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2015 Benefits Summary visionary science, game changing innovation unmatched scientific facilities, programs and talent vibrant a, diverse and inclusive community contents
2015 Benefits Summary visionary science, game changing innovation unmatched scientific facilities, programs and talent vibrant a, diverse and inclusive community contents Benefits Eligibility Quick Summary Medical Insurance Plan BCBSIL PPO Prescription Drug Plan (For BCBSIL PPO Medical Plan) BlueAdvantage HMO Delta Dental Plan Monthly Health Care Contributions Life Insurance Plans Flexible Spending Accounts Retirement Plan Health and Employee Wellness Disability Plans Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Adoption Assistance Program Vacation Holidays Leaves of Absence Benefits Website The 2015 Benefits Summary is for Regular Employees working 20 or more hours per week. It provides a brief description of the benefits offered by Argonne National Laboratory. Beyond benefits, Argonne also provides numerous amenities that encourage a positive work-life balance. Some of these amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, yoga and Pilates classes, onsite bike share transportation, multiple cafes and coffee shops, and a child care/development center for employee s children. The lab also supports a variety of activities and clubs like the Garden Club, Running Club, Softball Leagues, African American Black Club, Hispanic Latino Club and the Women in Science and Technology organization, among others. To further provide for a successful work-life balance, Argonne maintains policies that enable telecommuting and alternate work schedules options to fit individuals needs. In addition, Argonne has a Health and Employee Wellness Program that is available to our employees. Offerings include onsite physical therapy (PT), voluntary physical exams, disease management, an employee assistance program (EAP), and a variety of other programs. Argonne is committed to further developing talent within its workforce through Mentoring and Leadership Development programs. Mentoring is available to Argonne employees at all career levels and Leadership Development courses are available to all employees, including current and future leaders, who seek professional development opportunities. Argonne s diverse and inclusive culture welcomes contributions from everyone and empowers all employees to do their best work in order to meet our collective goals in scientific excellence. If you have any questions regarding information contained in this brochure, please contact Human Resources Employee Benefits at (630) Benefits Eligibility Quick Summary Effective January 1, 2015 Benefits available immediately upon employment: Business Travel Accident Basic Life Dependent Life Medical Dental Vision (within HMO plan) Sick Leave Health and Employee Wellness Programs Vacation Holidays Bereavement Leave Military Leave Domestic Violence Leave Education Assistance On-site Child Care Center Adoption Assistance Program Benefits available 1st of month following enrollment: Flexible Spending Accounts o Health Care o Dependent Day Care Supplemental Life Benefits available after 6 months of employment: Retirement Plan (Mandatory 2.5% pre-tax employee contribution, 9% employer match) School Visitation Leave Benefits available after one year of employment: Long Term Disability Family Medical Leave (FMLA) 3 Argonne Benefits Guide Employees can cover legal dependents under the healthcare plans: spouse (regardless of sexual orientation), civil union partner, child(ren) under the age of 26 or under the age of 30 (military dependents), stepchild(ren), adopted child(ren), child(ren) for whom legal guardianship was obtained, disabled child(ren) over the age of 26. A child does not include a grandchild or foster child unless the child has been legally adopted or is under employee s legal guardianship. Employees covering legal dependents will need to submit supporting documentation such as marriage, birth or adoption certificates, court order, etc., at the time of enrollment. Medical Insurance Plans Chicago area employees have the choice of two medical plans: BCBSIL PPO or BlueAdvantage HMO. All other employees are covered under the BCBSIL PPO. All medical plans are effective the first day of hire if a medical plan is elected by the employee within 31 days of employment. There are no pre-existing condition clauses under Argonne s medical plans. A brief summary of the plans follows: BCBSIL PPO This plan has a deductible of $300/single or $600/family. If the provider is in-network, after the deductible has been met the plan will pay 85% of the eligible charge with a co-pay of 15%. If the provider is out-ofnetwork, after the deductible, the plan will pay 70% of the eligible charge with a co-pay of 30%. Preventive services using an in-network provider are covered at 100% of the eligible charge. Specific specialty care received in a Blue Distinction Center is paid at 90% and at a Blue Distinction Center Plus (+) at 95%. There is an out-of-pocket limit each calendar year for in-network expenses of $2,550/single, $5,100/ single +1, and $7,350/family. Once the limit is reached, in-network expenses are then paid at 100% of the contracted rate for the remainder of the calendar year. The out-of-pocket limit for out-of-network expenses is $2,800/single, $5,600/single +1, and $8,100/family. The deductible is included in the out-of-pocket limit. The BCBSIL PPO plan covers physician visits, diagnostic tests, hospital charges, hospice care, surgery, home healthcare and skilled nursing facility care. Chiropractic care is limited to 40 visits, home health care is limited to 40 days in a calendar year, and skilled nursing facility care is limited to 60 days in a calendar year. Prescription Drug Plan The BCBSIL PPO has a carve-out prescription drug plan through Optum RX. There is no deductible for prescription drugs. Co-pays are as follows: 30 Day Retail 90 Day Retail Mail Order Generic 20% 20%, max. $70 20%, max. $60 Preferred Brand 25% 25%, max. $85 25%, max. $75 Non-Preferred Brand 40% 40%, max. $125 40%, max. $110 