaman of the Canyons ISBN: Writers Press Four thousand years ago along the Rio Grande, Deer Cloud and Jumping Rabbit changed their world forever. Their stories still live on the painted canyon walls. Marysblack.com Breene, Leslee Journey to Sand Castle ISBN: Create Space/Kindle An unimaginable tragedy. Three broken lives. One more chance. Leslie Breene confronts conflict, resistance, and prejudice in a well-written story of love and redemption. Heidi Thomas, WILLA Literary Award winner lesleebreene.com The Christmas Gift ISBN: N/A Ebook short story Kindle/Amazon In 1883, Miriam Cole travels to Denver to deliver her orphaned baby nephew to her married sister. But, when the time comes, how will she ever let him go? lesleebreene.com Broday, Linda Texas Mail Order Bride ISBN: Sourcebooks Publishing He s a stubborn bachelor, quite happy with his life. So when Delta Dandridge steps off the stage claiming to be his mail order bride, he s fit to be tied. LindaBroday.com Twice a Texas Bride ISBN: Sourcebooks Publishing Former saloon owner Rand Sinclair finally has the land he s dreamed of, and it s enough. But a woman hiding in one of his outbuildings changes his life forever. LindaBroday.com Brotherton, Velda Rowena s Hellion ISBN: Cactus Rose/Wild Rose Press Loving a man damaged by war is a challenge. Rowena is captivated by Lord Blair Prescott who fights his demons with wild rides through the night across the Kansas prairie. veldabrotherton.com Wilda s Outlaw ISBN: Cactus Rose/Wild Rose Press Calder Raines and his gang may be more than Wilda Duncan bargained for. In order to escape an unwanted marriage, she finds herself in the arms of this tantalizing man. veldabrotherton.com Cardwell, Mollie Bickle Return to Sandy Creek ISBN: First Chapter Publishing Inspired by old stone buildings that sit empty and forgotten, Return to Sandy Creek is a fictional story of families who rose to extraordinary heights in the settlement of this country. molliebicklecardwell.com Cox, Patricia Grady Chasm Creek ISBN: High Hill Press Three unlikely friends. Three lives based on lies. Until ghostly encounters and violent confrontations destroy their illusions and each must find their place in the merciless Arizona desert. patriciagradycox.com Dawdy, Arletta Huachuca Woman ISBN: CreateSpace/Kindle Josephine Nichols, in 1952, reveals details of her life by re-telling old family stories. Her adult grandchildren get more than they dreamt of, bargained for, or knew. arlettadawdy.com By Grace ISBN: CreateSpace/Kindle In 1898, Grace leaves Albany to seek her vocation in NYC, studying jewelry design at Tiffany s. Fleeing death threats, Grace heads West, often changing her identity and appearance. arlettadawdy.com Rose of Sharon ISBN: CreateSpace/Kindle Orphaned, lost and in need of family, Rose of Sharon finds hope only to lose it again. Rose s paranormal and writing gifts set her apart as she moves towards fulfillment. arlettadawdy.com Downing, Andrea Dances of the Heart ISBN: The Wild Rose Press Four people face loss and pain that can only be relieved by the secrets of a dead son, as an old adversary threatens the fragile ties that bind them. andreadowning.com Catalog of Author s Books fiction Women Writing the West 5 fiction Fisher, Janet The Shifting Winds ISBN: TwoDot/Globe Pequot Reluctant Oregon pioneer Jennie becomes torn between two men, American mountain man Jake and British Hudson s Bay Company clerk Alan, who vie for her as their nations vie for Oregon. janetfishernovels.com Gagehabib, LaVerne The Doctors and Their Wives ISBN: Herthang Publishing Company Jonny Wade, an established blacksmith, passed as a man married to Doctor Vera Miles, 1873 Missouri. Sharing their secret with other friends, they lived as they chose, fulfilling their greatest desires. Gooch, Margaret Only the Sky ISBN: Create Space/Kindle A father s role in an Indian youth s death and his daughter s efforts to avert hostilities rooted in that earlier violence can love for her ranch manager sway his resolve? The West, The West ISBN: Create Space/Kindle A young woman newly employed by an environmental agency falls for a rancher angered by cutbacks of grazing privileges on public land. Where will they find resolution? Jacobs, Linda Jackson Hole Journey ISBN: Camel Press Spur Finalist and Will Rogers Medallion Finalist. The Yellowstone saga continues into the 1920s with dude ranching in Jackson Hole, and the Gros Ventre landslide and flood. readlindajacobs.com Catalog of Author s Books Lake of Fire ISBN: Medallion Press WILLA and Spur Finalist. Yellowstone s Bold History: Indian war, stagecoach robbery, and hot pursuit