2 Types of Geodesy

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  1.2 TYPES OF GEODESY ã Geometrical geodesy ã Physical geodesy2.DIFFERENCE ET!EEN TOPOGR P#IC$ GEOID ND E%%IPSOID !IT# DI GR & TOPOGRAPHIC  To'ogra'hic is a( act)al s)r*ace o* the earth +here all meas)reme(ts a(d o,ser-atio(s are carried o)t. D)e to the large -ertical -ariatio(s o* the la(d masses$ the s)r*ace is )(e-e( a(d )(d)lati(g$ +hich is mea( it is (ot )(i*orm. To'ogra'hic are (ot s)ita,le *or eact mathematical com')tatio(s. GEOID Geoid /(o+ as re*ere(ce s)r*ace *or height systems a(d closely re'rese(ts the 0g)re o* the earth a(d it is also a( e)i'ote(tial s)r*ace +hich is mea(s the 'ote(tial gra-ity is the same at e-ery 'oi(t o( its s)r*ace. Geoid also ass)med closely a''roimates the mea( sea le-el  ELLIPSOID Ellipsoid comes from the word ellipse, which is simply a generalization of a circle. Ellipsoids are generalizations of spheres. The Earth is not a true sphere, it is an ellipsoid, as Earth is slightly wider than it is tall. Although other models exist, the ellipsoidis the best fit to Earth's true shape. .DEFINITION OF GEODESY ã Geodesy is the science concerned with the exact positioning of points on the surface of the earth. n other words, Geodesy is the study of the size and shape of the earth, the measurement of the position and motion of point on the earth! s surface and configuration of the area of large portions of the earth!s surface. 3.FOR&4% FOR F% TTENING ND ECCENTRICITY  Flatte(i(g$ * f  = a − ba First ecce(tricity$ e e ² = a ² − b ² a  ² = 2  f  − f   ² Seco(d ecce(tricity$ e5 e ² = a ² − b ² b  ² !here$ a is semi6ma7or ais a(d , semi6mi(or ais
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