Specialty Drugs 20% N/A N/A 4 Annual out-of-pocket maximum for all drugs, including retail, mail order and specialty, is $2,000/single, $4,000/family. When a generic drug is available, participant must use generic or pay cost difference along with brand co pay for both retail and mail order. BlueAdvantage HMO HMOs are best known for their preventive care benefits. These plans will cover most health care services such as physician visits, surgical costs, x-rays, hospital charges, diagnostic tests and well-care exams. A primary care physician (PCP) must be chosen and the PCP will coordinate all care. If the PCP provides a referral to a specialist or for diagnostic tests and hospital charges, these services are covered. If a member receives services not authorized by the PCP, those services are not covered. Preventive care services are paid at 100%. Primary care physician visits have a $25 co-pay and referred specialist visits have a $35 co-pay. There is a $150 co-pay for emergency care. The $150 co-pay will be waived if admitted to the hospital. An in-patient hospital admission has a $150/day co-pay for the first 5 days to a maximum of $750. Outpatient surgery has a $100 co-pay. Rehabilitation therapy, mental health and substance abuse outpatient visits have a $25 co-pay per visit. BlueAdvantage HMO has a vision care plan through Davis Vision that covers an annual eye exam at 100%. For a list of providers, contact Davis Vision toll free at (877) Prescription Drug Plan BlueAdvantage HMO has a prescription drug plan. Coverage includes: 34 Day Supply 90 Day Supply Generic $10 co-pay $20 co-pay Preferred Brand $25 co-pay $55 co-pay Non-Preferred Brand $40 co-pay $85 co-pay Specialty Drugs $90 co-pay N/A When a generic drug is available, participants must use generic or pay the cost difference along with brand co-pay whether using retail or mail order. 5 Delta Dental Plan Regular Employees have the option to enroll in the Delta Dental PPO dental plan. Preventive Care There is no deductible for preventive care and expenses are paid at 100% of plan allowed amount or 100% of the contractual rate. These expenses are for each calendar year and include: 2 Exams 2 Cleanings 1 Fluoride treatment X-rays (one complete set per person in any 3 calendar years) Bitewing X-rays (2 charges per person each calendar year) Panoramic X-ray (one per person in any 3 calendar years) Topical sealant on a posterior tooth for person less than 14 years old (1 treatment per tooth in any 3 years) Dental Work There is a $100 annual deductible per person with a $300 maximum per family, after which the plan pays 75% of the plan allowed amount if the provider is out-of-network or 75% of the contracted rate if the provider is in network. The maximum reimbursable amount is $2,000 in a calendar year and preventative services are included in the $2,000 maximum. Lifetime orthodontia benefit per person is $2,000 for children and adults. Monthly Health Care Contributions Includes Prescription Drug for 2015 Plan Single Employee Plus 1 Family BCBSIL PPO $140 $272 $508 BlueAdvantage HMO $107 $223 $299 Delta Dental $9 $19 $31 Note: All health care contributions are made using pre-tax dollars. The deductions are made prior to calculation of federal, state and FICA taxes, thereby reducing the cost of the healthcare plan to you. This is elected automatically when you enroll in a healthcare plan. 6 Life Insurance Plans All life insurance plans are provided by CIGNA. Business Travel Accident Insurance This benefit covers employees while traveling on business in the event of death or physical dismemberment resulting from an accident. The maximum benefit is $300,000. Coverage does not include commuting between the covered employee s home and place of work or when an employee partakes in an activity that is not reasonably related to Argonne business and not incidental to the business trip. Basic Life and Accident Insurance Argonne provides life insurance at no cost to the employee. The amount is one times your annual base salary or maximum $300,000, payable to your selected beneficiary upon death. This benefit is doubled for accidental death. Upon an accidental injury that results in a disability, half or full benefit would be paid. Dependent Life Insurance If elected, this coverage insures spouses and civil union partners for $7,000 of life insurance, children age 6 months to 21 years for $3,000 of life insurance, and newborns from 15 days to 6 months for $300 of life insurance at the cost of $1.98 per month. The employee is the beneficiary of this plan. Supplemental Life Regular employees may purchase an additional one times insurance of base salary without medical evidence. Coverage includes accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). Employees may purchase additional insurance of two to five times base salary with medical evidence. AD&D is not included with this coverage. The maximum supplemental life insurance available is $1,000,000. Argonne National Laboratory Supplemental Life Insurance Rates for 2015: (Monthly Cost per $1,000) Age 1 Times Salary 2-5 Times Salary (includes AD&D) (does not include AD&D) Under NOTE: Premium rate changes with age. 7 Flexible Spending Accounts To ease the burden of health care and dependent day care expenses, Argonne offers voluntary Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans. These plans allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for unreimbursed health care and dependent day care expenses, thus reducing federal, state and FICA taxes. Because these contributions are untaxed at deposit and untaxed at withdrawal, you decrease your taxable income while increasing your spendable cash. The maximum annual contribution is $2,500 for health care and $5,000 for dependent day care. The amount you elect will be deducted in equal amounts each payroll period during the year and credited to your account. Since the Flexible Spending Account is governed by federal regulations, the amount designated for these accounts can only be changed if you have a change in status. Examples of these changes would be marriage, divorce, new dependent, death or loss of employment. The amount