2001.04.07 - The Word of God at the feast of the Annunciation

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„I come soon, soon, and behold, I still do not have a way to save the man from all his evil things of old and today. There is no salvation without confession. There is not. How shall I do to help the man to come to Me and to lay down his burden?”
  2001.04.07  1 The Word of God 1  at the feast of the Annunciation 2   I come down to you with a feast of annunciation, good messenger children on My behalf on earth, for those who give good news about Me on earth, are beautiful with Me. I do not want to treat someone hard and with beating in order to make him listen to My last calling and I want to come to him with good news and to make him love Me, because love is the man’s healing. It is the medicine which still can make the man healthy. I want to make the man love Me and to give himself to Me as a house and then to say like David: «My heart longs and even faints for the house of the Lord, for the courts of the Lord». Amen. I have always come to you as the good annunciation on earth to give power to the man to love Me and to become a house for Me. Amen. I sent My angel to the Virgin, who was to bring Me into the world and I asked her to become a house for Me. She loved Me for she found that I was prophesied by the prophets, and she was waiting for Me to appear as it was written, and I asked her to be My house. When she found out from the angel that the Holy Spirit would bring Me from the Father into her house to come into being in her and out of her, then she understood well and wanted to be a dwelling for Me and said: «Behold, the handmaid of the Lord!» The greatest virtue of her heart was her full virginity and this is how her heart has remained forever, and she has become My everlastingness, My abode forever. Amen. The virginity virtue is kept by much love of God into the man’s heart. My living inside the man becomes food, a table always spread for the man’s heart. Why is this table cleared, if it is cleared? For the man to be busy with something else besides this table as well. However, the one, who wants to remain forever in Me and I in him, does not clear My table with him, and he always remains with Me at an endless table and in an unshakable virginity forever, sons. The love of God in the man’s heart is the med icine, which makes the man healthy from any weakness he may have, from any enemy outside and inside the man. Oh, if the man knew how to come to Me when he tries to come, his coming to Me would be a great miracle. The one, who knows to come to Me, knows to sacrifice with those inside and outside of him and he knows to  become a house for Me. That one does not choose any other joy besides Me and becomes like Me, to My joy, and I am rejoicing over it. Oh, I gave Myself to those in Emmaus with great joy after I had gone with them on the way! I saw them walking on the road with their love for Me in their soul and I came closer to them,  pretending to be a fellow traveler and interpreting the things about Me, the things about My cru-cifixion and resurrection, and then I gave Myself to them becoming supper for them, a table forever set, an eternal supper between Me and them. And they, for My joy with them and theirs with Me, went with a burning heart to My apostles that were in Jerusalem to tell them. And while they were telling them, I stood before them and said: «Peace to you!»   and I interpreted the Scriptures of My old prophets. Since then I have become a spread out table, but the one who eats of My supper and then he clears it away only to eat of his supper and of My enemy’s and his, that one is something else. That one has found out how I ate at the table with those who had burned after Me, with those who 1   God’s Word in „ Holy Citadel New Jerusalem ”  monastery, Glodeni  –   Romania, redactor note. 2  Translated by I.A., r.n.  2001.04.07  2 had known to give themselves to Me as a house. And if that one has found out, he also has taken from this supper, but I will call him into account because he has not remained for My supper. My supper with the man is the one in Emmaus, the bread that I have given to the man in whom My love burns, My being in man. I want to give good news to the man to get ready for My supper, for My supper is eternal and it is not cleared between Me and man, if it is. It is for those who hunger for it, for those who are hungry for God, who become a house and supper for Me, for My living in man becomes food, a table forever spread out for the man’s heart. Oh, children, who receive the word of My good news for the man! The man pretends to be intelligent, great and well known within all his capacities. The world and the earth are full of the news, which come from the man, from the man’s professions, but the man is not intelligent in respect to God’s love. The man’s greatest wisdom would be this: love of God , but the man does not choose it to fill the earth with it and with its gospel afterwards. To whom shall I appear with My coming, as I appeared to My apostles, with My resurrec-tion of two thousand years and with which I will appear soon, soon, to