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   OOKLET NO    WWV d PlT SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK  A 3 C 4 1 Mollier diagram for a pure substance is a plot of. 1) - S (2) h-S (3) P V (4) None of the above 2 The steam whose dryness fraction is to be determined, is at a pressure of 40 bar. Expected dryness fraction is approximately 0.85. The result can be obtained y 1) employing only throttling calorimeter (2) employing separating and throttling calorimeter (3) employing two throttling calorimeters (4) None of the above as dryness fraction is too low to be determined by a calorimeter 3. Which of the following is an/are irreversible process/processes ? (1) Any process involving friction (2) Heat transfer across a finite temperature difference (3) Turbulent flow (4) All of the above. 4 Elongation of a straight bar of length L, Modulus of Elasticity E, and cross-sectional area A, which is hanging vertically from a fixed ceiling due to its own weight (W) is 5 A canitilever of uniform section carries a point load, P at the free end. The strain energy stored by cantilever is (Modulus of Elasticity=E) 1) P13/61<I (2) P'l 6~1 (3) p313/6EI (4) P1/6EI 6 For an element in pure shear the principal planes are oriented at (w.r.t x-axis) (1) 0 (2) 45 3) 90 (4) 22.5 ... 7 In mohr's circle, the distance of center of circle from y axis is SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK P T O  8 A cantilever beam of length I is having a point load, W acting at the free end. Maximum deflection at the free end is (Take modulus of Elasticity =E) 1) W12/2EI (2) w13/3~1 (3) WP/EI (4) W12/3EI 9 Martensite forms during cooling of austenite. (1) isothermal (2) gradual (3) slow (4) fast 10. For high temperature applications materials are to be avoided. (1) fine grained (2) coarse grained (3) iron-based (4) None of the above 11 In a 0.35 wt C steel (99.65 wt Fe) what would be the percentage of total ferrite and cementite just below the eutectoid temperature ? (1) 50 and 50 (2) 5 and 95 (3) 70 and 30 (4) 95 and 5 12 Which of the following is not related to work hardening (1) Frank Reed source 2) Dislocations (3) Cohesive strength (4) None of the above. 13. is a most powerful solid solution strengthener for steel. (1) Tungsten (2) Chromium (3) Phosphorus (4) Manganese 14. The purpose of martempering is 1) to minimise warping (2) to maximise distortion and cracking (3) to maximise percentage of Bainite (4) to reduce hardness. 15 A cylindrical copper rod is cold worked to 12.2 mm diameter from 15.2 mm diameter. Find the percentage of cold work. (1) 35.6 (2) 40.8 (3) 24.5 (4) 30.5 SP CE FOR ROUGH WORK
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