2015 Baobab Winter Program

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The Baobab Cultural Center promotes a deeper understanding of African culture, as rooted in ancient traditions and routed by the migratory experiences of people through the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia to the Americas. Our purpose is to foster community and build social capital. It is humanitarian, not racially or ethnically driven. Visitors experience this journey through art and educational exhibits, films and documentaries with associated dialogue, poetry readings, book discussions, and other cultural activities.
  CULTURAL CENTER The baobab 2015 WINTER Programs At the baobab FEBRUARY6 FIRST FRIDAY Gallery Night  - Magnicent Africa - OPEN MIC & BOOK SIGNING: Aken Wariebi , author of Living With Poetry. 6pm. 13 Film & Dialogue: The Swahili Beat: An Introduction to the History of the East African Coast. Upbeat look at the remarkable history of the Swahili people of Kenya and Tanzania’s East African coast. Packed with the music and dance of its indigenous peoples, the lm takes viewers along the coast from the fabled 20 Film & Dialogue: Play, Jankunú, Play. Dilalogue following lm by Dawn ad Steven Flowers. Documentry about the Garifuna, a Central American people of West African and Native American descent, and the wana - ragua ritual, masked Christmas processionals commonly called Jankunú, blending music, dance, and costume and African, European, and Native American (Arawak and Carib) art traditions. 27 Last Friday Jazz:  Carl Atkins and Culture Clash MARCH6 Film & Dialogue: Bury the Hatchet. Dialogue following lm facilitated by Lisa Johnson. Portrait of three Mardi Gras Indian “Big Chiefs.” Following New Orleans Black Indians over the course of ve years - before, during and after Hurricane Katrina - lmmaker Aaron C. Walker ex - plores their art and philosophies, as well as their struggles within their communities. 13 Film & Dialogue: Voices of the Orishas. Dialogue fol - lowing lm facilitated by Clyde Morgan. Demonstrates the survival and strength of the Yoruba cultural and religious heritage in the contemporary life of Caribbean African-Hispanics. Filmed in Havana among Afro- Cu - bans who practice Santeria (African spiritism), the video documents an important Guemilere, a ritual ceremony that features dancing, singing, praying, and drum beat - ing, and in which the pantheon of 22 deities, or Orishas, of the Yoruba religion are invoked. Rotating Gallery Exhibits & Events Showcasing local, national and international artists. Doors are open for Rochester’s First Friday gallery night,, with Open Mic, every rst Friday, 6-9 pm. Magnicent Africa* Oct.-May . Our agship exhibit. Through a series of informative panels, artifacts, and a fully interactive dig -i- tal display you can learn the story of Africa and its people. Film Screenings, Dialogue and Guest Speakers Films with culturally relevant themes, followed by discussion; guest speakers and panels, book signings and other events. Art and Musical Programs Educational programs such as drum classes, musical performances workshops, and other cultural experiences. Weekly Programs: Yoga:  Tues. (advanced) and Weds. (be - ginners) at 5:45, guided by Jim Thompson; African World History Class: Tuesday evenings at 7:30 with instructor Mike Campbell; Drum Classes with Fana Bangoura : Saturdays at 10:30 AM.  CULTURAL CENTER The baobab T he Baobab Cultural Center | 728 University Ave. | Rochester, NY 14607 | 585.563.2145 | www.thebaobab.org 2015 Winter Programs At the baobab Masks may be the most commonly recognized form of African art. The mask making art for the purpose of masquerades survived the  journeys across the Atlantic to the new world, and survives to this day in Africa and in the African diaspora. Through workshops with master mask makers, costume creation, and a culminating masquerade ball, the Baobab and its partners are bringing the art of the African masquerade to life. TEAMS ARE FORMING NOW FOR THE CREATION OF MASKS AND COSTUMES FOR THE AFRICAN MASQUERADE, TO BE HELD APRIL 26, 2015 . Barakoa is funded by a Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation CREATIVE COLLISION grant. Barakoa: the africanMasquerade PROJECT PARTNERS:ARTISTS: Shawn Dunwoody, Lead Project ArtistRaul Siro Ferreira, Lead Costume Coodinator Costume Coodinators Lynne Feldman and Hector Arguizoni ORGANIZATIONS: Latinos De CorazonKuumba ConsultantsRochester West Indian Festival OrganizationRochester-Monroe County Freedom Trail Commission/Akwa - baa: The Heritage AssociatesGrupo Cultural Latino En Rochester Image City Photography GalleryMounafanyiRochester Institute of Technology Baobab programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.*Te Magnificent Africa Exhibit and programs are sponsored by the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, Te New York State Council on the Arts Regional Economic Development Program, and the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund. 20 SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER & FILM PRESENTATION: We Won’t Bow Down. Guest speaker/facilitator, We Won’t Bow Down lmmaker Christopher Bower. We Won’t Bow Down explores a secret society of African Americans in inner city new Orleans as they devote their time and skills to create hand-beaded Indian costumes that embody a cultural, spiritual and ancient power that has kept Africa alive in the new world despite slavery and its legacy. 27 Last Friday Jazz:  LIVE JAZZ with Carl Atkins and Cul - ture Clash APRIL3 FIRST FRIDAY Gallery Night - Magnicent Africa - OPEN MIC. 6 to 9 pm. 10 Film & Dialogue: Sanpachando: St Pacho is for the Revelers. Explores the intertwined cultural, religious, political, and afro-ethnic meanings of a vibrant festival honoring St. Francis of Assisi in Quibdo, Choco, on the northwest Pacic coast of Colombia. 26 AFRICAN MASQUERADE BALL  at R.I.T.’s Performing Arts Center. 3 pm.    Sign up for our email list. Email your request to baobab.center@yahoo.com
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