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  Stage Scenery – Theatre 2001 (Section 001, 002) (3hr credit)Fall 15 Syllabus Instructor: Reid ParkerClass Days: MWFOffice Phone: 328-!2 Office: #cene #ho$Office %ours: M&W '2:(( ) '2: (* and durin+ cre, hours.ail/ Parkerth0ecu/eduCa.$us Incle.ent Weather %otline: 328-((2* or  ,,,/ecu/edu1alertCa.$us ockdo,n Procedure: http://www.ecu.edu/alert/documents/studentsafetyguide.pdf  Course Descrition! acksta+e or+ani4ation and 5asic scenery $roduction .ethods/ ectures and .andatory $artici$ation in construction and runnin+ cre,s of de$art.ent $roductions/ eading e#uire$ents! Theatrical Design and Production * 5y 6/ Michael 7illette  th  dition %ther e#uire$ents! 9ou .ust attend C Playhouse $roductions/ 9ou .ust $urchase an ;rchitect #cale Rule/ Sa&ety! Do not ,ear 5a++y clothes or o$en toed shoes to la5* you ,ill 5e asked to lea<e and 5e counted ;#=> fro. cre,/ While ,orkin+ in the scene sho$ you M#> ,ear eye $rotection/ If you ha<e lon+ hair* $ull it 5ack or tuck it under a hat/ 'ttendance! 9ou +et F*  a5sences* '+S*C* -.+* S/ S '-T%.'TC F / ;fter you ha<e reached your li.it* there ,ill 5e no e?cuses* it ,ill not .atter if it is a funeral* court case* or illness/ Don@t use the. and 5e sorry later/ ;ttendanceis taken each class and I kee$ the record in .y office if you ,ant to kno, your standin+* co.e 5y and see .e/ ateness! >o Auote 6ohn #hearin* BIf you@re on ti.e* you@re late We ,ill start class and cre, on ti.e/ Cre! Part of this class is cre,* cre is $andatory4 i& you &ail cre you ill &ail the class / Cre, is a$$ro?i.ately 8( hours of ,ork* ,hen you arri<e to your cre, call 5e ready to ,ork/ <ery student ,ill ,ork on 5oth cre,s* E( hours of scenery cre,*and E( hours of $aint cre, or ,ork on the runnin+ cre, for a sho,/ While you are on scenery cre, you .ust attend strike for E hours/ #trike runs fro. ':(($. to :(( $.* dinner 5reak :(($. to :3($.* and then :3($. till '':(($./ If you are cast in a sho,* you are still e?$ected to co.$lete your cre, assi+n.ent* I ,ill ,ork ,ith your schedule so you +et the hours you need and not .iss any rehearsals/ Runnin+ cre, is a$$ro?i.ately t,o full ,eeks of co..it.ent* e<ery ni+ht usually fro. :(( $. till '2:((a. Ga$$r?/ 8 hoursH/ First runnin+ cre, .eetin+ is usually >uesday or Wednesday a ,eek and a half 5efore the sho, o$ens/ If you are ,orkin+ scenery cre, on the current sho,* it is reAuired that you attend strike for that sho,/ F' S*.*ST* .'ST'* C *6 'SS.*TS T'7* 8 % T9 %* ' 6% 7S:%8S 'D %T:* T:*'T * 'D D'C* 8 %;*CTS<  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM DIRECTORS OR CHOREOGRAPHERS   %F 9%- C *6 C%..T.*T, 9%- 6 %T +* */C-S*D F %. '9 C *6 T% *:*' S* % 8* F% ., -*SS T S ' .'ST'* 8 %D-CT%< #ection ((':  Las Meninas * #trike is on Oct/ 8th* '$.