every creature, for its resurrection? While the celebration of My resurrection comes near, the man gets ready with some-thing else for it; he gets ready with food, with drinking, with new clothes, with new carts, but not with resurrection. The feast of the resurrection has to be welcomed with resurrection, as My apos-tles of two thousand years ago did, for they stood close to Jerusalem, as I told them to stay and wait for the Holy Spirit, Who was to teach them and then to make them able to spread the news of My resurrection all over the earth and to remain with it over the ages by their preaching and by their good annunciation. Behold, now as then, I cannot appear with My resurrection and My coming but only to those who wait with My living in them, with My supper table between Me and them. Oh, sons, who receive My coming, the man gets drunk with wine and with all the his drinks that he makes for his table, but he does not get drunk with God’s love, as those who stayed with Me on the earth got drunk with My supper with them until My resurrection and after My resurrec-tion. Oh, the table of the resurrection is empty, sons. The table of the resurrection is something else than what the man has learned by taking from My table by himself. The man does not become My house. The man does not give himself to Me as house and supper. The man does not know what resurrection is, children sons. Resurrection is life without death; it is the love of God into the man’s heart, My supper with the man, a table that is never cleared between Me and man. This means the resurrection and the supper of the resurrection, which I sat with My apostles at, after I was resurrected. I came to life by their resurrection, for they were resurrected when they were waiting for Me; they were waiting for Me with the Holy Spirit, Whom I promised to them. I resurrected them first, giving them My Body and Blood before My crucifixion, and after that I gave Myself as a sacrifice for them and only after that I was resurrected. I was resurrected  by their resurrection. Amen. Oh, if I do not have any man to settle down within Me, I cannot do My work prophesied through the prophets. If My mother, the Virgin, had not kept her great love for Me and for My house in her, how could I have made My coming among the people through her? The Love of God is the guard of the heart and it is the virginity of the heart, for virginity has to be protected  2001.04.07  3  by its love, and the love for it is the love of God in the heart of the man. The man should not only do My will and My word; not only this, but he must also be on fire with love, for the love is the fire which burns and is not put out. Only the fire that burns is not put out. In My mother, the Virgin, the fire of love was burning, and it was no longer put out, day and night, and I was living contin-ually in her and by it she was protecting herself within the virginity of her heart, which gives virginity to the young body and keeps it in Me and for Me. He, who gives himself to Me as a house, needs to have Me in his house, but the Christian of today has no fear of God; he has no fear without God and stays without God and is not afraid to stay like this. However, I give the good news onto the man today and say: take care of you, man and take care of My dwelling in you and give yourself to Me so that I may see you, for there is no salvation without Me. The Christian has to settle down into My hands all the time by My order established between Me and man. With his good and bad things the Christian has to settle down into My working hands, and he has to do this all the time with love and longing and to receive from Me the blessing and remission from his weak things, for the Christian is not Christian otherwise and I do not know him otherwise and I cannot have him as My son otherwise and he is not Mine otherwise. However, the man’s careless- ness is great, and the man keeps his soul not given to Me all the time. Behold, the one, who does not know to give oneself to Me, does not do it. The one, who does not want to give oneself to Me, does not do it and he remains within him and does not come to Me, if he remains within himself. But I come soon, and I will no longer find anyone on earth, because I take the man from some-  body’s hand , if I take him at all. And if he does not give himself always to have him, he remains not taken, and here are the Scriptures, which say: «One will be taken and another will be left». Oh, the man has no one to whom he may confess his life all the time, so that I may have where to take him from and to have him. I do not longer have confessors on earth to give the man to Me by their work of counselors. If the confessor is not spiritual day and night, he cannot be useful to Me or to the man. Oh, how can I draw the man to Me and put him on the way? He is not on the way, but he is on the margins instead. I come soon, soon, and behold, I still do not have a way to save the man from all his evil things of old and today. There is no salvation without confession. There is not.   