through the backcountry. New release of trade paperback, Aug readlindajacobs.com Rain of Fire ISBN: Medallion Press WILLA Finalist. Join the women and men with their fingers on the pulse of the world s largest volcano, Yellowstone Park. New release of trade paperback, Aug readlindajacobs.com Summer of Fire ISBN: Medallion Press WILLA Winner. It is 1988 and Yellowstone Park is on fire. A tale of the heroes who fought the flames. New release of trade paperback, Aug readlindajacobs.com Kirkpatrick, Jane A Light in the Wilderness ISBN: Revell/Baker Publishing Group Spur Award Finalist. Based on true story of African-American woman Letitia Carson who crosses 1845 Oregon Trail with white, common law husband, who brings a law suit in a hostile territory. jkbooks.com The Memory Weaver ISBN: Revell/Baker Publishing Group Based on a true story. The child, Eliza Spalding Warren, survived both the 1847 Whitman tragedy and hostage-taking. As an adult, will she find courage to weave new memories? jkbooks.com fiction Women Writing the West 7 fiction Kondazian, Karen The Whip ISBN: Hansen Publishing Group Inspired by the true story of Charlotte Charley Parkhurst ( ) who lived most of her extraordinary life as a man. She became one of Wells Fargo s most renowned stagecoach drivers. kondazian.com Mayo, C. M. The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire ISBN: Unbridled Books A Library Journal Best Book of A novel based on the true story. A swashbuckling, riotous good time, befitting the fairy-tale promise of the opening sentence. Austin American-Statesman cmmayo.com Noonan, C.J. The House on Harrigan s Hill ISBN: Sand Hill Press In Sierra Nevada 1910 Truckee, well-paced action and lively characters capture the drama facing indefatigable Mary Edwards as 20th century California transforms from frontier to modern economy. cjnoonan.com Nyman, Leslie The Sound of Her Own Voice ISBN: Outskirts Press A young Jewish woman alone in the California gold rush. She faces adventures that test her fortitude. She experiences the joys of a life filled with music, independence, and love. soundofherownvoice.wordpress.com Catalog of Author s Books Pashley, Ava The Storyteller ISBN: Vivid Publishing/Tank & Ferry Entertainment Feather Ridge is a little town with a big secret. The power of the written word will change it forever. Romantic, intriguing, action-filled. Packs a punch of girl-tude. VANCOUVERgirl. avapashley.com Schroeder, Anne Cholama Moon ISBN: Oak Tree Press Young Ginny Nugent s privileged life on a California rancho becomes a struggle amid earthquakes, banditos, remoteness and human failing until a stranger sends her on a journey of personal discovery. anneschroederauthor.blogspot.com Sedmak, Terri Heartland: On the Side of Angels (The Liberty & Property Legends, Volume 1) ISBN: Vivid Publishing/Tank & Ferry Entertainment Wyoming, Three families. One Alliance. A cold-blooded murder. The secrets. The conflict. The passion. And the fight for justice. The saga begins. Fast-paced and riveting. Midwest Book Review. terrisedmak.com Empire for Liberty: Dangerous Lullaby (The Liberty & Property Legends, Volume 2) ISBN: Vivid Publishing/Tank & Ferry Entertainment Terror grows. Heroes rise. A subtle post-colonial undertone, a more obvious early-feminist thread, part of the fabric of a strong story. A very clever second book. Kate Matthew, historian. terrisedmak.com fiction Women Writing the West 9 fiction First Country: Tinged with Rose (The Liberty & Property Legends, Volume 3) ISBN: Vivid Publishing/Tank & Ferry Entertainment The grand adventure of The West & Gilded Age continues. Across the path of justice and truth lies the shadow of heartache and vengeance. Spritely, captivating, enduring. PS News. terrisedmak.com The Hour of Evidence: Deceived (The Liberty & Property Legends, Volume 4) ISBN: Vivid Publishing/Tank & Ferry Entertainment The shocking evidence no one saw coming. A lost family secret. Two hearts at destiny s crossroads. All eyes are on Cheyenne, Magic City of the Plains. Enthralling. VANCOUVERgirl. terrisedmak.com Squires, Janet Desperate Straits ISBN: (Ebook) Whiskey Creek Press ISBN: (Paperback) An immigrant Irish girl and a former Texas Ranger become reluctant partners when loyalty to their orphaned nephew forces them into a battle for justice and for their lives. janetsquiresbooks.com Trimble, Mary E. Tenderfoot ISBN: ShelterGraphics Corrie s life is about to erupt, right along with Mount St. Helens. Rancher J McClure has a fire burning within. Love, ranching and an erupting mountain explode together. marytrimblebooks.com Catalog of Author s Books fiction