-''$. Gdinner 5reak -:3(H/#ection ((2:  Rent, #trike is on =o</ 3(th* '$. -''$. Gdinner 5reak -:3(H/ Cre rade! Is 5ased off attendance and attitude* you +et 3 $oints for e<ery hour that you attend and u$ to 2 $ts $er hour for attitude/ %ours can only 5e .ade u$ if you +i<e notice to the faculty cre, head 2E hours in ad<ance/ #o.eti.es under #R and #>RIC> circu.stances you .ay5e allo,ed to .ake u$ hours 5ut that is the Faculty Cre, %eads@ decision/ If you ha<e a really 5ad attitude to,ard your cre, or the other students in cre, you ,ill 5e asked to lea<e cre, and you ,ill not  5e allo,ed to .ake u$ the hours/ Test = 1! Co<ers all .aterial in Cha$ters '* 3* E* * !* and '( Test =2! Co<ers all .aterial in Cha$ters * ''* and the rest of Cha$ter '( Final *>a$! Co<ers all .aterial fro. >est J' and >est J2 rade +rea?don!  >est ' G'((H >est 2 G'((H Cre, GE((H ProKect ' G'((H ProKect 2 G'((H ;ttendance G'((H Final ?a. G'((H rade Scale! ;E/(!E/((-'((;-3/!(/((-!3/!!L3/38/((-8!/!!383/((-8/!!-2/8(/((-82/!!CL2/3/((-!/!!C23/((-/!!C-'/(/((-2/!!DL'/3/((-!/!!D'3/((-/!!D-/(/((-2/!!  F(elo, !/!! Class +rea?don! >his class ,ill 5e $art lecture* $art la5* and cre,/ Mondays and Wednesdays ,e ,ill .eet in the classroo./ On Fridays* the class ,ill 5e .eetin+ in the scene sho$/ 7rou$ B; ) ((' - ;ntoci throu+h eedha. ((2- ;5dalla throu+h no,les7rou$ B ) ((' ) ienau throu+h Willia.s ((2 ) Martin throu+h 9oun+ Cre 'ssign$ents! Cre, assi+n.ents for the sho,s ,ill 5e 5roken do,n 5y section* if you are assi+ned to a runnin+ cre,* the sta+e .ana+er ,ill 5e in contact ,ith you for your startin+ ti.e and date* <ia C e.ail and1or Call5oard/#ection ((': #cenery Cre,:  Las Meninas #ection ((2: #cenery Cre,:  Rent   Paint Cre,:  Rent  Paint Cre,:  Las Meninas Class Schedule!'ug< 2@ th !Class %AerAie, Sho Sa&ety %o.e,ork: rin+ schedules to class on Monday to feel out cre, schedules/ 'ug< 2B th !Cre Scheduling %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter '/ 'ug< 2 th !Chater 1! The 8roduction %rganiation %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter 3G; rief %istory of >heatre ;rchitecture and #ta+e >echnolo+yH 'ug< 31 st !Chater 3! ' +rie& :istory o& Theatre 'rchitecture and Stage Technology %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter E G>he #ta+e and It@s Aui$.entH Set< 2 nd !Chater @! The Stage and tEs *#ui$entSet< @ th !rou '! in Scene Sho (Toic! 8arts o& the Theatre)Set<  th !State :oliday (o Class)Set< G th !Chater @! The Stage and tEs *#ui$ent (The Fly Syste$) %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter G#tyle* Co.$osition* and Desi+nH Set< 11 th !rou +! in Scene Sho (Toic! 8arts o& the Theatre)Set< 1@ th !Chater 5! Style, Co$osition, and Design %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter ! G#cene Desi+nH Set< 1B th !Chater G! Scene Design'ssign rous &or Scene Design 8roHect %o.e,ork: 7rou$ ProKects Set< 1 th !rou! o rou, o ClassSet< 21 st !rou 8roHect, Class 6or? Set< 23 rd !rou 8roHect, Class 6or?  %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter '(: G%and >ools & Po,er >oolsH Set< 25 th !rou '! in Scene Sho (Toic! :and Tools)Set< 2 th !Chater 10! :and Tools, 8oer Tools %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter '(: G%ard,are* 7lue and ;dhesi<es* FastenersH Set< 30 th !Chater 10! :ard6are, lue and 'dhesiAes %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter '(: GFinish Readin+H %ct< 2 nd !rou +! in Scene Sho (Toic! :and Tools)  %ct< 5 th !Chater 10! Finish Discussing the Chater%ct<  th ! %-8 8 %;*CT 8 *S*T'T% (SC** D*S) %ct< G th !rou! o rou, o Class%ct< 12 th !Fall +rea? (o Class)%ct< 1@ th !Cre Scheduling%ct< 1B th !rou '! in Scene Sho (Toic! 8oer Tools)%ct< 1G th ! eAie &or Test =1 %ct< 21 st !Test =1 (CoAers eAerything u to this oint) %ct< 23 rd !rou +! in Scene Sho (Toic! 8oer Tools)%ct< 2B th ! eAie Test =1 %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter '' G#cenic Production >echniAuesH %ct< 2 th !Chater 11! Scenic 8roduction Techni#ues %o.e,ork: Read Cha$ter '' GFinish Cha$terH %ct< 30 th !rou! o rou, o ClassoA< 2 nd !Chater 11! Cut istsoA< @ th !Chater 11 (Scenic Construction Techni#ues)'ssign rous! 8resentation :o to +uild a FlatoA< B th !rou '! in Scene Sho (Toic! +uilding a Theatrical Flat)oA< G th !rou 8roHect, Class 6or? oA< 11 th !rou 8roHect, Class 6or? oA< 13 th !rou +! in Scene Sho (Toic! +uilding a Theatrical Flat)oA< 1B th ! %-8 8 *S*T'T%S D'9 =1 :%6 T% +-D ' F'ToA< 1 th ! %-8 8 *S*T'T%S D'9 =2 :%6 T% +-D ' F'ToA< 20 th !rou! o rou, o ClassoA< 23 rd !Chater ! .echanical Dra&tingoA< 25 th !Than?sgiAing +rea? oA< 2 th !Than?sgiAing +rea? oA< 30 th ! eAie &or Test =2Dec< 2 nd !Test =2 (all $aterial since Test =1)Dec< @ th !rou! o rou, o ClassDec<  th ! eAie Test =2 Section 001 Final *>a$! Friday, Dec< 11th, !00a$ – 10!30a$Section 002 Final *>a$! .onday, Dec< 1@th, 11!00a$I 1!30$  C* 8:%*S!I'll cell hones are to be turned o&& and in your oc?et, bac?ac?, or urse< &  see the$ on your des? or i& they ring during class you ill giAe the$ to $e till the end o& class, the second ti$e  ill ta?e your hone and count you absent &or class<   'cade$ic ntegrity 8olicy Can be &ound here! htt$:11,,,/ecu/edu1cs-acad1fsonline1custo.cf1currentfaculty.anual1$art/$df  'C'D*.C DS -8T% 8%C9!Can be &ound here! htt!JJ<ecu<eduJcsIacadJ&sonlineJcusto$c&Jcurrent&aculty$anualJartB<d& ST-D*TES :TS 'D *S8%S+T*S!Can be &ound here! htt$:11,,,/ecu/edu1osrr1 DS'+T9 S* C*S ST'T*.*T!Can be &ound here!  htt$:11,,,/ecu/edu1cs-studentlife1dss1  C%T-T9 %F ST -CT%!'ssign$ents and cre changes ill be osted on +lac?board and through your *C- e$ail<C'*'T ST'T*.*T!This syllabus reresent a ritten contractual agree$ent beteen us< %ccasionally, it $ay be necessary to reAise this syllabus to $eet studentsE needs<  reserAe the right to reAise the syllabus i& the need arises< 'dAance noti&ication ill be roAided to you through class announce$ents, blac?board and e$ail<
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