How shall I do to help the man to come to Me and to lay down his burden? I do not longer have anointed ministers; I do no longer have them to serve Me and to serve the man who seeks the way. The way came to an end and the way of the man to Me also came to an end, for the false ministers stay in the way; they seem to be Mine by their appearance, but they are not Mine accord-ing to their inner man, in such a way that I may be able to do good to the man. Let the man come to Me, and I will give him a confessor. Let the one who died stand aside from the way, but let the one, who comes to life from his life by this time, get up and come so that I may clean and seal and bless him, for I come soon, and the man is not known by Me and there is no one to give him to Me to have and to seal him. As far as forgiveness concerns, I would forgive the man by his repentance, which his repentance if enough high, but I have no one to seal him through, and therefore, I seal Myself in him by the seal of My resurrection, which I left over all who were consumed after Me, as the hearts of those, who I dined in Emmaus with, were burning. Take care of you, man, of My being in you and give yourself to Me to see you well by your sight upon you and then to clean you of yourself and then to fill you up with Me and then to be in Me and I in you, for you cannot be in Me until I am in you. I come soon, soon, and you are not to  be taken and not to be left, for when I come, I take for salvation the one, who has Me in him and My seal in him, and I do not take the one that does not have these. I leave him if he is not. I leave  2001.04.07  4 the one who does not want to be. But I want him to be and that is why I give him the good news of his resurrection through My death and resurrection and through My table of supper with him after the resurrection, as I did two thousand years with My disciples, whom I gave the supper of the resurrection, the eternal food, My table spread out forever. Amen. ( See the selection topic: „ The rapture of the Church 3 ”  , r.n. ) Two thousand years ago, six days before the Passover, I went to Bethany, and I went down with a feast in that city and I sat at the table with Lazarus, the resurrected one, and Mary, full of My love in her, wet My feet with perfumed oil and wiped them with the hair of her head. The next day, many people that came to the feast in Jerusalem, hearing that I was also coming, welcomed Me with palm branches and praises, as the One, Who was coming in the name of the Lord, as the King of Israel, for the Holy Spirit came over them from Father to fulfill the Scriptures which say: «Out of the mouths of infants will come out praises for the Lord». And I told those who were asking about Me: «The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified, for now is the judgment of this world and its prince will be cast out». Amen. Oh, children from the manger, who receive My word when it comes! Early in the morning tomorrow, I will come into the book again. Open for Me and stay open, sons. I am the King of Israel, and you are before My new people in order to give Me to them, and for them to receive Me and to have Me as their heavenly King. Amen. Let the love of My new people be like the most  perfumed oil, to wash My wounds with it, as Mary washed My tired feet, which were taking Me to sacrifice and to the resurrection after the sacrifice. Oh, to whom shall I appear with My coming of nowadays, as I appeared two thousand years ago to My apostles with My resurrection of that time? When I come into view, the people will see Me resurrected, for I also am after the resurrection, and I am the One Who is resurrected and Who gives resurrection to the man. I want to find the man when I come, for I come soon, soon. I want to find the man to My table, which is never taken away; to find him sealed by My seal inside and outside of him, to know him and to take him for his salvation, and not to leave him unknown as the one who is not. Blessed are those who will be found written into My book, in the book of the resurrection, in which all who are resurrected are written, for I am in them, and they are in Me, and this is how the sons of the resurrection are. Amen. I confirm over you a great blessing, holy powers and an angelic work for your work of  preparation of My days with you into the midst of the multitudes, which come to My feasts with you on earth. Peace to you and over each work, which is to be done and finished for the house of the meeting and for the garden of the meeting, My dwellings of rest between heaven and earth for the news of My coming and for the resurrection, which is to come. Peace to you and peace to those who help Me and you, so that I may come soon to the way of My coming! Peace sons! Peace to those who love the way of My coming in order to come, for it is by their resurrection that I come. Amen, amen, amen.   07-04-2001  3  You can also see on: http://www.calameo.com/read/001075468c04c67d4e116 http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-lord-jesus-the-second-coming-of-jesus-christ-the-rapture-of-the-church/ http://www.scribd.com/doc/219609641/The-second-coming-of-Jesus-Christ-The-rapture-of-the-Church 
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