Wallace, Louise Lenahan Children of the Day ISBN: All Things That Matter Press In Wyoming Territory, Charity, encountering drought, blizzards, and a rattlesnake, learns that unlike the snake s ability to slough its skin, she cannot shed her past, her present, or her heart. louiselenahanwallace.com Wasmund, Laurie Marr Clean Cut ISBN: Lost Ranch Books In Pindall, Wyoming, winters are long, Main Street is short, and everything is about to change for widow Shari Brock in this rollicking romance of the Western heart. lostranchbooks.com My Heart Lies Here ISBN: Lost Ranch Books Colorado, In this historically-inspired novel based on the infamous Ludlow Massacre, Scottish immigrant Christian Scott learns about love, sacrifice and what it means to be an American. lostranchbooks.com Weston, Julie Moonshadows: A Nellie Burns and Moonshine Mystery ISBN: Five Star, A part of Gale, Cengage Learning Murder and mystery in 1920 s backcountry Idaho. Secrets are the fuel of all fiction prepare for Moonshadows to burn brightly... in a gorgeously written, taut mystery. Ridley Pearson juliewweston.com Women Writing the West 11 fiction Catalog of Author s Books Wurth, K. Lyn The Darkwater Liar s Account ISBN: True to Story Publishing Nebraska farmer Bridget Wheeler records her youthful complicity with Nazi darkness in a tattered ledger from her cellar, recalculating her crimes before yet another person dies on her account. klynwurth.comwurth, K. Lyn nonfiction Ackerman, Patricia E. Marymount College of Kansas: A History ISBN: The History Press The Sisters of St. Joseph built a legacy in the Sunflower State, breaking ground for the first all-women s college in Kansas before the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote. historypress.net Baptiste, Mary Beth Altitude Adjustment: A Quest for Love, Home, and Meaning in the Tetons ISBN: TwoDot/Globe Pequot Press NY Times Bestseller: A thoughtful, humorous account of a wildlife biologist s bumbling quest for purpose and love through wildlife adventures, solitude, and offbeat human connections in Grand Teton National Park. marybethbaptiste.com Brew, Jo Oregon s Main Street: U.S. Highway 99, The Stories ISBN: Groundwaters Publishing, LLC Collected stories of living and working in communities along Highway 99 as it became the connecting Main Street of Oregon through a great depression, two World Wars, growth, development, and change. jo-brew.com Brew, Jo and Edwards, Pat Oregon s Main Street: U.S. Highway 99, The Folk History ISBN: Groundwaters Publishing, LLC A look back at the developing communities along Oregon s early connecting road from the viewpoint of how these communities devised ways to fit their lives into Oregon s changing environment. jo-brew.com fiction/nonfiction Fisher, Janet A Place of Her Own: The Legacy of Oregon Pioneer Martha Poindexter Maupin ISBN: TwoDot/Globe Pequot Martha defies her parents to marry Garrett, but when he dies, leaving her alone on the frontier with their children, she buys a farm the author, her great-great-granddaughter, now owns. janetfishernovels.com Goeres-Gardner, Diane L. Images of America: Oregon Asylum ISBN: Arcadia Publishing For the last 132 years, Oregon State Hospital has served as Oregon s primary mental health care provider. Oregon Asylum uses 198 photographs to detail the hospital s history. dlgoeres-gardner.com Images of America: Oregon State Penitentiary ISBN: Arcadia Publishing 196 photographs, with explanatory captions, illustrate the growth of Oregon s only maximum-security prison. Opened in 1866, Oregon State Penitentiary illuminates the many changes in the criminal justice system. dlgoeres-gardner.com Images of America: Roseburg ISBN: Arcadia Publishing Situated near the Oregon/California border, Roseburg has served as the nexus of various commercial and cultural developments. 210 photographs illustrate the city s growth from a frontier outpost to a modern city. dlgoeres-gardner.com Women Writing the West 13 nonfiction Inside Oregon State Hospital: A History of Tragedy and Triumph ISBN: The History Press Inside Oregon State Hospital examines the world of the Northwest s oldest mental hospital, as seen through the eyes of the patients who lived there. dlgoeres-gardner.com Murder, Morality and Madness: Women Criminals in Early Oregon ISBN: Caxton Press Case studies reveal the motivations of Oregon s frontier women who committed murder between 1850 and dlgoeres-gardner.com Necktie Parties: Legal Executions in Oregon, ISBN: Caxton Press Case studies of the men hanged for murder in Oregon s counties between 1851 and Nec
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