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  July 26, 2015 First day of school favorites ..... 4 Calming those pre-school jitters ..... 6 Field tripping in the Triangle ..... 8 Back to School!  2   SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2015 v  cdispatch.com BACK TO SCHOOL  HERITAGE ACADEMY “Your Future Begins Here” Heritage Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic srcin or sex. Qualified applicants of all races and creeds are welcome. Dr. Greg Carlyle, Headmaster  625 Magnolia Lane | Columbus, MS  Mrs. Cindy Wamble, Elementary Principal  623 Willowbrook Road | Columbus, MS ã Average ACT score: 25ã Class of 2015 oered over $3.1 million in scholarshipsã AP and Dual Enrollment courses availableã Elementary students consistently score 1 to 2 years above grade level     ©     T    h   e    D    i   s   p   a    t   c    h For More Information Contact Beth Lucas, Director of Admissions at 662-327-1556 ext. 211 or www.HeritagePatriots.com BACK TO SCHOOL v  cdispatch.com SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2015 3     ©     T    h   e    D    i   s   p   a    t   c    h First Baptist Church Preschool Ministry WEE School 202 Seventh Street North ã Columbus, MS 245-1212  ã Director: Amanda McConnell Enroll Today!Preschool with Extended Care  Ages Infants-Four Years6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Mother’s Day Out  Ages One-Four Years Tuesday and Thursday8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Licensed through the Mississippi State Department of Health Child Care FacilitiesLow Teacher/Student Ratio ã A Beka Curriculum ã All teachers CPR & First Aid certied  Visit www.preschool.columbusfbc.org For More Information  “Painting”— CAMI KNIGHT  , 2nd grade, Sale Elementary (Columbus  Arts Council Summer  Arts Camp) What is your favorite thing about the first day of school?   By Isabelle Altman | ialtman@cdispatch.com “I’m looking forward to getting to meet new friends and getting to meet my teacher.” —  AVA LEE CURTIS , 2nd grade , (Columbus  Arts Council Summer  Arts Camp) “I like meeting all the new teachers because they all have different teaching styles. It’s really interesting.”— LIZ MORAN  , 10th grade, West Morris Mendham High School, Chester, N.J. (MSU Summer Scholars On Stage) “We don’t get to do as much work as we usually do.” — ETHAN PERRIGIN  , 8th grade, Columbus Middle School (Columbus Arts Council Summer Arts Camp) “Getting into the hang of things again”— CHERA JONES , 10th grade , Tupelo High School (MSU Summer Scholars On Stage) “Seeing all my friends.”— EDIE KAY CONNER , 8th grade, Ripley Middle School (MSU Summer Scholars On Stage) “Meeting new people”—  AVEN MATTHEWS , 3rd grade (Columbus  Arts Council Summer  Arts Camp) “Playing outside. Learning.” —  JOHNNY COLEMAN  , 3rd grade (Columbus Arts Council Summer  Arts Camp) 4   SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2015 v  cdispatch.com BACK TO SCHOOL “New people, I guess. Like new teachers and classmates.”—  JOSEPH MERIDITH  , 8th grade, Columbus Middle School (Columbus Arts Council Summer Arts Camp) “Probably that feeling of having a clean slate, getting to start over for a new school year. There’s a lot of motivation to do better.”— EMMA GOUSSET  , 10th grade , Tupelo High School (MSU Summer Scholars On Stage) “Probably seeing all the new teachers. Seeing if they’re going to be any fun or strict...It’s good to see all the teachers, seeing what they do.”—  JOHN ALEXANDER NUNNERY  , 10th grade, Lamar School, Meridian(MSU Summer Scholars On Stage)
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