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   Notice of Recession and Revocation of All Signature for Good Cause Parcel ID 02-2s-19-24130-000-1170 Tony Thompson)Walton County)V)r! en #! $ones CP%)o&  ' T (an Corp)  In RE:  Alleged Account: 0051001634 In the Common *a+, I Tony Thompson man on the lan. .om/c/le. /n the oun.ar/es o& #lor/.a state epul/c I! herey et/nu/sh resc/n. reoe cancel aroate annul null/&y ./schare an. mae o/. ab initio  all s/natures elon/n to me on all pre/ously an. all areements contracts an. po+ers o& attorneys real an. /mpl/e. connecte. thereto to the aoe  Alleged Account:0051001634  on the roun.s that my purporte. consent +as not oluntar/ly an. &reely ota/ne. ut +as ma.e throuh m/stae .uress &rau. an. un.ue /n&luence eerc/se. y the purporte. loan o&&/cer!I +as /n.uce. y &rau. an. .uress to s/n such &orms an. I +as .en/e. &ull ./sclosure o& the oluntary nature o& such &orms! I +as m/slea. y those +ho ne+ or shoul. hae no+n /nto el/e/n that &/l/n such &orms +as man.atory an.or /mpl/e. +ere unconsc/onale an. rossly un&a/r to me! I +as un.uly /n&luence. y the stroner ara/n/n po+er o& an an. loan o&&/cers an. acte. un.er an /mpl/e. threat an. &ear &or non-compl/ance! %ny allee. consent /s null an. o/. as /t +as /en un.er .uress y m/stae an. y &rau.! 5ot+/thstan./n any /n&ormat/on +h/ch you may hae to the contrary any &orms that hae een &/le. /n th/s cause an. any /mpl/e. 6uas/ contracts that the r! en #! $ones CP% o&  ' T (an Corp &or th/s cause may &eel /t may hae +/th me +ere &/le. /lleally an. unla+&ully an. are +/thout &orce an. e&&ect!I &urther reoe resc/n. an. mae o/. ab initio  all po+ers o& attorney perta/n/n to me &rom o&&/cers &or the T%T8 # #* ID% an. &or any an. all oernmental6uas/colourale aenc/es an.or Departments create. un.er the author/ty o& %rt! I ec! : Cl! 17 an.or %rt! IV ec! 3 Cl! 2 o& the Const/tut/on o& the ;n/te. tates! %ll unconsc/onale contracts are su<ect to resc/ss/on un.er the common la+ &or &a/lure to mae the proper ./sclosures /n const/tute an acceptance +here there /s no meet/n o& the m/n.s there /s no contract as re6u/re. y =22>!23?)?1) rear./n not/ce o& r/ht to resc/n. as set &orth /n In re Pearl a+ell ! #a/rans Cap/tal Corporat/on 2:1 (! !101 2002 (anr! *e/s 7@9! The ;CC a..resses unconsc/ona/l/ty /n =2-302!I +a/e an. re<ect any an. all ene&/ts epress or /mpl/e. ar/s/n &rom any such s/natures all result/n contracts areements or trust result/n &rom &orce un.er threat o& arms /noluntary ser/tu.e an. peonae comm/tte. aa/nst mysel&! Affiant’s Jurat and Affirmation Walton County ) ) Commerc/al %&&/rmat/on#lor/.a state )I Tony #am/ly Thompson un.er my o+n unl/m/te. Commerc/al l/a/l/ty procee./n /n oo. &a/th +/th clean han.s &rom &/rsthan. no+le.e o& the &acts conta/ne. here/n e/n o& soun. m/n. state an. a&&/rm that the &acts conta/ne. here/n are true correct certa/n complete an. not m/slea./n /n any mater/al respect the truth the +hole truth an. noth/n ut the truth to the est o& */ellantAs no+le.e an. el/e& un.er penalty o& Internat/onal Commerc/al *a+! I eecute the same as a true /ll /n commerce!  Page 1  of 2  Notice   Notice of Recession and Revocation of All Signature for Good Cause T5B TP5(y, Toney &am/ly Thompson  aent ;CC 3-402 ?) ?1) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  %utoraph o& a la+&ul man /n h/s oran Capac/ty 5T% B P;(*IC $; %TI EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  5T% B P;(*IC # T8 T%T8 # #* ID% .o herey attest an. a&&/rm that the aoe name. */ellant Tony Thompson +ho /s no+n y me or sat/s&actor/ly /.ent/&/e. y me ./. eecute th/s .ocument as a true /ll autoraph /t /n my presence %&&/rm/n that /t +as true correct complete certa/n an. not m/slea./n /n any mater/al respect that /t +as the truth the +hole truth an. noth/n ut the truth! Done an. .ate. th/s EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Day o& the #/rst onth /n the Bear o& Bahshua the Chr/st %!D! T+o Thousan. T+ele at near the County o& Walton /n the tate o& #lor/.a! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  5otary Pul/c /nature ;n.er eal 5otary Pul/c pr/nt name EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 5otary Comm/ss/on 8p/reP;(*IC %F% D (5DI5G # C P %T8 %G85T %ll o&&/c/als are re6u/re. y &e.eral state an. mun/c/pal la+ to pro/.e the name a..ress an. telephone numer o& the/r pul/c haHar. an. malpract/ce on./n company an. the pol/cy numer o& the on. an. /& re6u/re. a copy o& the pol/cy .escr//n the on./n coerae o& the/r spec/&/c <o per&ormance! #a/lure to pro/.e th/s /n&ormat/on const/tutes corporate an. l/m/te. l/a/l/ty /nsurance &rau. ?1@ ;C) an. /s pr/m-a-&ac/e e/.ence an. roun.s to /mpose a l/en upon the o&&/c/al personally to secure the/r pul/c oath an. ser/ce o& o&&/ce! Page 2  of 2  Notice
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