changed would have to be consistent with the status change. Employees choosing to continue participation in the Flexible Spending Account MUST RE-ENROLL EACH YEAR. The opportunity to reenroll is provided during open enrollment, usually held in November. Up to $500 of unused dollars may be rolled into the following calendar year. Pre-taxed dollars over the $500 are forfeited by May 31 of the following calendar year if not claimed. Retirement Plan Argonne provides a tax-deferred defined contribution retirement plan. The laboratory contributes 9% of your base monthly salary to the plan while you are required to contribute 2.5%. You may also contribute additional pre-tax amounts on a supplemental basis. The retirement benefits to which you will be entitled when you retire will be dependent on the cash accumulation of your retirement account (including laboratory contributions, your contributions and the earnings on these contributions). Argonne allows you to choose among various fund options for the deposit of your retirement contributions. Educational information, personal financial counseling and online fund information are available from Fidelity to help you make your selection. As a condition of employment, you must contribute to the retirement plan after six months of service. Employees are eligible to receive Argonne s contributions when they terminate employment with the laboratory, since contributions are vested immediately. Periods of employment with the University of Chicago may be recognized as service time toward eligibility in Argonne s retirement plan. If you have been previously employed by the University of Chicago, please contact Employee Benefits. Health and Employee Wellness Benefits (HEW) A variety of programs are available to assist employees in maintaining or achieving their personal health goals. Programs include, but are not limited to, the following: Incentivized Wellness Program Voluntary Preventative Exam Acute Personal Care Voluntary activities designed to help you monitor and learn about your health. Participation results in a lower medical premium rate. Free physical exam and appropriate laboratory testing. Short term treatment for a personal injury or illness. 8 Health Care Coaching Disease Management Program Employee Assistance Program (EAP) HEW sponsored Exercise Programs Flu Vaccine Program 4LIFE Lecture Series Asthma Program Tobacco Cessation Program High Blood Pressure Weight Management Supports employees and their families with education and counseling (online, telephonic, printed, and onsite) for a wide variety of issues. Topics such as stress management, grieving, raising teens, caring for parents, and managing conflict are just a few examples. Certified trainers conduct exercise classes onsite in Argonne s Fitness Center at low cost to employees. Provided in the Fall. Free to employees. A series of lectures given by experts in the field on a given health topic. Disability Plans Sick leave New hires will be given 18 days sick leave upon employment. Each January, employees will be given an additional 18 days. The accrual maximum is 130 days (6 months). Accruals for part-time employees are prorated. Long Term Disability Should you become disabled due to sickness or injury for a period of more than six months, the Long Term Disability (LTD) plan provides continuing income benefits. The monthly benefit equals 60% of base pay, reduced by certain other benefits such as Social Security. The maximum monthly benefit is $15,000. In addition, contributions will continue to be made to the Retirement plan on your behalf. You become a participant in the LTD plan after one year of service. Argonne provides this benefit at no cost to you. Adoption Assistance Program Argonne will reimburse qualifying adoption expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 per eligible adopted child. Reimbursement is available after the adoption is final. Qualifying expenses are reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees and other expenses directly related to, and whose principle purpose is for the legal adoption of an eligible child. 9 Vacation Employees accrue vacation time in direct proportion of scheduled hours to full time hours. Employees accrue: Years 1 through 5 15 days or 120 hours Years 6 through days or 144 hours Years 11 through days or 168 hours Years 16 and above 24 days or 192 hours The maximum vacation accrual is 30 days or 240 hours. Holidays Argonne observes the following holidays: New Year s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Friday after Thanksgiving Day before Christmas Christmas Day Day before New Year s Day Floating holiday (to be used at employee s discretion) Leaves of Absence Argonne offers various leaves of absence to allow its employees to take care of personal business. These leaves include Bereavement Leave, Military Leave, Family Leave, Domestic Violence Leave, Personal Unpaid Leave, Sabbatical and Entrepreneurial Leave. Benefits Website Employees make benefit elections, changes and find information about their benefits through the My Argonne portal at Information on this site includes: Forms for medical, dental, prescription drug and flexible spending account reimbursement External benefit links: Health care vendor websites, FSA website, retirement vendor websites and more Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) which detail the benefits plan The Benefits Dashboard where changes are made Summary annual reports and special benefit notices 10 The 2015 Benefits Summary brochure is for illustration and general information purposes only. It is not intended to create any contractual obligation on the part of the laboratory and the benefits described herein may be changed, revised or eliminated at any time. Please refer to the appropriate Summary Plan Description, Plan Document or Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual for most accurate information. 11 Visit U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Argonne National Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by UChicago Argonne, LLC. cep_benefitssumm2015
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